The Edo war

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  1. The setting of this roleplay is in japan when edo was still a place, in this age edo's government is declining and houses are being burned down, leaving most people homeless. The Knights Templar are invading edo in attempts to overtake it however, edo plans on fighting back with their remaining samurai. The samurai of edo are living in a walled off area in the center of edo with the king/leader of japan. This roleplay focuses on the events of edo and how the people there raise against the army of the knights templar however, most of edos population was decreased due to the capturing of children and most men and women, The capturing of the edo people were due to the use of unlawful magic, though magic is yet to be harnessed, the only way to use magic as of now is through scrolls that could be applied to a weapon to enchant it with elemental powers which is illegal to use in japan except the center.

    Throughout japan it was harsh and unhonorable, most japan was controlled by the armies of the knights templar and life for japan and its history seems lost... but then rumors circled around edo that said there is a Monk that lives in the snowy mountains between jerusalem and japan. This Monk is said within legend that he holds the power of immortal magic which means he could conjure any elemental power with a flick of a finger, perhaps he could give hope to the japanese people.

    Must have this in your CS:





    Class: (Templar, Samurai, Edo civilian)



    (No actual pictures of actual people only fantasy animated pictures or anime)
    (The ruler of Japan, Most regular guard samurai, and most civilians will be NPCs)
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  2. Ryo Tanabe



    Age: 19

    Class: Samurai (Hiatus)

    Personality: WIP

    Background: WIP
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Taka Shu

    State: Japan

    Age: 30

    Class: Samurai

    Personality: WIP

    Background: He was raised into the royal palace of japan to become general of the ruler of japans armies.
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