The Elder Scrolls: Hircine's Moon

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  1. Hircine's Moon
    The Elder Scrolls

    Taking place three hundred years after the events of the Dragonborn, Cyrodiil has finally taken it's retaken it's place as the Imperial Capital of Tamriel after the events of the Great War with the Aldmeri Dominion. In a secret revolution against the partial takeover of the Thalmor, a group known as the Blades of Dawn retook the city of Cyrodiil, reinstated the laws they'd been forced to revoke and the new leaders, a small - secret - group run a much, much tighter ship.

    The Blades of Dawn, against all odds and lead by a single hero, ran all traces of the Aldmeri Elves out of Cyrodiil and back to Summerset and established a new Empire.
    The Dawn Empire.

    Unlike the old Empire, the Empire put in place by the Blades of Dawn was not a single man. No Tiber to assassinate. The circle of five rulers, who's identities were kept secret to provide protection, rule from each corner and Cyrodiil, only meeting in the Imperial City biannually for tradition's sake.

    However, this new Empire isn't the only thing that has changed about Cyrodiil. Everything has.
    Directly after the Great War, the small hoards of Vampires that once hid in caves and prowled at night about the country had come together and, as a unit take the town of Cheydinhal as a Vampire haven while the Empire was too weak, and scattered to retaliate. Once the town had been taken, the vampire population began to call it their 'capital' and formed a small militia known as the Duskguard - an obvious play on the Vampire Hunters of old known as the Dawnguard.

    Further North, near Bruma, the forests are infested by Hircine's Acolytes. Lycanthropes - once a rarity in Cyrodiil - paired with the southern, Vampire menace force the Dawn Empire to move exclusively in the day. A many brave, or foolish, merchants, sell-swords, eccentrics and adventurers have been found scattered about the road, and its taken the incentive of moving at night from the Dawn Empire.

    The Vampire uprising in the south has been observed and watched at each stage. It's no mystery how it came about. The sudden raise in Lycanthropy is a complete mystery, however. Werewolves are, of course, the most common but not the only breed, and that is what makes the sudden appearance suspicious. Werebears, a breed thought to be exclusive to Morrowind's Solstheim and Skyrim have been seen as well. Even more rare, are the Wereboars of Highrock, which had never been seen outside Highrock.

    Some find this frightening, others find it horrifying and forshadowing of something much worse.
    The Blades of Dawn, think the latter.

    Another Crisis is about to befall the Imperial Captial of Cyrodiil.
    The country is still growing, and only just recovered from the war.


    Anyone be interested in a RP with this kind of story?​
  2. Let's do this, it sounds amazing I hope you go through with this idea
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  3. Definitely sounds interesting, but where do the players come in?~
  4. I'd be super interested!
  5. I want to be interested in this, but at the same time I'm wondering the same thing as zella. Where do the player characters come in?
  6. Glad you all are interested. As for the characters, a small group of strangers - I'd say about 5 -in a larger group (say, in the city of Anvil?) become victim to circumstance. These people could be from any walk of life, just like Elder Scrolls. Dark Brotherhood, a guild, the city watch, a peasant, a sell sword, etc. The connection is they are the survivors of one of the Daedric Princes, Hircine's, Hunting Rituals.

    Being the only one with knowledge of Hircine's "greatest hunt yet" they'd move forward in the world, either to stop Hircine, or join his pack and use the others for passage.
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  7. Alright, I'm game. Already have a character in mind as well.
  8. This seems interesting. Still looking for players?
  9. Here's the OOC.

    I'll have the IC up later on tonight and I'll expand on the... 'synopsis' thing. (Right now I literally just copied and pasted the majority of this post)

    @SlaterDeath Yes, we'll accept you if you want to join :)
  10. Hope you don't mind if I use my actual TES Skyrim character just so it actually works, (if Thieves Guild is a thing).
  11. I don't see any reason why that wouldn't work. Go ahead. :)
  12. All done
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