The Eclair mansion

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  1. The Eclair mansion (open)

    In the outskirt of a village there is a mansion which is owned by Teresa Eclair. There has been rumors about her being over threehundred years old. Human blood is said to be keeping her eternally young. Of course it is only rumors and no one knows if they are true.

    There is a story about the mansion being haunted by ghosts. Eclair have been letting people come to her home and spend the nights in it to proove to them that the ghost stories are true. Anyone can come at any time. But people that seeks ghosts in the mansion tend to disappear without a trace. Of course there is a warning that people that aren’t the mansions owner or workers won’t be able to come out, but still there are people that wants to come to the mansion. Mostly because they don’t believe the rumors.

    Will you have what it takes to survive the cursed Eclair mansion? Will you be able to reveal the truth that is hidden behind the walls?

    Eclair (open)

    This rp is based a bit on Ao oni, some people get trapped in a mansion and strange things happen. Their car has stopped working and they had to sleep in the mansion, but soon they notice that they can’t get out. While the ghosts scare the shit out of them there is something Eclair is hiding from her guests.

    *No Godmodding, don’t touch other peoples characters, I will punch you if you do. Though if a character hasn’t written anything for a while and the person doesn’t answer if I send a message to that person then I will have to move the character, if you want to jump out of the rp then I can kill your character, so tell me instead of not answering.
    *Do at least two paragraphs per post, more if you can ;)
    *Think about your grammar and spelling, I don't have perfect grammar and spelling myself since I'm not native English speaker, just make sure that people can understand you.
    *Make sure you have time to write at least one post a week, it’s not funny for everyone to wait for three weeks on some peoples responses.

    I will play Eclair and also one of the people that comes to the mansion.

    Three other people can play the other teenagers that has been driving the car that broke and then max two other people that comes to the mansion because of another reason (for example, ghost hunting)
    The teenagers are 17-19 and the other two that shows up in the mansion can be at any age over 17.

    The mansion is kept in a eighteenth century style, so no lamps or modern things exists in there.


    The teenagers:
    1. Anna walker (Played by Redblood)
    2. Eden Norchill (Played by Ninicorn)
    3. Tori Jayden (Played by Mooglegirl)
    4. Victoria Mirren(Played by LadyAnya)

    1. Tannis Maxwell Lott (played by Pendulum ghost)

    Mansion owner:
    1. Teresa Eclair

    Horror, modern, paranormal

    Character bio:

    History: (Small about what has happened in your characters life, how the character acts can be described here too)
    Why are your character at the mansion?: (only for the two that didn't come with the car)
  2. Character bio:

    Name: Teresa Eclair
    Gender: female
    Age: Officially she's 36, rumors says that she's over 300 years old.
    Appearance: Brown eyes, brown hair, 1.68 meters, mostly wears dresses from the eighteens century so that she will fit with the mansions style.
    Show Spoiler

    History: Will be revealed during the rp

    Name: Anna Walker
    Gender: Female
    Age; 18
    She grew up on the country side where she lived with her parents. They didn't have a lot of money but enough to live their peaceful life as a farming family. But when she were fourteen they were forced to move into the city because of the poor breeding. Nothing had grown for a long time and in the end Anna's parents had to sell the farm and get a job in the city instead. Even though Anna loved the countryside and hated the city she still tried to adapt to her new lifestyle. Her parents didn't let her go anywhere alone at first because they thought something would happen just because they lived in the city. They were very overprotective the first years but started to calm down when she became 17, they still don't like when she goes out by herself but they try not to say anything.
    She feels that she can talk to most people in school but she still often keeps to herself. Anna enjoys the company of animals a bit more than the company of humans.
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  4. Name: Eden Norchill
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Pale, with slicked back platina blonde hair. His features are rather sharp, with narrow eyebrows. With prominent cheekbones, and bright blue eyes. Usually, he wears combat boots along with matching cargo pants, and a t-shirt. Over the t-shirt he's wearing a hoodie zipper jacket and he's normally wearing a necklace with the norse god of thunder's symbol, Mjollnir.
    History: Born into a rich family, his father is one of the leaders in a sucessful company. He knows that one day he will take over, and is content with this. He and his family have a good relationship and he loves them very much. Since he started school he has had no problems with making friends, and he enjoys adventures.

    u v u ~
  5. I'm working on my bio now, but can I reserve a space as one of the teenagers please? Thank you!
  6. Ninicorn's character is accepted and places reserved for LadyAnya & Mooglegirl ^^
  7. Name: Tori Jayden
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Straight black hair that reaches her shoulders and is styled in layers. Fairly thin build. Needs glasses; currently wearing a round pair with dark red frames. Outfit consists of a jacket of the same color as her glasses over a black shirt with a pink lightning bolt on it, skinny jeans, and black sneakers with bright pink lines around the bottom.

    History: Two years ago, Tori lost both her parents. Her father was an up-and-coming scientist who frequently stepped nonchalantly over lines most people weren't willing to cross, and one day, a fire in the lab ignited some chemicals and caused a massive explosion that killed both him and Tori's mother. The accident pushed her to drop her last name (going by her middle name instead) to distance herself from her old life and made her into a bitter person who lashes out at nearly any provocation. She's managed to make a reasonable living on her own; it's not luxurious by any means, but she gets by.
  8. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Name: Victoria Mirren
    Gender: Female
    Age: Nineteen
    Appearance: Please see above pictures for Victoria's appearance. Her outfit can be found by hitting this little link
    History: Victoria grew up in a strict setting, her mother was a high flying lawyer while her father held a respected position with one of the largest banks in the city, her parents in listed her in various lessons such as ballet and piano from a young age. During high school she was placed in the highest classes and achieved excellent grades across all her subjects. As her parents are away from home so often, she's used to being alone and doesn't mind it, though does enjoy company. The statement that money doesn't buy happiness is unfortunately true in this case, Victoria rearly smiles. She's used to blending into the background of situations, though slowly but surely she is starting to come out of her shell as she progresses through university, studying for her degree in business.
    Why are your character at the mansion?: Victoria arrived in the car with the other teenagers
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    LadyAnya & Mooglegirl is accepted :9
    I will write my own character bio tomorrow and also start the rp. The last two characters (If we get any) can arrive around the same time as the teenagers in the car or later in the rp so they don't have to be done by the start of the rp anyways :)
  10. Name: Tannis Maxwell Lott

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Appearance: 6 feet tall 170 pounds, Very young looking, Dark brown hair jaw length hair layered, Green grayish eyes, Well toned body, physically fit with hardly no bulk. Currently dressed in black dress shoes, black slacks and a dark grey plaided button up shirt.

    History: Tannis is an ex-marine was honorably discharge after his psychic evalution deemed him unable to handle the trauma of being forced to gun down 5 children ranging for 5 years old to 16 who had been strapped with explosives and were charging his unit when their convoy had come under fire in a small village in the middleast.
    He suffers from nightmares and is in deep depression, Emotionally disattached from people Tannis feels his actions are unforgivable and seeks a way to redeem himself. He has come to The Eclair Mansion posing as a simple tourist but has recieved a tip about the Mansion and is investigating it on his own.
  11. Pendulum ghost is accepted ^^
  12. I'm about to write the first post now.
    The young people in the car will start in the car just when the car breaks

    Pendulum: Do you want your character to already have arrived earlier that day or do you want him to knock on the door just when it starts?
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  17. So just to clarify after they are in the house Tannis makes his enterance?