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    Summer had finally arrived and a vacation was something the four teenagers couldn't say no to. Anna didn't like to leave home for more than a couple of days, but a weeks camping sounded way to fun to ignore. She loved nature and animals so of course she had to ask if she could come with the others. The only thing with the camping plans she didn't like was that it was so far away, it was six hours drive away. But it was a beautiful place they were going to so it was probably worth it. Just thinking about not seeing a single person except her traveling partners for a whole week made Anna excited.

    They only had half the way left before they would arrive at the camping place, there was small cabins for travelers so they wouldn't even be sleeping outside. But as long as the weather allowed it Anna would definitively sleep outside under the stars. She had no idea that she wouldn't be able to get that far.

    They had taken turns to drive among those of them that had a car licence, at the moment Anna were driving. Suddenly the car started to sound weird and all of a sudden it just died.

    "What the fuck?" Anna exclaimed, they had enough fuel and they had checked so everything would work correctly. She tried to start the car up again but nothing happened. "Someone knows how to fix a car?" She asked the others. It didn't really help that it was raining and the town were an hours walk away.

    Eclair sat besides the window and looked out at the rain, soon the thunder started to sound loudly. A pale butler had started to lit the candles in the room, electricity was nothing Eclair wanted in her home. People had made it threw thousands of years without electricity, why wouldn't they be able to make it threw a thousand more years? When the candles was lit the butler walked away as silently as he came. Not a sound could be heard in the mansion, except the small creaking sounds that old houses made.

    The eighteen century house was said to be haunted and Eclair had always told people that it was true. The ghosts didn't touch her nor her staff because they owned the mansion but they wouldn't be gentle with people that didn't belong in it. People had disappeared after sleeping a night in the haunted mansion and people had gone insane. The police had been there many times because they thought it was a crime behind it but they couldn't find any clues, it was as if the people had disappeared into the thin air.

    Eclair didn't mind if people wanted to be foolish and try sleep a night in the mansion, actually she even invited skeptic people to her home, just to prove that there was ghosts there. Some of them didn't come back. Of course everyone had been free to leave whenever they wanted to, Eclair had told people that those whom stay even though the ghosts have warned them many times to leave, those people will disappear.
  2. Tori was reclined in the backseat, eyes closed, Black Sabbath blasting through her high-quality headphones that prevented anyone else from hearing. So far she hadn't regretted agreeing to go along on this trip like she thought she would; she really wasn't the most social girl and her friendships weren't the strongest, but she desperately needed the vacation time. The two jobs she worked were starting to put heavy strain on her patience. Perhaps a camping trip was just the thing she needed.

    Idly, the dark-haired girl wondered how different things would be if she had a car and more driving experience. She'd probably go on little excursions like this all the time, alone with her thoughts...but driver's ed had been out of the question thanks to monetary issues. And there was no way she was getting her own car anytime soon, much less an actual license.

    Tori was jolted out of her train of thought when she suddenly realized that the car had slowed to a stop. Her eyes snapped open, and she reached for the iPod in her pocket to pause the music. Just as she started to ask Anna what she thought she was doing, stopping in the middle of the road, she heard the brunette ask if anyone knew how to fix it. "You're shitting me," Tori groaned, looking outside at the pouring rain. "That's just my luck, you know that? Ugh..."

    Of course she didn't know how to fix the car, why would she? She never had much interest in that sort of thing. Tori looked at the other three teens in the car, silently hoping to whoever would listen that someone would speak up and get them moving again.
  3. Eden sat beside Tori in the car, looking ahead at the road. This trip was something he had been looking forward to for a while, he had been busy with studying and now it was time for a break. Actually, he didn't know all the people he went with too well and assumed they could become closer during this trip. As he watched the road something vibrated in his pocket and he pulled his phone out, only to find a message from the old man. God, was he ever going to leave him alone? The blonde youngster puffed softly as he answered him, glancing ahead at the road.

    As the car stopped he blinked and looked out, watching as the landscape outside slowed down. ''What's going on?'' he asked as he pushed his phone back into his pocket. They had stopped? Of course, he assumed someone would know how to fix the car so they could go again, or.. He looked around at the others, thinking to himself that someone /had/ to know. Or, he did. His father had taught him about cars, only a bit, but it sure had to be enough to get this car going again.

    ''I could attempt.,'' he said as he rose his hand.
  4. Tori breathed a quick sigh of relief. "Thank fucking god," she muttered under her breath. "Try and get this hunk of junk working quickly, the last thing I want is to be fucking stranded out here."

    How far were they from town? She had no idea. Tori had been listening to music for most of the trip, using it to keep her calm and keep her mind off of things like being attacked by a rabid bear in the middle of the woods or someone letting the campfire get out of control and accidentally burning the cabin down. Especially the latter; she had a bit of a phobia of large fires. Especially when in the presence of anything that would react violently.

    She stared out the window of the car, watching the rain fall to the ground below. Nah, that would be silly. No one would be so stupid as to make a fire in the middle of the woods without being careful with it. She didn't have too much faith in her friends, sure, but that was true of just about anyone she came across. Although, all her faith was in Eden at the moment, whether she wanted to depend on him or not. She wasn't about to get out and push, that was for sure.
  5. Anna became glad when she heard that one of them may be able to fix the car. But the lightning started to come closer to them, so going out of the car could be dangerous. Lightning could travel threw the earth and hit people far away from the place it stroke down on. At least the car would protect them from the lightning if they stayed in it.

    "Maybe we should wait in the car until the storm calms down a bit." Anna proposed, but in that case they would probably be stuck in the car the whole day and night, this storm didn't seem to be calming down any time soon. "Is it a house over there?" She suddenly asked when she noticed something a bit away. It was hard to see because of the heavy rain but it shouldn't be so far away. "If there's a house so close then maybe we should try to ask if we can rest there until the weather gets better, then fix the car."

    She wasn't certain if her fear of lightning shined threw when she tried to keep calm. Being out there as the weather got worse and lightning came closer to them was a nightmare.
  6. Eden sighed softly and squinted his eyes as he looked out of the window. ''.. Looks like it,'' he said. She did have a point, and the storm seemed like it was not going to be over anytime soon. Outside, the storm roamed, the rain pouring down. Ugh, perfect. It just had to storm as worse just now. As his eyes gazed upon the landscape outside, blurred by the water that poured down the windows he couldn't help but feel a bit helpless.

    The blonde pulled his hood up, opening the door only to be met by rain straight into his face. ''For gods sake,'' he snapped, his british accent thickening slightly. Then, he climbed out of the car and to the storm raging outside. Standing here, waiting as he held the door open for the others, he thought of how much easier it would be if it could just have been a regular day with sunshine and.. well too bad.

    ''So, shall we?'' he suggested, glancing at the girl he remembered as Anna.
  7. Tori's eyes widened in alarm at the idea of wasting a night in some stranger's house when they had someone who might have been able to fix the car, but she restrained herself, if only barely. When Eden opened the door, all Tori could see was thick sheets of rain hammering at the street. Although she was very reluctant to admit it, these weren't exactly good conditions for fixing a car. And she really didn't feel like fighting with Eden, trying to get him to get his lazy ass to work, when she was already stressed; she was smart enough to know that whenever she reached her snapping point, she always did something she later came to regret.

    However, she didn't think running over to that mystery house sounded much better, and she'd always been taught that honesty was the best policy. "I'd rather wait in the car," she snapped, just a bit harshly. "Why should we depend on some goddamn creep we don't know when we've got perfectly good shelter right here? Heavy storms like this never last long, we'll be fine." Rolling her eyes, she grabbed her iPod and started scrolling through songs, a universal sign that she wouldn't be listening to any further discussion.
  8. Anna had just opened her own door to get out when she heard Tori talking. Calling someone for creep when she didn't even know the person or had seen the person, what a bitch. Anna usually didn't say such things to people but she couldn't help thinking it about them when they did something she didn't like. "Then you can stay here alone while we're taking shelter where we can actually move our legs." She said a bit too quirky.

    She took her jacket and used it as a umbrella over her head. Maybe the storm wouldn't last long, but at least they could try and get some shelter inside if it wouldn't go away in a while. Anna closed the door and looked towards Eden for a moment, she wanted to get going fast but it felt weird to just leave Tori in the car. On the other hand, she had chosen it herself so it wasn't really their problem if she wanted to be stubborn about it. Sure the thought of going to a strangers home was scary for Anna too, but at least there were a bed and a toilet there if they had to stay the night.
  9. Victoria crossed her legs as she sat at the back of the car, she had been driving before Anna and was glad of the break, she was only ever used to driving for short periods of time as she usually left the driving to the others. She held onto her Kindle as she read through her e-book version of Phantom of the Opera. As she went to hit the screen to turn the page, she felt the car suddenly stop. Her dark eyes looked up at Anna. "What is it?" She asked as she turned her Kindle off and placed it into her bag as she moved forward in her seat to look at Anna.

    It seemed that the car had broke down. "Your joking me" She whispered softly as she shook her head, that was all that they needed and with a storm like that outside. It would be just their luck that it would be the worst part of the storm as they broke down. Her eyes turned to look out the door as the rain belted down on them like a set of knives hitting down on them. She looked as Eden got up and opened the door of the car. Should they go to the house? It would be better than sitting in the freezing cold of the car, and perhaps the owner of the house could phone a local car shop and have them come out and fix the car for them so that they could be on their way.

    It seemed that Tori wanted to remain where she was. "I'll come with you" She said as she looked up at Eden once more as she picked up her bag, taking out her umberella. Pushing herself across the seat, she stepped out of the car and stood next to Eden as she put her umberella up. Thankfully the wind wasn't bad enough to break her umberella. Pushing her hair into a low ponytail in a bid to stop it from hitting her face, she looked back into the car. "Are you all coming? The heat in there is only going to last for so long" She said as she looked over at the others.

    "Are you all coming?" She asked before looking at Eden. "Maybe we should go on and they'll catch up" She suggested
  10. ''Seems like a plan,'' he said as he pulled his hood over his head. The rain soaked through his jacket, and the blonde huffed shakily as he shifted the weight on his legs. If Tori wanted to stay he wouldn't stop her, her fault if something happened. It didn't matter to him as long as they could get to shelter and.. quick. The blonde noticed one of the other girls stepped out and took a small step closer to her to stand underneath the umberella. ''I don't think they are coming.''

    The road ahead of them was muddy, and the rain that poured down made it slippery as well. In times like this he was glad that he wore the boots, they provided comfort as well as keeping one steady on slippery surfaces. As they made their way down the road he looked up at the house, his hands digged into the pockets of his jacket. ''So, I don't think I've grasped your name..'' he said, chuckling softly as he wiped rain water off his face with one hand. Ah, fuck, there we go with the awkwardness. Perfectly done, Eden.

    Leaving the question, if you could call it that, hanging in the air he took some time to listen to the rain that unevenly hit the umberella over them with small thuds. Along with the sound of raindrops he took some time to listen to the silence, between them.
  11. Victoria held on tightly to her umbrella with one hand as she used the other hand to zip up her jacket in a bid to keep her body warm from the freezing cold conditions they were currently standing in. She watched as her male companion moved towards her, standing under the umbrella. She moved it a little higher so that he could fit under it. Pushing some blonde hair out of her face, she looked around at the rain once more. "They'll come soon enough, whenever the heat leaves the car and they're frozen to the bone. They're stubborn" She said. Victoria had always done much better one on one with people instead of being in a group.

    Following her companion down the muddy road, she was thankful that she had worn riding boots, it seemed her companion had also decided on the sensible footwear. She tried to make the house out in the distance as they walked towards it. Turning her head, she listened to the blonde man as he spoke. "Victoria" She revealed with a soft smile as she held on tightly to the umbrella so that she didn't lose it in the storm. That was the last thing she didn't, she didn't need to get soaked to the bone. Literally.

    "And your name?" She asked softly as they came towards a driveway. "Here's to hoping the people are welcoming" She joked as she began to walk up the lane, looking back down towards the car, wondering if any of them were even going to bother to come out of the car. They were all too stubborn for their own good.
  12. Anna walked a bit behind the other two, still a bit worried over Tori whom was alone in the car. She didn't speak to the other two, she just wanted to get in to the house and didn't feel like speaking. As they got closer to the house Anna noticed that it wasn't really a house, it was much bigger than a normal house. The mansion looked like something taken out of another time, and with the bad weather it seemed like something from a horror movie. If it weren't for the lit up windows it would be hard to think that someone actually lived there. For a small moment she felt like going back to the car, but at the same time it felt safer in a house even if it somewhat looked like Draculas castle.

    Her clothes was soaked and she felt mud getting into her shoes. Hopefully the people in the mansion would let strangers like them in. As they almost had reached the door someone opened it. Anna felt a shiver going down her spine, no one had knocked, how did he know that he should open the door?

    "Welcome in." He said while doing a gesture with his hand and bowing for them. It seems a bit suspicious to Anna and she wasn't certain if she wanted to go in anymore. It seemed so spooky.
  13. Tori watched her other three companions leave the car with a slight look of boredom in her eyes, but when they got a fair distance away, that look turned to slight panic. They weren't really going to leave her alone, were they? Sure, she was safe from the storm in the car, but...She wasn't expecting them all to leave her behind. She yanked off her headphones, stuffed them under the front seat to keep them from getting stolen out of force of habit, and tugged her jacket over her head to use as a makeshift umbrella as she shoved the car door back open. Mentally, she cursed herself for leaving her real umbrella in the trunk and decided she'd be drier in the end if she made a run for it.

    "Hey! Wait up!" she shouted, speeding towards the group. She knew it'd be a bit awkward for a bit after that little performance, but it didn't matter; she was already soaked through and just wanted to get to shelter. As she approached the mansion and got a better look at it, though, she almost slowed down and turned right around. That was where they were staying? It practically screamed "stay in this haunted mansion and you will suffer a horrible fate." Surely the car would be a better choice.

    Panting slightly, Tori caught up to the other three and started to warn them that they'd be better off finding somewhere else to stay, when the door was opened by a butler-looking man who welcomed them inside before anyone even knocked. "Are you serious?" she muttered under her breath. Was she dreaming she'd fallen into a horror movie or something? She wasn't about to be left alone in the rain, though; if the other three were going in then so was she. She was confident she'd be able to handle anything inside anyway.
  14. Eden nodded, looking at her with a gentle smile. ''Eden.'' he said, taking in her features as they walked. The rain had started to soak into his clothes and he sighed softly, looking up at the castle-like house. It looked a bit spooky, he thought, still something about it appealed to him. He supposed it was just his dad's interest in gothic furniture and houses that had sparked his own sudden interest. With muddy boots, he stepped up on the grass and sighed. God, he would have to clean those.

    When they came to a stop he looked behind to check if Tori had decided to tag along and-- yup. He smiled at her and chuckled, shaking his head sligtly as he turned back. ''Though you'd join us.'' he said softly, wiping his soaked face. It was strangely quiet here, too quiet. The blonde male sniffed a little, probably catching a cold from walking there in the wet, cold weather.

    Eden was staring at his boots as the door opened, making him flinch. What the hell? Ran through his mind as he stared up at the butler like man, he reminded him a bit of his family's own. His eyes looked at him now and then as he made his way inside with the girls. Something smelt fishy here, he though. ''.. Excuse me, sir.. but. Who is the owner of this home?'' he asked him, pulling his wet hood off to reveal striking platina blonde hair.
  15. The old pale butler waited until the four of them were inside before closing the door. Before he had answered Eden's question another voice was already talking. "I'm the owner of this mansion." Eclair told the teenager as she walked down the staircase. "Teresa Eclair. I assumed you had been caught up in the storm when I saw you coming in this direction. William, get some towels and change of clothes to our guests." She turned to the butler whom immediately bowed before leaving the room. "I hope you didn't have to walk very far in this weather." She then continued and smiled to her guests.

    Anna had a vague memory of hearing a rumor about the Eclair mansion once, wasn't that the place where people usually disappeared? She wasn't certain if it was though so she just kept quiet about it. And even if it was the same mansion as in the rumors it would probably offend the owner of the house if they brought up such rumors. It was a bit fascinating for Anna that there weren't any lamps in the room they stood in, only candles. The mansion seemed to be even older on the inside.
  16. Victoria decided that perhaps it would be best to remain slightly and allow the others to do the talking. She stood next to Eden and watched as they were greeted by a pale colored butler. Her eyes looked around the castle like home for a few moments, trying to take it all in whenever a woman appeared at the staircase, announcing that she was the owner of the house. Victoria had doubted that it belonged to the man, he was dressed far too much like a butler to own such a home. Her eyes watched the raven haired woman as she headed down the staircase. It was then that she noticed just how old the house looked on the inside, but she wouldn't hold it against the kind looking woman who had just greeted them.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you" Victoria said, remembering the manners that her parents had forced into her as a child. She nodded at the butler who's name she now knew to be William as he was asked to fetch the towels and a changed of clothes. "Thank you ever so much" It was just then that Victoria noticed how wet her clothes were, even with the help of an umbrella. She done up the strap that kept her umbrella folded down before she slipped the small object back into her bag as she looked around the house. "You home looks beautiful" She said softly as she took in the decor of the building.
  17. Tori's eyebrows shot up when the owner of the mansion announced her name. Eclair? As in, the Eclair mansion disappearances? Tori browsed the internet enough to have read the rumors about this place. She knew something was fishy. Still, though, she muttered a quick thanks when the butler, William, was sent to retrieve towels and fresh clothes. Why not show a little hospitality and stave off getting murdered or something for a little while longer? She couldn't believe they were staying in the Eclair mansion...Maybe it wasn't the same one? No, that was silly. The place already had a horror movie sort of feel to it. Fucking perfect.

    She had to admit, though: for an old spooky mansion, it was pretty nice, in a really old-school sort of way. The place was reasonably well lit even with nothing but candles, and the decor was rather homely, even if its age still made her nervous. As Tori pulled her soaking wet jacket off and slung it over her shoulder, she tried to keep her mind off of all the things that could go on in this mansion. It didn't help that her mom had harbored a bit of an unnatural interest in medieval torture devices, and Tori herself was very familiar with the purpose and use of several. Swallowing nervously, she glanced around at the other three, wondering if any of them knew the rumors as well.
  18. The butler came back with towels in his hands and two maids were walking behind him with clothes. One of them looked like she were in her twenties and the other seemed to be in her forties. Both the maids also seemed to be as pale as the butler, as if they were a bit sick. But if they would have been sick then they wouldn't have been working Anna thought. William gave everyone a towel.

    "Henriette and Lilith will show you too another room where you can change your clothes. Afterwards they will show you to the dining hall, we should warm you up a bit before you get a cold." Eclair said with a smile. "William, go and lit the fireplace." The butler once again bowed and walked out of the room. "Let's talk more when you're done changing clothes." She then continued as she turned back to the young people before her. Then she gave a small nod towards the two maids before turning around and taking the same way as her butler just had.

    "This way please." The older maid said and started to show the way, the younger one walked just a couple of steps behind.
  19. Eden took the towel he was handed with a small, polite nod, and patted his already wet face dry with it. As he listened to her he couldn't help but feel the hairs on the back of his neck rise, squeezing the towel slightly. Something about this place gave him chills. Perhaps it was the old fashioned interior of the house? No, he was already used to that back home. Still, something in the air felt.. wrong. ''It is very kind of you..'' he said softly, almost sounding like his father when he spoke.

    As they were shown to their rooms, his gaze followed Mrs. or was it Ms. Eclair ? Either way, there was something about her that caught his attention. She seemed so.. mysterious. Clearly, she was a proper gentlelady and knew how guests were to be treated. Heh, almost like home, he had thought as he followed the others. His gaze wandered to the portraits, pale painted faces that stared back at him with old fashioned clothes. There was also matching furniture, almost like the house had stopped in time. No electricity, he noted, just candles and fireplaces. Then again, that would mean no phone.

    ''.. Seems like we won't get to call.'' he whispered to Victoria, looking ahead at the maids infront of them.
  20. Tori took one of the towels gratefully, nodding in silent thanks, and dried herself off as best as she could. "I don't like this," she muttered, too quietly for the maids to hear. "This is the Eclair mansion, for fuck's sake, and they're acting like they expected us." She could tell that the others were a bit unnerved too, but Tori was especially suspicious, and for good reason, or at least so she thought. She certainly didn't follow the maids until everyone else did, hoping that someone would speak up and save her from looking like a total wuss.

    Deciding to tie her still-damp jacket around her waist for now, she heard a bit of Eden's whisper, and her eyes widened for a second as she came to the same conclusion. No electricity meant no phones, and in her rush to catch up to the group, she'd left her cell phone in the car. What if they got trapped here? They were in the middle of nowhere; surely no one would hear them scream from inside and they wouldn't be able to call for help unless someone had thought to bring their cell.