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    An island that is far in the east, enriched with civilized race and the Shogun as their ruler lived in a peaceful island of Midori. The Shogun was named Oda Nakimoru, A middle-aged ruler who was responsible for bringing a golden age of a new empire, but the last shogun later died from the skin poison which he unable to take hold of the regime that came to last. This led into a midlife crisis to the people, fearing that the Shogunate will lead into a blink of collapse. The nation was crippling and beginning to collapse, the people of the Midori began to form their own nations and controlling one domain at the time. The island was later split into 5 independent, small countries and struggling for the power to rule this island, in order to recreate the Nakimoru Shogunate that was lost.


    In two centuries later, An Infamous Unification War that some of the small nations began to unify to create one island nation, but the neighboring nations declared war to claim the resources that are needed for the conflict. Some of the other clans joined in creating the Shogunate when it was accepted by the neighboring nations. The war was getting bloody and the skirmishes was getting pointless as the soldiers throw their lives away in the battle, taking the politics seriously thought out 5 nations. The unification war was coming to an end and left dozens of soldiers retired from war, but they were turned into Rōnins as they continue serving the lost souls of their comrades, killing the enemies whom covered the blood on the blade of Kanata. A peace treaty was ratified between the 3 nations that survived the unification war and three political leaders decided to become allies to order take the rightful place for Oda Nakimoru's throne.


    When the foreigners landed on the shore of Eastern Midori after the unification war, one of the countries engaged hostility when they first invaded the island, but it was later mistaken when the foreigners tried to colonize on Midori island, planning to expand the empire than become enemies. However, the situation is getting tight if they ever plan to rule Midori would lead to a risk of conquest. Then suddenly, one of the nation was converted to foreigners, leaving the samurai culture behind and brought in heavy criticism to the peasants and political members. One of the Himeji Shogunate's family members, Kuma Himeji, a grandson who was responsible for converting the Shogunate to the foreigners and broke the code of honor by gaining greater access to natural resources, Kuma’s responsibility was the only way to save the Shogunate from collapse. The two neighboring nations such as Mizushima Domain and Great Nakano Clan are cautious about the war could break out as they stare down to Himeji Clan, at the other hand, the Foreigners of the outside world are called Kingdom of Suyzaovania, likely to aid on Himeji’s side and defend them whenever a war is coming.


    Since the mercenaries been terrorizing Midori, occurring in two neighboring nations, including the foreigners and shogunate was likely a problem for the government and the military. The group of mercenaries was called themselves, Nakimoru’s Loyalist. It was formed as an Anti-Government Rebel group to destroy the rulers and aiming to trigger a successful rebellion between the neighboring nations, in addition, the rebels planned to push the foreigners out of the Midori from colonization. The military forced all low-ranking soldiers to patrol villages, towns and cities, day and night to take down the rebels by lethal means. Strong-willed peasants who have joined in patrolling with the soldiers, believe they were retired soldiers in unification war now began to support the government under the will of enlighten shogunate. The clan elder of Nakano and Mizushima Landlord decided to avoid hostility with the foreigners and plans to negotiate with princess of Suyzaovaina for a peace treaty, including with the young emperor of the Himeji Shogunate to avoid a second unification war that will occur in the future.


    Peasants of the Midori will rarely find the opportunity to change their lives between the neighboring nations and win their dream of bringing one ruler to take Oda Nakimoru’s throne. Will they find a way to gain the advantage to becoming Nakimoru's successor or gain eternal peace for the sake of Midori? It’s questionable to know where the people of Midori will tell their fate. There are new things to learn Midori for yourself and the notable figures of the neighboring nations, the time has come for the Wanderers, Rōnins, Soldiers and Mercenaries carve their own path. A new age has come for the people of Midori to experience the new lifestyle, mixed between the cultures of foreigners and neighboring nations.

    - - - - - -


    Great Nanako Clan

    A small country in the center lies in the deep of the Kora Forest, where the Shinobi clan is populated in the forest area. Under the rule of clan elder, Ieyasu Nanako is one of the superior who in charge of both military and political power. They somewhat played their role in the unification war as assassins by taking out high-ranking officers. The clan is armed neutral, which means they don’t take things lightly during the invasion. They used the art of ninjustu as the part of the clan’s tradition and used widely by the military. The domain is filled with rōnins, mercenaries and also war orphans due of its largest residence growing after the unification war.

    Mizushima Domain

    Likely known as the Principality of Kyoto, served as an independent country of North-west Midori. The samurai culture is part of a living tradition in Mizushima, back from the ancient times. The landlord of the domain, Hideyoshi Mizushima is likely to own the domain in control and also used to be a great general of the unification war. Since the domain has political issues of disrupting borders between the shogunate and colony, soldiers on the border are taking daily patrols and also building walls around the eastern parts of Midori. Mizushima Domain is one of the lawful and strict country with fair rules to follow, it is somewhat based off the samurai’s code of honor. Magic powers are widely used along the priestesses, has an ability to heal or being blessed, but dark magics are forbidden for users, due of its corrupting power.

    Himeji Shogunate (Vassal Nation of Suyzaovanic Colony)

    The nation has suffered scarce resource since the end of unification war and becoming weaker in a few months, leading to collapse of the Shogunate. When his grandson had complete control of the Shogunate, Kuma Himeji becomes the young emperor who was responsible for killing peasants unnecessary and forced every farmer to cultivate without rest. Not until it converted to the foreigners when they set their foot on Midori to gain greater resource to save the Shogunate to avoid ceding to Great Nanako clan or Mizushima Domain. It was partly of the Vassal Nation of Suyzaovanic Empire and ruled under the command of Princess Sophitia, providing advanced technology and weapons needed for the Shogunate.

    Kingdom of Suyzaovania

    A powerful empire that lies in the west, considered as a colony that they set on foot of the island. The princess who became as a great explorer and a colony leader to find a civilized island to become sociable. They were somewhat good at swordplay and wear tough armor for better protection in melee combat. In addition, the Arquebus as their advanced weapon is widely used by footmen and imported in only the colony. Midorese are converted and lived there in the colony walls, along with the Himeji peasants are residing with the foreigners on middle class civilians.

    Character Showcase

    - - - - - -

    1. Firstly off, pay some respects to the role-players, especially to the creator who made this role-play.
    2. Godmodding is prohibited, which I don't allow anyone but ruin the fun for idiotic reasons. Like for example, your character is regenerating wounds extremely fast or becoming invulnerable from arrows.
    3. Always refrain killing the main characters of the story and why? You will not kill my main character unless I said so.
    4. Character death is included in role-play. If the first character dies, the other character may keep the same weapon that be used to avenge your comrade (which is the first character am talking about) and yes, it's optional if the character will keep the same weapon, meaning you willing to avenge your comrade of yours.
    5. This is a Sengoku-Era feel-like role-play, this means that characters' appearances must have come in Japanese medieval-like uniforms, not in futuristic clothing or something like that. (Like the Suzyaovanic race, there just likely foreigners who traveled Midori with colonial appearances in stylist clothing.)
    6. Liability of any role-players are not participating in my role-play for a long time, your character will be removed. Like really, I am not kidding, if you're out of my role-play. In addition, the character will be removed in character slot and I owe a reason to replace the active ones than having inactive role-players, like you. I am not like to remove your character just immediately, I only intended to wait for you to post to proceed with the plot and that's it. But all of us don't need to wait for it, for a long time. We proceed the plot without you and that's going to be your problem if going to leave your character behind on the story. Be considerate.
    7. Just only tell us if you're going to drop out, it's really important to tell us first beforehand.

    - - - - - -

    Character Sheet








    Backstory: (Recommendation for role-players who are not interested in making a backstory.)

    - - - - - - -

    Faction: (Suzyaovania, Himeji, Nanako, Mizushima, Neutral)

    Class: (*Samurai, *Ashigaru, *Ronin, *Shinobi, *Seer, Priest/Priestress, Archer, *Arquebusier,*Musketeer, *Knight, *Sorcerer)

    Some notable events that your character is involved with?:

    Extra Information: (optional)

    - - - - - - -

    Primary Weapon:

    Secondary Weapon: (optional)

    Main Skill:

    Magic Skill: (optional)



    Note: The red star are exclusively for Midorese race and blue star is exclusively for Suyzaovanic race.​
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