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      A Dervish and OlNoSoul Production
      The IC Thread


      We were a proud people once.

      The Northern reaches of Tamriel in the lands the Atmorans would call Skyrim was once our home, our chosen domain when our ancestors split from the Aldmer and would claim our own independent identity. We were prosperous, we were wise… we were arrogant. It was us who started the war with the humans, the seemingly barbaric Atmorans who came from lands far to the North across the seas. We could not have known that in trying to rid them from our lands they would come back with a fury of such scale and ferocity we would never recover from. Never in our wildest imaginings could we have ever foreseen that a mere 500 humans would drive us into the arms of our cousins, the dwemer… and never could we have ever foreseen that it would have led to the extinction of our culture and our people. Turned into slaves, and then twisted into feral, heartless beasts, the Snow Elves disappeared from Skyrim forever more, save for us brave few who have remained hidden from the prying eyes of Tamriel to preserve what was left of our people, our culture. To the dwemer and the Atmorans, we were extinct, but in truth we have survived… for a price.

      Desperation makes even the wisest of us do foolish things that we will one day come to regret. One does not deal with demons and emerge from the bargain the victor, and the actions of a few who have strayed from the light of Auri-el may exact from us all a terrible price. Centuries of isolation, watching from a wary distance the chances of the wider world will have to come to an end if we hope to survive. We have no choice but to entrust our fates to the ancestors of our bitterest rivals and enemies. We reach out to any who are brave enough to hear our plight and take it upon themselves to deliver us from a fate worse than death.

      Phynaster preserve us.

      The year is 4E 208, seven years after Alduin the World Eater was slain by the Dragonborn and the Stormcloak rebellion ended with Ulfric Stormcloak’s execution in Windhelm, Tamriel sits at an uneasy peace as the Mede Emepire and the 3rd Aldmeri Dominion sit the knife’s edge of conflict, maintaining adherence to the White-Gold Concordat while quietly preparing for a war that may come sooner than anyone could expect. While the Empire’s 4th Legion defeated the Stormcloaks in a brief but brutal civil war and brought a measure of peace throughout the Empire, Emperor Titus Mede II did not live to see the conflict’s resolution as Dark Brotherhood assassins killed him aboard his flagship during a visit to Solitude to meet with General Tullius. His son, Felix Mede, a powerful man in his 40s, had ascended to the throne and is reputed to have been particularly vocal against the signing of the White-Gold Concordat. Many are fearful his leadership may lead to a war of such scale that either the Empire or Dominion will be the sole survivor. However, neither side of the border is ready for a conflict, despite the Great War having ended 33 years ago – an eternity for the short-lived memories of man.

      However, despite the lofty ambitions of their rulers, the common people of the Empire and the Dominion alike are enjoying an extended period of peace and prosperity, although the territories of Valenwood and the kingdoms of Pelletine and Anequina, formerly the Elsweyr Confederacy, still chafe under the rule of their Thalmor overlords. However, with the death of Alduin and Miraak in the following year, there’s an air of tranquility few are accustomed to. While bandits and cruel mages lurk in the wilds, there's a sense of security and hope that many had long gone without overall. Skyrim has rebuilt under the fair rule of Queen Elisef, and while rumours of Stormcloak sympathizers are abound, the remnants of Ulfric's army are treated like bogeymen, stories to scare disobedient children. While the Empire's presence in Skyrim is stronger than it had been in years, the Legions provide a sense of security to the citizens of the cold, hard land, as if to say that they understood what could happen if their gaze wandered from the North for too long. At it's heart, Skyrim is still a wild, untamed land with a spirit to match. The simple fact it had risen up in rebellion was sign enough of that.

      In an event that had shocked the Empire, Emperor Felix had been murdered two months ago by one of his newly formed Praetorian Guardsmen, an organization of unspecified function comprised entirely of skilled battlemages that seemingly only answered to the Emperor himself. His young son, Tactus Mede, an untested man who is yet to see his 20s, has inheirted one of the most powerful sovereign states in all of Nirn and is fully aware how both friend and foe alike is watching his every move to see if he will live up to his legacy, or leave a weakened Empire ripe for exploitation. Deciding to make his inaugural appearance at the 7th anniversary of the end of the Stormcloak Rebellion in Windhelm, a lavish ceremony was planned with attendance comprised of people from all walks of life across the Empire to observe the occasion. In an attempt to mend the discord his father had sown with the Dominion, the Aldmeri Dominion was invited to send a diplomat and their retainers to mark the occasion as a victory for the preservation of the terms of the White Gold Concordat, despite the Dominion's secret ambitions for Ulfric Stormcloak to emerge victorious. It was to be a celebration of peace and unity in the face of chaos and adversity.

      On the second day of the festival, a visitor to the ancient gates of the oldest human city in Tamriel would shake Tamriel to its core.

      Emerging like a wisp in the blistering cold, a pale woman in ornate white robes with hair to match approached the gates of Windhelm, asking for the Emperor by name. When the guards demanded her identity, the pale woman smiled, simply stating. "The Snow Elves are ready to open diplomacy with the Mede Empire."

      The snow elf, Vylewen, held an audience in a guarded chamber with Emperor Tactucs and many hours were spent behind closed doors, isolated from the increasing din of the city. The third day of the festival, Emperor Tactus held podium at the steps of Candlehearth Hall, stating that an isolated community of Snow Elves had survived in isolation for these many centuries, chosing to keep hidden from the world to preserve what little remained of their people. These survivors had come forward to the Empire to seek assistance in a matter of dire urgency, one that could mean the end of the community and what has survived of the Snow Elf people. Emperor Tactus informed the crowd that in three day's time, an expedition of volunteers in the Empire's employ would see Vylewen back safely to her people and learn of this threat first hand while acting as guards for the elven diplomat and the Imperial Ambassador.

      A small party had been assembled and are set to ride North the morning of the sixth day of the festival. However, not all is as it seems, as a handful of Thalmor-picked agents ride among them, for purposes of their own. What would occur in the days to come would change their lives, and Skyrim, forever.



      Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Resurgence of the Frost, set seven years after the events of Skyrim. You will take the roll of a band of volunteers who will be accompanying Vylewen back to Auri-el's Harborage on behalf of the Empire. Your characters will have one night in Windhelm to get their affairs in order, enjoy the festivities, and meet the other volunteers for the expedition. However, amongst the ranks is a small number of Thalmor agents who are GM and player controlled who have signed on like the rest of the volunteers, their true allegiance a secret. There will be a limited number of slots for Thalmor controlled players, as it will be a smaller number than the the rest of the party. Their true allegiance will not come apparent until much later into the game, and any players who are accepted as Thalmor characters are requested to not have their character blow their cover due to game-wrecking implications. The Thalmor characters will all be beginning in the same room for a bit of establishment, and players will be PMed the Thalmor plot to keep it confidential and something of a surprise. That said, since nobody should be godmodding, we are choosing to let the fact there's secret agents amongst the ranks be a widely known fact so players aren't unintentionally segregated or feel as if they're competing with one another. We, the GMs, are often fond of doing "MEANWHILE, IN BAD GUY'S LAIR..." esque scenes to flesh out the story a bit for the players' enjoyment, so having information only known to select characters isn't necessarily going to be withheld from the group at large. After all, we're here to have fun and make some new acquaintances and friends while writing a kick-ass story that can (and will, player participation depending) last for years. Our last game lasted a bit shy of 3 years, so if you're the dependable sort who can keep active, expect to be in this for the long haul!

      Another thing to note is that important NPCs are going to be the sole domain of GMs, but that doesn't mean characters like shopkeepers or people encountered on the street can't be created and played by players when they are writing their scenes. Due to a huge problem in our last game where several players ended up bringing in several NPCs that were related or acquainted with their characters that acted like tag alongs that ended up, ironically, keeping those players from interacting with other player characters, we are going to ask that you focus on your own characters and not bringing in a zoo's worth of NPCs to accompany them. Now, with that in mind, we're suckers for player initiative and ideas and we love trying to integrate player ideas and plot points into the narrative since really, we want this project to be a game where everyone feels invested and important. Ultimately, we're invested to making this game work and to keeping you, the players, happy and involved, so we do ask that players do try to keep a regular activity and post in the OOC. In our experience, keeping a healthy OOC discussion going is key to a long-term RP, so we do ask that those who apply are sociable sorts who want to talk about what's going on in the game, the characters, and so on so forth. A lively discussion is definitely part of the key to keeping any RP working. And so, with that in mind, there will be a Skype group in this game for general bullshiting and game related discussion. We'd like to become friends with you guys, hope you feel the same way!

      Oh, a quick note: Please don't feel pressured to write giant posts if other players do, while we sometimes enjoy writing long posts as I'm sure some other players do, please bear in mind that GM posts will usually be longer due to things like NPCs, scene descriptions, and so on so forth. This will also be a game where your character choices and values will matter, and it is possible that your character's actions can very much shape the world around him or her. Deeds will be remembered, and actions will have consequences. What legacy will you leave behind? Begin this journey and find out...




      - This takes place 7 years after the events of Skyrim

      - The Empire had won the Civil War, Ulfric Stormcloak and his rebellion were crushed. Strict laws on curfew and weapons have been enacted in Whiterun and Solitude, as well as all former Stormcloak cities. Expect to be relieved of your weapons upon entrance to a city and questioned and/or detained if violating curfew laws. Daggers of all kind are still managed to be smuggled in by those with the know-how. The wearing of armor while inside the city walls is also regulated, in that if the helmet covers any part of the face or has any attachment able to fulfill that purpose, the helmet is not to be worn and is to be turned in to the City Guard for the duration of the owner's visit.

      - The College of Winterhold is flourishing and possesses the Eye of Magnus.

      - The Mage’s Guild in Cyrodiil was abolished after the Oblivion Crisis and hasn’t existed for some time.

      - The Dark Brotherhood has been entirely eliminated; the Night Mother has been captured and destroyed by the Praetorians prior to the events of this RP.

      - The Dovahkiin has disappeared from Skyrim following the end of the Civil War. He did not take sides despite criticisms and is rumored to have gone west to Hammerfell or High Rock.

      - The Companions of Jorrvaskr are largely intact and still operating out of Whiterun. However, due to strict laws post-Civil War, the Companions seldom venture beyond Whiterun Hold, contributing to the seemingly unchecked banditry along the roads.

      - The Fighters Guild is still flourishing in Cyrodiil.

      - Morag Tong is enjoying a resurgence of power after the destruction of the Dark Brotherhood, being the only professional assassin organization of its size in Tamriel. However, it still operates almost exclusively in Morrowind with the very seldom involvement outside of that province’s borders. Because of the void left in the underworld's economy on assassination, freelance assassins and smaller organizations have steadily increased in business outside of Morrowind.

      - The Thieves Guild is alive and well in all parts of Tamriel, some chapters are doing better than others. The Skyrim Chapter of the Thieves Guild is the only exception to this, as the strict curfew laws put in place in former Stormcloak cities have effectively suppressed the Guild's capacity to take part in thievery.






      Name: Character's name and any alias they may go by

      Race: What race they are (Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orsimer, or Redguard.)

      Family Origins: Where was your character born and raised? This may affect their cultural outlook. It can be anywhere in Tamriel, just bear in mind that, for example, a Cyrodiillic cosmopolitan orc will have a different culture and mentality than a Skyrim stronghold orc, or a Summerset Islands born and raised altmer may hold different values than one who was born and raised in Morrowind.

      Appearance: A detailed description of what your character looks like and a picture or screenshot, if possible. Please, for the love of The Nine, no anime. The more people have to reference, the better if is for role playing purposes.

      Age: How old your character is. Age brings wisdom, youth brings strength and energy. Keep in mind elves tend to have longer live spans than men and beast races. For instance, dunmer may end up having about 100 healthy, strong years before going into elderly twilight years where they will likely make it for another 20 to 30 years. Wood elves are likely similar, and Altmer may live for a few centuries.

      Note: Dervish will happily make your character in Skyrim and take a screenshot for you if you are unable to do so yourself. It may take a bit of time, however. The better detailed the appearance, the closer he can get it.

      Equipment: Weapons and armour. As you fill this out, ask yourself, if you were your character, would you be able to carry all of this stuff? More stuff= more encumbered. Less stuff= less encumbered, but less resources at your disposal.

      Miscellanea: Things like lock picks, food, smithing materials, scolls, potions. The weight thing applies as well. Doesn’t necessarily have to be things from the games.

      NOTE: Please keep track of your inventory use!

      Favored Skills: This section gets a bit more complicated. Using the main skills of the game (two handed, smithing, destruction, illusion, lock picking, pick pocketing, shield, et cetera) things are rated by proficiency. You may have 1 highly proficient skill, 3 moderately proficient skills, and 3 somewhat proficient skills. You may, however, move up a class at the expense of another skill of the level below it (e.g. you pick 1 highly proficient at the cost of 2 moderately proficient). Likewise, you can gain more skills if you downgrade a skill (1 moderately proficient becomes two somewhat proficient, for example).

      Note: Skills from Oblivion and Morrowind are also fair game!

      [SPECIAL NOTE FOR MAGES: For a quick understanding, Highly Proficient skills are equivalent of expert level spells, Moderately Proficient is Adept Level Spells, and Somewhat Proficient is Apprentice level. Keep that in mind when playing your character and picking your proficiencies. Please stick to spells you see in the games, but I’m not against combining some of them if it makes sense, but keep in mind your character would have to be exceptionally talented to do so. Run spell ideas by the GM if you aren’t sure for approval, but if you see it in the games, you should be okay.]

      Character Background: A decently descriptive backstory explaining who your character is and how they developed into the person they now are. You don't have to go too crazy, but a few well-written paragraphs would be nice. It gives us an idea of your ability as a writer.

      Fighting Style: Explain how your character approaches combat and their particular skills and talents. This will help the group decide who is best suited to deal with particular situations.

      Personality: Briefly explain what your character's personality is generally like, including quirks, faults, and so on. The goal is to make a believable person, not a Mary or Gary Sue. There's a special place in hell for those kinds of characters.

      Font Colour: If you wish to use a font colour for your character's speech and thought, state the colour here so people know what everyone else intends to use during the game



      1. I'm a bit rusty but does block at all have a use with hand-to-hand fighting or can one logically assume that someone who practices fighting with his hands can also do somethings like parry and block (although obviously not block blades with his hands)?

      Hand to hand would encompass knowing how to block and parry in fisticuffs. Block refers to the weapon skill, so shields and weaponry.

      2. Sweet, also, should we be focusing on skills found in Skyrim or does mix-matching work?

      Secondly, how would skills like athletics/acrobatics translate? In Morrowind without them your character was quite slow and unlimber, but would they be required for a character to be able to do some things like that your RP?

      I'm a bit unsure if I need to have things like unarmored, athletics, and acrobatics or if those type of skills have been collapsed under "sneak" or the character theme.

      Any of the last 3 games is totally fair game! Mixing and matching is encouraged if it strikes your fancy!

      And not as much... things like athletics and acrobatics tend to end up with really absurd consequences like running faster than The Flash and jumping over the walls of Imperial City. Things like that I'd say it's more about how you describe your character.

      Sneak, however, is still an important skill if you're making a stealthy character.

      3. Would the Gray Quarter, the Dunmer Ghetto still exist in Windhelm?

      The Grey Quarter still exists (keep in mind it was originally established to house all the refugees from Morrowind; it's not like you can just relocate all those people again), but efforts have been made by the Jarl to address the dunmers' concerns. There's still some lingering resentment from some of the older Nord population because they essentially gave up a quarter of their city up for the refugees.

      4. What is a reasonable number of spells for someone moderately proficient in a form of magic?

      I don't really have a set limit on the number of spells, I trust players to use their own digression for that. However, all of the spells have to be journeyman and under skills.*

      *A source of confusion, I had copied this from a chat log like all the other answers. The player asking the question only had somewhat proficient spells and was asking how many they were allowed to have. I should have expanded on this here, my apologies.

      5. I look forward to the RP, can't wait to see your characters, also a question. Are we using skyrim rules where you can't cast a spell unless you have a free hand?

      No, absolutely not. We refer to common sense and use very reasonable speculation, because if you have spells, you should be able to use them. You see people casting spells with gauntlets on their hands so I don't think casting with something over your palms/hand is a hindrance. Casting with the hilt of a sword or something should be treated the same.



      A festival commemorating the seventh anniversary of the end of the Stormcloak rebellion is being held in Windhelm, drawing people from across the Empire, as well as a delegation of Thalmor who were invited as a goodwill gesture by the young and newly crowned Emperor Tactus Mede, to observe the grand occasion, seen as many as the Emperor's first step in establishing his rule. The ceremony receives a shocking surprise when a snow elf visitor appears at the gates, requesting the aid of the Empire against an unnamed threat that the snow elves can't handle alone. The Emperor assembles an escort party of Legionnaires and sellswords as a goodwill gesture and to help resolve the snow elves' plight. Unbeknown to the escort party, the Thalmor planted three agents in the sellsword contingent to fulfill their own secret agenda.

      Shortly after leaving Windhelm, the group is ambushed by white-cloaked assailants who claim the lives of a few Legionnaires and acts as Vylenwyn's, the snow elf, first test of character to those who swore themselves to protect her, and she begins to establish herself as a cold and somewhat ruthless individual who does not appear to be one concerned with mercy for her enemies. It is discovered that these ragged attackers were former Stormcloaks who refused to surrender after the war and are have spent years eluding Imperial patrols and causing small, isolated incidents across Skyrim. This attack marks the boldest and most devastating event in years, as their numbers have dwindled and their resolve to their sworn cause slowly fades from memories. The group moves on and a terrible storm is on the horizon.

      The weather turns for the worst and forces the escort party to seek shelter, finding a roadside cave to see if they can wait it out. While the Legionnaires set up positions and camp outside, the sellswords and a few Legionnaires wander inside to scout the position. They come across a group of white-cloaks, like earlier, standing eerily still and seemingly unaware of their presence. When the Legionnaires attempt to apprehend the white-cloaks, they spring to life and set upon them, killing the Imperials with savage but expressionless strikes. Now engaged in battle, the sellswords find these adversaries to be wholly unnatural and almost like the undead, seemingly oblivious to pain and enduring bodily harm that no mortal could. The battle was lost, although many of the sellswords were injured and several Legionnaires, the Ambassador for the expedition, and one of the Thalmor agents were killed by the horrifying attack. Vylenwyn reveals that she's seen something like this before and appears to be aghast that it has begun to spread.

      The group is resting and healing their wounds and awaiting orders to move out.


    • RULES
      Rules (open)

      1. No Godmodding or power gaming of any kind. We're telling a story, not having a competition to see who is the biggest badass. Not to say you can't do awesome things when it comes around time for combat, but know your limitations. This includes self-insert characters, backstories that are designed to give the character access to abilities, skills, and equipment that would be considered an unfair or overpowered advantage, autokilling NPCs during fights with virtually no effort put into it, taking on a room full of people single handedly, meta gaming, trying to have everyone treat your character like they’re something unique and special, your character knowing things they shouldn’t, et cetera. The goal here is believable characters.

      2. The writing standard is intermediate. Read what you wrote over before you post, and ensure you have acceptable spelling and grammar. That said, we're not perfectionists, and mistakes are made by everyone. Just make an honest effort and we'll get along just fine. Posting expectations are at least 2 detailed paragraphs per post, probably more. If you think short paragraphs and single lines are the best thing in the world, then we direct you elsewhere. We expect one post per week, unless notice is given for an absence.

      3. No speed posting. This means give other people a chance to post before you do. There won't be a strict posting order, but if we notice the same two people posting back and forward in a short time span without giving others involved in that group or conversation or whatever a chance to reply, we will not be happy. That said, if you have two characters conversing with each other, feel free to reply steadily back and forward if things are going slow. Just keep in mind posting expectations and if serious actions are taken during those posting, others will have to be taken into consideration.

      4. If you are going to be absent for any length of time, please let me know. we're not going to kill of your character or kick you to the curb because stuff came up. Real life comes first, but that said, do try to be fairly active. Your character will be controlled by a GM until you return. If you vanish without word for an unreasonable amount of time with no notification, there is a strong possibility your character will be killed off. If you’re going to join this RP, be somewhat active. The GMs are putting a lot of effort into making this enjoyable for the players, so please be committed and be in this for the long haul.

      5. If you disagree with contents of someone's posts, don't turn the OOC into some horrible flame fest. We're all hopefully mature enough to settle disagreements through logical discourse. If things start to go into flame war territory, we will warn the players. Failure to STFU will lead to your banishment from this RP with nothing more than an angri faec to accompany you and your character being killed off brutally. Probably after through ogre rape.

      6. If you want to do something, and you aren't sure, ask in the OOC so it can be discussed. Or, if you want it to be a surprise, PM the GMs. If it's a good idea, we'll work it into the plot. We like to encourage creativity and think that all good RPs involve ideas from all their players. Sometimes this leads to amazing subplots and character development.

      7. If you have questions or ideas for events, PM the GMs. Your input will help keep you not only invested, but it’ll give the GMs more fuel to work with for upcoming encounters and plotlines in the RP.

      8. As heavy and serious business as this may all seem, the point is to have fun and build a good comradary with your fellow role players. There will be inappropriate screwing around in the OOC, and people will be off topic quite a bit. This is normal. This is fun. It's also a great place to shoot around ideas and discuss how things are going. Keep invested in this and we promise it'll stick in your memories as one of the best damn things you've done on this webpage.

      9. If you feel the need to start a romance between characters, that's cool. This isn't exactly a rated role play, and it’s bound to happen. We GMs personally like to graphically describe violence and swear quite a bit, but if you feel the need to indulge in smut, please take that stuff to PM. 4 pages of graphic sex isn't going to save the world; it'll just cause everyone else to feel really awkward and need a cold shower afterwards. It is known.

      10. Gary and Mary Sues will have a Morag Tong contract put on them that they will never, ever escape from. Probably because their legs will be eaten by ice wraiths and their body horribly maimed by hordes of angry hornets before the assassin gets to you. He's a local, and his name is Joe. He will ruin your day, Mr. or Miss. I Have No Flaws and Everyone Loves Me.The GMs will be doing background checks to find out if you’re reliable and generally write at an acceptable quality, so beware that even if your character sheet is outstanding, if either OlNosoul or myself discover you’re argumentative, write at an unacceptable level, go AWOL frequently, power game, and so on, there’s a good chance you WILL NOT be accepted.

      Game Related Rules and Regulations

      Equipment limitations (open)

      -Iron, steel, and leather: Very common and easy to come by and easy to afford. If your character possesses anything under these categories, you don’t need to justify having it.

      -Elvish and Orcish: these are somewhat easy to come by, and both have their unique advantages. They both happen to be fairly expensive and aren’t nearly as common as the previous category. Elvish weapons tend to hold an edge better than steel and are very sharp, as well as being much lighter and more flexible than most metals. Orcish material is very hard, very durable, and very heavy. It’s more difficult to work with and shape, but once it will never fail and requires virtually no upkeep while not being quite as sharp or flexible as elvish works. Please explain how your character came to obtain these items somewhere in their backstory due to their uncommon nature.

      -Dwemer, or dwarven: This is relatively common in Skyrim, Morrowind, or Hammerfell if your character has been in the ruins. Most of their machines and defenses are still working, so chances are, your character is brave and tenacious if they got their hands on this stuff. Stores would sell limited stocks at pretty marked up prices considering how hard it is to obtain it.

      -Ancient Nord: Really old weapons that somehow hold up over the years, they're crude and quite common in ancient nord temples, tombs, and ruins. The only problem is you usually have to deal with the drauger. And obviously, they're not nice zombie people. Stores wouldn't sell this stuff (it would be like going to a gun store and asking for a Brown Bess when there's the newest Remington rifle on sale).

      -Solstheim Nordic Steel: Weapons made by the Skaal of Solstheim, it’s excellently crafted steel weaponry and armour of the highest caliber, but is quite rare to find outside of Solstheim, given its association with the Skaal.

      -Stalhrim: A special, magic ice-crafted set of equipment that can only be forged by the greatest masters using techniques only known by the Skaal. Chances are, your character will have neither access to stalhrim, the equipment to mine it, or the knowledge to do anything with it. It is exceedingly rare stuff.

      -Aleyid/Akavari: Similar to the ancient Nord weapons and gear, a long gone elvish civilization left behind a lot of Cyrodiilic ruins and the invaders from across the sea to the East in Akavar. However, no armour examples are known to exist and what little katanas they had left behind are extremely rare to come across. Please don’t write up a whole backstory of how your character obtained these because ‘lol, Japan is the best’. However, what examples remain are expertly crafted swords that have held up well over the years.

      -Falmer and Forsworn: Both sets of weapons are crude but effective, and Falmer gear usually has poison chambers due to being constructed from Charrus chitin and other parts. Forsworn stuff is built out of raw materials from nature, much like how a native American would. You'd only ever obtain either by killing a Falmer or Forsworn, and even then, would you really want it?

      -Glass and Ebony: Both of these are high-end, expensive, and extremely well made weapons and armour that you'd be lucky to ever find. Ebony gear originates in Morrowind, so it would be found among the rich and powerful there, and likewise, Glass gear comes from the Aldmeri Dominion and is usually only found on their elite soldiers. While some examples find their way into Skyrim and Cyrodiil, it's very uncommon and you are a very attractive target for having them. Would you walk around with a rapper's amount of gold chains around your neck at night in a dark alley? Kind of the same thing. However, their quality is absolutely top-notch and while both weapons require a fair deal more upkeep than other materials (both incorporate types of glass in the construction in addition to metal), they are very desirable and dangerous. Please don't make a backstory just to justify having these weapons or armour.

      -Dragon: Dragons are all but extinct, and whatever remains are enslaved or in hiding. As such dragon scales and bone are extremely hard to come by. You can only find this in Skyrim, but as such, much of it has been confiscated by the Empire for archiving, equipping their own elite soldiers, or as museum pieces. It is extremely hard to work with dragon scales and bones, so even if someone obtained them, they'd have to be among the best to do anything with it. You very likely will never possess dragon materials.

      -Daedric: The Oblivion crisis ended over 200 years ago, and as such, the presence of the daedra in Tamriel is so rare they may as well be myths to most people, and the few that do manage to cross dimensions certainly aren't going to hand it over. Even harder to obtain than dragon materials, a master smith would be hard pressed to find a daedra heart, and likely wouldn't know the process to create daedric metals and shape it into armour and weapons. You very much won't have possession of these, at all.

      Any enchantments: Possible, but you'll need to find the soul gems to charge them. Also, they're expensive as hell if you're trying to buy them, and only talented mages know how to soul trap. Best become friends with an enchanter if you're poor. If your character is an enchanter, it looks like you may be popular. Keep your enchantments limited to the level of skill your character has in the skill section.

      -Daedric artifacts: No. Just no.

      Game Rules (open)

      2. You can only carry so much on your person at a time. Think of real life, are you going to be carrying a bow, a claymore, 3 daggers, a staff, 400 arrows, steel plate armour, just as many potions and scrolls, and every book out of the public library? Keep it reasonable, keep it realistic. Collecting loot should never be your goal. You should also specify how your character is carrying around most of their inventory.

      3. No matter how strong, talented, and experienced your character is, you're still only mortal. If you're running into 15 bandits, your odds don't look good. A troll is going to be the fight of your life. Herd of mammoths? Run like hell. You sustain injuries; you may die if you encounter a situation that is suicidal. (We're lenient; we're not going to kill your character off without your permission, unless you break one of the cardinal rules above or put your character in a situation with no chance of survival).

      4. Potions take time to work in most cases, so you're not going to get gutted by an axe and then look brand new by chugging Tamriel Energy Drink. It'll help your body mesh the wounds and heal you, and it takes time for it to eliminate poisons and disease. In short, be careful. On that note, chugging potion after potion isn't going to happen unless you happen to be a whale with the body mass to do so.

      5. Scrolls take time to read, so if you're reading one in combat to cast something, make sure you have someone watching your ass and there isn't a group of Falmer looking to rip your arm off ten feet away.

      6. Damage is realistic(ish), if you're hit by an ice spike or an arrow; you're going to need some serious medical attention if it hits something vital. But since this is Elder Scrolls, and potions work in ways that a platypus would say, "that's fucked up." People also aren’t going to die of an infection from a blade wound after three days of sickness or something. Point is, your character is mortal and will be taking wounds in combat.

      7. Keep in mind that whatever weapons and armour you do have does not reflect how well your character is going to do in a fight or survive, so don’t doctor a CS around trying to make sure that they’re the best equipped person in the game so you have a combat advantage. There’s going to be badass bandits out there running around in fur armour and iron weapons who’ve killed more people than your character has ever met who will not care if your character is decked out in full ebony armour, a shield, and a long sword. He’s light and fast, you’re low and heavy, and experience trumps expensive weapons and armour almost every time. Try to give your character equipment that makes sense for who they are and what they’ve been through.

      8. Weapons do not necessarily have to be what you find in the games, but follow it as a template. As such, things like spears, throwing knives, throwing axes, glaives, halberds, javelins, and flails are fair game, even if most of that didn’t appear in any of the Elder Scrolls games. However, that isn’t free reign to try to put something that is high-fantasy or just ridiculous into the game. Do try to keep things lore appropriate where possible, as well.

      9. Keep in mind religious symbolism is limited to aedra and daedra. Please leave real-life stuff like crosses out of it. We shouldn’t have to say this, but we've seen it happen. As such, lore established divines and other deities are the only things that will be acknowledged.

      10. Vampire and werewolf characters are a potential possibility, but this is similar to the weapon rules where it’s going to be based more around role playing than stats. People aren’t going to react well to finding out their companion could turn into a flesh hungry monster at any minute, and many of the religious, paranoid, or sensible types will likely try to kill them for it on the spot. If you do decide to go this route, your application will face higher levels of scrutiny than others because we need to make sure that you can actually properly role play somebody who is struggling to control their disease and accept that if it’s discovered, they face a very difficult road ahead.

      11. Keep in mind the age or your character in relation to their physical ability and skill as well as personal experience. Older characters may not be as strong or have the vitality of younger characters, but they have experienced much and had much longer to master skills, as well as they will generally be much more mature and rational, but will take longer to recover from physically demanding situations, wounds, and may be very set in their ways. Younger characters have the raw strength and vitality that comes with being at the peak of your physical prime, and chances are, they are rasher and less disciplined than other characters as well as being susceptible to new ideas and will be generally inexperienced with the world. Basically, just think of how people are in real life. We do not want to see an entire roster of late teenagers to mid-twenty somethings who are master mages, swordsmen, and thieves. If your character is excellent at something at a young age, there better be a damn good reason for it.

      12. Please avoid cliché and tried backstories and personalities and go for something a bit more diverse. This is a major reason we will be doing background checks. If you basically make the same story over and over, you’re not getting a pass. Do something interesting and don’t go with some tragedy staple for cheap drama in an attempt to make your character look deeper than they are. This doesn’t mean you can’t go for the dead parent/ orphaned/ mentor figure/ village burned down/ badass loner/ insert something you’ve seen in every RP thread ever, this one not being an exception. It just means we want to see a solid backstory where something like that isn’t used as a weak justification for your character setting out for exploring and never mentioned again or pulled up whenever you feel like your character needs to have an angsty/sad moment. If you actually feel it serves a purpose and makes sense for your character’s development and history, than by all means. Just make sure it’s understandable and a relatively believable subplot.

      13. If you are trying to omit something in your character sheet saying that it will ‘be revealed later in the RP’, we expect to be private messaged about it for approval, but chances are something like that will set off a red flag unless there’s a good reason for it. Since nobody’s meta gaming,we expect everything in the backstory section of the character sheet to be revealed there. Most of the time, this comes across as lazy and that you can’t be bothered to write something half-decent.

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  1. Zaveed

    Race: Khajiit, Cathay

    Family Origins: Senchal, Elswyer



    As a swift, roguish young male with lean, corded muscles, Zaveed has many reasons to be confident and fearless. While he doesn't have the brute strength of the Nords or Orcs, he makes up for it with agility and sure footing with a 5'08" frame. Both his ears are pierced with gold hoops, and he keeps his mane in a mohawk. His fur is predominantly dark grey with black stripes, while around his mouth and chest are a lighter shade of grey. He has intelligent pale blue eyes, honed by his charming, unflappable disposition and he carries himself in a confident, determined way that is second nature for a man whose life is often spent on rocking ships on the unforgiving seas.

    Age: 24


    -Elvish Dagger, sapphire pommel carved into an eagle’s head.
    -Imperial bow
    -Steel arrows (15)
    -Sleeveless grey hardened leather armour with bandoleers.
    -Two steel war axes he calls Masser and Secuna after the twin moons.
    -A thigh lengthed grey, lined overcoat


    -10 lock picks
    -Aldo wine
    -Nord mead
    -Leather strips
    -Smoked Venison
    -Smoked Salmon
    -3 minor healing potions
    -2 stamina potions
    -Whetstone and oil
    -Sewing kit
    -Large coin purse
    -A handful of precious gems

    All Items are stored in the various pouches that are sewn into his bandoleers and belts.

    Favoured Skills:

    Highly Proficient

    One Handed

    Moderately Proficient

    Light armour

    Somewhat proficient

    Lock picking


    -Zaveed does not refer to himself in the third person like most khajiit due to his upbringing in a culturally diverse environment.

    -Likewise, much of Elsweyr's customs are lost on him, including putting community ahead of oneself

    Background and a "brief" history:

    Taken as a young boy and pressed into service aboard a corsair ship, Zaveed remembers little about his home or family back in Senchal, the port city of Pelletine. His earliest years were spent performing menial labour for the crew while doing his best to avoid their ire. Knowing that his acceptance and comfort, if not outright survival, depended on how he was perceived and how useful he was, Zaveed had used an outgoing and personable disposition to win favour with the crew, which he would hone over the course of his life like a blade to earn himself a reputation as a silver-tongued charmer. It was Zaveed’s charisma and intelligence that caught the eye of the first mate, a well-learned Breton who acted as cartographer. DuPont, the Breton, came across Zaveed looking through a bestiary while cleaning his quarters and had decided to test the youth to see what he knew. It was decided the khajiit’s mind was wasted without knowledge, and DuPont had decided to take it upon himself to act as a teacher of sorts for Zaveed, eventually teaching him how to read and write, as well as the finer points of navigation. Zaveed realized that DuPont was likely a means to finding a better station on the ship, and after several years under the Breton’s tutelage, DuPont assigned Zaveed to the armourer to learn how to mend armour and weapons at the khajiit’s insistence that he’d be better use there than peeling potatoes or cleaning chamber pots.

    When Zaveed was 12, he was told he would be participating in a raid against a coastal village off the coast of Argonia and he was given the barest of essential training with a weapon the week before the raid, being told to avoid fighting and to grab anything that looked valuable. It was an exhilarating and terrifying experience; never before had he been surrounded by so much carnage and mortal peril. As he was plundering a home he had thought to be unoccupied, Zaveed barely avoided being hewn by a battle axe, the hefty blade lodging itself into the shelf the khajiit had been pilfering. Reacting more than any degree of skill, Zaveed struck his argonian assailant in the neck with his dull, rusted axe. Zaveed had killed his first man, and it would certainly not be his last. He returned to the boats with a large sack filled with silverware and other loose valuables to no small amount of fanfare. Back on the ship, a small ceremony was held where Zaveed was given an elvish dagger with an ornate sapphire pommel to commemorate his first kill, and a gold ring with a sapphire stone set that was common amongst all of the crew of The Iron Reaper, a token symbolizing his place amongst the crew.

    And so began over a decade of piracy in earnest with Zaveed growing more and more proficient as a corsair. No longer the scared child pressed into service against his will, the khajiit soon earned a reputation for being a fearless and deadly fighter and smooth talker with an insatiable lust for fame, glory and conquest. By the time Zaveed was approaching his twenties, he couldn’t imagine a more preferable lifestyle, where his ill-gotten coin bought him anything he could desire, except, ironically, freedom. It wasn’t until The Iron Reaper was attacked and sunk off of the coast of Eastmarch. Zaveed had only survived by diving into the icey waters and swimming as far and fast as he could under the broken ice floes, trading certain death for the slimmest of chances at life. Had he not been discovered on the shore by a dunmer associate of the Thieves Guild, he would have certainly perished, but providence shined and Zaveed was given a second chance at life, and for the first time, not under someone else’s thumb. He was lost, and more than a little terrified without direction.

    Zaveed has spent the last several months following leads for work when a chance encounter with a Thalmor patrol would lead down a path that would ultimately lead him to Windhelm for the fated festival…

    Fighting Style: Zaveed is a fast, ferocious fighter who welds two war axes as well as most warriors can weld one. Conditioned from a life of hit-and-run attacks, Zaveed has incredible endurance and speed that few warriors can match. Confident and sure footed, he tends to use one weapon to prevent an enemy from using their own while striking from his free hand, as well as striking at any openings that present themselves with ruthless efficiency. Even without his axes, he is a nimble and talented knife fighter who can bring down even heavily armoured foes by exploiting their vulnerabilities and encumbered weight. Finally, he is a proficient shot with a bow, a skill he learned to use on the deck of a rocking ship. While by no means a master, he can give most Imperial archers a run for their Septims if put to the test.

    Personality: Zaveed is an approachable, charming, and surprisingly loyal individual with an easy-going disposition and a ready grin on his face. While he has made efforts to put his criminal past behind him, he still has a taste for money and combat, and will not shy away from a fight. He is comfortable at sea and by the coasts, and he enjoys telling stories to fellow companions, crew members, and tavern patrons about his exploits and things he has witnessed. While generally honest, Zaveed has been known to lie or stretch the truth to get out of unpleasant situations, and he is a man who is fond of theatrics and flourish, viewing his amble abilities as a fighter, a sailor, and a lover as a dance of sorts. It is hard to break his spirit, and while he is outwardly an amiable spirit, he has a cruel, ruthless side. While his threats against his foes are often colourful, they would do well to pay heed; Zaveed will do exactly what he says if given the chance, no matter how morbid and horrific. He certainly is not afraid to do the hard things when the time comes, giving the khajiit a cold, ruthless air to an otherwise warm soul. He is not the kind of man to run from his demons, but rather, embrace them. Because of this, Zaveed makes an excellent friend and companion, but also a terrifying enemy.

    Font Colour: Sea Green
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  2. A thread, a thread, a proper OOC thread, how nice. :)

    Placeholder post for a Dunmer monk with a slight tendency to drink too much. Monks, as we all know, like punching people, so hand to hand combat will be his focus beyond of course stroking his beard and offering philosophically inclined but ultimately useless statements.

    Dunmer Monk WIP (open)

    Name: Velis Vedas

    Race: Dunmer

    Family Origins: Velis Vedas was born in Windhelm but spent much of his life in the Temple of Two-Moons Dance found in Torval, a city in the southwestern reaches of Elswyer.


    unruly mess of black hair that reaches his shoulders
    unshaven face, disheveled appearance
    Thick calluses covering his knuckles from years spent perfecting his technique
    athletic build

    Age: 25


    - A worn pair of leather boots.
    - A pair of iron gauntlets that protect his wrists and forearms.
    - A ragged pair trousers secured with a thick rope.
    - A loose fitting, roughly made, long sleeved shirt.

    - Bottle of Cheap Wine
    - Potion of Stamina
    - Potion of Minor Healing

    Favored Skills:

    Highly Proficient:


    Moderately Proficient


    Somewhat proficient


    Character Background:

    The son of two Dunmer refugees, Velis Vedas was born in the infamously bleak district of Windhelm, once named the Snow Quarter but now known only as the Gray Quarter due to the Dunmer population languishing within the veritable ghetto created and maintained by the decrees of a now dead Jarl, the infamous Ulfric Stormcloak.

    from his the start like his parents he seemed to be doomed to a life of suffering and poverty.

    the third generation of Dunmer refugees that fled war and the devastation that followed the eruption of the Red Mountain.

    Burdened with two other young children and the poor living conditions of the infamous Gray Quarter, the improvised and bleak district of Windhelm where

    he was placed under the care of a passing monk and sent to the Temple of Two-Moons Dance found in Torval, a city in the southwestern reaches of Elswyer, the home of the Khajiit.
    famous temple of philosophy and combat
    said for centuries to be the finest training ground for warriors of the unarmed art of fighting
    welcomed students from all parts of the empire
    great masters taught both ancient techniques and the most modern variations

    spent almost two decades training under the tutelage of his master, as well other masters, some of the greatest masters in all of Tamriel


    Having spent most of his youth and much of his life training in the Temple of Two-Moons Dance found in Torval, a city in the southwestern reaches of Elswyer, the home of the Khajiit, Velis is an outlander to Dunmer and Nord alike.

    Instead, it is the Khajiit lands which Velis sees as his home and the Khajiit people with whom he feels the most kinship.

    Fighting Style:

    uses touch based destruction magic
    fights best when unarmored, has an uncanny ability to dodge blows and avoid being hit

    his favored style of fighting involves imitating the movements of a drunkard
    making use of all, even the most unusual, parts of the body to attack and defend
    although more often than not he is actually inebriated or drunk.


    resigned to what he perceives as his fate
    often lazy
    presents a carefully cultured appearance gruff, uncaring
    beneath this exterior, he is a

    Font Colour: Light Sky Blue

    I would however like to claim the following color Light Sky Blue.
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  3. Oh, a note for everyone: We don't do reserved spots, so feel free to take your time working on your sheet!

    Application deadline TBD.
  4. I will begin work on my CS as soon as I finish up my post for Defiance. Just wanted to ask Derv, will I ever have the opportunity to play in a healthy Dark Brotherhood in one of your games? Gosh! :cry:
  5. I didn't state it (being a different site and all), but this is an alternate history of an earlier game with a crucial detail that kept the world from going nuts. :D
  6. Name: Sevari

    Race: Khajiit

    Family Origins: Sevari and his brothers never called any one place home besides the caravan they traveled with. Sevari and his brothers were born in Leyawiin but had grown mostly in Northern Colovia and Skyrim before going to High Rock. While Sevari and his brothers may take some of the speech pattern their people are known for, they will slip in an “I,” acknowledging themselves as individuals.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Age: 25

    Equipment: Simple middle-class garb, mainly for blending in to crowds easier with chainmail and a small amount of padded cloth hidden under, just enough armor to protect him from glancing blows, but not enough to weigh him down. A fur hat and a hooded traveling cloak as well as simple leather gloves. A dagger is hidden inside his boot as well as one kept at his hip in a sheath, both good quality steel, and a steel sword hangs at his side, a slimmer and more nimble design than the wider-bladed Nordic style, meant to be wielded with both hands but with a good enough balance to be able to use in tandem with a dagger, a favorite in Wayrest.

    Miscellanea: A water-skin, a flask of Colovian whiskey, five small doses of moon sugar wrapped in parchment and coated in yellow wax hidden in a bottle of alto wine with three moderate sized doses of moon sugar hidden the same way but with dark red wax, three potions of healing, six large strips of dried meat, all kept in a traveling pack.

    Favored Skills: Highly Proficient (Sneak), Moderately Proficient (One-Handed, lockpicking, pickpocket), Somewhat Proficient (Speech, archery, illusion)

    Spell List: Clairvoyance, Fear, Fury, Muffle

    Character Background: Mentioning the Brothers Sev’Ahmet’s names is enough to have your tongue ripped out of your mouth in many taverns in High Rock. The eldest and de facto leader, Fa’azri Sev’Ahmet is a name both respected and hated, depending on who you ask and his three brothers below him in station and age are all names just as known- Suffian, Jivami and Sevari. All three are known for different things, Suffian for his quick tongue and womanizing, Jivami for his size and severe features and Sevari for helping Jivami settle disputes some might have with the Sev’Ahmets. And his taste for the sugar. Not sweetrolls or honeycake, but moon sugar and skooma.

    Left to their own devices when Fa’azri was of age in Skyrim, the brothers sought their fortunes in the much more turbulent High Rock. The lords and ladies there were in an everlasting battle for petty reasons. The one thing that drew them there was that the lords and ladies were willing to pay those who were willing to settle their petty disputes. Taken in by a minor noble who was tenth in line for the throne but whose ambition and greed reached far beyond what he could achieve by himself, the brothers Sev’Ahmet were given the best lessons money could buy. Almost nobles themselves when it came to their coinpurses, the thing that kept them there were their willingness to do what it took to keep themselves at that position. The things they were told to do was anything from blackmail to murder. One such Sev’Ahmet excelled at the art of killing and was afforded lessons from the court nightblades.

    It would be years before the young noble would be killed in a duel of honor, in which he met his opponent on the field but was incinerated by hired nightblades, thus losing fair and square- this obviously using the High Rock rules of dueling favored in the higher courts more than it is by the wandering duelists of High Rock and Hammerfell. Of course, in order to keep their heads and their gold, they joined with the obvious winner of the duel in a show of goodwill and professionalism. Two years in service to a Breton man named Vincent de Courmier and they worked with more freedom in what they chose to do, enjoying their place in a growing empire in the underworld. Sevari and Jivami began spending more time around the skooma and developed a taste for it, Sevari much more than Jivami. It was also around this time that Sevari began a romantic relationship with a Breton-Dunmer girl named Sorosi and gained further lessons in the art of stealth from a Dunmer named Vorosien. Sevari’s taste for the sugar and skooma only worsened over time, left unchecked in his frequent absences from his brothers.

    It was to the point at one time where Sevari had stopped working for gold and started accepting skooma as payment. Fa’azri would not stand for this, neither from Vincent nor Sevari. Fa’azri took it up with Vincent and failing to reach an agreement, Jivami broke the man’s spine and they took their brother away from Vincent. They made their way to Skyrim, selling their services to Ulfric Stormcloak’s lieutenants. Despite their assistance, the Stormcloaks still managed to lose the war and the Brothers Sev’Ahmet earned a price on their heads on behalf of the Imperial Military Governor of Eastern Skyrim. It was around this time, after three years of hiding and the anniversary of Ulfric’s defeat, that an altmer that went by Teralfar offered them a way out, as long as one of them proved themselves worthy of his gift of freedom. Knowing it would be a good way to get Sevari away from the drugs, they voted Sevari to be the one to go.

    Sevari does not appreciate this and with his last doses of skooma and sugar smuggled away, he set out with Teralfar to see what he must do in order for him and his brothers to live like free Khajiit again.

    Fighting Style: In addition to being handy in a fight that warrants the use of a sword, he is infinitely more well-versed in the use of shorter blades like daggers to complement his experience and expertise at fighting in tight corridors and small rooms against multiple people, a style of fighting he picked up in High Rock from the nightblades often employed there. With this, he has a prime knowledge of unarmed fighting that capitalizes in strikes to nerve bundles and manipulating and breaking knees and elbows, another style of fighting favored by the nightblades.

    He would much rather not be seen at all or have to use these skills, instead saving his blade for the person he was given money to kill or severely harm. He would be best used to kill key opponents to spread disorder amongst the ranks, or just to avoid spilling more blood than needed. His ability of stealth is heightened by his natural Khajiit agility and his small selection of spells, like muffle.

    Personality: -Sevari, even if his judgement is sometimes clouded by the skooma or the sugar, still has enough loyalty to know his brothers mean more to him than powder.

    -Because he is the youngest of his brothers, he will often seek to prove himself when away from the long shadow of his eldest brother, and yearns for power to call his own.

    -He is fiercely independent and will refuse to call anyone his leader, his eldest brother already is called that, no one else will become that for him in his absence. None of his fellows are his leader, they simply walk the same path as him.

    -When and if his stores of skooma and moon sugar run out, he will be changed, the moon sugar are what calm his nerves before and after a kill. Without this, he may become irritable.

    -Completely unwilling to reach compromises- if it doesn’t favor him, it’s the reason someone dies.

    -Knows when and when not to let his aggressive and rambunctious nature show, but when it is an appropriate time, some people get hurt

    -Prone to becoming angry, but also good at pushing it back down. Sometimes.

    -Fond of Boethiah and her teachings, take that as you will

    Font Colour: Maroon
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  7. Name: Tolfdir (Junior) Of The Clan Of Skaaleaver

    Race: Nord

    Family Origins: Tolfdir studied magic back in Cyrodil during the civil war of Skyrim rather than risk being trapped in the College of Winterhold. He almost returned at the news of the Imperials starting to win the war, but he held his breath when he got the news of Alduin and the dragons returning to Skyrim. His father, a man with his same name, studied as the second most important underling in Winterhold, a great scholar, and one of the best in all Tamriel, and likewise, Tolfdir was always taught to study things of scholarly interest, not just magic, alchemy and lore, but also literature, and to some extent, science, such as medicines, surgeries, etcetera.

    He was close with Tolfdir then, and maintained a close relationship with his father that he still has to this day. Of course, he veers a little away from his father in the "hobby" department. While his father likes being an intelligent, almost entirely mage based man, Tolfdir likes the Breton concept of "Well rounded-ness". Magic and mental work has always been his forte, but he hates the idea of being left to do nothing during battles other than run away if his friends are in trouble and he has no magic left to cast spells with.


    50 years old


    Skyforge steal dagger | Family Heirloom
    Expert Alteration Robes
    Satchel for carrying potions =
    3 healing potions
    3 mana potions
    3 antidotes
    3 cure disease potions

    Mudcrab meat
    Eidar Cheese


    Favored Skills:
    1 highly efficient Alteration spells

    3 Moderately efficient Spell schools:

    3 Somewhat efficient skills:
    1 Stealth
    1 Alchemy
    1 Speech

    Character Background:
    He studied the arts of stealth, and while he never wanted to become a member of a thieve's guild or involved himself in anything illegal, he knows how to use his wits and guile without resorting to kill first and ask questions later. This attitude has made himself friends with both Men and Mer, and even Beast races. He believes in racial equality of all the people. People are people, and the only people he might have trouble understanding equality with are the cave dwelling, animal like Falmer, who might be returning to the status of other races soon.

    In Cyrodil, the part of the Empire which believes in racial equality almost more than any other province of the formerly huge Empire, Tolfdir fell in love with a beautiful Altmer, named Morwyn. Tolfdir was fascinated by how intelligent but humble Morwyn was. She was a Master Restoration Wizard, and she taught him the basic spells of the Restoration school, also some illusionary spells, but he always thought that her way of thinking and philosophy was equally important than her magical abilities.

    Morwyn returned her love to Tolfdir, but before Tolfdir was to leave for Skyrim to study under his father, Morwyn was murdered, with no suspects, but Tolfdir believes her murder came from Daedric worshipers.

    Fighting Style:
    He's best at not being out in the open. Adept level Destruction spells are enough to fight against most enemies efficiently, but he is not used to fighting enemies, so he can cast spells like Ironskin and Ebony Flesh, or Steadfast ward to protect himself, and then cast heal other on his allies, or perhaps the courage spell, and things that bolster his allies or annoy his enemies. The spell of fury, for example, can bring enemies to accidentally start fighting each other.

    Tolfdir is a wizard, which means he takes his work very seriously, he studies, he practices until his art is impeccable. He's also a fun loving cook and somewhat of a mid wife if he needs to be. He tries to be versatile in his attitude, and he's managed to stay level headed and rational for much of his life, but he isn't perfect. He can lose his temper, and although he'd never kill anyone, he has a mean left hook, and he can lash out in manipulative ways that people wouldn't expect. Of course, as said earlier, he doesn't lose patience that often but he's a genuine person who can end up on the wrong side of power if he disagrees with certain actions.

    Likewise, he hates it when people who's attitude in war is to just kill whomever they find are in charge. Villages, etcetera burning isn't his idea of a pleasant vista. He almost poisoned a top official's dinner feast before Morwyn caught him and persuaded him to stop. The man, Bassius Moralis had massacred an entire town of Bossmer pilgrims for harboring a fugitive.

    Morwyn had accidentally discovered Bassius gloating about his massacre at the border town of Kenting, an old Breton fortress turned into a Bossmer pilgrimage. She felt as if she needed to confider in her apprentice, Tolfdir. Tolfdir liked Bassius himself and thought he was charming. At first he thought that due to Bassius'es charming aura of personality, and a few charitable acts he witnessed Bassius performing, Morwyn was misunderstanding something that Bassius had said, or was somehow wrong.

    Tolfdir himself saw Bassius having mercy on a Bossmer who attempted to assassinate him, somehow making it through magical detection, coming into a dinner party and making his way to Bassius'es seat, attempting to slice his head off with a curved sword. A curved. Sword. Bassius grappled with the Bossmer and easily subdued him, and whispered unheard words into the Elf's ear.

    Tolfdir asked what Bassius said, so the Imperial general told his magician guest that he would forgive everything if the Bossmer would never return. In actuality, Bassius threatened to murder his lover, a Bossmer who worked as a maid servant in the Palace. He later saw Bassius grant over thirty thousand Septims to one hundred infertile couples in order for them to afford adoption.

    Eventually, Tolfdir stumbled onto a torture chamber full of blinded and badly maimed Bossmer, and Altmer. He freed fifty of them, managing to get them out of any further torture. The authorities attempted to question them so they could bring justice to their tormentors, but unfortunately, Bassius had been torturing them with enchanted Nettlebane, Daedric tools. The tortured would be unable to name their torturers.

    Even with magical spells, it would take the survivors an entire year to recover from their wounds. Tolfdir remembered what Morwyn mentioned, and suddenly the evidence came to him. A Bossmer warrior attempting to kill him in his own home, Morwyn mentioning his boasting of a massacre, and finally, when attempting to find Bassius so he could gift him with a magical chalice, he found the torture chamber. It had to be Bassius.

    Bassius DID have political enemies. He could have presented Morwyn's words to the Emperor, or perhaps someone who could put a stop to all the madness, but had discovered something heinous. On returning to Morwyn's house, there were over twenty piles of glowing dust laying all around the house, and Morwyn herself had been covered in black festering wounds. Bassius himself laid at Morwyn's side with an almost severed arm.

    Morwyn looked at Bassius, and then to Tolfdir. "Do not kill Bassius. You don't understand." She stated flatly. Those were her last words. Thinking that Morwyn was in a state of pre-death delirium, Tolfdir brought Bassius a healing potion, tainted with a poison that was unusually well made for Tolfdir's expertise. He nearly let Bassius drink the poison despite Morwyn's words. . .but she uttered the same words yet again when she strained herself to see him about to feed him the poison.

    Finally, Morwyn breathed her last, and not wanting to disappoint Morwyn in her last moments, Tolfdir had mercy on him. Bassius went into a deep slumber, nearly nead, but Tolfdir gave him medicinal attention to survive his injuries. Ultimately, Bassius never attempted to harm Tolfdir for discovering the chamber of torture in his dungeon.

    Tolfdir suspects a Daedric Cult for this mystery. He dared not confront Bassius or ask a damn question about what had happened. He did not consider it prudent.
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  8. Interested in what you'll do with your character's murdered love interest hook. I do have a slight problem with your character and the Skyforge steel dagger. If your character has spent his entire life, or at least most of it, in Cyrodiil then where did he get the SKyforge Steel dagger? Last I checked, Skyforge Steel was only wielded by the Companions of Jorrvaskr.

    In addition to this, please try to expand in your character background on who Tolfdir II studied magic with in Cyrodiil, his relationship with and how he met this Morwyn and his endeavor in trying to poison an Imperial official who apparently committed atrocities.

    Also: All of you should keep in mind that there are positions for 1 or 2 of you to have your characters be Thalmor plants within the adventuring party. PM both me and Dervish if you are interested.
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  9. Ah, well as for the Skyforge Steel Dagger, remember Tolfdir may be a mage but he's a Nord. . . It's a family heirloom. Maybe he was in Whiterun, bought one and left. . . or his father, grandfather, etcetera.

    But yes, as for Morwyn, I will expound, as well as extrapolate about the attempted assassination.
  10. And also the Skyrforge steel dagger? The least you could do is put what you said to me in the CS. "Skyforge Steel dagger, a family heirloom."
  11. There, there's that. Is that good enough? :D
  12. @InindoHero
    I've held counsel with Dervs and upon further going into your character we'd like you to change your character's name and heritage. No relations to in-game characters, please. Other discrepancies include your family background being more of a character background. In the future, please only list where your character is from and only that, unless it is directly related to where your character is from.

    Address these concerns.

  13. Eh, I gotta go back to the drawing board. . . I need to back out now. Sorry.

    No hard feelings.
  14. Paints-With-Blood (The "Knight of Colors") (open)

    Name: Paints-With-Blood (Formerly Jarun-Ei, known as Castus to some), sometimes called the "Knight of Colors."

    Race: Argonian

    Family Origins: Left alone at a young age, Paints had no family to inherit a culture from. Employed at a small arena in a only marginally less-small town on the edge of Black Marsh (near the collective border of Cyrodiil and Morrowind), his childhood was full of strangers from many far-off lands, as the town was situated on a major roadway. His foster father was a native Imperial, expatriated, and it was from him that Paints learned most of what he knows.

    Appearance: Paints' 6'1'', tightly muscled frame doesn't normally attract a lot of's certain other parts of him that tend to catch the eye. His scales are a dark, lush green, except for one large splotch of orange-red color that surrounds his eyes, spills partway down his nose, and stretches in two thin and vaguely-defined bands from the corners of each of his eyes down to his neckline. This vibrant coloration, considered bright and noteworthy even to other Argonians, means that Paints has an incredibly distinctive face that is easily recognizable and not oft forgotten. The top of his head is adorned with two small, hooked horns that precede a sharp crest of orange-red feathers. He moves with what some may call "swagger," and what others may call "Supreme self-confidence." Smiling more often than not, it always seems as if Paints is performing for an audience: every gesture is theatrical and often overly-dramatic. Perhaps most noticeable are his clothes, from which he has gained his unofficial title as the "Knight of Colors." Atop his typical steel armor are a multitude of vibrant and colorful fabrics, stitched and patched haphazardly all over his body. The source of these fabrics is varied, and each one has a story. Some appear to contain torn sigils or coats of arms, but only Paints could trace the origin of each piece. Many unadorned pieces of his armor, as well as his buckler and sword-face, are often painted in intricate and vibrant patterns. His face and stylings may attract notice, but it's those colors that set everyone around Paints to talking...and that's just the way he likes it.

    Age: 26


    -Fairly traditional steel armor (chestplate, armguards, greaves and boots), though it certainly doesn't look that way. Paints' "Colors" adorn over half of the armor's surface. Most of the fabric is delicately and complexly wound, wrapped and tied around edges of the armor so as not to cause any inconveniences in a fight, though some is stitched directly into bits of the armor's cloth or leather (with no concession made to the armor's overall integrity, of course).
    -A Glass Scimitar
    -An iron/wood buckler, typically tied to his left forearm
    -A hooded scarf (bright red)
    -Fur-lined travel cloak (deep blue)

    -Several small vials of paint, as well as a few small brushes
    -A sewing needle and thread
    -Several strips of fine leather
    -2 potions of health regeneration
    -A potion of warmth
    -A dwindling bottle of wine (often grabbed in mistake instead of the potion of warmth)
    -Several bits of stale cheese and jerky
    -A mostly insignificant amount of gold
    -A small knapsack, in which are contained the previous items

    Favored Skills:
    Highly Proficient-
    -One Handed
    Moderately Proficient-
    -Heavy Armor
    Somewhat Proficient-

    Healing Hands
    Greater Ward
    Revitalize (Restore Stamina)

    Character Background:

    If you were to ask anyone who has shared a drink with the Knight of Colors what they know of his history, you would hear some very interesting stories. Most would only say that his past seems strange and unknowable, covered by a cloth not quite as vibrant as those that he wears. Some would tell you that he is simply a wandering hero, helping those in need and slaying those that would upset the rightful order of things. A few may even spin yarns about his rise to fame in the Imperial Arena, and the strange circumstances that preceded his final fight, in which the legendary arena warrior Drander Velon found his death at the end of a painted sword.

    None would tell you stories about Jarun-Ei, the orphan boy of Black Marsh, and yet that is how Paints-With-Blood got his start. Either abandoned or orphaned to the streets of a small town near the borders of both Morrowind and Cyrodiil, Jarun-Ei's earliest memories are working for the owner of the local arena, who often provided vagrant children with meager shelter or food in return for menial labor. Jarun-Ei watched countless fights in that tiny arena, and afterwards, spent hours washing blood from the walls. One could say that violence was an integral part of his life from the very beginning, but his role as a warrior didn't become apparent until one day when, in a drunken fit of sadism, the arena owner sicced wild dogs on Jarun-Ei and the other children working at the arena for the crowd's amusement. While the other children ran and screamed, Jarun-Ei, held his ground against the approaching hounds until someone sensible called the whole thing off.

    One of the most famous local pit fighters, a drunken old Imperial by the name of Castus, was impressed by Jarun-Ei's spirit and decided to take the young boy under his wing. Castus was once a knight in Cyrodiil, and he told Jarun-Ei that every good knight needed a squire. So it came to be that the boy moved up in life. Where once he cleaned spilled blood he now fetched meals, sharpened weapons and polished armor. Most of it was just publicity: the crowd loved to see a drunk old knight being served by a scrawny, untrained Argonian boy before every fight. Castus, however, also started training Jarun-Ei in the art of battle, claiming that one day the skills would become useful.

    Jarun-Ei served under Castus in that arena until he was 17, when Castus was unjustly killed in battle by another pit fighter. With his mentor dead and the murderer fled, Jarun-Ei suddenly had nowhere to go. Stealing the last of Castus' money and equipment from the arena owner, he left town, wandering into the wider world with only his anger and sorrow to guide him. He wandered for a long time, aimlessly, stealing food when he could until he finally settled in with a merchant company as a caravan guard. Finally able to put his fighting abilities to use, he traveled the roads of Tamriel for a few years, feeling numb and unfulfilled.

    A chance encounter eventually led him to join a roaming band of mercenaries who didn't seem to care how emotionally unstable he was (if anything, it seemed like it was considered a benefit). He truly found a place then, with a group that found gold in the blood of their enemies and who weren't afraid to skirt the edges of laws that were probably better broken anyway. To list his adventures with them would be long and ultimately fruitless (In summary: found love, picked up a bit of magic, finally learned to laugh again [in no particular order]).

    All was good, until one day an advertisment in Cheydinhal caught his eye. There was his mentor's murderer, emblazoned under a new title and fighting at the Arena in the Imperial City. It was then that the man who would become the Knight of Colors knew what he had to do. Once again leaving his old life, he left the mercenary company and traveled alone to the Imperial City, where he slipped into the lowest ranks of the Arena and awaited his opportunity.

    His rise to fame there is, well, famous. Taking the name Paints-With-Blood, he carved his way through almost every opponent that was put in his way. After each victory, regardless of whether the crowd demanded his opponent's death, he took a trophy to commemorate having won: a piece of his enemy's clothing, typically a bit of cloak or sleeve, whatever was most colorful. Each piece would be added to his attire for the next fight, and after a year he was truly ablaze with color. His unique outfit and his grandiose theatrics while fighting made him a crowd favorite, and every victory was accompanied by the cheers of thousands.

    Finally he got his chance. The man who had killed his mentor was matched against him in what turned out to be one of the most talked-about fights in living history. The details of that fight probably aren't worth listing here. If you need to know more, you might have better luck asking one of the million people that claim to be in the stands that day, when Paints took his final victory. Afterwards, he retired almost immediately. Taking his reward, a glass weapon of his choosing (a scimitar was always his preference), he declined the chance to move higher in the ranks and perhaps one day take on the reigning champion. His quest had finally been completed, leaving him feeling hollow and unfulfilled once again.

    And so it was that the Knight of Colors set out into the world again, now bedecked in fame and shades of splendor. He's been wandering for three years now, appearing and disappearing all around Tamriel, a flash of color to brighten his surroundings before he inevitably moves on. People say that he's on a new quest, one to rid the world of injustice, to protect the weak and the innocent. Others say he's a liar at heart, full of stories that have fanciful drama and little else. For instance, who is to say whether this story here is even true? You'd have to ask the man himself...and he probably wouldn't respond with anything but a coy smile.

    Fighting Style: Paints is an entirely melee fighter that prefers to be in the middle of the battle, with all eyes on him. His stances and techniques are often filled with flourishes and spins that may seem like needless style over substance, but those that underestimate his skill often find themselves on the point of his scimitar. He always prefers to meet his opponent head-on, and his experiences in the Arena have made him proficient at one-on-one engagements. His flowing, dance-like style is just as misleading and distracting as it is quick and deadly, and he always prefers to keep his opponent slightly off balance and unable to expect his next move. His experience with restoration magic, while rudimentary and crude compared to that of any formally trained mage, is effective enough to ensure that when he does get hit, he'll be back up on his feet in no time.

    -Confident to a fault, arrogant
    -Very easy going, friendly to strangers and easy to approach
    -Overly theatrical, fond of telling stories and turning mundane events into dramatic happenings
    -Smiles, laughs and drinks often
    -Amicable, but almost never backs down from a fight
    -Not great at taking orders
    -Intensely emotional. Happy, angry, sad, doesn't matter: when he feels something, he feels it HARD.

    Font Colour: Orange

    Ah, there we go. Thought it was going to take me all night. Might be a few things left unfinished but I think most of it is done. Let me know what needs fixed.
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  15. If there was something that needed to be fixed in there, I can't find it. I'm sure Dervs will say the same. I liked the potion of warmth bit. Learning to laugh again sounds arduous. Um... yea. You get two thumbs up and a gold star right on your spot on the good-boy wall.
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  16. Ah yeah, now I am truly and properly excited.

    Nice characters all three of you. :)

    What time of year would it happen to be at the start of the RP? It would be a bit embarrassing to have a character wander around in far too little clothing if it happened to be winter.
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  17. I'll be checking your sheet in a little while, Mosis. :D

    Iben, the game starts in Frostfall, which is the equivalent of October, and given how parts of Skyrim are always ball shatteringly cold, might want to buddle up. ;D

    Which reminds me, I forgot to add an overcoat to Zaveed's shit. Hmm.
  18. I'm working on my character now. I may not finish today, but at the very least I'll have it done by the deadline. :) Dark Elf with strong ties to his family history yaaay.
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  19. Dunmer Vampire WIP (open)
    Name: Revral Varaoril

    Race: Dunmer, Vampire

    Family Origins: He was born and raised by his mage father in Cyrodil in the Imperial City. As such, he puts more faith towards the nine than any daedric prince, especially in recent times. Since he's been trained to be a mage since birth, he is has been ingrained with a mage's elitist attitude.

    Appearance: [​IMG]Revral is around 6 feet tall and bares a rather pale complexion for a dark elf due to his avoidance of sunlight. His hair is kept long and lanky during his travels and adventures, but he wears it in a ponytail for any types of social gathering. His eyes are red, but bear hints of golden flecks in it, though he doesn't know where they cam from. He has a moderate build, and an average physique. He bares to sharp, yet hollow fangs in place of canines for the draining of blood, but they are not easy to see as they aren't overly large.

    Age: Around 500 years as a vampire, he was changed when he was 25, so that is the body he currently has.

    Note: Dervish will happily make your character in Skyrim and take a screenshot for you if you are unable to do so yourself. It may take a bit of time, however. The better detailed the appearance, the closer he can get it.

    Equipment: A Hooded Mages Robe that bears fortification of Destruction and Magicka Regen, A Circlet of that Fortifies Conjuration and Magicka Regen, A ring of Water Breathing, a ring of Resist Fire, a necklace of Resist Magic, Elven Gauntlets of Fortify Magicka, Elven Boots of Fortify Carry Weight, a Staff of Summon Storm Atronach and a Staff of Incineration

    Bag of Assorted Soul gems( 12 lesser, 6 common, and 3 Grand, as well as 5 empty common, and 4 empty Greater)
    Potions that sate his lust for blood for about 5-6 days per drink x10
    4 Healing Potions
    4 Magicka Potions
    A journal detailing his many adventures and observations of the worlds beyond our own(leaves out anything to do with Vampirism)

    NOTE: Please keep track of your inventory use!

    Favored Skills: This section gets a bit more complicated. Using the main skills of the game (two handed, smithing, destruction, illusion, lock picking, pick pocketing, shield, et cetera) things are rated by proficiency. You may have 1 highly proficient skill, 3 moderately proficient skills, and 3 somewhat proficient skills. You may, however, move up a class at the expense of another skill of the level below it (e.g. you pick 1 highly proficient at the cost of 2 moderately proficient). Likewise, you can gain more skills if you downgrade a skill (1 moderately proficient becomes two somewhat proficient, for example).

    Note:Highly Proficient in Conjuration and Destruction Magic
    Moderately proficient in Enchanting
    Somewhat proficient in One Handed, Illusion, and Light Armor

    Known Spells (open)

    Flaming Familiar
    Summon Shambles
    Summon Frost Atronach
    Summon Flame Atronach
    Summon Clannfear
    Summon Gargoyle
    Bound Longsword
    Bound Dagger
    Summon Scamp Assistant
    Summon Daedroth
    Banish Daedra
    Conjure Boneman
    Conjure Mistman
    Conjure Ash Spawn
    Soul Trap
    Summon Spider Daedra
    Summon Wraith
    Summon Skeleton

    Vampiric Drain
    Wall of Flames
    Wall of Frost
    Fire Rune
    Frost Rune
    Shock Rune
    Flame Cloak
    Lightning Cloak
    Chain Lightning
    Fire Ball
    Ice Storm
    Fire Bolt
    Ice Spike
    Lightning Bolt



    Lesser Ward

    Enchantments Known:
    Soul Trap
    Firey Soul Trap
    Fire, Frost, and Shock Damage
    Absorb Magicka
    Absorb Health
    Fortify Skills(basically everything, but I really don't want to have to go thourgh the full list)
    Fortify Magicka
    Fortify Magicka Regen
    Fortify Health
    Fortify Heath Regen
    Resist Magic
    Resist Fire
    Resist Shock
    Resist Poison
    Water Breathing

    [SPECIAL NOTE FOR MAGES: For a quick understanding, Highly Proficient skills are equivalent of expert level spells, Moderately Proficient is Adept Level Spells, and Somewhat Proficient is Apprentice level. Keep that in mind when playing your character and picking your proficiencies. Please stick to spells you see in the games, but I’m not against combining some of them if it makes sense, but keep in mind your character would have to be exceptionally talented to do so. Run spell ideas by the GM if you aren’t sure for approval, but if you see it in the games, you should be okay.]

    Character Background: Revral was born to a wealthy family of mages and coming from a long line of mages, stretching all the way back to the families beginnings in Morrowind. His father, hen he saw the boy showed a skill for magic, began to train him in its ways from a very young age. He took to it a like a fish out of water, drowning himself in the seas of knowledge and mystery of the arcane arts. He took a special interest in Conjuration, more so for the worlds beyond then for the creatures he brought forth.

    As he grew older, he became more and more engrossed, to the point where he was deemed obesseive. And he was, he longed to find a way to travel to these worlds, to see their wonders, to sate the insatiable flame of curiosity that burned within him. And as this flame grew, so did his distaste for the limitations of the mortal form. He knew that, as a mage, his lifespan could go on for a great deal, but he would still age ad he would still die in the end, it was inevitable, their wasn't a mage alive that had discovered the secret of immortal life and youth. But their was another way, one in which he could live forever and never feel the creaking and weariness of age, Vamprism.

    This option didn't occur to him until he was approached one day by one of his father's colleagues. A Altmer by the name of Seanedil Graywatch, the man was a mystery to all, as he hardly ever came out of his study, but he was a genius in the fields of Conjuration, his word bearing great weight in the circles of the arcane. And he wished for Revral to be his apprentice, saying that the boy showed great promise for one only reaching his 18th year of life. Naturally, Revral accepted, and he became privy to vast amounts of knowledge, things that he wouldn't have been able to discover for decades or more of self study.

    A prevalent subject of Seanedil's research, however, dealt with a taboo subject, Vampires. Revral was curious, but he didn't question it, not wanting to risk his apprenticeship. And so it went for seven years, where he ignored his master strange research, his nocturnal habits, and the guest who he never saw leave. One day, however, he began to feel strange thirst as the sun went down, and a distaste for the sun. Recognizing the signs, he confronted his master, asking him what he had done. Seanedil simply stated that he had only granted Revral his wish, or at least started him on the proper path. If he wanted to truly receive the gift, he must come to a cavern that resided outside the city.

    Revral was slightly hesitant, not sure what he wanted. He could end the whole thing right hear by drinking a cure disease potion and he'd be fine. But he wanted the immortality more than anything, so he decided to go. In the cavern he saw his master, surrounded by an entire coven of other vampires. But the most surprising thing was the fact that his parents were there as well, tied up and barely conscious.

    He asked Seanedil what was going on, why his parents were here, to which Seanedil answered that they were to be his first feeding. Revral was appalled at first, ready to fight these foul creatures to free them. But then he thought about how the gift of immortality was right in front of him, the way to truly fully understand the wonders of the arcane, and all he had to do was kill his parents. With a smile, he accepted the dark gift that night. He took his father's Elven gauntlets and boots, the only armor the man ever wore, as a sort of memento to remeber his parents by, as non of his succesess could have happened with out their noble sacrifice.

    For the next 500 years, he continued his research , made his way to other realms of Oblivion and back, and killed countless people to sate his blood thirst. At first he didn't mind the killing, seeing it as a necessary evil to continue his research and his travels, but as time wore on, it began to bother him, never a subject far from the fore front of his mind. By the time he reached his 450th year, he had begun to have nightmares of his victims, coming from the depths of Oblivion to wreak their bloody vengeance.

    Full of grief and remorse, he stopped feeding off the living, instead having one of his many thralls(all of them being mages of high calibur and a variety of arcane fields)make a potion that would sate his blood thirst. He also had another one, skilled in the ways of solstheim staff making, to forge for him two powerful staves, one for casting the Incineration spell and the other form summoning the Storm Atronachs. Now he roams the lands, trying to find some way to redeem himself of his sins.

    Fighting Style: Revral fights from the back, summoning a plethora of all kinds of creatures to take care of his foes, and those that try to make it threw are blasted back by his volleies of high powered destructive spells. But he is not completely unsuited to fighting one on one with someone, as he has decided to have himself at least some training in the use of a sword, though it is still best for him to keep to the back and let the real warriors handle such druddgery.

    Personality: Revral is a somewhat depressive individual, tending to fall in to states of depression and self loathing when ever he makes a mistake. He does bear some of a mage sense of superiority, though it doesn't show often as it has been tempered by the many years he has lived through and the wonders and horrors he has seen. He also has an innate distrust for Khajit, born from the fact that when he was still alive every Khajit he had met(a grand total of 3, all instances being in a seedy bar) had stolen or cheated him. When he turned, they had been some of his first victims, slowly killed by his not often seen sadism, which becomes more prevalent when he begins to hunger for blood.

    Font Colour: I wish to call red
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