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  1. This is where all Role-players who want chat here in OOC. It's a peace zone, so no arguments, be friendly here for once. ​
  2. I saw the signups and I'm kind of looking for an RP, but you only had CS and didn't really explain what it was about and the plot.
  3. Like do you want to know the reason about the role-play? I can explain the plot, easier for you to understand.
  4. Since the last Midori Shogun, Oda Nakimoru had died from skin poison, his kingdom collapse and left millions of people to create their small independent countries thought-out the island. Then, there is the Infamous Unification War in two centuries later that halve the entire Midorese population, but 3 countries survived the Infamous Unification War (Which is the Himeji Shogunate, Mizushima and Nanako) is trying to avoid making the same mistake of leading into the second Unification War. Since the foreigners arrived on Midori (likely known as Kingdom of Suyzaovania) where they intended to expand the empire from the west, the countries engaged hostility with the colony, but mistaken, they only wanted to become to befriend with the Midorese race than becoming enemies. Since the anti-government rebels calling themselves the Nakimoru's Loyalist, planning to destroy the rulers and willing to trigger the rebellion in the military. The Suyzaovanic Colony plans to seek peace with the Midori Race to avoid any hostility and willing to secure the Eastern Part of Midori for the trade route to the Far East. As you are willing to have two important choices for your character, finding a way to gain eternal peace in Midori or becoming Nakimoru's successor, taking his throne.