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  1. Name: Egle Edwin (Ea-gul; )

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Allignment: Demon

    Race: Shape Shifter

    House name: House of Kuzur

    Duty of the house: Warrior

    Personality: Egle is a calm and most of the time relaxed person with cocky tendencies. Aggressive in nature he is msot of the time serious in what he does for his kingdom. He never lets his gaurd down and only does what he feels right to protect his kingdom, like any other Demon Guard. Egle doesn't have a hard time communicating with people, and is very approachable in personality. Loyal as he is, he does have times where he questions his commanders.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Carries a pouch with the same brown leather on his clothes. A tattoo covers all of the right arm, tribal and dark brown.

    Shifter Animal: Wolf/Dog, smaller sized compared to the timber wolf, but sturdy in build. Fur of ash grey going into a black, dark brown in the sun light. The black markings cover his face and a line goes down his back, dark grey mesh into it. Front paws are tinged with light brown. Tail goes into a lighter grey. Eyes turn into the colour orange with a tinge of brown.

    History: Egle was born into the shifter house of Kuzur, along with his sister Mani. Father worked for the guard, but once his inability to shift, past the age 21 he resigned the job to his only son. Egle, at the age 13, was made a warrior for the Demon Gaurd, taught everything that there was of his ability, both in master of swords and his shifting ability. As a warrior and shifter he is considered , along with the other 2 shifter houses that live in the capital city of the demon territory, Jazar. Egel works hard to claim the title as the captain of the Demon Guard, to only accomplish something his house can be proud of, in a competition of the two sons of The House of Jum. Even if it means its for a short period of time, since he is almost of age to have his shifting ability gone.

    Present: Egle is now taking orders for the Lord of the city, a class away from being close to his goal. Still in competition with the two sons; Kin and Borbin. He now has the responsibility of looking after both his mother and little sister, father being absent because of his own quest of being a simple medic-man. Egle now is off on a quest to assassinate a suspicous intruder in the city outskirts.
  2. [​IMG] The egg

    Name: Kami

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Allignment: Human

    Race: Shape Shifter

    House name: House of Murati

    Duty of the house: Princess

    Personality: Kami is very good at acting a part, from commanding royalty to whimpering girl. She does it mostly to get what she needs from people but on occasion will do it just to play a prank. She likes to have a lot of control in her life. Her true self is calm and thoughtful, she has loyalty to the humans but doesn't really care about them, thinks of them as less then a shapeshifter.

    Shes short and got long wavy red hair. Bluest eyes you've ever seen. She dresses in what ever she wants, from giant floral dresses to leather riding pants and a white shirt. Slim and frail but good at surprise attacks.

    Shifter Animal: Summer tanager, dark red body, grey beak and feet. (bird)

    History: Kami was born into the house of Murati, her only friend is a 5 year old girl who adores her, she turns into a small black cat. Kami is the daughter of the head of the family, she has a betrothed, a 20 year old who ignores her completely. She has lived in the mansion her whole life and doesn't know much about the way the world works. Besides what she sees when she flies over it in her other form. She was taught how to shift before she could walk and does it more then she's actually supposed to. The only real hardship in her life are the constant complaints that the humans bring to her father, and when she gets bored. The four houses are all very far away from one another, they are each on one corner of the human lands to protect them because humans have no magic.

    Present: Kami has been told that her marriage would be within the year on account of the fact hat her betrothed is turning 21 very soon. She resents that and so is taking further and further flying trips to get away from her thoughts and her life.

  3. Dusk came soon enough as night was hitting the woodlands like a blanket. The swamps of the forest croaked with lively amphibians and rustle of small rodents. Night crawlers of the biodiversity soon awoke. Going farther, pass the sloon and woods lies a city of stone and coal. The capital of the demon people, Jazar. It is quite with the light steam arising into a fade above the wooden walls that hide the city other than the tall roof tops of temples and the kingdom. Between two territorial flags on each side of the door-way lies a door of spikes and splintered wood, 30 ft high. The building of the city took great tole to protecting it from outsiders, not in suspicion or in the least of aggression but only for protection. Those on guard stand both outside and inside of the gate, iconic black steel and silver print of the kingdoms flag, makes all aware of their position. Helmets represent almost that of a horned dragons skull but groved with fine detail hand-men ship. Past the guards and gate lies two long houses on each side of the stone paved road into the market. House of Kuzur on the right, built the base with stone and dark parch wood, two stories high. The left is House of Jum. The residence of the two shape shifter families co-existing. The families's blood lines have been there for centuries in the kingdom, to the beginning of the demon empire ti'll on ward.

    At the house of Kuzur is in slumber of a family of 6. The lady of the house Mergin, the daughter Mani, 2 cousins of the Sire, the grandfather Roi, and the son of the house Egle. Egle was not in slumber though, it was his night duty at the gate, in hopes another has sleep. Egle slipped on his wear as her washed the mug on his face.He placed his blade made of the spine of a beast and pure iron at the door way. Finally trying to wake up he had his things and went out the door. Closing it ever so quitely behind he'd slinker on. Without a sound, besides his light foot steps, he quickened on.

    "Egle..." a sudden voice beamed around a corner of a house he just walked past. He slowed to a stop turing to the cloaked man in the shadows. He looked and did not see is face but only the weathered hands of an old man of 45. This was a royal messenger from a lord. Egle bowed his head ever so slighty to show royal respects, hand over chest. A messenger in the demon culture was to be considered with respect as you would with an old king. Anyone that has stepped inside the kingdom walls is considered with such royalties to even a shifter.

    "What does a Lord bring to me?" Egle asked quite spoken in comparison to the normal toned bearer.

    "A nearby citizen of the town Drakul spotted a suspicon in the east, not far from here..."

    "A human?" Egle asked, leaning forward to listen more... Sounding as if this was a very important duty if it had to deal with an enemy to the kingdom.

    "A possible Shape Shifter for the Human alliance " he responded tone going quite as if to now be careful. " A Lord of Drakul wants someone to find the intruder and find out who they are, and to kill them." he had added leaning more into the light of a post-light. Half of his wrinkled face apparent, the wispy design covering his face made it apparent he was for sure a demon. Egle now knew that it was the Emporer that had chosen him to do such a task... Egle was filled with honor but tried his best to keep professional.
  4. The moon was gone, no light shone upon the House of Murati except that of the torches. In every direction was grass, a few tree's here and there to cast long shadows. Its been described as an ocean of grass by poets of old, now people simply referred to it as empty. Standing in the middle was a great Palace carved from stones that shone like gold. This palace stood so tall some questioned if it caressed the sky and touched the heavens. Hundreds of Family members lived in this Palace that was more akin to a city.

    Murati was one of the last families of shape shifters in existence, one of four that guarded the humans kingdoms borders against evils unknown. This uneasy alliance had started long ago and now remained more out of tradition than any semblance of amicability. In fact the head of the Murati house would rather cut off his right hand instead of deal with the humans and their petty fights. His daughter held the same resistance to tradition, she preferred flying to any sort of politics. Which was exactly what she was doing, in the middle of the night.

    Kami had been summonsed to her father in the first rays of dawn. She hadn't been there, she had been flying. The maids had been sent into a tizzy trying to find her, they looked everywhere except the blindingly obvious; the sky. Once she got tired of watching them scramble she had appeared before her father wearing only her pajamas.

    "Save me from this little vixen, Gods, I beseech you!" He yelled when he saw her, exasperated.

    "You called, father." She said and curtsied prettily, it would have been perfect manners had she been dressed in a gown.

    "I did," He stood obviously upset, "Your betrothed has marked the date."

    Kami inhaled briskly, that meant he had decided the day they wed, "When?"

    "Three months from now." He said.

    Kami wanted to yell, shout her objections so all could hear, Imar was not someone who she wanted to spend time with. He ignored her completely. When she had been younger, 10 or so, she had tried to talk to him, get to know him. He had never even spoken to her and it had been seven years. He thought she was a spoiled child, other wise why wouldn't he speak to her. She knew for a fact he wasn't mute. She had overheard him talking to her father about the defenses of the palace. Maybe he thought he was too good for her. In either case, she wanted nothing to do with him.

    "I shall prepare myself." She said and turned back into her other form, a small red bird, and flew out the window ignoring his grumbled curse.

    She had remained in that form all day, she knew if anyone asked her anything remotely close to the subject of her impending marriage, her carefully constructed facade would shatter and break and they might see the truth in her face, the truth of her anger.

    It wasn't all bad; her father had alerted everyone she was safe and having one of her signature temper-tantrums. No one was looking for her anymore and so she decided to fly as far as her little red wings would carry her.
  5. Egle had walked to the entrance a little farther after the long retentive talk with the a Lord's envoy. Egle walked with stride, knowing that his shift will have to be not be done, for it was time for him to leave. He thought of his family and how immediate he is leaving, but, he knew leaving early was best. Egle walked past the gate guards, they salute in response giving address to Egle.

    "Where is son of Kuzur going so late?" one of them spoke and turned to Egle, Egle turned to them in response. Addressing not so formally back he gave a grin and looked off into the forest.

    "I must go to the East of Drakul." he explained grey-blue eyes shot back at the armored anonymous. He nodded without further confrontation, the guards knew better than to pester someone that was considered higher authority. He knew that they would send the same message to his family the next morning.

    He soon enough called for his horse in a whistle that was high pitch and uncommon rhythm. A black mare of both berch saddle and dark reigns galloped to Egle from the forest. Egle could have used his form, but, he knew his form could never run so swift as his mare- Calypso. Mounting his equine he jumped with a grip on the horn. Swung himself into the seat, he rode off with a quick gallop and into a run. He was now off.


    The sun kissed the hills and Egle had been riding all night, horse in exhaust and slower in pace he was soon to be at Drakul. The small town rested on a hill out in the open of tall grass and less forest. Light finally beamed on Egle's face, for it was as if rare, from being hidden by 200 ft trees and marsh. Egle soon enough slowed down his mare, wheezing and whinnying from sweat. Egle stopped her and decided to walk her, to ease her hoofs from the harsh teed.
  6. Kami beat her wings furiously, an eagle had decided she was going to become its next meal. The only reason she was still alive and hadnt been gobbled up was because of a spiral and turn that the eagle hadn't been able to duplicate. If only the eagle was a shifter and not a stupid animal, then she could somehow communicate that she was not food. As it was the eagle was getting closer and closer.

    She had been flying for hours, the lights of the palace had disappeared behind her a long time ago. Exploring could be fun, get to know some new people, maybe they would like her and she could be friends and not have to pretend anymore. As it was she wasn't likly to meet people she was likely to get killed.

    Kami did a quick spiral into a tree and stopped on one of the branches. The eagle barreled past her and she nearly chirped from joy, maybe she would live. Of course shifting back would have solved the whole thing, eagles didn't eat people. But it was just so much more fun to fly away then to shift. She wanted to prove to herself that she could survive out here alone.

    Kami jumped when the eagle circled around and flew straight at her. She had no choice, she turned back into her other form. Sadly she forgot that the branch shewas on wouldn't support this form and it broke out from beneath her. She landed on the ground with a thud and sighed a bit frustrated. When she heard the eagle cry out in dismay.

    Thats what you get for trying to eat me, ​she thought and pushed herself to her feet.
  7. Egle had walked along the rim of a very small creek, rubbing soothing cool water on the mares neck before she drank. Egle saw the passage ahead, determining distance and time it would take to get to Drakul. He glanced at the reflection in the water, not a smile or expression on his face. the ripples from Calypso fade his mirror image into a fade. Bent down he cupped water into his leather palms and began to clean his face. Smooth jaw line wet and felt much fresher. He did feel tired and almost off balance if he hadn't rode all night into the morning. Egle placed a hand on the horses side letting her drink more before getting on the saddle again. In the seat he walked her for a little bit away from the creek, smell of grass and air filled his nostril. Annoying bugs made the horse's tail swipe side to side.

    Suddenly a sound of a broken branch collapsing to the ground made him stop and turn towards the direction. It was coming from a group of trees in the opening next to him. Egle, not all too worried of what it was, galloped towards it. Possibility it was whom he was looking for. The horse jumping over a brush of sticks and into an opening of trees and jumped from his horse and grabbed his blade with him. Not stiffened or in a stance he walked around... For all he knew it could have been rott falling from the trees.
  8. Looking around Kami noticed she was right by the eagles nest, she saw the little hatch-lings chirping as their mother gave them food. They were so small their eyes hadn't even opened yet, but they chirped like they were starved. She would have thought it was cute if she hadn't just about been the food. Shaking off that thought she looked around, she was in a clearing surrounded by trees with nothing else in sight. She couldn't turn back into the Summer Tanager without the eagle leaving and that didn't seem like it would happen very soon, since she was just starting to feed her babies and they seemed particularly hungry.

    She decided to walk, maybe when she got far enough from the nest she would shift back into a little red bird and keep heading away from her father and Imar, and their stupid plans for her life. She stared at the stars for a moment, wishing they would give her purpose and direction. They remained silent and refused to inspire her. Normally she could at least get a vague idea of what she should do, she would get completely calm and then some brilliant idea would come into her head, this time all she could think of was how angry she was, not what she should do.
  9. Egle walked more into the clearing area covered by trees and a giant stone. A sudden sound of shifting made him crouch lower. He looks around the boulder, and a figure stands in the still dark lighting. Beginning of the morning light did not give him such an advantage. Egle, with an idea, had shifted to his form sparks have flew in the air. He was now his mongrel form. He peeked around the corner again, with eye sight adjusted for darkness could see the figure more better. He saw a figure of a woman. Unsure if to be on the defense and walked closer keeping himself unnoticed by brush and rock. Quick padding making him quite.

    Egle slouches himself over a rock that is directed behind her. Egle now notices the detail of the woman, the long flowing red hair going down to her mid back. The dress she wore looked like colours of a certain house he was told. When the woman moved looking into the sky he had noticed a significant detail. The woman had the house colours of Shifters that protected humans... Egle knew what he had to instinctively do, his maw in a silent snarl. Egle with eyes wide and body tense. Egle had finally pounced when he sensed a weak point. Egle in mid motion transformed into his human form, sword appeared in hand. He had grabbed her by the shoulder and tried to swing her on to her back. Blade swung to her front a hopefully his stance over her makes her inescapable.
  10. Stupid, stupid. Kami thought as she lay on the ground. Dropping her guard like that was just so stupid, then again her usual guard consisted of turning into a bird that didn't even weigh one pound, if she had done that she would probably of been flattened by the towering warrior who had pinned her to the earth.

    She had never been particularly good at fighting and so she decided not to fight, it wouldn't do any good. She took a deep breath and took in her attacker. He was rather tall and... wore the colors for those who defended the demons. She cursed under her breath, had she really flown that far. Right out of human territory? She thought back, she had chosen a direction at random, not really thinking. Why hadn't she thought? Why couldn't she have a few moments of brilliance? Instead, she had flown right into enemy territory without even noticing.
  11. He glared down at the girl stance hovered above her, eyes pierced at the limp body before him. a traitor...Is all he could grasp in his mind. All he could ever think of the Shape Shifters that had worked for the humans. He shifted his blade almost to her neck, even if a traitor is a woman he has no obligation of harming if she were to attack. He stared for a while, silence across both of them, his beating breaths could be heard.

    "What are you doing at the out skirts of Drakul?" he asked harshly eyes not leaving a second off her... Before he could bark out again he took into consideration her clothes... And what possible role she would have played in her house. She wore a gown, not what a usual Shifter would wear for assassination. A spy wouldn't have stayed around the outskirts... This was all puzzling Egle but still held his blade against her. Pressing on for an answer. He could simply kill her on the spot. It would be what his king would have wanted, but, he knew killing without a reason wasn't the best reason...
  12. Kami swallowed. How to play him. She thought. She could act meek and harmless, most people didn't like to kill harmless people. Judging from what he had done, basically flipping her onto her back as if she were as light as a feather, he didn't seem the type to actually fall for her ploys. Unless she was flawless.

    "I was running away." She inserted just enough fear into her voice. She wasn't taking any chances, he had probably guessed she was in alliance with the humans and she knew her gown gave away her status. She had her hunch that he was a warrior and a warrior did not fall for lies, only slightly altered truths.
  13. Egle heard her plea. Glancing at her eyes and all of her face to detect a lie. The meekness of this woman could do no harm other wise... Egle loosened the gap between her and his blade. The blade still pointed towards her, he let himself step back from her. He had considered as taking her as prisoner, still eyes darted to her face still and clothes.

    "What is the name of thee's house, and what is thye's role?" he spoke in formal tongue. Figuring if anything they are a form of royalty that didn't get their way... Egle's grey-blues softened a bit, noticing more and more she was nothing more than a feebly woman with no sense of direction; if she were to run straight into the demon territory. Egle felt a little silly, traveling all night just to find a woman. He almost hoped for it to of been a challenge.
  14. Kami sighed in relief as his sword leaving her neck, not completely false, maybe a bit exaggerated. She thought briefly about what to say about where she's from, tell the truth or lie. Exaggerate her angst and play the helpless woman or play us her confusion, or both?

    "I'm from Murati." She said keeping her fear in her voice, enough to make her appear harmless. She didn't adopt his formality, being scared would make her loose her manners. However her charade was shaky. She was distracted, she was scared and angry. He wasn't going to fall for a sloppy performance, she needed to up the anti.

    "I'm not going back." She said and shook her head, "Not ever." She said and looked at him, a bit of daring in her expression. She was in demon territory, dissolving her alliance with her family would probably be the best bet.
  15. Egle was convinced by her fear and retaliation. Egle loosened his grip of his sword and it was now to the ground. His sword was not on guard but his stiffened body was. He still stared at her with intensity for she had not answered the other question he had asked.

    "What role where you in your House of Murati..." he paused with deep rhythmic breaths. Eyes beaming with certainty she was still not to be trusted. Alliance have their dirty ways and putting innocent people on the line just to get information. Egle turned his body away from her, face with just as much attentiveness and tension towards her. "You're being held captive by the Demon guard... Until the city of Jazar knows what to do with you." He proceeded with a long rope from his bag, walking towards her . He gently grabbed her arm, grip not too rough nor too light. He hoped for there to be no resistance and this would come smoothly.
  16. Kami relaxed slightly as his sword lowered. She heard him ask again what role she played in Murati, she didn't think it would be wise to tell him she was going to be their next leader, that wouldn't convince him to let her live.

    She froze when he mentioned captive, and nearly had an outer reaction to the notion of going to the city, once there they would figure out exactly who she was and probably kill her before she could so much as make a plea for her life. She did have an outer reaction when he started pulling out the rope.

    "No, no, no." She said shaking her head, "Not happening, no way, forget it." She pulled her arm out of his grip and turned around staring at the sky, why did this have to happen? Why did she have to run into him, probably the only person in miles, the one time she shifted forms.

    She eyed the rope, she could handle getting taken prisoner, she couldn't handle becoming dependent on someone else for everything.
  17. Egle was a bit surprised from the response. She did not jerk or frail but simply stomped her feet and cried out in 'no's'. He had loosened his grip and she had stared up at the sky. Egle felt a bit infatuated by this, she had no choice- the way he looked at it. He felt sighed with calmness knowing he'll have to do this the hard way. Female shifter with petty reasoning shouldn't have to be of his worries, but now they kind of have to be.

    "I'm sorry... But I'll have to do this the hard way." He spoke softly but in conjunction grabbed her one arm in one snatch. He flung her on to her stomach, a knee pressed against her back, causing less resistance, both arms tied up by the very long rope enough for him to pull along.

    "Now..." he started with a pant, knee still at her back.

    "You are going to have to listen... You really have no choice." he almost tried to explain but stopped himself... He knew she wasn't worth it, her being from the Human kingdom. He got up slowly waiting for her to get to her feet before calling upon his black mare.
  18. He moved like light, one second its there and the next its here. Kami had barely realized he had moved before she was pinned to the ground with her hands tied behind her back.

    He tried to explain that she had no choice but she was still trying to find a way out of this situation, she couldn't think of anything, nothing to even make the situation less drastic. Childish rebellion was trying to make its way to the forefront of her mind but she pushed it back.

    "I'll go with you, you don't have to tie me up, please." Alright so the childish rebellion had pushed forward a bit. She stood slowly trying to balance was difficult and she fell over a few times before she made it completely to her feet. "Please." She all but whimpered, playing up her fear. Which was real enough.
  19. Egle tied the rope to the shaft of his saddle, with two quickened knots. He ignored her cries and whimpers, for he didn't fall for it this time. He glanced at her, almost making sure she was prepared for the long walk ahead. He knew she was just a woman, not like men where they can go on tirelessly because most men work for the family. It was slightly hard for him to do this, but he knew it was better off than just killing her not understanding. He knew the guards and his royals will know what is best, even if they do end up killing her, he can not oblige.

    "We will be walking through all of the day and most of the night..." said starting his horse in a walk. Usually riding in a complete run takes only a full 12 hours from Drakul to Jazar. but walking will take much more time. Having her on his saddle would never come into question, it would ruin his dignity and place as a Demon Guard. To have a suppose enemy ride with him would be only mental suicide for him. It would be no different than making friends with a traitor or scum.

    He walked on ward rope tugged behind him, he did not look back this time, nor gave no mind to the prisoner. The path heading towards the forest is the one they follow. By now the sun is above the hill making it past 8 in the morning now. Sweet due parched on the grass, and sound of waking birds clearing the area.
  20. Kami glared at the ground, why had she run again? Right, betrothal. Was this worth it? Imar verse kidnapped and taken to the city in demon territory. Honestly it was a toss up, loose her spirit or loose her life. She wondered what the warrior would have done had she been completely honest, probably kill her the moment she finished explaining. At least she would have died as herself, true to her heart.

    "This is ridiculous." She muttered, then realized she hadn't said that for his benefit, she hadn't thought about why she said it she had just said it. She blinked a bit shocked and tripped. She righted herself before the rope pulled taunt and made it impossible to walk.

    Shaking her head to clear it she looked at the warrior, she had to admit he was being nice. If anyone from her family had caught a shifter with demon alliances they would execute them on sight. She herself wouldn't have done anything, she may not trust a demon as far as she could spite, or those who aligned themselves with them, however she didn't care beyond that, let someone else deal with it.

    Truthfully she was more curious, why would they choose to side with something that has horns coming out of its head. Then again she questioned her own family for joining with the humans, she figured shifters were the most advanced and she didn't have the patience to deal with lesser creatures.