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Should I include the Daedra in this RP? And if so, how? (Explain in thread)

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  1. This thread is no longer a CS dump. If signing up, post character in the group here.

    What are we in truth, teacher? Have we always been just cats, just sugartoothed thieves? Just the butt of Skyrim's abuse and the Thalmor's puppetry?
    We were something once. Respected. Honored. Courtesies we returned to friend and foe. We fought alongside Men and Mer, and against them in turn. The Khajiit were warriors. Elsweyr was something more. Our armies were dreaded, unpredictable, and untamable. Each victory garnered more respect, and the more respect we earned the higher we rose. We earned our place, while Man and Mer cheated and lied over meaningless thrones. But we reached too high, didn't we? Became complacent, expected respect where resentment lay. In the end, we were just cats to them, and we tried to play the masters.
    We earned our place.
    The Summerset Isles betrayed us. The Empire abandoned us. Skyrim enslaved us. And even when we see our freedom, it is denied us. We are forced to live outside the walls of Men, and our own lands are ruled by the Mer.
    But we need not lie on our backs forever. The moons have spoken. And I have been born. Elsweyr is ours.
    Our people will be free again.

    Banner 2.jpg

    4E 224. Alduin has been slain, though the permanence of said slaying has been called into question. The Vampire Lord Harkon's plan to cast the world into darkness has been foiled. And the First Dragonborn Miraak's plot to return to Nirn ended with his death. Yet despite the defeat of these great evils, the world of mortals is in even greater turmoil than before.

    In Skyrim, the Civil War between Imperials and Stormcloaks continues. Without the intervention of the Last Dragonborn, who claimed a neutral stance and attempted to broker peace between the two factions before their mysterious disappearance, the Stormcloak and Imperial armies continued to battle each other. Numerous holds have exchanged hands as each side besieges and conquers one, only to lose it in due course. Only a few have remained definitively in either faction's hands: Whiterun, Falkreath, and Haafingar remain adamantly Imperial, while Eastmarch, the Pale, and the Rift remain Stormcloak. The fighting continues to rage across Skyrim, and the death count of civilians and soldiers alike continues to skyrocket. While Baalgruuf the Greater is himself Imperial, he permits the Companions in Jorrvaskr to fight on whatever side they choose (at the moment, despite having appointed an interim council in the absence of the Dragonborn, the Companions remain neutral). Ulfric Stormcloak, founder and leader of the faction of the same name, has passed into Sovngarde, presumably due to poisons placed by the Dark Brotherhood. Despite this setback, his friend Galmar and son Ragnar continue to lead the charge against Elisif the Fair. Most notably is the seemingly unending battle for the Jagged Crown, ranging from the surface to the tunnels of the grave it is buried in.

    However, despite the grand conflict in Skyrim, more important events stir outside of her borders. In the year 4E 204, the moons Masser and Secunda aligned perfectly over Elsweyr, revealing the fabled Third Moon. Khajiit the world over looked on in awe, recognizing the signs as the birth of the new Mane, who is their spiritual and political leader. Yet other eyes witnessed this, too. Realizing the potential risk of a new Mane in Elsweyr, the Aldmeri Dominion sent a small army of Justiciars through the country with orders to hunt down any strange Khajiit. The ensuing purge was a nearly complete failure, as most of the dead were ordinary Khajiit. The real Mane was spirited away, somewhere beyond the eyes of the Thalmor, by a small group of Khajiit warriors and a Thalmor defector. He grew up in the shadows, slowly gaining followers and power.

    In the year 4E 223, numerous ships arrive in Skyrim's harbors across the country. Guards were unprepared when a swarm of well-armed and well-trained Khajiit warriors stormed the towns in which they landed. The following day, Imperials and Stormcloaks alike received news of a coup in Elsweyr, overthrowing the Thalmor-controlled government, establishing the "true" government of Elsweyr. At the head of this movement was the Mane, now grown and leading an army of carefully bred warriors. The shock of the assault sent tremors throughout the Summerset Isles, Empire, and Skyrim. The messages revealed that the purpose of the Khajiit troops in Skyrim were there to "facilitate the relocation back to their homeland of the sons and daughters of Elsweyr until such a time as their oppressors are cast down and their homeland secured in the name of the Khajiit, and only the Khajiit." While some took the news well, an overwhelming sense of dread and paranoia arose at the thought of armed Khajiit roaming around Tamriel unchecked. The Imperials responded by declaring the assaults "unwarranted riots", and claimed they would do everything in their power to ensure that the "filthy cats" were put down. The Thalmor did not respond, instead acting by increasing the presence of Thalmor Justiciars in Skyrim and beginning an assault on the borders of Elsweyr. The Stormcloaks began to fortify the areas they held, taking advantage of the chaos to secure their holdings. At the same time, they began expelling Khajiit from the areas they held in the mistaken belief they could end the situation quickly. Instead, they only swelled the ranks of the invading force with embittered Khajiit, who were even more willing to fight against their former oppressors.

    Despite their open opposition to the uprising, numerous factions across Tamriel have opened dialogue with the Mane and his representatives, hoping to resolve the situation peacefully. The Empress Petra Mede I hopes to begin the reversal of the White-Gold Concordat by allying with the Mane and finally purging the Empire of the Thalmor; the Thalmor themselves hope to use the situation to consolidate their power in Elsweyr and all over Tamriel, first by luring the Khajiit into an appealing treaty and then assassinating the Mane, sending a message to the Khajiit, Nords, and Imperials; and the Stormcloaks intend to relieve themselves of the Khajiit, though the more moderated Ragnar Stormcloak sees in the cats a revolutionary spirit similar to that of the Nords themselves, and may be open to a more permanent alliance. To this end, the factions have set about locating the Mane, fielding multiple groups of adventurers and heroes to achieve this goal. At the same time, a smaller group of mercenaries and Khajiit warriors have set out to gather allies for the Mane. At some point, these parties will clash, and the final battle will begin. However, each will face their own hardships, and not all will make it to the end.
    The Bite of Alkosh

    Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Bite of Alkosh! In this RP, each player will take command of an adventurer either hunting the Mane or acting as the vassals of the Mane, who has initiated what will evolve into a world war (except for Akavir. Screw those snake people). Those who are part of the Thalmor, Imperial, or Stormcloak parties will be moving in from their respective territories (Thalmor from the Summerset Isles, Imperials from Cyrodiil, and Stormcloaks from the non-Imperial sections of Skyrim). The search will span most of Tamriel, stretching from High Rock to the Summerset Isles themselves. Along the way, players will have a good deal of leeway deciding what to fight and who to challenge. As well, I promote the idea of player propelling the search themselves, though it will have to be a step-by-step arrangement (find a clue here, encounter a dead-end, find another lead here, move on it). Note, however, that as the GM, I have the solemn duty and delightful pleasure of throwing icebergs in the way of your Titanic. Some groups may feel free to band together, regardless of faction, out of a need for survival, though a Stormcloak/Thalmor alliance is not likely to last too long, nor get off the ground to begin with without absolutely dire need.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Vassals of the Mane, under the leadership of a chosen ambassador, are journeying around Tamriel at the same time to recruit allies for the cause. This quest of theirs will involve approaching the King of Hammerfell for Redguard aid to infiltrating Windhelm itself to incite the Dunmer to rebel. They act as the agents of the Mane, and act on his commands.

    Both parties may cross paths at some point, resulting in a special event. Said events are special threads set up for direct roleplaying between the parties. These can range from participating in important battles to minor skirmishes, and even to political duels in courtrooms.
    Finally, there are players who are free to not join either of the search groups. In Skyrim and Elsweyr, battles rage for control of territory. On the Northern front, Nords battle Khajiit invaders and Imperial occupiers on either side, with Thalmor agents aggravating all factions. On the Southern front, the elite Khajiit armies engage the advancing Altmer armies directly, with varying success. Players who decide to join these sections of the RP are tasked with the brutal and unending duty of protecting and assaulting the enemy, or alternatively laying siege to the defenders in their holds. Note that the actions of the roaming parties mentioned above can have a direct impact on the battles on the war fronts, and that being on the front does not mean endless war.

    The end of the RP will be near when the Mane is found (a moment I'll decide, and a character I'll play), and the final engagement between the factions begins and ends. The winner is going to be decided directly by the actions of the roaming parties, and would lead into a potential future RP.

    Further rules are discussed below.

    Important Backstory Points (more will be added as necessary. Note that this is a lot of reading)

    • The Dark Brotherhood was brought back from the brink by the Last Dragonborn. The Sanctuary was rebuilt, and a new Listener was appointed in the Dragonborn's absence. The Dark Brotherhood continues to thrive, and is constantly being used by both sides in the war for assassinations.
    • The Companions found a new Harbinger in the form of the Last Dragonborn, who freed the spirit of Kodlak Whitemane from the curse of lycanthropy. While leading them directly for a time, the Dragonborn's disappearance led to a Tribunal of Aela the Huntress, Farkas, and Vilkas being formed in their absence. While primarily fighting for whoever can pay, the Companions have tried to remain neutral in the Civil War. Their hunts as werewolves have been recently challenged by the arrival of the physically superior werelions from Elsweyr.
    • The Thieves' Guild thrives in Riften, providing cover for the Nightingales to grow.
    • The Stormcloaks and Imperials are still at war due to the Dragonborn refusing to help either side. Ulfric Stormcloak was assassinated (this is thought to be the work of the Dark Brotherhood), though leadership of the Stormcloaks was taken over by his companion Galmar and his son Ragnar. Elisif the Fair remains Jarl of Solitude, and continues to support the Empire. Due to the near perfect balance of both sides, any major battles fought seem to go on forever, particularly around the burial site of the Jagged Crown. (Think the concept of perpetual war from 1984).
    • The Empire was briefly thrown into chaos by the successful second attempt on the Emperor's life, Titus Mede II's favorite child, Petra Mede, succeeded in eliminating her siblings and took the throne at the age of 23. While violently opposed to any peace in Skyrim, she is far more moderate towards the other races of Tamriel, excluding the Altmer (whom she hates with a passion).
    • The Volkihar Vampires and Dawnguard currently live in a tense state of peace, Serana now leading the remains of the Volkihar Clan and the Dawnguard allowing them to exist while they in turn regenerate their own losses.
    • The Blades have been eliminated. After demanding the Dragonborn execute Paarthurnax for his past crimes, the Blades refused to see any reason on the matter regardless of the Dragonborn's pleas. In a fit of rage, the Dragonborn slew the Blades Delphine and Esbern, ending the order once and for all.
    • The Greybeards remain perched on High Hrothgar, and await the return of the Dragonborn. This has dashed the rumors that the Dragonborn was assassinated, though new ones rose that the Dragonborn is in fact hiding atop the mountain with the ancient order. High Hrothgar itself has become a sanctuary for Dragons, and a meeting place when the older dragons need to congregate.
    • The Dragons continue to roam Skyrim, and are one of the few modes of transportation to and from Solstheim. While unrestrained by Imperials or Nords, they are held on a loose leash by Paarthurnax and Odahviing. Some sightings have been reported in Cyrodiil and over Elsweyr, leading many to believe that the full-blown return of the Dragons is around the corner.
    • The Eye of Magnus has boosted the power of the College of Winterhold, and is being used to repair the damage to the surrounding area. It is also used as a nearly infinite power source, allowing mages of the College to perform even greater feats.
    • The two Khajiit provinces of Anequina and Pelletine, formerly client states of the Aldmeri Dominion, were conquered with relative ease by the Mane and his followers. They were promptly united into what became known as True Elsweyr. Despite trade sanctions pushed forward by the Dominion and supported, at least on the surface, by the Empire, the Moon Sugar plantations in southern Pelletine have been exploited heavily, and have become the nearly exclusive export of Elsweyr. The profits, while reduced, provide considerable income for the nation. Torval remains the capital, and where the Mane was recognized by the aristocracy and nomad chiefs. Battles continuously rage around the desert border connecting Elsweyr to Cyrodiil and Valenwood, though considerably less along the Cyrodiilic border.
    • Valenwood, Hammerfell, High Rock, Orsinium, and the Dunmer of the Gray Quarter have yet to choose sides in the war.
    The Rules
    • Each member of the RP is obligated to post on the OOC. Be social, talk to each other, and discuss things. Arguments are allowed, but should be generally friendly. Harassment will not be tolerated.
    • Combat between players will be fair.
    • Make sure to post regularly, at a minimum of once a week.
    • Inform the GM and/or Co-GMs of any prolonged absences beforehand, or else you will be kicked. In a particularly bloody fashion. Most likely eaten by Dragon. Maybe shouted apart and eaten by Draugr.
    • If you want to be a party leader, you'll have to meet a few standards: Adept writing level, regular posting, and the most important skill ever - CHARASMA.
    • Respect others.
    • Write posts of two paragraphs or more. Do not feel obligated to write long posts even if others do.
    • No Mary Sues.
    • No Meta.
    • No chain-posting.
    • There is virtually NO limit to people allowed in this RP due to its immensity.

    Character Sheet
    • Name:
    • Age: (Note that ages may vary between races)
    • Personality: (How does your character think? How do they feel? How do they act?)
    • Race: [Choose one from any of the Elder Scrolls games, so long as it is reasonable. I'll allow alternative Khajiit breeds, as well, though these are limited to Cathay-Raht, Ohmes (-Raht), and Suthay (-Raht). Vampires and Werewolves are allowed as well, including the other variations of Elder Scrolls lycanthropy (so long as they originate from the region they are common in).]
    • Appearance: (If at all possible, attach a screenshot of your character from The Elder Scrolls V. If anyone is willing to volunteer to help others make one, please do! NO anime, NO real-life. If playing a non-playable race or one that rarely makes an appearance, descriptions are fine, but required anyway.)
    • Birthplace:
    • Calling: (Are you a Warrior? A Rogue? A Mage? Or something in-between? How do you approach combat?)
    • Starting Equipment: (Limited to iron, leather, or steel, and similar low-level armor and weapons)
    • Skills: (One-handed, Two-handed, Lockpicking, oh my!)
    • Starting Spells: (Spells must be Novice-level)
    • RP Area: (Do you intend to join the war front, or to be a member of one of the various parties travelling across Tamriel?)
    • Font: (To make posts easier to read, please choose a font color and use it to type out this CS)
    Notes on the RP
    • This RP will be a group in the future.
    • This thread is only for questions and CS posts.
    • To apply for the position of Thread Leader (who would maintain and lead other roleplayers on designated threads), you MUST have a minimum of Adept level writing skill and nearly-constant posting abilities.
    • Thread Leaders are equivalent to Co-GMs. There word is to be followed without question.
    • Because of the enormity of this RP, there will be multiple threads for each faction (one for the Khajiit ambassadors, one for the Thalmor hunters, etc.). Interaction between groups will occur at certain points where the groups are in the same place at once. These will be represented in independent "special event" threads.
    • The Finale will be a final confrontation between all the groups, culminating in a victory for one or more sides.
    • If this does well, it will be continued in a future RP.
    • The minimum writing level for this RP is Intermediate, the maximum being Advanced. If you have persistent grammar and spelling issues, DO NOT JOIN THIS RP.
    • Posting expectation for all threads is at minimum once a week. Once again, no chain-posting.
    • When creating a character keep in mind the nature of mercenaries and other hired hands. A Thalmor embassy is not likely to consist entirely of Altmer, nor is an Imperial embassy likely to be entirely comprised of Imperials. All races can be born in multiple locations, and so can fill most positions. At the same time, an Altmer is not going to be welcome in the ranks of the Khajiit, and a Khajiit will not be welcome among the Thalmor.
    • Preferably, this is going to be an 18+ RP. If it comes down to both age groups joining, two threads will be made: One for Teen sex stuff, one for Adult sex stuff. Have fun with that.
    • Report any harassment, specifically adults attempting to pressure teens into mature content.
    • Be patient!
    • Have fun!
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  2. I have a sneaking suspicion you borrowed heavily from my own RPs formatting. :P Even the rules have similar humour. If so, I'm flattered!

    I'd love to sign up for this (khajiit-centric and lore intensive near future setting? You're speaking my language!), but I have to see how things are on my RP front. If one of my games doesn't take off, expect a sheet! If not, I wish you a lot of success and some awesome players! I'll be watching, regardless!
  3. To be honest, I was relatively frightened you would show up, Dervish. I did borrow a lot from the formatting, since I liked how it was set up, and the rules covered a lot of the basics.

    If you're interested, though, feel free!
  4. Surprised you created this thread in this of all forums. Your final image for the game seems more a Universe RP than anything else, and while these aren't as common, I'd say it's most definitely intriguing. I hope others express interest as well.

    I will be creating a Redguard member of the Dark Brotherhood whose mission requires him to follow one of the travelling parties as a part of a long-job. The idea of secrecy and growing bonds from a shaky foundation seems like an enjoyable way to approach this game, so I'll have at it.

  5. To be fair, I am a very scary individual. That avatar? Spooky!

    Joking aside, the only time I'd actually be worried about somebody ripping me off is if the content was pretty much identical (yours is very different and very interesting! ), so don't worry there, or if there was a blatant rip off of one of my characters.

    In the event this doesn't take off (If you want, I can leave a link in my own RP in case anybody has some free time), feel free to apply to mine! OlNoSoul and I are recruiting and stuff.

    But like I said, I have to check on another RP that I am expecting to launch and another I am supposed to co-GM that's been getting a frightful lack of interest. But chances are, I'll be hopping in this one!
  6. Cool biz.
  7. might wanna join dis
  8. Relrn ur grammarz frst.
  9. Okay, maybe not then...
  10. Well you're good now that you've add a period (or three) and a capital. Just making sure people keep with the Intermediate level, you understand.
  11. Not in the OOC I can imagine.


    You really shouldn't judge people in the OOC though (unless it's their CS).

    I might join, but YOU sir, need to greet people with a warm mug o' coffee!
  12. More of a tea person, myself. Orange Spice or Earl Grey?
  13. Green.

    Just. Green.
  14. So. What sort of character were you thinking of?
  15. Idk. The way you've built this seems to cater to those who have a LOT of Elder Scrolls knowledge.

    I don't know that much about Elder Scrolls.

    I could just make my character a dummy then :D
  16. Gone and bumped his head on a rock, huh?

    Well, I could add some links to the first post for research purposes. This is an Elder Scrolls RP.
  17. I know.

    I just know about as much lore as say...the average Skyrim player, that this is their first game in the series. (that's not me, but i have that amount of knowledge)
  18. omg I got it!!!

    Could I be Lilmothiit?

    Can that be a thing?

    (no it can't)
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  19. My CS, if you don't like the idea, I can easily change it to a Khajiit, because the character is the same.
    That scandalous rapscallion (open)

    Q' Rathkar

    Age: 30

    Personality: Chatty, Creative, and Crazy. This guy would be the equivalent to the random hermit you would find in the woods sleeping in a tree. He may seem quite dumb and unknowing, but then again, he's a very good actor. He also will pull the stupidest ideas out of his hat (cloak?), and maybe, like a 1/5 chance, would be the greatest idea in the world.
    He also cannot register emotions, so don't try giving him the boo-boo face.
    FInally, there's a pretty good chance he'll never tell you his backstory.

    Race: Lilmothiit (with Khajiit views and actions)

    (Fennec mod works OH so much better than the actual Lilmohiit mod)
    With fur armor (open)

    Without armor (open)

    His family always told him that he was just like him, just with a bigger nose. That actually isn't far from the truth, he looks like what a normal Khajiit would...just with a larger snout, slightly larger ears, and a bigger, bushier tail. He hides himself cloaked in a hood and a covering Fur armor, even covering his tail, which gets uncomfortable at times.
    If one were to take a second glance and ponder his different appearance, he would claim 'deformities'. Usually they cannot counter-argue against that.

    Unknown, raised near Riverhold, then traveled northward to Skyrim, he only appeared in one town there: Riften.

    Calling: He strikes swiftly and with enchanted weapons. so I'd say rouge.

    Starting Equipment:
    +Fur Armor
    +Hide Bracers
    +The Hood
    +Steel Sword
    +Steel Dagger
    +with minor life-steal enchantment

    1. Sneak
    2. One-Handed
    3. Light Armor
    4. Enchantment
    5. Speech

    Starting Spells:
    only one spell known, sparks!
    RP Area:

    ~Traveling Merchant (and Khajiit supplier) that hops the borders of Skyrim, Cyrodril, and Elsweyr. He sells goods, and supplies armies and skirmishers.~
    Font: Verdana
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  20. Riverrun is in Skyrim.
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