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  1. IC Thread

    Ever wondered what happened to your favorite Disney movies as a kid? The ones you slowly forgot about? Those Disney movies you can never quite remember the name to? Maybe you've wondered what happened to them. Where did they go? Why aren't they played anymore? Well, you may not like the truth.

    Those movies you loved so much as little children? They're gone. Vanished. Dead. Poof. I told you that you wouldn't like the truth. Why hasn't anybody noticed? You're probably asking that same question right now, aren't you? Well, you don't remember the name of that movie you loved, huh? Can't remember exactly when you saw it? That's why they're gone.

    People have slowly been losing their memories of their innocence, children these days are becoming more cynical. They are slowly being shown more of the horrors of the world. They don't have the same fond memories of good in the world, and even then, we're losing that. Darkness is slowly enveloping the world.

    But, there is hope. Eight people, unbeknownst to them, will be chosen to traverse the world of Disney to gain back the innocent memories children should have. They will find their guide and fight against the darkness. Will one of these people?


    For those of you who didn't bother to read the intro above...

    This is a Disney Rp. Basically, your character has been chosen to help defeat the darkness that has corrupted Disney.

    1. No Godmodding. Please no.
    2. Follow any and all site rules.
    3. 1 character per person.
    4. Only 8 people are going to join. Any more and I will probably not be able to keep track. Sorry. :)
    5. Be respectful and nice. If you're going to be mean then please don't join.
    6. HAVE FUN! This is the most important rule.
    Now that you know the basics, here's the character sheet. Just so you know, I will be playing your guide whether you want me or not. :)

    Character Sheet:

    Weapon (This will be given to you in the rp. You can choose it, but you won't have it right away):
    Charm (I will give you this via pm.):


    The charms are special little abilities that the group gets when they find their guide. It's sort of like getting a badge of honor that allows you to do something cool for a maximum of 5 minutes.

    Accepted Characters (open)
    Alexander "Alex" Bernstein
    Ama Amelia Morrow
    Franklyn "Frankie" Myles Roderick
    Danny Quinn "Quinnie Bear"
    Gavin "Is" Isleigh
    Terra "Ter" Harper
    Safiya "Saffie" Megadrix
    Leanne "Lily" Aemilia Kingsley
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  2. Name: Asylsa
    Nickname: Sylsa
    Age: ???
    Gender: Female
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Happy, cheerful girl who always wants to help others. She tends to be more than a bit clumsy and is often oblivious to how others feel around her. She tries her hardest to prove that she isn't a 'mistake' as she was often told, but hopes that one day she can lead the guardians to victory.
    Weapon: None
    Charm: None
    Other: A guide that most of the others consider not really a guide.
  3. Name: Alexander Bernstein
    Nickname: Alex
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Appearance (open)


    Personality: Often sarcastic and rarely smiling since a while. His job raised his stress level, which made him like this. He was different a few years ago, usually in a good mood and had a better sense of humor.
    Weapon (This will be given to you in the rp. You can choose it, but you won't have it right away):
    Unfinished Sword.jpg

    Charm (I will give you this via pm.): Dark Moon. Whenever needed, he may make himself and allies disappear.


    Other: As his name might give away, he is not American. He comes from Germany.
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  4. Name: Ama Morrow
    Nickname: None.
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG] (Sorry the pic is so big.)
    Personality: Ama is usually keeps herself reserved. Not that she is ever shy, she's actually very out spoken when with her friends and such. She'd just rather keep to her drawing or music or studies or reading.
    Weapon (This will be given to you in the rp. You can choose it, but you won't have it right away): [​IMG]
    Charm: A small telescope. You can see even the smallest of weak spots in your enemies.
    Other: none (Might add more later)
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  5. @Lusterless Nova you are accepted.

    @Autumn R.A. The whole point of the charms is that I give them to you, hence the (I will give this to you via pm.) If you could please remove the singing thing then I will give you your charm and you can be accepted.
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  6. Name: Franklin Myles Roderick
    Nickname: Frankie
    Age: 15
    Gender: male

    Personality: Frankie is a big kid at heart. It usually makes him seem unfocused and shallow, but really he likes to enjoy the little things that are so loveable about life. His grandma always told him life was too short not to enjoy when he was a little kid, so he's taken the words for his personal motto. His favorite pastime is stargazing. What better place to daydream than a big grassy field where the starry night is clear and crickets play a chorus? If you couldn't guess it, he's also a cheesy romantic. He may not always say things that make sense, but heck if they don't make you smile.

    Weapon: (I'll wait to see what the rp gives me, surprises are fun!)

    Charm: a bright star (causes: temporary blindness, also can be a light source)

    Other: He remembers, if only a little bit what it was like to be a kid, because he never really grew up and let go of those feelings. It saddens him immensely to watch his siblings as they grow up in a childhood completely unlike his own. He doesn't know the cause. But there is something other than "Everyone is different." at work here, like his mother insists.
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  7. Sorry. I was very tired and wasn't paying attention to pretty much anything when I made that. Fixed it now though. Sorry again!
  8. WIP!

    Name: Danny Quinn
    Nickname: Quinnie Bear
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Danny is a happy go lucky guy who is basically a social butterfly. He will pursue and try to befriend you till the end of time. He hates seeing people sad and will start doling out hugs or sing to them just to get them to smile.
    Weapon: A boomerang blade.
    Charm: A beautiful blue butterfly.
    Gives the ability to distract enemies with the vision of butterflies.
    Other: He loves singing, but most of his songs suck and they don't rhyme at all.
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  9. Alright I have a question for everybody! Which Disney characters do you want to meet? This will help me a bit with the whole guiding you, and it will help me with the whole plot.
  10. Name: Gavin Isleigh
    Nickname: Is
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Gavin is just a bit cynical, but his duty to his family has always driven him ahead. He truly believes that his purpose for living is to help others - which sometimes greatly conflicts with the fact that he's the son of a whiskey mogul.
    Weapon: Family-Crest Cane Sword
    Charm: A strong horse. It gives him the ability to increase his strength for a very short amount of time.

    Other: He is the son of whiskey personage Dylan Isleigh and homemaker Fiona Isleigh. He has a ten years younger sister named Sorcha.
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  11. Since there are eight of us does that mean we're saving eight stories?
    And are we doing humans only, or would stories like Lion King work too? Would we be able to communicate with the animals? And Ariel is a Mermaid (unless we're going post-film or The Sequel) - how will that be handled?
  12. First off, only doing 8 stories feels like we'd be sort of doing things half-way like, "Oh we don't care about the rest of Disney and the happiness and innocence of children dying! Just these 8." I picked 8 people since any more would be way too many people for me to handle, and it seemed like a cool number. Instead of doing individual stories, we're going to be fighting 1 main villain who is hurting Disney overall. We just happen to visit random stories along the way.

    Second about the human only thing, yes it is human only, but there is a reason I am giving you a guide. She's there to help make those situations possible for you all to understand. Plus this is after the credits have rolled for these movies so Ariel would be a human living with Prince Eric and not swimming around the wide sea. As for animals, well, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. I know we are going to be able to visit any and ALL Disney movies, but we can only visit certain ones before we get to the epicenter of the problem.

    Finally, I have a couple questions for you before I accept you into this roleplay. First, what's a Whiskey Mogul? Second, why a whiskey mogul?
  13. Good, I was afraid that it would be eight only. :bsmile:

    And a Whiskey Mogul is someone who is the head owner of a whiskey company. And I thought that it could be character building: this character has to come to terms with the fact that his father is making a living off of producing alcohol - a substance that basically symbolizes childhood's end... and wondering how, as possible future head of a company that produces it he can possibly succeed as a Guardian of Innocence. (He comes to realize that innocence is a state of mind and as such is not merely restricted to children.):scratchchin:

    Erm... I hope that makes sense. If you want, I can always come up with something else. :pikachu:
  14. Oh no, you're fine! I was just a bit curious. :) You're accepted! I'll pm you your charm in a little bit.
  15. Oh my goshhh we should definitely meet Tiana, Lottie, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Rapunzel, Merida (are you counting Brave because it's Disney pixar), Peter Pan, Hercules, Mowgli, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Alice, Eilonwy, Kidagakash, and Pinnochio. :D I have more but I can't think of them at the moment.
  16. Alice, Merida, and Wendy are definitely my top three ladies. My three fave guy characters are Phillip, Hercules, and Peter Pan.
  17. Oh! And we should DEFINITELY meet the ORIGINAL PRINCESS aka Snow White. :bsmile:
  18. Well you guys are certainly giving me a lot to work with! :D I'll try and see if I can work some, if not all, of them in there.
  19. Kingdom hearts?
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