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  1. The harsh and snowy terrain of Skyrim has fallen into chaos. The High King... shouted to death, a rebellion has erupted, brothers are killing brothers, and on top of it all... the dragons are back and wreaking havoc across the region... can anyone stop this madness?

    (You have to create a bio on the sign-up post before you post here - we only have two spots left for those who wish to be Dragonborn. First come, first serve)

    (ALSO, I got to thinking and thought that perhaps we could have people RPing actual characters from the game. We could use some of the Jarls (Balgruuf, Ulfric, Elisif, etc.), General Tullius, Legate Rikke, some Thalmor Agents, even the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, the college mages, and anything else that you could think of! Even Ma'iq the Liar!)
  2. Da had been roaming around the streets of Windhelm, looking for the man that normally offered him information for a small fee. Usually reliable, for his informant knew if he crossed Da, he'd surely face death. When he saw his informant lurking in the shadows, Da pulled his hood over his head. He didn't want anyone to know he was there. "What have you got for me, Rhalius?"

    The man coward at his gruff voice. He was a scrawny man. Just full of skin and bones. He used to be a wealthy imperial, until his wife stole all his money. That's when he began to change to the man who stood before him. "There was a dragon siting not too far from Riften. Now, where is my gold? You have my gold right?" Da handed him a fair amount of gold. This was good information, and he was feeling generous. Off to Riften it is.
  3. "Well... here we go," Anja breathed softly as she adjusted her gauntlets, and she then looked up to look at the doors of Whiterun. She couldn't help but look back behind her, biting her lip when she realized that Jorrvaskr was no longer within her eyesight. Yes, she had left before, but she always went back... she didn't know if she was coming back this time. She pivoted her body to the right and stared at the gates once more, took in a deep breath, and walked through them. When she pushed the door open, she ran her fingers over the wood, smiling at its smoothness and the protection that it had provided for her for the past seven years of her life. Thank you, she thought to the door, as she pressed her lips gently against the worn, smooth surface.

    "Anja, where are you going, girl?" One of the guards asked as she walked further beyond the door. She turned to face him and smiled, "Oh, I'm just running a job for Farkas," she felt her stomach rise into her throat as she lied. She didn't like to lie - she never had any reason to. Why should anyone lie, anyway? Dishonesty is not a trait that one should bear proudly. Not that they would... because then they'd have no one to lie to if nobody trusted them. "Well... here, have this," the guard handed the girl a sweet roll and patted her on the head. She couldn't help but giggle, and she cradled the sweet roll in her right hand. "Thank you," she said softly and nodded, then headed out on her way.

    Where to go first... this was the thing that puzzled her the most. As she walked, her armor clanked as metal came in contact with metal. It was almost impossible to stay silent when wearing heavy armor... but she had gotten used to the sound. It used to bother her, but now that she's been wearing it for almost seven years, she paid no mind to it. It was almost like soft music to her. So she trotted along the beaten path, humming along to the beat of her clanking armor.

    She came to a wooden sign - the letters were worn and barely legible, but she made out the word "Ivarstead". She mouthed the word, Ivarstead... hm. That might be a start, she thought, then headed in that direction. There was a definite chill in the air. That wasn't unusual, though - especially in Skyrim. But it was colder than usual. She smirked and chuckled, "Nothing a Nord can't handle." After, she laughed and let her icy eyes scan the area. You never quite knew what might jump out at you. A pack of wolves, frostbite spiders, maybe even a saber cat or a troll. But Anja was prepared - she had gone on many a mission with Aela to exterminate vermin of all sorts.
  4. Darjma hid behind a wall, crouched low to he ground and peering around. Drawing her bow, pulled back with an arrow ready, she moved around the wall slowly and quietly. Her target was right in front of her, an orc this time as fate would have it, she grinned as she released the arrow. She had hit the mark, right in the back of the neck, but sadly it was an instantaneous death. Still crouched, she dug through his pockets to see what she could find, but there was nothing more than six gold on him, "Just great, well at least there's my pay from the Brotherhood to look forward to."

    It was a quiet ride back to the sanctuary, no bears attacking this time thankfully. When she walked in, everything was in an oddly organized manner, "Well this can't be good." As she turned the corner, she just happened to see that crazy little Jester Cicero, "Oh boy, we finally get entertainment," she said sarcastically. Cicero had grow to be quite annoying, what with him talking to himself nonstop for hours and keeping everyone up. Then, there was the Night Mother, a creepy old, rotten corpse of a woman, "Have you heard anything yet Cicero, or are you just here to prance about?"

    Cicero turned to her and smiled, quite creepishly too, "I would never come just to prance about," speaking with heavy sarcasm, then all of a sudden serious and scowling at the Night Mother's coffin, "But neither have I heard a word. Poor, poor Cicero never hears anything. But there is no Listener, so..." Cicero started on another of his crazy self talk once more, and paced like a hungry wolf. Having this creepy little jester around had its perks for entertainment, though she'd never say that, especially since he'd probably try to stab her in the back one day. Instead, she just sat and listened to him drone on and on about how he wanted to hear the Night Mother, but he wasn't the Listener, but that there was no Listener to listen.

    After getting bored with Cicero's self-rant, Darjma headed to see Nazir about her pay. He was sitting at the table like usual with a worried look on his face, "Was it Cicero, or maybe you just feel like staring into your mug like a moon-stricken fool?" Nazir laughed dryly at her question, "None of the above. We had a little problem with our funding, not as many people wanting us to assassinate their enemy's." This was the first time she's heard about the Brotherhood ever having money troubles, "Maybe I could help in some way," she honestly wanted to help, but had no ideas at all as to how to help. The look on Nazir's face brightened a little, "Maybe you could pick up some other odd jobs, don't know where though, I'd try talking to Arnbjorn."

    She had left Nazir to sit in quiet as per usual, then headed to see Arnbjorn. "So, any idea as to where I could get some extra money to help out the Brotherhood? I'm up for just about anything," she had to speak a little loudly so that he could hear her over his little blacksmith area. Her tail twitched with irritation at his silence, but before she could open her mouth to say something else, he spoke finally, "You could always ask various guilds, but I think the Thieves Guild probably gives the most benefits in regards to money and gets the most money as well, since they are thieves." She could tell he was done talking to her and wanted to get back to work, "Alright, I'll go see what I can find out. Thanks for the tip." As she started to leave, she turned back to see him grinning at her, "See you later for dinner tidbit." Darjma had to hold back a laugh as he said this, it was the best thing about Arnbjorn, his half serious jokes like that. She headed for the sanctuary exit, passing the Night Mother and Cicero along the way, Cicero still talking to himself and the Night Mother's coffin closed and looking just as creepy as earlier. Once she got outside, she hopped on her horse and headed straight for Riften.
  5. Day had arrived in riften and was considering heading in the opposite direction. It was run down, as if the trade was bad. It couldn't be any worse, considering they're are thieves lurking about. Suddenly he felt someone reaching for his pouch Speaking of thieves. Da reached for the the hand that was grabbing his pouch. When the man faced him, he recognized the red headed nord, Brynjolf.

    "Old friend!" He said, "Still sharp I see. Have you reconsidered my offer?" Brynjolf had offered him a rank among the guild. He turned it down, thinking only of dragons. But he thought about it, and came to realize he needed gold to fund his search.

    "Brynjolf, I accept your offer. Now, shall we share takes among each other with a glass of Mead?"

    (A few hours later.)

    "Ahhahahahahaa. Did he really jump that high in the air when you showed him your face?" Brynjolf said, laughing hysterically.

    "And then I said 'Jack shade gonna get ya'" Da said, laughing along. When the laughter died down, Da's face became serious. "Are there any contracts you have open at the moment?"

    "There is one. Very peculiar. There is a member from the dark brotherhood coming down, seeking a contract. The contract asked specifically for a thieves guilds member accompanied by a brotherhood member. The pay is 4,000 gold split between the two of you, and an extra reward from both guilds if you succeed. Do you accept?"

    "When do I start?"

    "Wait outside tomorrow for the brotherhood member at around 5:00." And Da waited. Knowing that it would be a tough mission. "The details will be delivered in a house in whiterun." Brynjolf said before Da took off.
  6. It was a long ride to get to Riften from the sanctuary all the way by Falkreath, not exactly the most convenient of places, but very well hidden and unsuspected. Darjma thought about the entrance door, her favorite sight, a creepy looking door to a group of creepy people, some creepier than others. It would probably be quite a while before she went back to the sanctuary, but she was glad that she had something to do other than kill for once.

    (Days later of traveling)

    "It shouldn't be too far off now, I'm sure that Riften is close by," she realized that she was starting to talk to herself, "Well, never thought I'd be acting like Cicero. It's actually quite enjoyable to talk to myself." After she finished talking about talking to herself, she noticed Riften up ahead, she would finally be able to get in touch with the Thieves Guild.

    Finally at Riften, Darjma was about to head to find the Thieves Guild, but noticed a Bosmer standing outside, she only noticed because he seemed to fit in quite well with everyone and everything around. She pulled her hood down and walked over to him, just guessing he may be from the guild, or at least have information about it. "Excuse me, I was wondering if you could help me find the Thieves Guild?" It seemed awkward to be asking a random stranger something like this based on an assumption, but she couldn't help but ask anyways.
  7. Da had seen the khajiit walking, but thought nothing of her. But she had walked up to him asking about the thieves guild. In the blink of an eye, Da had spun her around clasping his hand over her mouth, pulling her into the shadows. "Your not so bright for someone from the dark brotherhood." He said, teasingly. Having cast an illusion spell to Ward off others, he let her go. "Sorry, about that. But asking questions like that around here could get you a lifetime in jail, or even death." He began eying her up and down. Then, with content, gave a slight nod. "Will you be ready by first light?"
  8. The sudden action made Darjma angry, she stared at him with a cold angry glare when he released her, "I will be ready, but in the meantime, I suggest, for your own health, that you never do that to me again." She thought it strange that you could not mention the Thieves Guil here, this was Riften, home of the Thieves Guil, everyone knew that, unless they lived in a hole, "An odd place to have such a thing happen for mentioning the guild." Her gaze softened a little, "Since we will be working together, you may call me Shadow," she was already getting tired and ready for bed, ‚Äč"What might I call you?"
  9. "Liz Slen Nus!" shouted wildy from his throat as he ducked into a roll. Right now, Sorris was taking on a troll and his two brothers for deer meat. Sorris made the kill, but apparently the trolls called the meat. With one of them frozen, that gave him time to work on the other two. "By the Nine, if you don't die!" he shouted again, as he slashed at a troll's stomach. It made it flee for a minute and Sorris did the same to gain some distance. Quickly he equipe his Nightingale Bow and fired a steel arrow into the other's third eye. The frozen one came to it's feet and now they were all standing together, side by side. They all gave a roar as if to challenge him. How would he retaliate? Like he usually would if an enemy was giving him a hard time. He took a deep breath, then released his shout with all it's power! "Fus Roh Dah!" The trolls went flying into the bank of the reiver and were tangled in the power of the currents. Eventually they'll find a waterfall to finish them off.

    He sheathed his weapons and proceeded onward with his quest. Earlier, he was trying to locate some guy's golden claw. Aela had ran it by him a few days back, but she didn't say he was all the way in Riverwood! Why he would attract trouble with every travel was beyond him for now, but he could only move forward. His dragon plate armor had small splatters of blood on the guantlets and chest, nothing too suspicious. But just in case, he bent down on his knee and wiped it clean with some water. The search had to continue, whether he liked it or not. Then suddenly he caugh a scent, one familiar to the nose. It was Aela.

    "Sorris," she called as she approached him. "What is you need?" he replied. "It's about one of our members. Her name is Anja, they say she's run away!" Sorris had never heard anything about a runaway, especially from the Companions. But a job is a job, so the claw would have to wait.

    "Don't worry, Aela. I'll find her, I promise. Return to the others and infom them to stay on watch." Aela didn't speak but she talked with action and hugged him, tight. He stood there paused for a moment, then watched as she disappeared from his sights. Man he hated it when she'd do that! Now Sorris had a whole new mission at had, find the diserter and bring her home. Immediately he broke out into a sprint and began his search.
  10. She wasn't a deserter... She had to keep telling herself that. Deep down inside, Anja felt like she was abandoning her shield-siblings. They took her in. Took care of her. Maybe even loved her. She didn't quite know if their feelings for her had been that strong, but obviously there was some feelings there - they neer told her to leave. She took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly, her eyes continuing to scan the area as she trudged forward.

    She wasn't outfitted in her Daedric armour - the garb which she was most proud of - but was instead wearing a fine set of Skyforge Steel Armour. It was outfitted and tailored to her body specifically - see, she wasn't the size of most Nord women. Even for her age, she was rather small; she stood a mere five foot two, and weighed maybe 115 pounds. Eorlund forged it for her. And though he made her Daedric armour herself and that she was proud of it (not to mention that it looked bad-ass), she favoured the steel. It hugged her body just right... Eorlund just knew how to make things right.

    Soon, Anja was able to hear footsteps behind her. Who could it be? Bandits? She instinctively placed her hand on one of her swords, both of which were ebony, and spun around to see a figure in the distance. They looked vaguely familiar... but they were so far away she just couldn't make it out. They looked like they were searching for something... or someone. She quickly turned on her heels and began jogging in the direction she had originally been walking in, gradually picking up speed as she moved along.
  11. "My humblest apologies. I did not mean to startle you my lady." Da said in a very respective tone. " You may call me, Rin. After the great Rin Mehjorn of the graybeards. I will see you in the morning my lady, shadow." Giving a slight bow, he disappeared into the shadows. Leaving no trace he was there. Now, those in the thieves guild must hide. Feeding the poor while taking away from those who have never feared the hunger they felt. To never again let the rich stomp on those who have not a sliver of[ gold in their name. It is sad that the guild is now being hunted and shunned. For people fear what they do not know or what does not feed their pocket.
  12. It had rounded about half an hour of them searching, battling beasts, and sniffing for this girl, Anja. Being a werewolf helped him catch a smell, but only barely and it would be evening soon. Sorris thoguht he saw something up ahead in the road, but it disappeared quickly. Was it an assassin sent by the Dark Brotherhood? No, if it were they would have struck him with arrow by now. The Brotherhood were well trained to take whatever chase they had at a perfect kill. They were in the clear on that scenario, but maybe it was a bandit.

    "Shield-Brother, I'll scout around here." said Aela as she dispersed from his side. Sorris decided to get a closer look, this time something easier. He ducked low to the ground, and moved slow, his hand at the ready to draw a weapon. Stopping in his tracks he whsipered another shout, "Lass Yah Nir," to detect any life nearby. And hiding over in the brush was either a bandit, or a hiding thief. Sorris used this time to mannuver around the line of sight between them. Slwly but surely, he made his creep upon the unsuspecting stalker. Then when he had his chance, he lundged out and tackled her to the ground. Sorris soon came to his feet and lifted her by the throat with one hand.

    "State your name! Now!" he shouted.
  13. Anja looked back again... why was this person speeding up? And... there was another figure along beside them. She figured that they were trying to get to her, so she had to think quickly. She wasn't exactly what someone might call smart, but she was intelligent. She could never tell you what she was going to do... she just did whatever her mind told her to as she went along. And right now, her mind was telling her to get out of sight.

    Anja began to sprint as fast as she could. Her breathing grew heavy and her breath sounded coarse, but she just kept running. They might be thugs... she told herself. She might be a Companion, but thay didn't mean that she liked killing. She tried to avoid it, really. Anja would only kill if she deemed it necessary... and if this potential threat approached her, it would be necessary if she wished to live. She turned around again to find that the two figures were no longer in sight. "I can't... keep running like this..." she breathed heavily, placing her hands on her knees as she caught her breath.

    She saw some thick brush off the side of the road, and nodded to herself. She jogged lightly over to it, then crawled into it to hide. Being as small as she was, it was easy for her to stay hidden from sight... but she definitely wasn't counting on being sniffed out. There wouldn't have been a point in running had she known that. As she felt the hand around her neck she took in a quick breath as she gasped, instinctively grabbing at the man's hand that was around her throat. She flailed her legs about and coughed, and her face began turning red. "A-...Anja!" she was surprised that she was able to make that out - his grip on her throat was tight... he wasn't about to let her go unless he wanted to. The man looked very familiar. Of course... he was a companion too! She wrinkled her nose a bit, for the sweat that he had perspired made him smell like wet dog.
  14. Was it luck of fate, he didn't care, but she said Anja. With that one word, Sorris loosened his grip and set her down on the ground. She seemed young and familiar, but was to no memory so far. All he knew of her for now was that she was leaving without a Shield-brother. Companions were ok with wondering alone, but Aela asked for him to find her. So maybe there was something to her he needed to know. For one her age, and for two her reason for leaving. Most likely she was a teenager that was exploring something new.

    "What are you doing here alone? Aela is in a panic looking for you." he said without a hint of anger. He had no reasons to be mad at her, since he didn't know her reasons. But he's heard of everything around Skyrim. But he's never heard of a run away Companion. (Sorry it's short :I)
  15. Anja breathed a rather loud sigh of relief as she was set down on the ground. How did he do that... she thought, gently rubbing her neck. Her rouged cheeks began fading slightly as she wondered why he set her down. Perhaps he recognized her as she had recognized him? Well, at least he let her go. That was the good thing. She stood upright, and though she was standing as tall as she could, she was still much smaller than the man before her. She looked up to his face, then nodded to herself, now able to confirm her identification. He was, in fact, one of the Companions. This made her feel at ease - she knew that she could trust him.

    Aela is worried... She tilted her head slightly, her lips forming into a frown. She didn't have any intentions of worrying anyone. She didn't like to hurt the ones who care. Anyone that did like hurting the ones that care about them were sick and twisted in some way. She wondered for a moment about his question. She knew that she couldn't give him the same answer that she had given the guard. If he was a Companion, it was a given that he surely was far more intelligent than a city guard. She had to tell him the truth... "I'm... looking for answers," she said softly, her eyes wandering off in the direction of where she was headed.

    (Don't worry about it! ^.^)
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