The Elder Invasion: CHAPTER 8 - Castle Iwaku

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Well, This Was Unexpected . . .


Early Morning:

And so Acqua found herself practicing her rowing once again. It was a nice morning as the sun made the water beneath her reflect the warm pallette that filled the sky. Sail boats with different stripes were passing by and the wind felt placid, too placid. In the distance, the grand Castle Iwaku stood above the waterfall which fell into the ocean behind the castle. Acqua, continued rowing as her blue hair gave way to the pleasant breeze. Onward she rowed as the sun rose slowly but steadily further into the sky.


Acqua neared the castle after about an hour of rowing on the lake. She was gently singing, trying to make the last bit of practice less boring as her rowboat neared a point where she could dock. She slowed down and docked and got off, proceeding inside of the castle mostly to give her arms a much welcomed break. She walked into the castle, wandering around until she decided to go through an exhibit in a museum. She was rather amazed since she rarely learned much other than what was needed to continue in her family's profession.

But soon, the allure of sunlight seemed to draw her to a rather attractive garden within the castle. The sound of birdsong seemed to fill it as she wandered through, looking at the exotic flowers with wonder. She was smiling as she innocently got her face up close to a particularly pretty orange flower. Suddenly, though, a sudden stir of wings appeared in her vision that made her leap back from the flower. She believed that she saw some sort of insect with a skull on its back.

Dumbfounded to whether that meant anything, she soon found out. Suddenly, the birdsong suddenly became erratic and nervous as the birds all flew away. Soon, noises and whatnot was coming from everywhere. The situation seemed chaotic as people rushed away, only to get attacked by noobs or trolls. Acqua was nonplussed about the situation, and panicked as she attempted to make a run for it to her rowboat. She would've been successful, but then a spammer got in her way inside of a dining area. Nervously, she grabbed a chair that had fallen on the ground and weakly hit the spammer on the head with the chair, knocking him down long enough for her to ski-daddle outside to her rowboat and grab her staff.

Summary: Acqua spends most of her morning rowing to Castle Iwaku, and walks around enjoying the attractions of Castle Iwaku until suddenly the place is invaded by spammers, trolls, and flamers. She barely manages to escape, having to use a chair to temporarily restrain a spammer to get to her rowboat and grab her staff.
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Musical Score: Bled for days - Static X

WMD allowed a half smile to crease his face at Khang's words
"Good, it would ahve been a shame to kill you" he said, reaching the top of the stairs, where several Traitors stood, their clothing that of 41st millenium Traitors, tattoos and brandings marking them as bread cultists and their weapons that of the ISAF.

"Meet your new compatriots Beastman, welcome to he Kabal" Sindri whispered, and Khang noticed that there were 'shifters among the more humanoid cultists, though all were united in allegience.

all bowed down to the will of the Warmaster, Sindri, and now, to Khang.

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He's Kind of Creepy . . .

Acqua managed to take out her staff, only to find the spammer she had forced a chair onto earlier coming after her, another spammer tailing behind. This is not the kind of day I had in mind, Acqua thought to herself as she sighed and tapped her neclace as it began to glow in a blue hue. Acqua's staff shimmered for a few seconds as she gripped it firmly with her right hand. Knowing she didn't have much time, she quickly jerked her staff to the right, sending a large wave into the spammers from their side.

Acqua watched as the wave slammed the spammers into the wall, finally silencing their annoying chatter by filling their mouths with water. Acqua used the rest of her time to violently jerk the staff in the opposite direction, making the water go violently in the other direction and throw the spammers into the lake where they would probably drown for all she cared. As her thirty seconds of power came to an end, her neclace returned to its original silver hue. Acqua sighed with relief, only to see that there was more where that came from. Desperately trying to escape, she dropped her staff in her rowboat and hopped on, grabbing the oar and paddling out into the lake.

Acqua paddled out for another minute or so, feeling relieved. She rowed onward through the lake, noting that far off there seemed to be calamity, as well. Her blue eyes looked onward with a slight bit of worry, not aware of what was going on directly in front of her. Suddenly, an object caught her sight. Her eyes widened at its sight and she immediately stopped rowing. It was a hand, gripping on to the side of the boat.

Suddenly, there was two hands gripping her boat. Then three, then four, then six. Acqua was terrified as the hands began to attempt to climb up on the boat, making it rock and lean in various directions.

"Help!" Acqua cried out, not really thinking because of her anxiety.

Soon, the rocking became too much and she couldn't stand. She got out her staff, attempting to bash the hands away but to no avail. Everytime she hit them away they would just come back like as if nothing happened. Acqua, panicked, got her oar and started slapping the water around her with it, hoping to deter them. It managed to work, probably hitting them on the head and causing them to swim away, but there was still one that was attempting to climb up. Well, at least there isn't all of that commotion like at the castle, Acqua thought to herself as she let go of her oar and took out her staff, using the sphere on the end to bash the hand.

The enemy's hands finally blood red and too sore to actually grip anything, let go of the row boat. The hands dissappeared into the water as Acqua sighed once again with relief. I should probably row back to the castle; at least I can see what I'm facing there Acqua thought to herself, re-assessing the situation as she began rowing back towards the castle.

Summary:Acqua manages to escape to the lake by using her powers to slam the spammers chasing her into a wall and then flinging them out into the lake. Minutes later, she finds many hands grabbing at her rowboat trying to climb onto her rowboat. Panicked and afraid, she cries out for help, but manages to barely keep herself from falling into the water, which would've been the worst case scenario. Seeing that she can't see the enemies in the water, she decides to go back to the castle despite the commotion.
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Iwaku Castle was in chaos.

As Acqua rowed back towards the Great Bridge, she paid witness to the escalating disaster overtaking the land. The airships of the royal fleet were burning, torn apart by lazer-blasts and spherical flying machines. Here and there she saw the spheres open up like blossoming flowers, taking the shape of Spiders that crawled along the walls of the castle. Each Elder trailed a web of amber light from which Noob Barbarians materialised, invading the battlements and breaching the chambers of the royal halls. Everything was a din of artillery fire and roaring magic, like apocalyptic thunder.

Acqua could almost feel the pain resonating from the castle walls, the ethereal tears of ancestors defiled and past glories erased.

The evening sun was blotted from the sky as an airship exploded overhead. She looked up, watching a royal flagship break apart above her. It seemed to fall in slow-motion, propellor blades spinning off in all directions and balloon fragments burning. Then she saw the flickers of golden light - little fairy-fires sparking all along the hull. The crew of battle mages were teleporting out, using the last of their magics to throw themselves to safety.

"Gaaaaaaaagh!!!" came a sudden and terrifying scream, and Acqua was almost thrown overboard as the rowboat lurched. She stumbled and turned, startled by the man who had suddenly appeared on the other seat of her boat. A sheen of teleportation energy dissipated around him and he slumped against the hull, his palace robes stained with blood.

He was perhaps middle-aged, his short hair tinged with silver and his face well-fed, clean-shaven. The blood and the dirt were fresh, gifts from the battle overhead.

And as the shadow of the plummetting airship increased around them, the Battle Mage reached up, gripping Acqua's shoulder in the cold and certain grip that only the dying could exact.

"King is gone... Castle overrun," he hissed, words fueled by his final breaths. "The city is lost! Warn the Shifters..."

The cold grip expanded to a pulse of pure ice and Acqua's body convulsed. Dizzyness assailed her and her stomach lurched as the bounds of reality were stretched and split.

And then she was thrown out of synch with all the world, a second before the airship crashed down and broke apart in a boiling firestorm.

[SUMMARY: A dying battle-mage lands on Acqua's boat. He tells her to warn "the Shifters" and then uses the last of his power to teleport her from the city.]
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"O-okay," Acqua said, trying to stay calm after being suddenly shooken up. "I'll . . . " Acqua was interrupted as she felt the icy touch make her body convulse.

She soon became dizzy and felt pain in her stomach as reality was split up. Her last glimpse of the world around her was of the airship, which presumably crashed as she suddenly blacked out.

-Acqua has left Iwaku City-
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A Cellar

The floor was slick with blood and offal, the chambers stank of death and radiated an opressive aura of pain and terror.

the darkness abated suddenly as Sindri strode into the chamber, looking to begin another delicious torture session with the man whose boots he had kissed for far too long.

yet the chamber was bare of its occupant, holes in the bloodstained walls all that remained of the manacles that had held the Warmaster in palce were holes in the brickwork.

as the Sorceror looked around, he noted that the other entrance to the chamber had been torn off its hinges, bloodied handprints marking where the prisoner had torn flesh free in his frantic attempts.
The sorceror grinned, envisioning the pain such an attempt would elicit, but his mind quickly focused on the prize.
That the Warmaster had escaped mattered little, his sanity was shattered and Sindri had broken his armor and his connection to the Barship in all senses of the word, thus one more madman loose in the insanity of the war would matter little, the Elders would still prevail and Sindri would still obtain the sword of Iwaku.

This realm will still burn and ultimate power would still be his.

All power demands sacrifice Sindri muttered as he left the chamber and returned to the taks of Keeping the Kabal hidden from both the Elders and the Iwakuans.

ooc: WMD escapes, though his mind is shattered and he wears only the chains that imprisoned him.

Sindri is unconcerned for that reason, and returns to his plotting.
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He waited on the battlements. The sun was beginning its evening descent behind him and a cooler wind came to maul his hair, sending it dancing in front of his heavy-set scowl.


Beyond the battlements of the castle, the city seemed veiled in fog. The fires had died out after the second day, and now there was only smoke and the half-ruined skyline, like a toy city moth-eaten and half-built. The lumbering forms of Elder Spiders patrolled the streets and far to the south the Iwaku Mall was being repainted by a team of Deviants, the dome turned to garish red and blue.

Rory's eyes were drawn to the crater where the South Gate once stood. The airship docks were in ruins and the hollowed out frames of the royal fleet lay like dead insects between the derailed trains. Everywhere, from east to west, there were echoes of disaster... demolished buildings, cracked streets, impromptu graveyards. The bodies of the fallen had been heaped on street corners for disposal, except where they had been swept away as the river broke it banks. Palonis Bridge was gone and the main boulevard was all but levelled.

He had seen every part of this city grow, from foundation to varnish, the 18 years of long construction. As reluctant king and trustee of the ARC fortune, he had been a father to these people, and now, as he saw the smouldering ruins, all he could think of was the time before all this, when the first seed was sown...

"An Exodus?" said Diana as she hung upside down from a tree, her long auburn hair dangling over the crystal stream that rushed between her and Rory.

"Paorou-Sama will play the role of Vishnu," replied the prince, watching the windmills in the distance. "He'll break the boundaries of Iwaku and sever Homac's hold. We'll have one chance to trick him."

"Oh cool. So we'll make a new Iwaku and take all your friends there?"

"A Mirror Iwaku, sustained by the power of the Goddess."

"Ooh, I like that!"

"So you'll help?" Rory stepped over the stream towards her, breathing in the air of Sanctuary one last time as he felt the weight of history pulling him back to the War unfolding in Iwaku.

"Hmm...." Diana carried on swinging. "Okay!"

Rory was stirred from his memories as a familiar rushing sound split the air. With a sigh he turned, expecting to see another Hijacker at the head of a barbarian horde. But the figure before him was indeed unexpected.


"Your highness."

The prince faced the woman, one hand on the hilt of Isodath. "You're late."

The veiled woman moved towards him, clearly unarmed, her light dress of white rippling in the breeze. "We've both been busy, these last few days. You've hidden many of your people, haven't you? Your battle mages, your ministers. But you know you can't hide them all. There are thousands of citizens still in the city."

"And that's why I'm here. But I'm sure you knew that already."

"So. You will surrender the city?"

Since dawn there had been no fighting. Since dawn no one else had died in a city awash with blood. The music could be stopped, or could resume again in violent crescendo.

Now... more than ever... as Rory prepared to give his answer... he wished he had never been crowned as King of Iwaku.

[After 3 days of bloody fighting, Rory calls a truce with the Elders and meets an ambassador on the rooftop of Iwaku Castle. It seems he is about to surrender the city.]
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"I should be shocked to see you here, but then again, these sorts of things happen all the time in a world surviving on the brink of peace one afternoon and world war the next. As Solomon said, there's a time for peace and a time for war. Looks like the fates have decided now its time for the latter.

Rory then gave the ambassador a sly grin, "Surrender is such a pointless term for what's going to be occurring; especially since its conditional and purposeful. I shall declare this. With the "imminent" capture of Iwaku City, the government will declare it an open city, thus announcing that we have abandoned all defensive efforts. In return, it will then be expected that your tinker toys will not to bomb or otherwise attack the city anymore, but simply to march in and occupy it for now. Thus, I have still protected the historic landmarks and civilians who dwell in the city from further unnecessary battle."

Rory kept his hand on Isodath, "The city is now yours. Do what ever you want with it."
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"A most gracious offer, Your Highness," said the Ambassador, her voice sweet though her eyes remained calculating. "We, of course, have no wish to desecrate your landmarks. Only to improve upon them. The Noob Tribes are a proud and growing people, and under the guidance of the Elder Gods we are being provided the homes we rightly deserve. These lands are spacious and fertile and I am sure that we can share them peacefully."

"Tell that to Shifter Town," Rory answered, hand firm upon the hilt of his sword, "And Dystopia."

"An unfortunate collateral loss. But this is the cost of resettlement, Your Highness. There are millions of Noobs looking for places to reside and their energy is relentless. It is a force that must be accomodated, like the ocean that cuts from the mountains to the sea."

"Very poetic. Are we done here?"

"Only one more thing, Highness. It has come to our attention that there are certain renegades who have yet to submit to occupation. They are led by the self-styled Iwaku Knight, Asmodeus, and the regent of the Shifter Tribes, one Myrnodyn Byte. Our sources tell us they are also in collusion with several renegade captains, among them Warmaster Severdus and the Teknikan vagrants."

She refolded her slender hands inside her robe, eyes still strangely blank as though her voice was coming from another place entirely.

"Any help you could provide in containing these renegades would be greatly beneficial to our truce."

[The Elder Ambassador asks for Rory's help in capturing the main characters.]
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The fluttering of wings, pure as freshly fallen snow, seemed to echo off the fallen stone. The figure, cloaked from head to toe in palest green, surveyed the death around her with tear-filled eyes. Folding the wings as her back, she padded softly to a corpse, her small feet gracefully avoiding spatters of blood. Bowing her head, she stopped before the body of a guard to her master's castle, a man she recalled dimly meeting. He looked almost serene, as though in heavy and dreamless repose. The blood beginning to coagulate over his scalp told a different story. As the figure moved her hand to close his eyes, she accidentally dipped her hand into a pool of blood seeping beneath the hair.

Suddenly seemed more urgent in her actions, the figure wasted no more time in taking to the air one again, her wings unfurling as she took a nimble jump into the air. Before she could depart however, a hoarse cry caught her attention. A surviving battle mage, wearing ripped and tattered clothing, stepped from the shadows. Brilliantly red hair alerted the figure - an old acquaintance, Sozzie. Hovering several feet off the air, the woman surveyed Sozzie.

"Do you need my help, to fly you somewhere?" she asked, lowering herself a few inches. "I must know where my master has fled to, for he surely cannot have perished, he is too strong for that". It was less assured in her own mind, more a desperate wish, but she would not let on. Hope renewed in her, however, when Sozzie nodded.

"I need no help, I am here of my own choosing, searching for survivors. Your master, though, my lady, is just behind the battlements. It is my honor to have seen your return, I hope this is a good omen, after all of the bad". The woman lowered her head, her return had come later than it should have. There had been no word of this level of destruction, though, in all her wandering. Perhaps this was the first city to fall, perhaps she still had a home to return to. Nagging doubt warned her of the despairs inherent in hoping. Inclining her head to Sozzie as a thanks, the woman shot into the air and scanned the area. It was not difficult to find where Sozzie had indicated.

In little time, she was landing, her face concealed by her hood and hair tucked beneath it. With her wings folded back, she adjusted the folds of her cloak to conceal them as best she could. It was like a sick version of homecoming with the ruins and death scattered around, but finally she caught sight of her master. Heart heavy, she darted toward him before she noticed a second figure with him.

" our truce..." were the final words, the only ones the woman in green heard. She froze, her shadowed eyes searching helplessly for some form of joke on her master's face.

Kitti returns, quake in your boots >(

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Music played quietly seven yards away....Almost completely undetectable...

Silently, a pair of pure black eyes encircled in orange watched the King and saw what appeared to be his disciple. White hair free-floated in the air as her wings slowly churned, keeping her aloft. A body, almost completely curled up in the fetal position, slowly unfurled as it slowly lowered to the ground, its legs extending and its feet touched down as the rest her body finally seemed to notice gravity. The floating, chalky-white hair lowered down. The being tilted her head silently, acknowledging the carnage within the area. It had only been there for merely a few moments.

The mask-like face that seemed to be frozen in a smile, slowly started to turn down at the corners, and its appearance became more solemn. The creature held a gem in its small black hand and slowly crushed it, a glowing, multi-colored, glitter-like substance floated around her hand, the creature becoming even more depressed as a pair of headphones formed in its hand, a symbol of its time in the current form running out, and as it slowly put them around its neck, it started to shrink and the body seemed to dissipate in the same way that the gem had, leaving behind a smaller girl with red eyes, peering out from under a fluffy hood. Her gaze was more innocent, and looked on with confusion at what was happening.

She didn't understand what she saw. Her friend seemed unhappy, and the woman he seemed to be talking to seemed to be the one making him upset... The girl that appeared seemed unhappy too.... And she couldn't figure out why a "Truce" was something that seemed to make her friend seem so serious-looking. Weren't truces a good thing? She would wait until he was done talking to that lady before trying to cheer him up. The girl bleated out an almost silent "Murrrrr..." as she looked around again, pulling her hood up around her face more. Something wasn't right...

She whimpered quietly again, not liking to see her friend in such a state. She didn't like the fact that she smelled blood in the air. And she certainly didn't like the smell of that woman in white. Still, she remained where she was. Had she come too late? Rory had seemed so much happier the last time they talked....

The bark of the tree that she had chosen to lean against while watching was rough and cold against her small hands. It seemed to keep her from slinking into her memories, she needed her full attention span for this moment. But try as she could, nothing that had been said or done made sense. Her friend was unhappy, that girl seemed so sad... and that woman had to be the cause of it.... right?.... it had to be.... Either way, that was Rory's business. Hers was to cheer him up once it was all over.

And she had a feeling her normal antics weren't going to be enough this time..... So she finally knelt by the tree, eyes never leaving the three, and waited quietly.
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"I will not join in on your hunt for renegades. I don't care what happens to them; however, I will not go out of my way to harm them. That my friend, is the duty of your master and her followers. "Renegades" and "Governments" are complimentary balance arms. People deserve the treatment they are willing to endure." Rory then said.

The king then placed his hand on Kitti's shoulders, "Further more, inform your masters that from this time forward, I am no longer king. It's simply not convenient for me anymore. From this day forward, anarchy is the rule." At this moment, Rory then tore off his cape and entrapped the Ambassador's face for the time being. He drew out Isodath, grabbing Kitti and then TK a few moments later with his angelic speed and soon all three of them had faded into the fabrics of reality. Leaving both the Castle and now Iwaku leaderless.

They were now headed to underground passages that led under the lake. Only a select few of Rory's staff and battle mages knew about these secret constructions.....
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Music started up in the second that they faded BACK into the reality of another area.

The girl yelped out a loud "SNUUUUU!" In response to the change of scenery, her eyes wide as she realized with a start that they were underground, which was, of course, quite a change from where they had been moments ago, especially since it was lit up with an odd blue-ish light. It had startled her badly, and in response, she quickly found Rory and with a barrage of "MURRRRR!"s and "GRAWR!"s she pounced on him repeatedly, he had only stopped her after she tackled him to the floor. She glared at him slightly, then in a split second, tackled him again, snuggling up to him, with tiny noises of content such as "Muuuuurrr?" and "Fwee!" as she then dug around in her small pack, devouring a small treat before throwing one at Rory's head and then scurrying over to the girl he was with to give her a treat too. Such was odd nature of the girl who pounced on Rory again, he didn't even bother getting back up to his feet this time and was rewarded with many hugs. They were on the move soon after that. Few words were said, and that, the girl guessed, was better.

She grew tired quickly, though and repeatedly pestered Rory for some time before finally climbing up his back and wrapping her legs around his waist and grabbing onto his shoulders, pointing forward with one hand, exclaiming a loud "ARAWWWWWR!" as she kicked Rory in the gut, spurring him onwards. With another squeal, the music got louder and she snuggled against Rory's cheek. He still seemed somewhat kind of unhappy, so with both of her small hands, she reached around and hooked her index fingers into both corners of the other trickster's mouth and lifted them, forcing him to smile. but the second that she took her hands away, his mouth got all frowny again.

"Mewwwwwwwwwuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?" She whimpered slightly as she hugged him slightly. Intent on getting him to cheer up. The music changed very suddenly. Much to the other two's horror, this is what played.

It cut off immediately and was changed quickly as they continued on through the medieval-looking, blue-lit tunnels. Apparently, they were heading towards... what had Rory said? Something about an army....
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Kitti raised an eyebrow. In all the years she had known Rory, she had never encountered a student of his as outlandish as TK was. However, as things works out in Iwaku, the weird and surreal often intermingles with the serious creating a sense of humanity. Rory's belief always was that there was no order to anything, including his own actions. With this as a guiding principle, he tended to follow whatever whim struck him at the moment. The only time TK's chaotic powers would be dangerous would be if they were under direct attack; even then, both he and Kitti were more than capable warriors.

"It'll take several hours to reach the Emerald by foot," Rory mentioned as he allowed for the young kitsune to hitch a piggy back ride. "I don't want to use much magic, because I'm sure those stupid spiders will try following us. The good news is that we're directly under the lake and this place is sealed by the ancient magics of this realm... "

For the first in nearly two decades, Rory felt pleasure in not knowing. He had been crowned King of Iwaku, chiefly for being able to summon the Goddess Engl and helping in the creation of a mirror world. In this case, he was the creator, but had induced boredom for himself by aiding the forces of Law and Order. Now that the city had been declared "free," he had done something honorable amongst tricksters, fleeing a battle that's obviously going poorly. Rory was not an epic hero and never planned on presenting himself as one.

"I removed as many Battle Mages as possible from the Castle. They are currently on board the Emerald. From this point onward, it'll be prudent to keep low unless we're attacked. I'm going to suggest as soon as we disembark from the Emerald, that we change our looks. It'll be just like our time in the Dream Lands. Just you and I defending our homes from the Sorrowkeepers and Peacekeepers a like. We both know, we have more fun being partisans than being regulars." He then placed his hand on Kitti's shoulder once again.
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Zypher continued to fire at the noobs that swarmed him, Faramond and the twins at the edge of the lake surrounding Iwaku Castle. Zypher knew it was a losing battle but he couldn't afford for the group to get hurt. He continued to fire only at the ones closest to the group as the noobs closed in.

"So uh...any ideas of where to go now?" Zypher asked, hoping for a miracle. Looking around the lake he didn't see anything but a bridge to the castle that was out of reach from the noobs.

Well looks like we're done for...

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And he spoke too soon. Just as soon as he uttered those words, the abominations swarmed upon them, leaving them no choice but to make a run for it. The four ran towards the castle and stayed near the open areas for as much as possible. Faramond had a hard time keeping up with the others and wished he had paid more attention to his health. But such thoughts, as most of what he did, were futile.

Zypher tried to keep the noobs away from them as much as possible, while Faramond tried his best to keep on running. This went on for hours upon hours, making Faramond wonder how he got the stamina to run steadily for that long.

"So uh...any ideas of where to go now?" Zypher asked, warding off hordes upon hordes of noobs.

Faramond looked around and saw the bridge leading towards the castle, "Let's go to the bridge. At least, we'll be able to handle these pests better if we're there." And without waiting for Zypher's approval, Faramond took Aya with him and made a dash for it towards the bridge.

As Faramond reached the bridge, he yelled back at Aki and Zypher who were busy fighting the noobs, "Come on now! You'll only get surrounded by them if you stay there!"
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Just as things were looking grim for Zypher and his crew and as the noobs advanced, something strange occurred. From the depths of the lakes surrounding the castle came giant tentacle-like arms. This creature was one of the many monstrous beasts that roamed the depths of the Sea of Gabriel. With a deep bellow several more arms appeared looming out of the water.

"What the hell?" Zypher said as he saw the long purple arms advance towards the noobs.

In total, there were now eight giant arms that came crashing down onto Bridge Engl, causing most of the noobs to go tumbling into the sea below them. Now Zypher, Aki, Aya, and Faramond were now holding on for dear life as the brick floor below them started to collapse. Luckily for them, the monster was distracted by it's buffet of noobs.
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Kitti let her consciousness drift a little, reality and its multitude of intricacies were too much for the current moment. The feeling of anarchy, from the very moment her master has tossed aside his cape, had been almost a release. This sense of freedom she had long searched for, from her days as a young and untrained wanderer to recently, when she had fled from her position of lofty ease to travel the world again and be made whole. Things had come along, never stopping, but who could have guessed this fate? That is would be Kitti, the disciple brought to Rory's feet by the knight Chaos, who stood at his side and the knight who brought her, displaced.

Time seemed a free fall to her but too soon, they had arrived, or seemed to have arrived. She wondered momentarily why she never seemed to be one of the stable figures, the ever present and reliable, but it must be her fate. Nothing else could have brought her to this place, so it was pointless to question. Things would be how they had always been, flowing and unpredictable. Her reverie was broken by Rory's hands on her shoulders.

Awareness flooded Kitti's mind seconds later and she turned sharply, embracing him not as an instructor but a beloved friend. "It's been more time than I intended, master. It seems to be that you will forever be cursed with a student of your like mind, unable to stay put and thoroughly unwilling to be tied to one place. You've been a good teacher in the art of wanderlust. How about this, I'll choose what you appear as, and you can choose how I look to others. That way I'll be able to find you no matter what!" Kitti laughed, but the tension of the day was getting to her. She was glad for his reminiscing of past, because it was comforting to fall into old memories.

"But before you answer if I can decide how to you look , I'm curious about some things that have happened. Namely, this whole war affair. How did you manage to get entrapped in yet another?"
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TK blinked and watched the exchange between the girl and Rory and smiled before launching herself at the girl, squealing as she tackled her. All in good intent, with no thought to hurting her or even a thought to how she might interpret a stranger leaping at her and tackling her to the ground before..

Snuggling her.

She then picked herself back up before pulling the hoodie down, revealing her white hair and red eyes as she glanced up at Rory with a thoughtful expression. Only he would understand what she said, it seemed

"Aaaaraaaawrrry?" "Rory?"The girl retraced her steps and went back to what had been a king. Her version of his name was repeated again. and again. She then moved closer, her brows furrowed. "Murrrrrrr.... Murrrr urrr rrr... Mur. Murrr mur.... Murr murrrr-" "Where are we going again? Will we get there soon? What is going on? I don't belief I understand."The girl stopped for a moment, then continued, pausing for though, "Rrrr.... Mur?" "And who is she?" She touched the man's shoulder and then gestured to Kitti, a bewildered look upon her features as she continued to bleat out what appeared to be questions. She then yawned. "Murrrr... Mewur?....Murrrrrr.... mur!" "I'm tired.... How much farther do we have to go?... Or.... wait... this means we can play more.... I'm good with that!" TK shrugged, having said a statement apparently. She then pulled a gem out of her small bag and threw it to the ground where it burst and engulfed her in a transparent, yet glittery fog. As it disapated, all that was left was a small fox, who worked her way up, then finally curled up on top of Rory's head, imediately managing to fall asleep while one of her tiny paws hung over and blocked the view of Rory's right eye.
Re: Castle Iwaku - CHAPTER 8

Zypher saw Faramond's point. He quickly holstered one of his guns and grabbed Aki's wrist, shooting a couple more noobs away to clear their path to the bridge. Zypher ran as fast as his feet could take him and soon he was standing with Aya and Faramond. It didn't take long for the noobs to follow after them and Zypher fired a couple more times before his handgun began to click. SHIT! Reloading.... He quickly holstered his gun and funbled in his ammo pack that rested on his hip just behind his left holster.

As he tried to open the pouch his attention was pulled away from the noobs to the gurgling water next to the bridge. Aya shreiked as a giant purple tentacle snaked its way out of the water and began to charge for the bridge. Zypher was frozen in awe at the tentacle and as the group watched, more and more joined it.

"What the hell?" Zypher didn't even have time to count as suddenly the bridge was being smashed by them and the noobs began to fall into the water, only to be devoured by whatever it was that was lurking down there. Suddenly the bridge on their half began to collapse too and it left the group dangling from the bridge. Zypher watched as the bricks gave way to each of their weight and they all began to plummet.

Zypher looked to Faramond, a brick falling and hitting him square in the head, knocking him out. At least I'll go out with a grin on my face... Zypher thought as suddenly a large gust of wind picked them up and blew them away from the destroyed bridge. It carried them away from the castle and out towards the open sea but arched back on itself and rushed them towards a cave on the sea's edge, finally shooting them forward and dumping them into the cave.

The cave had a large entrance and led down to a small beach on the outside, on the inside it became a dimly lit tunnel that curved off to the left. From somewhere ahead the light danced and flickered, making Zypher think that there were torches up ahead. So this cave must have some form of people living in it...and is that...voices I hear? Zypher turned to look at the unconcious body of Faramond and the twins, whom he hadn't seen how they had fared the trip.

"Everyone okay?"

Zypher follows Faramond's advice and makes his way onto the bridge with Aki. As they begin to fight on the bridge it's destroyed and the group is saved by a divine wind which takes them to a seaside cave that Zypher thinks holds people
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