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  1. The Elder Scrolls: Blades in the Night

    OOC | IC
    The World-Eater is fallen and the schism claiming countless lives within Skyrim has drawn ever nearer to a close. Ulfric Stormcloak is dead, his head claimed only hours ago by General Tullius on the steps of the Palace of the Kings. Seeing the rebel leader fall, the Champion of the Stormcloaks, the Dragonborn herself dropped her blade. After days of siege warfare countless bodies litter the streets of Windhelm, leaving the city a picture of as its people pray for the coming dawn. Mere hours after Windhelm has grown silent the prisoners within the dungeon awaken to a thunderous sound and strange figures. For these prisoners, so chosen by fate, the night is young.​

    Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Blades in the Night. Prepare yourself for an exploration into a world facing the aftermath of a war between two ideologies. This game takes place hours after the events of Skyrim's Civil War before the nation learns of its conclusion. Players will find themselves facing challenges rising from the ashes of the war as well as from a great and mystical threat no one could have expected. You will find this is a world full of mystery, magic, and many working in the shadows to set in motion a future for Skyrim and perhaps all of Tamriel.

    • Blades in the Night takes place on 4E 202, 1st of Morning Star​
    • The Siege of Windhelm lasted days and ended hours prior to our beginning​
    • The Empire has Won, Ulfric Stormcloak is Dead, the Dragonborn is Imprisoned​
    • News of the Siege of Windhelm has not yet spread beyond the city​
    • The Dragon Crisis ended months prior to the present​
    • The Blades are led by Grandmaster Delphine and have grown with the help of the Dragonborn​
    • The College of Winterhold is flourishing and possess the Eye of Magnus​
    • Emperor Titus Mede II was assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood during the Civil War​
    • The Dark Brotherhood of Falkreath was destroyed after the death of Titus Mede II​
    • Surviving members of the Dark Brotherhood of Falkreath are unaware of Dawnstar​
    • A new Dark Brotherhood was founded in Dawnstar by the Dragonborn​
    • The Companions of Jorrvaskr are largely intact and remain in Whiterun​
    • The Thieves Guild of Skyrim is alive, but quiet since the Empire seized Riften​
    • Honningbrew Mead may be gone, but it remains the best damned mead in Skyrim​

    @Pellegrino | Ealgian Parkh Another Godsdamned Poet
    @Artorias | Varus Molspus A Soldier of Sorts
    @caligari | Loïc Druadach Vampire Hunter from the Reach
    @The_J | Jorkul An Orc both Lovable and Formidable
    @derelict_lilyflower | Logan ey Ravensbourne A Bandit By Any Other Name
    @Applo | Victoria Gunnarsdotter Hunter from the Rift
    @Munchkin | Eralane Dornshade Thalmor Butcher

    • To Be Filled

    • If the rest of Tamriel did not take the events in Skyrim seriously before, they do today. The reappearance of dragons earned disbelief from many, yet the attention of all. Stories spread quickly of sightings and the great destruction in their wake and the hero who brought it all to end. Yet, though the great threat subsided, Tamriel's attention lingered. Skyrim returned to a battleground between ideologies with watching curiously to see if this would be the next transformation of the northern province. The Siege of Windhelm has ended, but only just, and agents sent from across Tamriel are scrambling to bring word of the victors to their benefactors. A great many nations all with the same question -- will the world soon return to war?
    • Blades in the Night is a game built on choice. Along the way we will encounter decisions big and small, some between compassion and apathy, and others acts of charity or selfishness. How the characters choose to proceed will effect the path ahead. Characters will be pushed to decide how to continue and it's likely their personal codes will be challenged along the way. The gods are not so transparent as to reward all good actions and punish all bad ones. Worse still, some choices will not bare fruit for some time and when they do, the effects may be felt immediately. My advice is to truly dig into the mind of your character, build relationships, and remember... Carpe Diem.
    • Blades in the Night begins with a group of prisoners in the Windhelm dungeon. Aside from the starting location, the rest of your character's story is entirely open. As the GM and a fellow player I will state a strong preference for believable characters that are compelling without becoming absurd. Have fun with who your character is and how they came to be that person, but do not give us another Sue or action flick lead. I would also like to call your attention to the Dragonborn. After banishing Alduin, slaying dragons, and besting countless draugr and bandits and legionaries, she dropped her sword during the Siege of Windhelm. No character is without weakness. Some will suffer due to physically, others will experience a thing so devastating they lose their will to fight on. This is a game about how we persevere, not how we so totally pwn'd that army. I truly look forward to seeing the interesting personalities you all develop.
    • All equipment has weight and all characters have bodies that tire. I will not be running your character's inventory weight against how much they bench, but I will call bullshit. Nobody is going to be running about with three steel plate breastplates, four swords, thirty deer skins, and a porcelain tub. Just be reasonable, alright? Likewise, the quality of your weapons and armour will not be solely determined by their material. Steel plate has certain advantages and weaknesses perhaps different from a leather cuirass, but the question of better has more to do with the wearer and their abilities. That said, it's common sense that swinging your wood staff against a dwarven battle-axe will probably not end well. Again, just be reasonable. Finally, please do not feel restricted only to the equipment available in Skyrim. I play exclusively with Immersive Armour and Weapons, so I appreciate lore-friendly additions like pikes, throwing knives, etc. Please explain how you obtain special items though and be aware over-powered equipment will make your turn in the approval process super easy.
    • Think of magic like you would archery in that it's most effective in trained hands and ineffective or dangerous to the user otherwise. When encountering magic you should assume the user is experienced. A well placed fireball or ice spike is as lethal as an arrow, if not worse. Glancing blows are a real threat as well, especially when it comes to flames or streams of cold. Magic users capable of such power are typically long-time students within the College of Winterhold , but it's entirely possible we will encounter a few on our travels as well (perhaps you're one!). Now let's talk healing. It's best to assume that if a magic user knows any spell, they probably the basics when it comes to restoration magic too. The key to remember is that magic will not heal wounds instantly, but it will encourage healing. If a character catches an arrow that bests their armour taking care to control the bleeding and deter infection is still most important. Casting a healing spell is a good second, as it will heal a wound that normally takes days in a manner of hours. More intricate or deadly wounds will require more potent magic, and even then, the work is fragile. Do not rely on healing magic alone.
    • Blades in the Night will include combat. Combat results in injuries mental and physical and in some cases may cause death -- best consult your gods before choosing combat. All jokes aside, it is extremely likely that your character will suffer all manner of painful repercussions from constant exposure to violent situations. In this game players will be held to a standard of semi-realism. In all likelihood every character will falter regularly and while most of the time this will mean a bruise, others it may mean a more lasting pain. I do not expect anyone to wobble about on a broken leg for half the game, but please keep some sense of reality. Those who are slow to adapt to this may notice the gods hold a special distaste for you. For those who fancy a vampire, werewolf, or addict this expectation of semi-realism is doubly true. The need for flesh and blood and skooma all boil down to a sort of pain deep down inside that must be fed lest it take you over entirely. I've personally played characters of this nature and recognize it's a great challenge. All in all, let's have fun and do our best to avoid the pointy ends, aye?
    • There are two primary stories within Blades in the Night. One story explores a world responding to the end of the Civil War and what this means for Skyrim and Tamriel as a whole. This quest will play off of cues planted in Skyrim with external creative inspiration as well. Missions related to this story line will incorporate visceral change and an all-together gritty take on the world. The second story introduces a threat that has slowly taken root in Skyrim and has now begun to make its presence known. This will be a quest full of mystery and intrigue with a more mystical tone reminiscent of Morrowind or Oblivion. Character decisions will develop these stories along the way, making this as much a game as a collaboration.

    Character Sheet

    Character Sheet
    Name: Character's name and any alias they may go by

    Race: What race they are (Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orsimer, or Redguard.)

    Family Origins: Where was your character born and raised? This may affect their cultural outlook. It can be anywhere in Tamriel, just bear in mind that, for example, a Cyrodiillic cosmopolitan orc will have a different culture and mentality than a Skyrim stronghold orc, or a Summerset Islands born and raised altmer may hold different values than one who was born and raised in Morrowind. If your character is a noble or holds any special titles, please note that here.

    Profession: What does your character do to make a living? Some of the most interesting characters come from humble professions. The Elder Scrolls depicts brewers, vintners, knights, painters, authors, poets, chefs, soldiers, and so much more. Consider this profession when writing the background and skills too.

    Appearance: A detailed description of what your character looks like and a picture or screenshot, if possible. Please, for the love of The Nine, no anime. The more people have to reference, the better if is for role playing purposes.

    Age: How old your character is. Age brings wisdom, youth brings strength and energy. Keep in mind elves tend to have longer live spans than men and beast races. For instance, dunmer may end up having about 100 healthy, strong years before going into elderly twilight years where they will likely make it for another 20 to 30 years. Wood elves are likely similar, and Altmer may live for a few centuries.

    Equipment: Please note your weapons and armour here. Understand that the more your character carries, the more encumbered they become. Carry too little, however, and you may find you lack important tools. I will not respect magic that enhances carrying ability in this game. Feel free to use equipment not typically in The Elder Scrolls (Immersive Armours and Weapons is a great mod to reference) so long as they are lore-friendly. For our purposes, equipment ranks will be taken with common sense.

    Miscellanea: Things like lock picks, food, smithing materials, scolls, potions. The weight thing applies as well. Doesn’t necessarily have to be things from the games.

    NOTE: Please keep track of your inventory use!

    Favored Skills: This section gets a bit more complicated. Using the main skills of the game (two handed, smithing, destruction, illusion, lock picking, pick pocketing, shield, et cetera) things are rated by proficiency. You may have 1 highly proficient skill, 3 moderately proficient skills, and 3 somewhat proficient skills. You may, however, move up a class at the expense of another skill of the level below it (e.g. you pick 1 highly proficient at the cost of 2 moderately proficient). Likewise, you can gain more skills if you downgrade a skill (1 moderately proficient becomes two somewhat proficient, for example).

    Note: Skills from Oblivion and Morrowind are also fair game!

    [SPECIAL NOTE FOR MAGES: For a quick understanding, Highly Proficient skills are equivalent of expert level spells, Moderately Proficient is Adept Level Spells, and Somewhat Proficient is Apprentice level. Keep that in mind when playing your character and picking your proficiencies. Please stick to spells you see in the games, but I’m not against combining some of them if it makes sense, but keep in mind your character would have to be exceptionally talented to do so. Run spell ideas by the GM if you aren’t sure for approval, but if you see it in the games, you should be okay.]

    Character Background: A decently descriptive backstory explaining who your character is and how they developed into the person they now are. You don't have to go too crazy, but a few well-written paragraphs would be nice. Please indicate what your character was doing prior to being sent to the dungeon. Some characters may have arrived immediately after the battle, perhaps others have served sentences much longer. This gives us an idea of your ability as a writer.

    Relationships: Please list any family, friends, or individuals of note to your character here. Feel free to be brief in describing the nature of the connection and their location in the world too. An example would be: Leonardo DiCaprio, I stalk him regularly and think of him in the late wee hours of the night, Palm Springs.

    Fighting Style: Explain how your character approaches combat and their particular skills and talents. This will help the group decide who is best suited to deal with particular situations.

    Personality: Briefly explain what your character's personality is generally like, including quirks, faults, and so on. Strive to create believable people whether they view the world with a staggeringly dull perspective or have beliefs that perhaps may feel abrasive. I have a soft spot for characters struggling to abide by their own codes, beliefs, or addictions.

    Font Colour: Let's make this mo'fo a (legible) rainbow.
    Common Questions

    Common Questions

    1. You said this game is Game of Thrones meets The Elder Scrolls. Where's my GoT, brah?

    Blades in the Night is based squarely in the world of The Elder Scrolls. Elements drawn from Game of Thrones include the political alliances, gritty semi-realism, and the idea that information is both valuable and slow to travel for most of us. This will be immediately important to our story as well as to characters who may have fought for the side.

    2. How is Game of Thrones semi-realistic? A little cut gets infected, but I take ice spikes in stride in TES.

    Semi-realism for our purposes means violence and damage is grounded in reality. Our characters are flesh-and-bone, they bend and bruise and pushed hard enough so too will they break. The decisions you make should take into account that any battle could have long-lasting effects on your well-being or that of the world. I like to sum this up with a phrase an old instructor of mine once told me, "Stupid hurts." Every character will get banged up, scratched, or bruised during combat. Unlike in Game of Thrones, I do not expect resurrection to be a common practice.

    There's a good chance we will have one or two who know how to at least keep wounds from spoiling in our party. Don't be too afraid, but respect the dangers of violence.

    3. Okay, so tell me about magic then. Will a fireball turn me into a roasted snack for the trolls?

    Think of magic like any weapon. In the hands of someone learned and experienced magic is indeed powerful enough to cause great havoc. Individuals with this level of power are typically found in the halls of the College of Winterhold, though some others work throughout Tamriel and a few use their skills to take advantage of others. Inexperienced magic users are more likely to harm themselves than anyone else without guidance. Most people in Tamriel do not practice magic and depending on their culture may in fact fear the mystical arts. It's not uncommon for a layperson to know how to summon a spark, though.

    When encountering a magic user it's best to assume they are the powerful sort until proven otherwise. Fighting a mage is not unlike engaging in a firefight or exchanging arrows. A single fireball or ice spike can cause devastating damage, but if you keep cover and make well-timed movements a direct shot will be difficult. Consider too some armour may be very helpful too -- a small ice spike probably wouldn't penetrate tempered steel.

    4. That sounds pretty cool. Can I be an epic magic user then?

    In the Character Sheet you will assign skill points to certain areas. You can undoubtedly stack these points toward being a powerful magic user, but you'll be sacrificing other abilities. Because magic takes many years to master and usually requires formal training, your character will probably be on the older side as well. Remember, no overpowered characters. Every strength has a drawback and if you are very skilled with magic I'd expect to see your path to such in the biography.

    5. Speaking of skills, do I need stuff like athletics, acrobatics, and all that? How about speech?

    Nobody will be jumping over massive walls here. Despite some of the more absurd aspects of these skills, they are helpful if your character is notably agile. The native bosmer accustomed to running from branch to branch and the thief skillfully scaling the gate are only two examples of how these skills may be applied. These are skills that some lack entirely.

    Other skills are more about perfection. I would assume every character is capable of speaking, wearing armour, or throwing a punch. Applying points to these areas tells us more about how effective your character is in that area. One skilled in speech may avoid violence entirely, one accustomed to heavy armour will know exactly which blows to block and which to take, while one stacked toward hand-to-hand would be comparable to a martial artist.

    Avoid becoming overpowered, but have fun with these skills. This is a world perfect for all playing styles.

    6. What happens if my character is a Stormcloak, an assassin, or some other unsavoury sort?

    I welcome characters who are not easy to play in this world. It's entirely possible your character was placed in jail for being a Stormcloak, or captured weeks prior after killing a target, or is simply a skooma addicted gutter-shite left to rot. No one else in the dungeon knows your history or allegiances. They may come up later in the game, but for now, everyone stands on even ground.

    7. Say I'm a member of the Dark Brotherhood of Dawnstar then. Will I get to break off to go to the HQ?

    Blade in the Night involves a significant amount of travel. It is entirely possible that we will happen upon areas that hold special value for some characters such as Dawnstar to associated members of the Dark Brotherhood. Keep in mind that I am keenly aware of each of your characters, their declared relationships, their homes, and their allegiances. If we visit a location with great importance to your character there may well be a reason. Also, keeping with our example, consider too that other characters may notice and follow others no matter how covert their dealings.

    8. What are the rules about multiple PCs and NPCs?

    For the time being players will be restricted to a single Playable Character each. You are welcome to create a couple NPCs, but due to the nature of our introduction it's unlikely they'll be physically present. This game will embrace the fact that Tamriel is far more populated than the games are capable of portraying. We will also find that, much like in Game of Thrones, families and allegiances hold much sway in this world too. As a result I would expect everyone to generate a few NPCs where appropriate that we all share. There will be some NPCs that may only be controlled by the GM to preserve the story line as well. If you ever wonder if it's appropriate to control a NPC simply speak to the creator or a GM.

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  3. Character Sheet

    Varus Molspus


    Family Origins
    Varus was born in the Northern District of Skingrad. He was born into Wealth, but he was not raised a Noble or a Pompous Child. His hands were bruised and calloused from a young age of training. His Father was Viryn Molspus, also known as "The Morning Blade" in the Imperial Army. (Pellegrino might remember him, for a short time.)

    Member of the Blades

    Varus is a handsome fellow, taking more traits from his Mother than his aging Father who was gruff in appearance. His jawline is strong and cut like a gem, black hair groomed cleanly into a small, kept beard. His hair is black as the night, a decent length but kept out of his Face. He holds no scars, his number of battles against real enemies is low currently. He stands at 6'4", standing much taller than his Father or Mother. His body is lean with muscle, strong and young.


    23 Years of Age

    -Steel Chestpiece-
    -Steel Gauntlets-
    -Steel Boots-
    -Steel Sword-
    -Steel Dagger-

    -x3 Lockpicks-
    -Whetstone & Oil-
    -Coin Purse (150 Septims)-
    -x1 Torch-
    -Smoked Venison-
    -Beef Jerky-
    -x3 Potion of Healing-

    Favored Skills
    Highly Proficient | One-Handed

    Moderately Proficient | Heavy Armor, Hand-To-Hand, Speech, Lockpicking

    Somewhat Proficient | Athletics

    Character Background
    Varus was born in the Northern District of Skingrad. His Father was a well respected and popular Imperial Officer known as "The Morning Blade" for his actions during the Thalmer War. When Varus was born, he was mainly raised by his Mother who was proud of her Husband and Varus for being so strong. Viryn was always gone, even when he retired the Empire still called on him for help, but his visits were warm and caring to Varus who learned as much as he could. He learned how to hold a sword, skin a deer, gut someone, etc. He was being raised to become an Imperial Soldier, just like his Father and his Father before him. He would continue the long tradition of becoming an Imperial Officer and protecting Cyrodiil and crushing the Foes that dared defy it.

    He enlisted at the age of eighteen and served in the Imperial Military. Moving from Fort to Fort, camp to camp, Country to Country. His current year he was stationed in Skyrim. From there, he heard the tales of the Dragonborn, but never even met the Woman. When the Blade Order was reformed by Grandmaster Delphine, she began to recruit the best into the Order to rebuild. Varus was chosen because of his lineage an Father's accomplishment.

    Varus, who believed to be getting nowhere in the Military, decided that his Family would be more proud of him joining the Ancient Order of the Blades that once protected the Emperors and Slayed Dragons. Head filled with grand adventures and tales, he accepted in a heartbeat.

    He received the initiation, equipment, words, etc. Once he was officially a member of the Blades, Delphine had decided to make him one of the Recruiters until the Blades had a substantial amount of people. This wasn't what Varus envisioned himself doing, but reluctantly agreed. Travelling the tundra wastes of Skyrim, he scoured for the best and most loyal Warriors to recruit into the Blades. His fate and luck turned sour. He was considered a deserter by the Imperial Army and had a bounty on his head. Ulfric's Stormcloaks had found Varus, circling him they wore him down and captured him. His bounty was the amount you would put on a Noble for a kidnapping.

    His bounty was considerable, and Ulfric needed every Septim he could get. The plan was for Ulfric to have an undercover agent bring Varus to the nearest Imperial Controlled Fort and hand him over for the Bounty, but the following night he was imprisoned, Windhelm was under siege. There he stayed until the Siege was over.

    To become a Full Member of the Blades, he needed to prove himself to Delphine first.

    Viryn - Viryn is Varu's Father, nothing much else to add.

    General Tulius - Tulius was eager to meet Viryn's Son, and even gave Varus the safest place in Skyrim to be stationed. Varus shared a meal or two with the General, but all because of his Father and his actions, nothing of his own accord. Tulius was the one that put the large 'Bounty' on Varus's head because he wanted the boy to be returned to the Imperial, because he would feel horrible if one of his Old Friends Son's was kidnapped, killed, etc.

    Grandmaster Delphine - He is on neutral terms with her. Happy to know she chose him, but upset that he was nothing more to her than a 'Recruiter'.

    Various other Officers/Soldiers of the Soldiers in Skyrim.

    Fighting Style
    Ingrained into Varus is his Father's fighting style. Calm, tactical, and steady. He waits to watch, to allow his opponent to strike first before side-stepping or swinging out with one of his own lethal attacks. Varus only aims with precise strikes, going for blows that would cripple or kill the opponent, wasting energy on pointless swings would only tire Varus out.

    Varus is a decent man, holding morals and his own high ground. He treats others with respect, never judging from race or appearance until one has spoke and Varus learns enough about the person. He is harder on himself than he is others, always feeling like he has a large weight on his shoulders because of his Father's Legacy...even if others don't even know who his Father was. He tries not to rely on his name too much, but always finds himself more relaxed and comforted when talking to someone who doesn't know who Viryn is. It helps put his mind at ease like he isn't being judged.

    He is still young and finding himself, but morally he is a good guy.

    Font Color
    Burnt Orange
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  5. Character Sheet

    Loïc Druadach


    Family Origins:
    Born deep in the Druadach mountain range of the western border of Skyrim amongst the Forsworn clan of Druadach Redoubt.

    Dawnguard vampire hunter

    Loïc is rugged and wild in his appearance as is expected of his background. While he isn't as bad as the rest of the Forsworn, he still most often keeps his hair unkempt and rarely shaves his beard, let alone trim it.
    His face boasts several battle scars, as does his body, but those are more often unseen. He is fit and muscular due to the constant traveling and intense physical activity required of him.
    He has green eyes and brown hair.



    - 2 dawnguard axes
    - Dawnguard light armor (grey), gauntlets and boots
    - 1 steel crossbow
    - 10 steel bolts
    - 1 silver dagger
    -hawk skull amulet

    - Whetstone & oils
    - 2 torches
    - 3 hawk feathers
    - 2 potions of cure disease
    - coin purse (50 septims)
    - Nord mead
    - Smoked venison
    - Smoked wolf meat
    - bread
    - 1 copy of Immortal blood
    -elk skull

    Favoured Skills:

    Highly proficient:
    1. One handed

    Moderately proficient skills:
    1. Archery
    2. Restoration magic
    3. Light armour
    4. Sneak

    Somewhat proficient skills:
    1. Alchemy

    Character Background:
    Originally from the Reach, Loïc was raised as a warrior amongst the Forsworn and pushed to the extent of his capabilities even at a young age for he was destined to become a briarheart. Everyday he was trained with sword, axe, bow and magic so he could one day help liberate the Reach. In his youth, the fellow forsworn began calling him "the young eagle" partly because he was constantly training in and near sundered towers, partly because the red eagle was one of young Loïc's heroes, but mostly it was because his family claimed to be direct descendants and the rest of the clan wished to mock that claim even if it was subtle. Whether the claim of his ancestry is true or not is up for debate, but most likely not.

    To become a briarheart within the Forsworn culture is one of the three great honours which can be bestowed upon a Reachman. To walk in the footsteps of Feolan, the red eagle and literally pledge heart and soul to the freedom and independence of the native Bretons is a noble goal indeed. This was the pinnacle of warriorhood in their culture, just as becoming a werewolf was the greatest honour for a hunter and becoming a hagraven the highest calling for one of the witches of the Reach. By becoming one of these three forms, A Reachman hoped to gain favour with their formost deity: Hircine. Opposed to this was the vampire, vampires represented everything the Witchmen of the Reach hated, namely power hungry beings which did nothing but enslave others and force them into servitude.

    Then, mere weeks before he was to become a briarheart, he returned to an old nordic ruin near Rorikstead he and other Reachmen had claimed as it held a vital location for many reason; it was close enough so they could raid Rorikstead from time to time and was located between Bleackwind and serpents bluff creating a powerful supply vein for these strongholds. However, when he returned to their new outpost with other members of his clan, they found their brothers and sisters in arms slaughtered and feasted upon by vampires. Enraged, The madmen of the Reach charged in and slaughtered all of the vampires, their thralls and even their dogs. Once the battle was over Loïc understood what had to be done and what was more important; it was pointless to liberate the reach from Skyrim if they would all become thralls and food for the vampires the day after. So, he turned his back on the Forsworn and headed east toward Riften and joined up with the dawnguard.

    His background made it difficult for him to integrate himself into the "civilised" world and this was often a source of anger for his commanders at fort Dawnguard. On top of that, his violent attitude and lust for battle were rarely well received when arriving in hold capitols, so when he recklessly slew a vampire in Windhelm without alerting authorities or collecting solid evidence, everyone believed he had simply gone too far following a night of drinking. He is currently serving his time for murder in the Windhelm dungeons and completely missed the battle for Windhelm.

    Witchmen of the Reach
    Due to him seemingly abandoning the Reachmen cause, many deem him a traitor and coward. However, the Sundered clan knows of his reasons and the Druadach clan is still his place of origin so they still hold him in some regard.

    Isran is Loïc's commander and leader of the Dawnguard. While they both appreciate each others tenacity and affinity for battle, they don't always see eye-to-eye due to Loïc's problems with being held back because of Skyrim's laws.

    Dawnguard members.
    Loïc has a professional relationship with the other members of the dawnguard.

    Sybille Stentor
    Loïc knows of Sybille's secret and has openly antagonised her in the past; following one of Loïc's assignments to track down and destroy a vampire posing as a merchant in Haafinger, Loïc was invited to the blue palace in order to receive a formal word of gratitude from the jarl. A ceremonial courtesy at best, a way for the jarl to pretend to be stronger than she actually is by pretending to actively search and root out vampiric threats.
    When Loïc was allowed up to the throne room he did something no one was expecting, namely assault the court wizard. Loïc had heard of her before: how she makes prisoners mysteriously disappear, how she never eats in the palace despite having the best cook in Skyrim, the fact she served two jarls for over twenty years and outlived them both,... he had his suspicions about her from the start, but when he saw how young she looked despite her age he knew enough. Without hesitation he launched a sun fire straight at her face. Sun fire is harmless to regular humans, but quite painful for the undead so it should have revealed her true nature to everyone in attendance... if it had hit. Sybille dodged it well enough and before Loïc could try again, the guards and housecarls were already upon him.
    Loïc was well known for firing spells at people he believed to be vampires, so sybille spun the story to her end claiming Loïc to be a paranoid brute who sees undead and vampires in every shadow. He would have been thrown in the dungeons at the behest of Sybille had it not been for his faithful and necessary service to the non-vampiric residents of Skyrim. As such he was merely banished from Solitude and forbidden from ever setting foot inside the city limits again.

    Jarl Elisif the fair
    Following the accusations of Loïc about her court wizard, Elisif was forced to make the decision to keep him out of her city. While there is no direct hostility between the two, she, as always, prefers the advice of her council rather than that of strangers who know better.

    Falk Firebeard
    Due to Loïc's actions in the Blue palace, Falk holds little regard for the Breton since he prefers nothing more than to simply keep the peace in Solitude.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Melaran holds little love for Sybille and would rather see her dead than alive as to raise his position within the courts of Solitude so when Loïc came around attempting to take her life and discredit her as an undead beast, well, he found that quite enjoyable.

    Fighting Style:
    Originating from his forsworn upbringing, his motto is "That which is dead can't kill you." Loïc is ferocious and relies on both speed and strength to win a fight, rushing in head first with light armour and dual wielding weapons to do as much damage as possible in as little time possible. Though in the past few years while being in the Dawnguard he has begun to realise the durability of the undead and the flaws in his plans, as such he now also relies on range with both archery and offensive restoration spells.

    Loïc is constantly at war with himself; his upbringing has taught him the value of strength and action while his training in the Dawnguard taught him patience and slow strategy. This is reflected in his personality as he is often calm and collected yet surprisingly quick to anger.
    He is proud, cocksure and so confident in his abilities it could come over as arrogant.
    He is also distrustful of people and doesn't like let others get close to him because of the outside world's hatred for the "Madmen of the Reach" and while he puts on a tough front, he fears the day when his origin is revealed.

    Font Colour:
    I claim this colour
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  6. @caligari On first reading I want to see more about two things: Loïc's perspective about becoming a briarheart and his connection to Sybille. One of the most interesting pieces to your character in my eyes is their being chosen to become such a powerful and not-quite-alive force. Seeing as how Loïc views vampires as a serious threat, I wonder how he sees the difference between being a briarheart and a vampire. Now in terms of Sybille, you mention that Loïc knows her secret and they've clearly encountered one another before. I would expect that anyone worth noting in your relationships would also be present in your Character Background. Not only that, but it sounds like whatever happened might give us some glimpse into how Loïc conducts these Dawnguard missions. All in all, I enjoy a good vampire hunter and find the Forsworn culture very interesting. Make those couple of changes and I don't see why Loïc shouldn't join our merry band.

    Ah, you should know that the Dawnguard story line as it is stated has not yet been completed. No references to Harkon's head on a pike, aye :sarcastic:?
  7. I was hoping on revealing his personal opinions on briarhearts and vampires in the story itself, but if you wish to see it here then I will post it here.

    And, yeah, I thought as much regarding the dawnguard questline. Basically any questline that isn't mentioned, I kind of assume isn't finished yet, so... you know.
  8. There you go @Pellegrino my post has been edited >.>
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  9. Not to rush you guys, but is everyone still interested or is this just not happening?
  10. Don't be concerned, I don't expect the IC to open for a little while until we get 2 more. I have a couple folks PMing about the game now.
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  11. Could I reserve a character?
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  12. You may so long as you plan to finish up the CS reasonably soon.
  13. By the way, i'm gonna jump out of this for now I might join sometime in the future though if it's still around or accepting.
  14. Just stopping in to say hi! Least I can do for a friend who cited my game as an influence. ;D
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  15. Any way there's still a spot for me?
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  16. I have to sadly drop this since I am getting super busy in real but good luck^^
  17. May I join as a magic user? Is it strict to element or are we do Oblivion and Morrowind with Conjuration, Mysticism, Illusion, Alteration, etc?
  18. @Munchkin Absolutely!

    @Clyde Magic users are welcome. Think of each school of magic a bit like a college major. Chances are you picked up a little in a few areas, but you became very good at one, and decent at another. Some magic brings poor responses like necromancy and anything that forces one to act or think a certain way. Of course, be sure to avoid writing your character as overpowered!

    Everyone! IC will be go live on May 11th. I'll have official approvals listed on May 9th and a second round on May 10th for latecomers. Have those CS's done, y'all!
  19. and how will necromancy work?

    is it like Oblivion and Morrowind? and not dat watered down shit. like summoning zombies and skeletons, not just raising the dead oooo
  20. I suggest looking up how the necromancy works in universe, I once rp'ed a necromancer for another elder scrolls RP and thoroughly enjoyed scouring the elder scrolls wikis for lore and canon books on how necromancy works and is applied. Trust me, it's more fun than you think and highly interesting, it might even give you inspiration. If nothing else it could help you get into character more easily.

    Lore:Necromancy - UESPWiki
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