The Elder Invasion: CHAPTER 9 - History Isle

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Widely regarded as the most sacred place in all Iwaku, the enchanted Island of History is as hard to reach as it is to fully comprehend. In the vaults beneath the old temples, the magical archives of Iwaku's long history are stored, together with powerful and terrifying artifacts.

Legend has it that there is a great labyrinth guarded by mythical creatures and magical traps, to catch the curious and avaricious. It is no wonder that Prince Rory chose this place as his stronghold during the Admin War. And his first general, Chaos, continues to guard the island to this day and ensure the noble history of Iwaku remains uncorrupted.

The Island can only be reached by airship across the treacherous Gosai Mountains, or from the little-known boat-launch of Brigadoon on the north coast. And if one were to make the crossing, they would have to contend with yet more ancient creatures that patrol the waters around the island.

In short, only the foolhardy or truly determined will make the effort to reach History Isle and face its guardians.

[Power Hierarchy: D, S, R, C]
Re: History Isle

Like a dozen buoys bobbing to the surface, the spheres emerged from the water and turned their glyph-like eyes towards the island. The ocean boiled and writhed around them, as if tortured by their presence.

Each one was easily 100ft across.


The first lazer-beam, 20ft wide, struck the ruined temples, vapourizing stone and scorching earth. The spheres began moving, closing on the island on all sides. And when they were close enough, the lower halves of the spheres broke apart, forming into 8 legs which took the weight of the upper half.


The Stone Spiders scuttled onto the island, blasting at the ruins with their lazers and searching ways into the labyrinth. Their slurping noises filled the air and shook the tunnels beneath.
Re: History Isle - CHAPTER 9


"Heh heh, butthurt..."

In the deepest corridors of the labyrinth, a lone teenager was drawing graffiti on the wall, one hand gripping the red chalk while the other was nestled firmly down his pants. He was wearing a red cape that was far too big for him and beside him rested an oversized skull-helmet with under-curving horns.

The teen chuckled as he started colouring in the picture with a neckbeard.
"Fucking faggots..." He laughed out loud, spittle rolling down his chin. "Where's your power now, dickweeds?"

He jumped, dropping the chalk as he heard footsteps behind him. He got up and brushed down his cape, bowing to the squad of Noob Barbarians who approached. They were one of many hordes now swarming through the tunnels of the Archives, desecrating whatever they could find and defacing the walls with spam.

"It's all done," said the Red Spy as he bowed to the Noobs. "Chaos, the guardian, is dead... crushed in the vaults. I did what you wanted."

He realised he still had his other hand in his pants and quickly pulled it out.

"There is no one else here?" asked the Hijacker leading the Noobs.

"No one, Sir, no one. All gone. Chaos and the others knights all dead. Dead faggots, heh heh..." More drool dripped from his lopsided mouth.

The Hijacker nodded. "You have pleased us, for now. The Lord will be arriving shortly."

Red Spy dropped to his knees, grinning in delight. "The Master, he comes? To rid Iwaku of tyranny? To bless me? Heh heh heh..."

The Noobs did not bother to answer as Red Spy was lost in his chuckling. They moved on as the traitor picked up his chalk again and carried on drawing the dick-butt image.

[SUMMARY: Red Spy, a rebellious Iwaku citizen, is revealed as a traitor who led the Elders to History Isle. He is helping the Noobs clear the labyrinth in preparation for a mysterious arrival.]
Re: History Isle - CHAPTER 9

The Labyrinth was collapsing.

The great halls and libraries had been set on fire, the beams of the Elder War Machines slicing through the deepest vaults. With the Red Spy guiding the attacks, the Archives of Iwaku were being systematically eradicated. The guardians had been killed, Lord Chaos overwhelmed by sheer numbers, and his knights - Leonard, Daryl and Angela - had fallen alongside him. Their bodies had been left in the chambers, where the rocks were falling in on them, burying all in rubble and ash.

In a few hours it was over. The labyrinth was falling into itself and the temples on the surface were toppling over. Sniggering, the Red Spy, Zabasaz, climbed aloft one of the Elders and rode away with the cavorting horde. Behind them, the magical waters swelled and began to consume the island. They were turning red, swelling with the agony of this moment... the extermination of history... the desecration of all Iwaku's past glories...

Down below, the magical archives were falling apart, parchment burning, glyphs erasing, murals falling into dust. But one picture remained... one prophecy scrawled on the wall near the bodies of Chaos, Daryl and Angela.

It was a single face... and a single phrase.

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