The Eight Aspects of Iwaku

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  1. Many of you may have noticed the Iwaku monthly horoscope and the more astute or observational (give yourselves a cookie!) might have noticed that there is a horoscope profile in the Wiki. What you might NOT have known is that we want some beautiful art for these fabulous ideas. In that vein, I thought that it might be fun to open this up to all of our wonderful artists to give it a go.

    There are no real specifications, just art something that you think embodies one or all of the aspects of the Iwaku horoscope and post it here for us to feast our eyes upon!

    The thread with the profiles of the Eight Aspects can be found here. I look forward to some amazing arts. <3​
  2. *mind implodes*

    I shall have a go at it.
  3. Just a quick sketch.

  4. [​IMG]

    I wanted to a Shadow thingy, but I figured that was a bit too obvious. So the line about having tough skin made me think of crocodile skin, and this is what I got.
  5. Ooo, I would love to do this! :D
    As soon as I can find my tablet pen, I'll try the Trickster one. :)
  6. Shall see if during my Easter break I can doodle something up for them.
    I love horoscopes.
  7. [​IMG]

    Sorry I'm late.

    Two scrapped concepts I made for painting class. That's why they're kinda crappy (I was hoping I'd use my opportunity to get a grade for making art on iwaku lolol) since they're studies. If I continued with them they'd be paintings.

    The top would be the Herald.

    The bottom is The Shadow.
  8. Not very happy with the way my camera has been capturing my pictures but until I can get a scanner into my room this is how they're gonna look...

    The Ally

  9. My more abstract interpretations of:

    The Soulmate


    The Shadow

  10. [​IMG]

  11. The Mentor

  12. Soulmate, inspired by swans.

  13. The Guardian, inspired by the ox. I may redo this one when I have more time.


    The Herald, inspired by dolphins. May also redo this one with a different pose.