The Elder Scrolls: A Brotherhood Divided

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  1. The Sanctuary lay quiet for the late hour. It's Speaker milling about in the common room by the light of a single candle, a quill in his hand and parchment upon the table, scribbling frantically. There was some desperation it seemed.

    Elsewhere the skeletal guardians, clad in thick plate that absorbed magic like a sponge does water follow their nightly pattern, never following the same path twice. One mistake not made twice. Each guardian checked the entrance, walking to it's gateway before turning back. The wards were in place, none but those Sithis' killers would gain entry to this new home.

    Candle light was snuffed. A ball of white light followed the lightly dressed dunmer wandered for food, freshly stocked twice a day from local sources. Milk, refrigerated by magicka enchanted cupboards. Bread, still warm as if from the baker's oven itself. A fitting late night meal.

    "Do pray this finds you in good health, Listener. I am woefully LONELY!" The last was shouted as the scroll began to evaporate into nothingness. New contracts would arrive as new member's came to call this their home, their Sanctuary.

    Some say the Dark Brotherhood is divided. No more. Not under this magi's watch.​
  2. A smaller figure was sitting outside the sanctuary, sitting on his bottom, looking up at the bright stars and moon of the sky. The curious bright ocean blue eyes of this figure had a curious, but nervous gleam to them. The figure of a male Khajiit came out here alone and alone is not something that this Khajiit cooped with well. He was often a bit jumpy and was known for his teenage-girl-like scream when he was frightened suddenly. Aleksander, known as either Alek or, most commonly, Aleks, flicked his golden light brown tail patiently, as his head turned down to a rock the size of his paw that was sitting next to him.

    "Beautiful night, isn't it Layla?" the Khajiit mummured curiously to the rock, naming it and looking at it as if he expected a answer from it.

    "Oh yes, Aleks, it is. It's much beautiful with you though." a higher-pitched voice sounded, coming from the cat-person, though he acted as if the rock had said it.

    "Oh Layla, stop. You flatter me!" Aleks responded, in his normal voice. His ears swiveled backwards to catch a rustling noise he thought he heard briefly, though he wasn't sure it was anything but his tail. He turned his head around, his ocean blue bright eyes looking slightly nervous. He pulled a small dagger from the sheathe on his belt, gripping the steel weapon. He looked around the woods behind him, not really daring to move anything but his eyes for a while. He relaxed ever so slightly and got to his feet, looking out in the woods that was facing his back previously.

    "'Allo?" called Aleks, "Is someone there?" No reply came to him so he looked crossly at the beautiful blue mountain flowers near him.

    "Goddamn you flowers! You scared me! That's not funny!" he scolded them crossly.

    "Sorry Aleks," he muttered back to himself in the place of the flowers, "we won't do it again-" at that there was another crackle in the woods and the Khajiit looked into the direction of the woods again, his bright ocean blue eyes nervous ,but curious.
  3. Within one of the corner wings of the Sanctuary, the 'archives' if one wished to be uppity about naming a lone Breton was pacing back and forth, carefully stepping over books she'd strewn across the floor. Sadly, this wasn't an uncommon occurrence when it came to Tabitha, ideas, rumors, and old knowledge often perking her curiosity to find means to use her magic in new ways, just the other day she'd found a rather run down tome talking about how the act of creating spells was once near common knowledge; so why, why was it now so difficult to find any helpful information about this lost art!

    With her pacing done with she made her way to a shelf and reached for another book, grumbling to herself, and softly complaining about her bad luck while still wearing her ever predominant smile. Glancing at the cover to read the name it brought her to pause, speculating if something this general might have anything she could possibly use; not that it would stop her from shuffling to her seat in the center of her mess of books gingerly opening the book titled 'Magic, it's origin & usage', casting a weak and slightly unstable magelight to allow her to read without straining her eyes more than was necessary.
  4. His bright ocean blue eyes showing his nervous state and curious wonder, the male Khajiit stayed where he was, practically frozen into his spot. The only sign of life within him was the small flick of his tail that was extremely slow, like a lion waiting for it's prey to wander by or a kitten watching a mouse tail. Aleks perked his ears forward, straining to catch any other sounds that would show his enemy or his ally. There was no in-between, for him. Either they were to attack him or they weren't, simple as that.

    "Allo?" the light golden furred Khajiit called out again, "Is someone there?" With no reply he turned his head to face the flowers again, flattening his ears, pretending to be cross. He even lashed his tail a little, though his bright ocean blue eyes only showed nervous and playful curiousity.

    "Goddamn you flowers!" he hissed in a cross tone, "Stop messin' around with me! Stop cracking twigs! That's not okay!"

    "W-We're so sorry Aleks," he replied for the flowers in the same high pitched tone, "We j-just wanted to have fun..." Aleks huffed as he regained his normal voice, going back to being himself.

    "Well it's not fun! Stop it, you little pieces o-" he started but was cut off as another twig snapped, this time being somewhat closer, making him jump back a little and give a small scream of fright. He winced and went into a defensive posture, ready for whatever gruesome monster that was about to attack him. With a large rustle of bush leaves out sprang a vicious...-red fox?
  5. "Confound it what is with this quiet!?" Silence made him irritable, oh how it ground his gears into dust whenever a place fell into eerie silence. Soon he began to regret enchanting the skeletal guardian's to keep even the rattling of iron reinforced bones to a minimum. Even in passing they turned to give their Speaker a baleful and empty stare before moving along. Almost like an inbuilt program to be only as suspicious as the member's they were here to protect.

    Now mind you this Dunmer never bothered going to the Bard's College to learn some skill. Many many long hours of singing ancient ashlander hymns and folk songs had honed him into quite the voice. Though a bit off key during the higher notes, he managed well enough.

    "Every winter season
    Except for the reason
    Of one war or another
    (Really quite a bother),
    The Queen of Rimmen and her consort
    Request their vassals come and cavort.
    On each and every ball,
    The first man at the hall
    Is Lord Ogin Jornibret of Gaer
    The Curse of all the Maidens Fair.~"

    His audience of a simple skeletal servant seemed less than impressed. A flicker of his will caused the skeleton into a rapid bout of clapping though. That was quite entertaining at least!
  6. Xeras stood around the corner, he was simply organizing some of his ingrdients so he could go make a poision when he heard a familiar voice close to him. It was the speaker and he was singing to seemingly nobody but then when he heard the faint sound of rattling bones he foud that more amusing that he had been entertaining the dead, he peeked around the corner the altmer staring at the other elf dead silent until he approached with a slight smile on his lips. He observed the dunmer his prescence becoming clear once he was close enough to hear footsteps. Lee had various enchanting tables and alchemy tables scattered around the sanctuary and yes, he did make potions late at night in the dark, hey there could be creepier thigs for hm to do.

    Like killing for a living, oh yeah he already did that. Whatever there were people with worse problems than him here. He stayed silent his bit of a smile being his form of a greeting.
  7. "Ah, there's my favorite yellow n'wah." The empty sanctuary was a bit less empty if the wards were to be trusted. Apparently he cared little for any mockery of his talent, killing or artistic. He was a bit above those in the rank and file.

    "What is it that you need, Murderer?" Came the haughty elf's reply, hands upon his hips as well. "If it's to ask for more wolf's bane you'll get nothing more. It's rare enough as is for you to try and.. Well, do whatever with it!"

    Still the skeleton clapped through his taking, a crimson glare caused it to stop instantly and wander off as though nothing had transpired. Boney butt had a bit too much wiggle to its step, that might have unnerved the Speaker a bit more than it should have.
  8. Xeras chuckled again about the wolf's bane. He didn't think he'd ever even use what he had "No, I was just passing by and heard your voice, decided I migh be better company than your usual" he said in his usual calming voice, really it was a shame he didn't speak often. That was enough for him, he had said enough. He glared over to the skeleten, something just didn't seem right about it. He made a small flame to get a closer look, it appeared to be holding some sort of scroll.
  9. "I wouldn't even bother. They're fire proof." Divayth stated calmly, though scowling at the flame.

    For a moment the animated remains appeared confused when the scroll went missing. Just as it turned to look around further for its missing missive it noticed the one it was addressed to already had it open. Skimming and reading it.

    "Ah, splendid. Our Listener is nearly prepared to begin sending us contracts." It was about time that was for sure. If the sanctuary got anymore crowded he'd have to transfer more out. And no one likes a transfer..
  10. ... He still didn't like the sleleten. He was glad to hear that. At least he would be able to get some work, hewas so unbelievably bored staying in the santuary all day was boring. He hardly ever slept since he had contracted his lycanthropy and he had done all in his power to avoid wasying his time witbout muvh success.
  11. Not far behind the fox, though no sounds accompanied her as the loud snaps and crumbling of dead leaves had the fox, sauntered a small figure clad in tight black clothing, long, golden ponytail trailing down to a side, daggers sheathed on each side of her curved hips. She flashed a confused look, though more that of a glare, towards the skittish Khajiit who appeared to be traumatized by a... Fox..

    Her soft yellow skin shone in the light as she turned to enter the sanctuary, an old looking scroll in her hand. The door began to glow an ominous crimson color as it requested the passphrase, the answer to its riddle. She answered quietly, and it returned. "Welcome, sister." It replied before opening slowly and silently before her, the glow fading away.

    She entered slowly, cautiously, ready to counter whatever may come in her way as she wandered through the long, descending stairs into the first room. Her soft footsteps came to a halt when She heard voices from the next room. With a few silent steps, her line of sight was aligned with that of the two owners of the voices she had heard conversing. She was told the man She needed to talk to was a Dunmer, so that's who she approached.

    "I'm guessing this is for you, presuming you're Divayth." She assumed with a blank tone, her weight shifting to a single hip, her arms crossed over one another. The presence of the other Altmer was ignored by her, due to the want to give her transference letter to the Speaker, and make herself at home once more, provided tragedy did not befall her again. She helped establish the last sanctuary she was at with her leader, even began to trust him. The only thing that brought her to this one was that her leader, "Vince" as he went by, knew this Dunmer somehow, though she didn't know how well. He rarely talked about it, merely wrote the letter beforehand, and told her where to go and who to see.

    Her expression was numb, void as her thoughts raced through her head, remembering him, and everything that happened. The work that was put into a sanctuary only destined to fall in the end. She bit the edge of her tongue, golden eyes flickering back to the dark elf, awaiting his confirmation.
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  12. "Another of my yella' cousins!" Came the clapped hands of the ashen skinned mer, a beaming smile on his face as he stuffed the skeleton's pilfered scroll directly down the front of his pants. A bit crude, but he'd figured none in the Sanctuary would dare try to grab it. He was sure they liked their organs inside their bodies.

    "And another letter~!" A brief flourish and he accepted the scroll, the waxen seal bearing another Sanctuary seal upon it's sealed edge. Wasting little time in doing much more than tapping it with a finger he peeled it open like a ripe fruit.

    Red eyes scanned it up and down, reading it this way and that. Briefly conjuring a ball of light to see through the paper. No hidden messages, no poisons, no sneaky enchantments. A simple letter of transfer for this Dunmer Speaker. "Ven? What a simplistic name for an Altmer. At least this one has a name longer than three letters." A shot thumb was directed towards Xeras. All of it was in jest, his sense of humor quite the opposite from the gloom and doom of many assassins.
  13. "Less syllables, less wasted time with, more times than not, pointless words. Besides, if I told you my real name, I'd have to kill you." Her reply tinted with the same joking tone he had, her own touch of sarcasm added. The remark was followed with a playful wink before turning around, gracefully spinning on the ball of her right foot before walking in the opposite direction, her upright stance and soft swaying hips gave off a confident aura as she continued on.

    Her newest mission was to find where she'd be staying now in her new home. Whether or not she would be given a tour was yet to be seen. If she got one, She assumed the dark elf would catch up, or send someone else to do it. It wasn't like one was needed in the first place. Her bright, ever wandering eyes usually gave her her own tours.

    It seemed much different, and yet, much the same as her own. She found a few other sisters and brothers on the way, though not much bothering to greet them. That would be going out of her way. If anyone even paid attention to her, they could go out of their own way to do so.
  14. There was no doubt he found the sashay in her hips as she walked appealing. Not to say he made a habit of eyeing his underlings, one must find beauty in all things after all. Even an altmer.

    "Do make yourself at home, my dear murderer! Maybe you can have one of the extra rooms! Do stay out of mine! The runes don't differentiate..." Of that he'd be honest about with an abject sigh. Foolish initiates as always.
  15. With a sudden glow of annoyance and frustration in his bright ocean blue eyes, the golden pelted Khajiit lashed his tail, a little embarrassed. A feeling that someone had seen his reaction made his annoyance at the red fox only greater. He flattened his ears against his head, narrowing his eyes as he advanced towards the helpless creature who apparently didn't care about the cat as he approached. Aleks grew in a long hiss as he glared down at the fox,
    "Think it's funny to scare me? Huh?!" the male hissed at the canine creature, who looked up at him and started off. "Don't you dare run away when I'm talking to you, you little-" Aleks was cut off as he jumped forward, chasing after the fox. With a quick swipe to the neck, the fox fell forward in a lifeless tumble as it had been running when the Khajiit had snapped it's neck with a cold steel blade.

    "... dead bundle of worthless fur." he finished, though h was going to say something else, he thought better of it. He had to work on his language as it wasn't the cleanest of all people nor creatures. "That'll teach you for scaring me. That'll teach you for messing with Aleksander." He took one last look at the creature and turned his back, walking back towards the spot was was in, now confident and reassured there was nothing to worry him at the moment.
  16. Tabitha had resumed her pacing, the book having had absolutely nothing of value to her having been added to the pile, a rather graceful act of a Breton tossing it aside while the light source fizzled and popped out of existance. "Nothing but hoaxes and misinformation, at times I question the mages of days past; a single book to cover the most basic mechanics of a spell yet not a tome to be found about the art of creation!" She'd have started off mumbling to herself, though her volume steadily rising due to her annoyance.

    After several minutes of pacing she finally burst out of her 'sanctuary' within the Sanctuary, passing by Ven and few generic members, giving curt nods and "Evenings." Making her way to the main area as swiftly as she could. By this point her yelled all sorts of doom though her smile downplayed it a fair bit, not that it made a difference with her yelling as soon as she was in the room with the boss and wandering potion brewer. "YOU! Why are the books in the archives so wothless!? By the nine, why are most magic books so wothless! It's aggrivating!" After a bit of huffing and puffing as her glare slowly softened, returning to an inside voice. "So, could we get some more books on magic theory, I'm certain I'm onto something, also, good evening."
  17. For a moment it seemed like peace would settle back in, this sudden hustle and bustle really didn't suit the dunmer well. As much as he longed for an easy task of leading these murderous buffoons he felt as if he was at the butt end of some cruel brotherhood prank.

    "Now, now, now. No need to get hostile with your Speaker. If you're in such desperate need for reading material I'll see what I can find in my library. Not every good tome available to the rabble has the mysteries of the universe there for any idiot to unravel now." He seemed quite pleased with that response, smiling in a way that only a Dunmer could, smug and grim all at the same time. "And if it truly bothers you so much, create the tome yourself. There are rooms designed for spellcraft." At least she wasn't yelling anymore.
  18. Xeras stayed quiet as the girl walked in and observed them and how this this new face behaved, he was wary around strangers of any kind. A new sister hm? odd he'd never seen many other Altmer in the brotherhood before but it seemed that now it was becoming common place. strange, most of his kind were loyal to their government but now he guessed there were becoming more exceptions than just him to this. He decided to go finish that poision that he never got to and once he was finished he decided in another way to fight boredom. Most werewolves fed on their enemies, he only did this occaisionally he had taught himself to hunt animals in his spare time. It was also fun to mess with the giants, in his werewolf form they were really easy to kill, just had to move faster than they did which wasn't that hard. He snuck outside and into the plains until he saw a giants camp and prepared himself, there was only one giant there and two of his Mammoth's he usually just angered the giants enough to lure them away from the mammoths before going for them, besides selling the tusks would give him some extra cash to waste, no harm in that right? He lured the giant as usual, the mammoths never seemed to notice this strangely enough. And then he moved around the giant faster than it he just attacked it from behind a few times avoiding it's enormous weapon. He'd gotten hit with one before and it didn't end up well, had to kill a whole group of guards to regain his health and to be sure there were no witnesses. He took down the giant and then the Mammoth's afterwards and came back to the sanctuary about an hour or so later with Tusks, Giant's Toes and Mammoth Cheese. He just ate the cheese and put the tusks on the shelf for now until daylight when he could sell them.
  19. "Xeras!?" The Speaker had become the Shouter as he stormed through the Sanctuary in search of the altmer. "Where is that yellow skinned idiot?!" So palpable was his anger that even the guardians, normally stoic and unmoving in the face of any threat, backed away to allow him to pass.

    News traveled quickly, especially a werewolf leaving from beneath the city. It didn't matter the exit he took. Divayth's contact in the guards of the city had alerted him of it quickly. At least the companions had the tact to change away from the walls or take an exit out of direct view of a tower!

    "I'll ask one more time where you are, Altmer! If you don't get out here for an explanation then I will haul you through Aetherius and I just might forget your lower half where I found you!" It was no idle threat. Teleportation magic may be banned for all but the highest ranking magi and a few Thalmor few, but he knew how to kill by forgetting a target's body in the process.
  20. (lol, it wasn't near a tower this time, that was once but I'll go with it)

    He heard the angry elf and sighed. Most feared him but Xeras really didn't understand the concept, he just didn't like getting in trouble. He hesitantly walked out of his room to see one furious dark skinned speaker. he gave him an innocent look as if he didn't know what he was angry about, nobody knew it was him other than the companions of course, who wouldn't dare tell since he knew their secret as well. What? he was hungry? quite frankly he didn't regret what he did at all he just loathed whatever was coming to him because of it. Well there's many things he does when he's bored and a lot of them could get him in trouble, just like when he froze all his mother's jewelery.... she didn't appreciate that one.
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