The Elder Invasion: CHAPTER 8 - Castle Iwaku

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The marshmallow was one thing but when Inari transformed them into cuffs it had turned into something entirely different. They truly were their prisoners. Zypher walked along the front of the group, turning corners and winding deeper into the caverns as Inari dictated, the sounds of the crashing waves slowly fading in the distance.

As they walked it gave him time to think about the events surrounding the circumstances that Iwaku was in upon his arrival. It's just been one disaster after another! I get here and my space-pod is broken, I meet someone that wants me to go with him to meet this Rory person but instead I get stuck with Faramond who is totally incompetent and then we meet Aki and Aya, who seem to be good enough people but they're in a refugee camp and then we go into the ruined city, get attacked, get attacked AGAIN, GET ATTACKED AGAIN, and now we're prisoners, well this is a big happy pile of crap! Zypher sighed, Well look at the bright side, you've met some interesting people and you're not just wandering through the forest anymore.

"Oh by the way Inari, you think I can at least get my gun back into my holster? Without it I feel kind of naked." Zypher asked, looking over at Inari, who had his gun. He noticed the woman that hadn't really said anything take off her hood. Well that's interesting... He was about to open his mouth when they came to a chasm, the center of which had a bridge spanning to the other side. Without much thought Zypher began to edge his way out onto the ledge, looking off to the sides to see how deep it was.

"So about that king of yours, why isn't he defending his castle? If I were king I'd be fighting up there to the last breath, especially if he's as powerful as you say he is." Zypher sighed, looking to Inari as well as his companions.
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Rory had the group move forward. The bridge looked like something out of a high fantasy story but at least it was sturdy looking enough. "Tricksters are not meant to be political leaders. They are not good or evil in the grand scheme of things. We live in a dual reality, opposite polarities, yin /yang, male/female, good/ evil, God/Devil or Trickster. Our reality is created by electromagnetic energy fields, the poles, positive and negative energy.He probably did what was honorable in the eyes of a trickster, he fled from a losing battle in order to regroup elsewhere. A castle is just a symbol and a rather tacky one at that."
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They went deeper and deeper into the caves, proceeding further and further into the older parts of it. Faramond had no clue as to where the mysterious man, who was to be called "Inari" and his unferal feral girl companion will take them, but he had no other choice but to follow them.

Zypher stopped as the group came into a giant chasm, right in the middle of a cave. Spanning across it was an old, and seemingly unreliable, bridge. Zypher looked at Faramond who looked at the twins who blankly stared back at nothing. It seems that one of them, the prisoners, have to go first.

Zypher nudged Faramond towards the bridge, as if commanding him to go first. Faramond sighed and decided its best to get things over with. "Don't blame me if this rickety bridge fails under my weight..." he thought as he neared the bridge, saying a little prayer for himself before taking his first step.

One step, and the bridge wobbled. Faramond wondered if the bridge could really take on his weight, but he has to move on. Another step, and the bridge seemed to have wobbled even more, making him dizzy. He struggled to keep his balance and took a few more steps.

"Easy does it, you have all the time in the world," he thought, focusing all his attention to keeping his balance while walking across the bridge.

"Besides..." Faramond thought, "wait. No. Nothing good comes out of overanalyzing things."

"It would do me no good if I would think about the possibility of having creatures down here that might attack us while we are crossing this bridge."

"It would even make it more difficult for me to cross this bridge if I think about wether or not..." Faramond looked down and saw nothing but darkness. "No... just no."

Faramond stopped, stood stupidly out there and looked around. He saw Zypher, the twins and his captors staring back at him, wondering what came to him. Faramond stared back at them and looked at the bridge he was standing on.

"Wait," Faramond thought as he realized where he was standing on, "This is a stone bridge. It shouldn't wobble. If ever it should start shaking, I should start praying for my life, or limb, or both."

"And the more I stand here, the more that might be possible," he thought as he noticed some cracks on the bridge, a product of time and who knows what. He resumed walking till he got to the other side. There, he went near the cave walls and sat down. There's nothing much he could do now but wait.
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Up above, the city shook with the noise of raucous celebration.

Dotted on rooftops, the Hijackers watched as their Noob subordinates cheered and danced. Their expressions were hidden behind veils and their eyes ever calculating, as if even the victory celebrations were part of a careful design. The Hijackers dispersed themselves with a joint intent, a little more human than the Spiders and a little less savage than the barbarians - the bridge between gods and mortals.

The Trolls were wielding banners and great torches of fire as they lumbered through the streets. They roared in dumb delight, barking curses at the buildings they passed. Some were even dressed in tattered costumes - dragons, vampires, werewolves. They tried to dance but their bloated bodies merely waddled and stumbled. It was like an obscene parody, their roars becoming discordant song.

Around them ran the Spammers, darting this way and that with whoops of delight. They had armed themselves with spraycans and were daubing grafitti on any surface they could find. Words, slogans, noobspeak and curses - the roads and walls were soon covered in scrawl, their parade leaving nothing unsullied.

At every street corner, the Flamers gathered to combine their power and send great fireworks into the sky. The beams went up and exploded in showers of flame, sometimes spelling out words of filfth and slander. The more zealous ones violated the peace treaty, dragging Iwakuans from their houses and setting them alight, laughing as they ran burning through the streets.

In the town squares, the Pimprats made similiar violations. The soldiers captured from the Castle and the South Gate had been wrapped in chains, and as their souls were leached away they were made to dance like puppets. Other Noobs gathered, laughing, jeering, throwing spoiled food at the dressed-up effigies of Iwakuan heroes.

And around the landmarks of the city, whole choirs of Deviants were preparing the main event. As the celebrations reached fever pitch the Deviants screamed in chorus and began to stretch and fracture the monuments. The Bridges, the University, the Gardens, the Statues - everything was warped and perverted.

They were trampling the city and remaking it in their image.

But by the ruined South Gate, in a squallid refugee camp, an old man hugged his granddaughter closer and winced at the fireworks and Noobish shrieks. The girl was crying, but he whispered into her ear, over and over, the words that were spreading between the camps.

Somewhere, the rumour had started, and now it was being passed in whispers between the suffering Iwakuans... the same words that he whispered to his granddaughter now.

"Don't worry... he's coming... the Hero is coming... just hold on..."

[SUMMARY: With Rory gone, the Noobs show little respect towards the peace treaty. They trash the city in their victory celebrations. But even as they rejoice, a rumour is passing through the refugee camps. The prophecy of the True Hero is spreading... ]
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Zypher watched as Faramond cautiously made his way across the bridge. If I had my guns free I'd shoot him down... Zypher couldn't help but think as Faramond made it successfully across the bridge. With a sigh Zypher stepped onto the bridge and began to trot across, barely phased by the fact that it shifted under his weight."So, this king of yours is honorable amongst tricksters? That's interesting." Zypher said as he finished the last bit of the bridge.

From somewhere far above the cave Zypher could hear the faint noise of a twisted celebration from the noobs that had taken over since Rory's surrender. The sound was a grim reminder for the group and spurred Zypher's feet even faster as he practically lept across the bridge now.
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From the skies it came, piercing the storm clouds.

The Barship detected it... a moment before their scans were scrambled...

The Vikings on the mountain saw it as Teknikan frigates were smashed from the sky...

Anirune Forest saw it, before it went up in flames, set alight by the heat trails of its descent...

The ashes of Shifter Town and Dystopia were scattered by it....

And in the city, the Elders looked up and beheld their doom.


Great bolts of lightning fell from the spaceship and struck amid the city streets, frying the Elder Spiders. They tried to scatter, to roll into sphere form, to summon more Noobs, but one by one they were blasted into lifelessness. The beams found them wherever they ran, wherever they hid. From the rooftops Spiders dropped... in the parklands they twitched and died.... and around the refugee camps they were blasted away.

And the Noobs fell to their knees in terror.

Thunder wracked the skies, and the very land of Iwaku shook as the craft, almost as large as the city itself, came into slow descent, glowing with golden light as it blotted out the sun.

And from its lowest chambers, something extended... a ramp, unfolding slowly, coming down to touch upon the battlements of Iwaku Castle. From within there was only white light, holy and glorious.

And in the streets, as the Noobs screamed, the people of Iwaku looked up, smiling as they beheld the prophecy fulfilled.

A shape stepped into the light at the top of the ramp.

And all at once, the Hero of Iwaku appeared....
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"We have arrived. Are you ready."

"That depends. Do I look intimidating?"

"Not at all. But you forgot your belt."

"Oh, right! What would I do without my secretary?"

"The universe would run mad with chaos...?"

"That does sound unpleasant."

The doors opened wide. Light shining down on the tall form walking out to make the first step on Iwaku lands. Dark brown hair and blue eyes, dressed in normal but girlish black clothing. She looked so brazenly average compared to the massive hunk of metal and technology she exited from. A confused expression crossed her face as she rose a hand to her eyes to survey the landscape. Dead spiders, Noobs, bodies everywhere...! Absolute chaos.


"I think I took a wrong turn at the Badlands."

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