The Elder Recompense

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  1. Somewhere in a city in Eastern Iraq, by the border of Yemen, 1356 A.D.:

    Ahmed, a young scholar of about 23 ran down the causeway. Looking behind him he could see the thing which chased him in the darkness and coming his way with unholy speed. He ducked into a thoroughfare and wound his way through several smaller streets but no matter how fast he ran the shadowy figure of his pursuer was always at his heels. He was tall, lithe and with a moderate complexion for a Middle Eastern student. He wore a yellow tunic made from the poly-blend of satin and cotton, and across his chest was slung a satchel. On his right was the sigil of the Damascus College where he studied. At the present moment he was terrified beyond all belief. What had chased him, so that he could not run and escape? In his hands he had been clutching a package that contained scrolls, copies most likely, of ancient texts. Also in his possession was a large vellum bound codex that seemed to bear the sign of what he presumed to be nonsensical gibberish written in blood.

    Ahmed looked exacerbated at the continents of the material that he had just stolen. He did not look at their meaning nor did he read the inside scrawling of the vellum codex. Sweat was pouring down the side of his face. He seemed unable to breath and the dull pain that throbbed in his legs from running seemed to increase when he moved. He rested his back against the wall of an old building that was going to ruin and for a moment he breathed a sigh of relief, under the assumption he had gotten away from his pursuer, as he tried to catch his breath. But a moment later the figure appeared again staring hard at him from the shadows. He groaned in annoyance, reluctantly picked himself up and began running again. But his strength failed him. The pain in his leg shot throughout his body and the insidious figure who had chased him through the streets reached out to him with ghostly hands. Then they vanished, the thing and Amed, into the shadows of history.

    Modern day University of Miscatonic, Arkham Massachusettes:

    Professor Pabodie continued his speech with his usual tone. "Long before the dawn of our universe, when the stars and planets were nothing more than specks of dust and gas there existed creatures that lived in the space between the spaces. They came to our realm from this space and created our world out of nothingness. It was thier home for as long as memory could allow. It was peaceful while the starlight was harmonious. The Elder Beings raised enormous onyx cities like man shell have never seen, nor will ever see again. It is these same creatures who truly created human beings for their amusement. They would watch and laugh for it was humorous to them that a creature would receive pleasure and procreate from the same place they excrete their waste. For thousands of years everything was perfect. Then came the Old Ones: Shub-Nigurath the infernal mother-goddess; Chthulu the Warrior of the Deep; Nyarlathotep the Creeping Chaos; Dagon the lord of the Ocean and their brothers and sisters. Shub-Nigurath was consumed in a bitter hate with Dagon, constantly battling with him for supremacy. Nyarlathotep watched in amusement everything that transpired. But it was Chthulu, the great warrior, who raised an army against the Elder Race and banished them back to Kadath. This was all before man came, before the stars became poisonous. Though all but Nyarlathotep sleep now or lie in hiding, some say there are servants who still remember, who still serve if only they could hear their master’s call." Dr. Pabodie looked up at the clock. "Remember class, to reach chapter 9 of your text book and your second essay will be due in three weeks. Dismissed."

    Soon now, the time draws near when the stars are right and the Old Ones shall return and the seal will be broken. Do you hear the calling? The old ones are speaking to you saying
    'Arise, arise my servant and wake me from my slumber so that I may bring swift death to my enemies.' Whether it is the ancient mystery of these beings, or the strange events that plagued your life or a secret heritage these words stick in your mind. And the fact that several professors have gone missing, or experienced unfortunate ends has been bothering you. What then will you do when you learn the terrifying truth?

    Elder associated: If any
    Affinity: (history, languages, occult)
    Mental faculties: How much strange can you handle (note: no one should exhibit imperviousnes to occult horror)
    Magic: (cultists only, dependant on patron Elder)

    (addedum: The following post will be about what Elder gods are available)
  2. The Old Ones

    Azathoth. One of the Outer Gods and considered the center of all the universe.
    Azathoth is described by Lovecraft as "that last amorphous blight of nethermost
    confusion which blasphemies and bubbles at the center of all infinity—the
    boundless daemon sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud, and who
    gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond time amidst the
    muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of
    accursed flutes."
    Azathoth is the ruler of all Outer Gods and is considered timeless, having
    existed since before the creation of all the universe. None have seen Azathoth
    and told the tale, the mindless fluting of Azathoth's servitors as they orbit the
    idiot god driving simple man to his death. It is whispered that Nyarlathotep
    stands at Azathoth's beck and call, though what missions a mass of chaos would
    desire is beyond comprehension.
    Though never directly mentioned, it can be speculated that Azathoth is the
    center of creation from whence all things come, the ultimate chaos at the center
    of the universe which gives life and death at its fancy.
    MAGIC: Music based
    GIFT: Musician's Curse gives insight to ancient scriptures but the more this is used the more one delves into madness until they are but a shell


    A massive creature that has a similar body to a man but the head of an Octopus. He is one of the Older Beings who came and usurped the citadels of the Elder Gods. He is one of the two lords of the ocean, thought to now reside in the sunken city of R'lyeh, trapped in the tomb created by his followers to protect him from the poisonous star light. Those who can hear his message are easily swayed and soon become his followers preparing his way. It is said that once you become a follower your family line is thus dedicated to His cause.

    Also, Cthulu's minions, or child race are called Cthulhi, have a physical
    Similarity with Cthulhu himself, but are of far smaller size. This race arrived with him, but relatively little is known about them. On Earth they built the city R'lyeh, which later sank in the ocean, and where they still dwell with Cthulhu. A few are rumored to have escaped this incident, and can be found in hidden places on Earth. They are treasure hunters and possess psychic abilities enabling them to manipulate people who are too foolish to see their tricks.
    MAGIC: Sacraficial and Ambiant due to water
    GIFT: Swiftness in Water, weak ability to read other's thoughts

    Dagon was a major northwest Semitic god, reportedly of grain and agriculture. He was worshipped by the early Amorites and by the inhabitants of the cities of Ebla and Ugarit (which was an ancient city near the Mediterranean containing a large variety of ancient writings and pagan shrines). He was also a major member, or perhaps head, of the pantheon of the Biblical Philistines.

    His name appears in Hebrew as (in modern transcription Dagon, Tiberian Hebrew Dāḡôn), in Ugaritic as dgn (probably vocalized as Dagnu), and in Akkadian as Dagana, Daguna usually rendered in English translations as Dagan. In Ugaritic, the root dgn also means grain: in Hebrew dāgān, Samaritan dīgan, is an archaic word for grain, perhaps related to the Middle Hebrew and Jewish Aramaic word dgnʾ 'be cut open' or to Arabic dagn 'rain-(cloud)'. The Phoenician author Sanchuniathon also says Dagon means siton, that being the Greek word for grain. Sanchuniathon further
    explains: "And Dagon, after he discovered grain and the plough, was called Zeus Arotrios." The word arotrios means "ploughman", "pertaining to agriculture".

    The theory relating the name to Hebrew, fish, based solely upon a reading of 1 Samuel 5:2–7 is discussed in Fish-god tradition below. It is understood that Dagon was the lord of the ocean, rains and grain but was also the ruler of Atlantis until the revolt against him and his children resulted in the Cities destruction and sinking.

    Incidentally Dagon is the King of Atlantis. It was his children who fought with the half-bred fish-men of the lower class, causing the great city to sink into the ocean.

    In much later developments there was a cult following to him in Massachutsettes by a fishing community in a city called Innsmouth. The city now is comepletely corrupt and has a fishy feeling about it. There are dark goings on in that city, so naturally the people don’t like strangers.
    MAGIC: Performative ritual and Sacraficial
    GIFT: Water Breath, Deep one's curse (Over time you become more fish like, like those of Innsmouth unless you are a descendant of an Atlantean)

    Shub Niggurath

    Shub-Niggurath, often associated with the phrase “The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young”, is a deity. he creature is sometimes referred to as “The Black Ram of The Forest With A Thousand Ewe”, lending a male gender to the Great Old One that is often thought of as female. The diety is often worshiped through the image of, or phrase of the black goat. Depictions of the deity usually are of a pregnant goat with her sexual organs displayed and a green jewel, considered sacred to worshipers, in the nexus of her labia.

    The Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath are horrifying, pitch-black monstrosities, seemingly made of ropy tentacles. They stand as tall as a tree (perhaps between twelve and twenty feet tall) on a pair of stumpy, hooved legs. A mass of tentacles protrudes from their trunks where a head would normally be, and puckered maws, dripping green goo, cover their flanks. The monsters roughly resemble trees in silhouette — the trunks being the short legs and the tops of the trees represented by the ropy, branching bodies. The whole mass of these things smells like an open grave. They usually dwell in woodlands wherever Shub Niggurath's cult is active.

    The Dark Young are usually called upon to preside over cult ceremonies. One
    Means for summoning them is found in the Book of Eibon and requires a blood
    Offering. The ritual may only be performed in the deep of the woodlands at the darkest of the moon, and the victim must be sacrificed over a stone altar.

    Dark young act as proxies for Shub-Niggurath in the accepting of sacrifices and the worship of cultists, in the devouring of non-cultists, and in the spreading of their mother's faith across the world.
    MAGIC: Sexual Sacraficial
    GIFT: Influence over others, (Females) greater seduction over anyone


    Nyarlathotep differs from the other beings in a number of ways. Most of them are exiled to stars, like Yog-Sothoth and Hastur, or sleeping and dreaming like Cthulhu; Nyarlathotep, however, is active and frequently walks the Earth in the guise of a human being, usually a tall, slim, joyous man. Most of the Outer Gods have their own cults serving them; Nyarlathotep seems to serve these cults and take care of their affairs in their absence. Most of them use strange alien languages, while Nyarlathotep uses human languages and can be mistaken for a human being. Finally, most of them are all powerful yet purposeless, yet Nyarlathotep seems to be deliberately deceptive and manipulative, and even uses propaganda to achieve his goals. In this regard, he is probably the most human-like among them.

    Nyarlathotep enacts the will of the Outer Gods, and is their messenger, heart and soul; he is also a servant of Azathoth, whose wishes he immediately fulfills. Unlike the other Outer Gods, causing madness is more important and enjoyable than death and destruction to Nyarlathotep.
    MAGIC: Bartered, the more dealings with him you have the more he may control you directly.
    GIFT:Glamour, secret knowledge, spirit sight


    Yig (the Father of Serpents)He is a deity that appears as a serpent man, serpent with bat like wings, or as a giant snake. Although Yig is easy to anger, he is easy to please as well. Yig often sends his serpent minions, the children of Yig, to destroy or transform his enemies.

    To Native Americans, Yig is regarded as "bad medicine". He is also alluded to in western American folklore. He is identified with the Mesoamerican deity
    Quetzalcoatl, and may be a prototype for that god and other serpentine gods
    worldwide. Some authors identify him as the Stygian serpent god Set's father. Yig was once (and may still) be worshipped by the Ssethregorean Empire, a group dominated by various lizard and snake-like beings. Yig in this mythos is a female deity, but still strongly associated with serpents, suggesting the name is not a coincidence.
    MAGIC: Performative
    GIFT: Unknown (first servant will make it up for all others)

    Yog Sothoth

    Yog-Sothoth (The Lurker at the Threshold, The Key and the Gate, The Beyond One, Opener of the Way, The All-in-One and the One-in-All) Yog-Sothoth is an Outer God and is coterminous with all time and space yet is supposedly locked outside of the universe we inhabit. Its cosmic nature is hinted at in this passage from "Through the Gates of the Silver Key". Yog-Sothoth knows all and sees all. To "please" this deity could bring knowledge of many things. However, like most beings in the mythos, to see it or learn too much about it is to court disaster. Some authors state that the favour of the god requires a human sacrifice or eternal servitude.
    Aforgomon is an obscure avatar of Yog-Sothoth invented by Clark Ashton Smith. He was revered by many cultures past, present, and future as the God of Time
    because of his preternatural ability to manipulate time and space. Little is
    known of this being's appearance because he only reveals himself to those who
    have angered him. However, it is known that he is accompanied by a blinding
    light. He is the mortal enemy of Xexanoth.

    The Lurker at the Threshold

    This is the name given to Yog-Sothoth in August Derleth and H. P. Lovecraft's
    novel The Lurker at the Threshold. In the story, Alijah Billington describes
    Yog-Sothoth's appearance as ...great globes of light massing toward the opening, and not alone these, but the breaking apart of the nearest globes, and the protoplasmic flesh that flowed blackly outward to join together and form that eldritch, hideous horror from outer space, that spawn of the blankness of primal time, that tentacle amorphous monster which was the lurker at the threshold, whose mask was as a congeries of iridescent globes, the noxious Yog-Sothoth, who froths as primal slime in nuclear chaos beyond the nethermost outposts of space and time!
    MAGIC: Offeratory (a key) and the Long Chant will summon him
    GIFT: True sight, recognizing other servators

    Umr at-Tawil

    'Umr at-Tawil (The Most Ancient and Prolonged of Life), also spelled Tawil
    At-U'mr or Tawil-at'Umr, is described as an avatar of Yog-Sothoth in the story "Through the Gates of the Silver Key", by Lovecraft and E. Hoffman Price. In the story, he presides over the timeless halls beyond the Gate of the Silver Key and the strange, near-omnipotent Ancient Ones that dwell there. He is described as the silhouette of a man behind a strange, shimmering veil.
  3. Name: Jonathan Ward
    Elder associated: Nyarlathotep
    Age: 27
    Appearance: 5'11, dark blonde hair, aquagreen eyes
    History: Related to the famous Charles Dexter Ward, he was fascinated on the disappearance of his cousin as a boy. Now he is falling into the same pattern that Charles fell into.
    Affinity: Occult history
    Mental faculties: 4 (on a scale of 1-10, 10 is perfect)
    Fitness: Not obese but not fit, he can run short distances with mild ease
    Personality: Friendly and studious
    Major: History
  4. Also guys, for who ever joins. I want you to know that you do NOT have to be related to someone from the original mythos, nor do you have to be a cultist. But if you arent it will limit how much mental faculty you possess.
  5. Name: Randolph Cargwyn

    Elder associated: Dagon

    Age: 36

    History: Son of Lord Jago Cargwyn, a rich tin miner in Cornwall, Randolph has travelled across the ocean following the murder of his father. He carries a mark upon his face - a memento of the Dagon God. He will not speak of how his father died or of his alleged ties to the Order of the Golden Dawn. He will not answer why he dissolved his father's company, sold his property, and departed across the ocean. It is only known that he moves with purpose, compelled by zealotry.

    Affinity: Maritime knowledge, fishing, rope use, Hermetic Occultism, basic mining knowledge, Paganism.

    Mental faculties: 6

    Fitness: Cargwyn was raised in a coastal village and spent his pre-university years with the fishing fleet. The life has made him tough, with good upper body strength and well-callused hands. He is also resilient to the elements, having braved the worst of Cornish storms. He is not dextrous by any means, nor fast on his feet.

    Personality: A weather-worn stoic, ill-tempered and strict of manners. He has inherited his father's aristocratic contempt and is haunted by the fate his family suffered.

    Major: Political Science

    Magic: Curse of the Deep Ones and the ability to breath underwater.

  6. One other player is a good start. I feel with you in this rp itll have a good strong start. And if you really enjoy it, hopefully people you know will follow ^^ Im glad that you created such a stellar character. Theres enough mystery in there that story will develope it. I think that Ill be making the Golden Dawn as an undercurrent in this story. Well see how it goes.

  7. Name: Victor Alhambra

    Elder associated: Nyarlathotep

    Age: 48

    Appearance: 5'7, long grey hair, No eyes

    History: A criminal psychologist in his time, Alhambra's work began to pull him more and more away from social interaction as he moved into his late 20s. Spending weeks on end in his home leaving only after hunger after weeks of extended fasts forced him to do so. As this progressed, Victor's isolation became more worry some to the people he worked with and the remnants of his family. An intervention of sorts was staged but upon coming to the man's home, he was gone. In his place writing of all sorts had been cast across all manners of walls and table surfaces. Half sense messages of true seeing, guiding hands that shape the true world and other insane ramblings. Lost among the wilderness wading through hallucinations, Alhambra removed his eyes with a plastic spoon and offered up the remains to the Gods of Old. Using the offering to gain audience what he came to understand was truth. Since then Alhambra has wandered, called by voices unheard to places unseen carrying the often mistranslated messages of a malevolent messenger.

    Affinity: Trapping, animal calls, woodcraft, Botanical knowledge, skinning, the curing and prep of meat, tracking, Gnosticism, reading of braille

    Mental faculties: 2 (on a scale of 1-10, 10 is perfect)

    Fitness: Good shape in spite of his age. Years of nomadic life has kept Victor healthy enough to move when needed. While running isn't advisable for obvious reasons, the man is stout and can carry a pack for great distances.

    Personality: Years of isolation and possible hallucination has colored the man's perception of reality. While not foaming at the mouth crazy, the man has a very loose grasp at what is real and what isn't.

    Major: Psychology

    GIFT: secret knowledge, spirit sight

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  11. Name: William Thomas Bloch
    Elder associated: None
    Age: 26
    History: William has always been an avid researcher in ufology, cryptozoology, urban legends, and other such unexplained things. He himself claims to have witnessed things he could not explain. However, due to his passion for such paranormal things he is often laughed upon by other "serious scientists". Recently, he had just heard about strange cults and group. Of course, this proved irresistible to him, so began his research...
    Affinity: Paranormal and Unexplained things
    Mental faculties: On a scale of 1 to 10, about a 7. Maybe an 8.
    Fitness: In moderate shape.
    Personality: William can come off as rude due to the fact he sees himself as a man dedicated to research and nothing else. He's a bit impulsive and a loner. He can warm up to people, but some bits of his rudeness can still emerge.
    Major: Astronomy and Environmental Science, though is a self-claimed Ufologist and cryptozoologist (sp?).
    Magic: None
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  18. EDIT:
    Ok so for yall that never played it, this game is like Arkham Horror...the lovecraft board game. Its similar to D&D but with premade char in real life. Im going to now try and explain what we're doing as best I can. And later tonight I will write out the scenarios for each elder God

    We are in the town of Arkham as you know. The events that will follow are called gate openings. With each event, a gate opens and a horror (can be any type of creature from the mythos) emerges. As we start out we are essentially a team of investigators. We must go investigate the event.

    Each of us has a starting sanity level stated by our mental faculties. Mine started at 4. At the beginning of the events a RANDOM god shall be chosen by me (since I own both RP and board game)

    When we go investigate, a horror will be confronted. Each of us then looses 1 sanity point. The exception to this is that IF your character is under the alliance of the current old one who is emerging, THEN you dont loose sanity. In addition you have the option to betray your human allies in the interest of your patron.

    When the elder god is chosen at the onset I will post his status on this thread. He will have Similar characteristics to us with the exception that "mental faculties" will be replaced by "Gate count". As the name suggests, each gate that opens raises his count by +1. If all his gates are open then the elder god emergees into our world and we must fight for our lives.

    Note: The result from betraying your allies, reveals your alliance to everyone. Further, you are now considered an enemy and you can be attacked as if a horror. However you have the option to do it covertly by giving misleading clues etc. But if you become a traitor DO PM me as I will tell you how to increase the gate count faster without letting others know.

    How do we stop them from emerging?
    First we must kill the horrors that emerge. Then we must go into the portal to the "OTHER WORLD" and close the gate by solving a riddle or problem OR by destroying a nexus structure. (You will be informed when I post which one it is)

    NOTE: While in Other world, there will be other horrors.

    What happens if my sanity is 0?
    At that point you must take time to recover. If youre recovering you cannot enter the OTHER WORLD. In addition, you cannot ever fully recover. You can only recover up to -25% of your original faculties. So that means I go from 4 to 0. Then when I recover I only go back to 3, then after that 2, and then 1 and then 0

    What happens when you permenantly reach 0?
    Then your current character is insane, and you should play someone else.

    What if I reach 0 while in OTHER WORLD?
    An allie then should help you leave OTHER WORLD so you can recover. If noone helps you then you will enter into a negative count of sanity, which will acrew the moment you leave OTHER WORLD.

    eg. I reach 0 in the other world. No one helps me to leave it. I encounter another horror and my sanity goes to -1. (lets say then that someone solves a riddle) The gate closes and we are back to our world. Normally I would only recover back to 3 as per my previous "rule." But in this case I have a lingering -1 which resolves now. So I really recover to 2.

    Can closed gates ever be reopened?
    During each attack of an elder god, No.

    An elder god/old one is defeated when either all the gates are closed, or it is killed in battle.

    If you guys have any more questions, or suggestions PLEASE do tell me.
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