The Elder Scrolls: Resurgence of the Frost is recruiting!

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    It is 4E208 and a festival commemorating the seventh anniversary of the end of the Stormcloak rebellion is taking place in Windhelm, a grand spectacle drawing in visitors from across the Empire. The people had initially come to see how the newly crowned Emperor would establish the beginning of his reign, as it was his first public appearance, but an unexpected visitor arrived at the city, forever changing the course of history. Thought to have been extinct, a snow elf visitor stood at the gates, asking the Empire to help stop an unspeakable threat to her people. And so, a delegation of Legionnaires and sellswords were appointed to escort this snow elf back home as a good will gesture, and to see what threat was so grave as to force the snow elves out of centuries of total isolation to ask for help.

    Things aren't as they seem as the party has been assailed by bandits, emboldened into suicidal attacks for reasons unknown, and encounters with some wholy unnatural enemies, time seems to be running short to return to the hidden refuge of the snow elves as a dark storm seems to be growing in strength and unspeakable threats seem to be emerging from the endless snow and cold, threatening more than the remnants of a long thought dead race.

    The escort party, soon to be entrusted with a lot more than the life of one ambassador, are soon going to find themselves fighting for more than a pay cheque and curiosity; Tamriel itself may need these common people to be her champions.

    As the party approaches Winterhold, a chance encounter with a few souls stranded in The Frozen Hearth may not only replenish their losses, but give them a chance to complete their mission before the cold and darkness claim everything they have ever known...


    We're looking for 4 reliable and long-term players capable of Intermediate posting expectations, a minimum of two paragraph posts and ideally at least once a week. See OOC thread for more details!​
  2. Bumpin' this up a bit, you handsome and pretty people you.
  3. Very dedicated team behind this one with a glorious set of characters. If you love adventure, action, and avoiding arrows to the knee you should not pass this one up!
  4. Thinking of joining, though it seems there's a lot to catch up on.
  5. I am willing to join as this looks interesting; but, shit there's a lot to catch up.
  6. There's a summary of events on the first post, and we have a special write-up for introducing new characters.

    Don't worry! Early events don't apply to you guys. :D If you have any questions, feel free to send OlNoSoul or myself a message and we'll put you in the right direction!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.