The Elder Gods: The Antediluvian Misadventures of Sebastian and Spencer

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  1. The skies above Arkham were not the sorts of skies where you might see wispy and carefree clouds, their vapor dissipating and swirling as they coasted lazily across the New England horizon. Arkham was the sort of place that always seemed to have a secret. Arkham was the sort of place where the sky carried heavy and gloom-laced clouds from the south, from the little-known town of Kingsport and the eerie waves beyond her colonial-built, rotting piers.

    Though it was a gloomy and secretive town, Arkham had much more life than many of the other towns and villages along the Miskatonic River. You might hear the sounds of jazz and ballroom music spilling from brothels and houses of ill repute as you made your way along the Downtown Arkham streets on a weekend night. Unfortunately, there wasn't much more than that and the library, the likes of which was situated upon the campus of Miskatonic University.

    The university itself was where most of the city's reputation lay. Students from all over New England wanted to study under the professors of Miskatonic University, and who could blame them? The university was well-known for its historical, religious and scientific programs. The library was grand, housing rare books, and the nearby museum held even more rarities and artifacts for study.

    It was the university that had drawn Spencer Bellamy to the town of Arkham.

    "So where'd you say you were from?"

    "Hm?" She idly murmured, looking up from her book for only a moment before shutting it and putting a hand on her wide-brimmed hat as the wind blew up the river and threatened to whisk it away down the street. "Christ!"

    "Never heard of that town, Spence."

    "Jesus, don't call me that, Mandy. It's Penny, you know that much by now. And I'm from Salem."

    The blonde, bob-cut-having girl nodded. "Salem, right! I'm an Arkham girl, born and raised."

    "You told me that twice already," Penny said, half-laughing.

    Both of the girls enjoyed a small giggle together before they went silent in their walk. Amanda was the first to speak again.

    "The wind's horrid today. Want to go to Phil's for a cup of coffee?"

    "Only if you don't make me try it black again. Disgusting," Penny said.

    "All right, all right. Have it your way. Ruin the coffee's taste with all that sugar."
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  2. Home..... Sweet Home..... Something people would call a luxury to be in their home town. Sebastian dreaded even stepping into the town he used to live when he was younger. Childhood memories he wanted to forget but always ended up in misery.

    This town always seemed off to him and he never liked it even as a kid. He remembered when he was in kindergarden that his dream was to be an astronaut. He remembered his friend say that he was never going to get out of this.

    Here he was walking back to his old town. He was finally out of the place with a job and everything. His life was great but then the uneventful thing happened. His parents had gotten sick. He didn't know how or why but he took a few months off of work to visit them and see what is wrong

    "Sebbi is that you" A male voice called out from behind him. At first Sebastian didn't recognize the person as he turned around to greet the person. A click in his brain seemed to register who the person was that called him by one of the many nicknames that the male seemed to always have hanging around.

    "It's you old friend. I see you never really made it out of this old town I see." He joked slightly since His friend said he wouldn't make it out of there but here he was coming back from a place that wasn't here.
  3. Mandy hummed something idly before she gave a small cough, then another cough.

    "Jesus, Mandy. Are you all right?" Penny asked.

    "I'm fine, I'm fine. Probably just the pollen or a little cold or something. Once I get some warm coffee in me--that'll soothe my throat."

    Penny nodded and they kept walking, quickly closing the few blocks to the small, antiqued diner simply called Phil's. Phil's Diner was the sort of place that everyone knew about and everyone went to, but no one really remembered it having ever been original. The diner felt like it just belonged with Arkham, as though, maybe, the place had just sprung forth out of the ground when the town itself saw fit to have places like diners lying about. No one ever remembered hearing about anyone named Phil, either. Come to think of it, Penny wasn't sure who owned the place. She racked her brain for a moment, then shrugged it off.

    "I might just have water, actually," she said as they stepped through the door.

    They were greeted by an odd, broad-faced woman. She had the Innsmouth look, meaning that she likely came from the little fishing town on the coast. The people of Innsmouth had odd visages and an even more odd, secretive demeanor. Retracting the earlier statement, saying that she greeted anyone upon entrance into the diner was like saying that rain was dry, like snow was fire or like anyone from Innsmouth was even stranger-friendly.

    "Hm?" she grumbled as the girls took a seat at the counter.

    "A coffee, black, please," Mandy chimed.

    "I'll just have ice water. A little lem-"


    "No lemon, then. It's fine," Penny backpedaled.

    "What's with her, huh?" Mandy asked, giggling.

    "Odd, for sure," Penny whispered.
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