The Elder Scrolls: Pandora's Island RPG

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Ripped from their cells in the Imperial City two unsuspecting criminals have been whisked away to please the whims of the seventeen Daedric Princes. Pandora's Island is a land of chaos, sin and corruption filled with dangerous mutating biomes and swarming lecherous Daedra. With no sense of direction or location and the chaotic shifting of the lands, the two must try to survive and triumph at the seventeen trials put forth by the Lords of Oblivion.​

I'm looking for someone who wishes to create an Elder Scrolls character in a non-canon fan-made realm of Oblivion. I would be the DM and running the world and NPCs and you are just along for the ride. I'm looking for someone to play a bisexual male or female character. My character will be male.​

Kinks: Mutants, body mutations, gender swapping, rape, bisexuality, optional incest. Uses a custom game system. Here is my f-list (NSFW) so you can see my Kinks: Kink List

If you are interested PM me.
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