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    The Earthshaker’s Oath
    Still open and accepting new roleplayers!
    Right Here!


    The bitter, frozen holds of the north are but a shadow of their former selves. Once the seat of a proud kingdom, fuelled by the vast mineral veins that flowed through their mountains, the desolate holds are now cruel and unforgiving to those that dwell there. The hold’s stoic mountain ranges, which were once the source of their ore and wealth, were suddenly plagued by gigantic beasts of epic proportions. With them came the blistering winters, colder and fiercer than any that the people of the northern holds had previously experienced, and soon the kingdom began to fall. Either to the elements or to the fangs of some great beast, all but one of the kingdom’s grand cities were reduced to ruin.

    In the cold tundra plains between the mountains and forests stands the fortress of Isanbjorg; the Iron Keep. A bastion of metal and stone, Isanbjorg is the largest and only remaining city in the northern holds, and is all that remains of the kingdom that once ruled there. It is here in the Iron Keep that Queen Elisavet oversees the lands of her ancestors, and like her father and his father before him it is here that she watches the kingdom slip away between her fingers. While it is safe for now, even in its might the Iron Keep is not invincible. Bit by bit the walls crumble, and if the walls were to fall then so would the Iron Keep.

    But Queen Elisavet refused to stand idly by as her kingdom turned to dust and her people were slaughtered. She sought help to hunt the monsters that would spell Isanbjorg’s end and bring back the might of her family’s kingdom. She turned to her loyal knights for help, but even they could not pierce the hides of the foul creatures they faced. So she turned to the court wizards, but they were few in number and their magic was ill-suited to combat, let alone against such titans.

    Hope for Isanbjorg’s future was found in time, but in the unlikeliest of places.

    The monsters that lived around Isanbjorg were of terrifying proportions, dwarfing even the tallest of men. One beast, however, scared the people of Isanbjorg beyond all else. They lacked sharp teeth or claws, and did not have the thick hides that the other beasts did that made them almost impervious to harm. They possessed one characteristic, however, that reminded humans far too much of themselves, and this made them more dangerous than anything else that dwelt in these wilds. They were cunning.

    These creatures were known as giants.

    Like the other terrors that the Iron Keep faced, giants were large and terrifyingly strong, but they were also intelligent and adaptable. They worked together with others of their kind and hunted beasts far larger and stronger than themselves with ease, and could thrive without the castles and walls that humans had grown so reliant on. They heaved large, stone weapons around with them, and some individuals had even learned to bend the very elements to their will in the form of magic. The giants were a force to be reckoned with, and in them Queen Elisavet saw an opportunity.

    The giants, while hardy, were not invincible, and none were more aware of their vulnerability than the giants themselves. Having only ever known the wilds, the lives of these people was a constant struggle for survival. The giants fought monsters, humans, and even their own kind in this struggle, and many of them envied the great walls that the humans had erected to protect themselves. Some believed that human cities could offer them salvation, and that if they could take them then they would be safe. Many of the hold’s cities had fallen to rampant tribes of giants since their arrival, but in this fight the giants had lost more than they had gained, and soon fell back to the mountains to tend to their wounds. It was at the decree of Queen Elisavet that, for the first time, giants would be willingly allowed to seek shelter in the human cities.

    Queen Elisavet knew the power that these giants possessed, and offered sanctuary for any of them who would pledge their lives to Isanbjorg and its people. In exchange for the protection that the Iron Keep’s walls offered these giants would lay down their lives to protect the city, fight to reclaim the holds, and work with the humans to re-establish the kingdom. This message was spread far and wide by the bravest explorers Queen Elisavet could find, and while more ended up slain by the very giants they sought to speak to than returned, their efforts were not in vain.

    While Isanbjorg never got the heroic paragons that they sought, some giants heeded the call. Those who made the long haul to Isanbjorg were refugees, not warriors, and had come to the humans out of desperation, not for the glory of saving a nation. Even these giants proved their worth, however, and with guidance the giants rebuilt the crumbling walls of Isanbjorg and brought back the severed heads of monsters that had plagued the city for longer than any could remember.

    For the first time in three generations, Isanbjorg has started to grow again. Mines were reopened, farms were rebuilt, and the Iron Keep almost doubled in size. Giants came in greater numbers, hearing the newfound prosperity of the humans and the newly civilised giants, and as they did so the city only grew stronger. Isanbjorg is now home to several dozen giants, and while every giant has a different reason for seeking out the Iron Keep they all pledge their services to the queen and fight to protect their new home.

    Eleven years has passed since the first giants settled in Isanbjorg, and while the city might yet thrive given more time, the need for the help of giants is still great. The monstrous foes of the city, while culled, have only grown more determined, and without the diligent watch of its adopted guardians the city will surely fall. This roleplay focuses on a small group of giants who have pledged themselves to Isanbjorg and Queen Elisavet, as they fight terrific beasts and explore the long-forgotten ruins of the holds for gold, glory, and the future of the Iron Keep.

    The Giants

    The majority of giants resemble their human cousins but on a larger scale. They are humanoid and their rough lifestyles tend them towards stout, muscular builds. They range anywhere from eleven to thirteen feet tall, and in the cold north the majority of them have dark hair and pale coloured eyes, although this is different from tribe to tribe and giants vary physically (and culturally) as much as humans do. Clothing styles also vary from place to place, although the furs and leathers of large beasts are commonly used to keep warm in the winters, and tribal patterns and colours are often used to differentiate between separate groups of giants as decoration and to mark out territory.

    The giants are a varied people in their beliefs and cultures. Typically giants will live in small tribes, consisting of a few family units tied together to better their chances of survival, although many live in solitude or with only a few others they trust above all else. Additionally, those giants who have pledged their services to human kings and queens will live a different life entirely. Giant tribes are usually isolated, only coming into contact with others when their territories clash, and their skills, religions, and identities will vary accordingly. One group may consider scars signs of great prestige while another may prefer fine silks and metals from human lands. One tribe may worship a complex pantheon of gods while another may only acknowledge nature herself as the true creator. Typically those giants who have lived among humans (or the rare case of a giant being born amongst humans) will adopt more human customs, although many still cling to their cultural heritage devotedly. One trait that does seem to unite giants is their distrust of strangers, a paranoia that does not discriminate between humans and their giant kin, which prevents them from forming colonies beyond that of a few dozen and explains their reluctance to ally with the humans.

    Few giants have mastered the art of metalworking, and as such traditional giant weapons are made from stone, wood, or bone. Warriors may favour crude clubs and greatswords carved from animal bone, while hunters may use stone-tipped arrows and spears to bring down their prey. Metal weapons designed for giant use are not unheard of, and human blacksmiths will happily forge blades of iron and steel for a giant who is willing to pay for them, but they are expensive and the forging process is time consuming. Armour is equally crude and, except for the astonishingly rare piece of plate male forged for individuals of such size, is usually restricted to the thick furs and leathers of wild beasts.

    Other than physical strength, one area in which giants do excel over humans is magic. While human beings struggle to grasp the most basic concepts of the arcane, with even the most experienced human wizards stumbling on the simplest spells, giants seem naturally talented at harnessing the elements. Some of the more spiritual giantkin possess a great connection to the forces of nature and may call on them for assistance. While their magic is not refined or elegant, the shamans and mystics of giant tribes are not to be taken lightly, as they draw power from spirits or the earth itself to force their command over stone, fire, or even the dead.

    The giants of the northern lands where this roleplay is set are a tall, stout people, but are otherwise similar in appearance to their human counterparts. These are not the only kinds of giant to roam the lands, although they are the most frequently encountered. Further north, high in the mountains or in the frozen wastes, dwell giants with more bestial features and attitudes, such as claw-like nails and more pronounced canines. These tend towards more barbaric habits and lifestyles. Similarly, in the south, there are rumours of a strange breed of giant who have but a single eye, and they show a surprising knack for metalworking. The variants of giants are purposely kept vague and are allowed to be played, although they are far rarer in these lands and will be considered an oddity even among other giants.
    Where You Come In

    The Earthshakers, those giants who have dedicated themselves to the protection of Isanbjorg, are the soldiers, builders, and hunters of the Iron Keep. Your character will be one of these giants, and whether they are newcomers to the city or have lived here since the first giantkin were allowed within its walls, you have been moved into a newly created hunting party consisting of your character and the characters of the other players.

    The roleplay will consist mostly of individual episodic missions such as hunting a monster that has been spotted near Isanbjorg or exploring one of the ruins of the cities in the further reaches of the holds. If this works out then we can continue along that format, but if we find that a longer story arc would be preferable then there are plenty of ways we can take this. Perhaps the source of these monsters is discovered, or the aggressive giant tribes band together to form a bigger threat to Isanbjorg? It depends entirely on what the players want out of this.
    Rules and Standards

    1. The general etiquette between roleplayers and the rules of Iwaku apply, as per usual.

    2. I like to think I'm a reasonable GM, and if you ever have any problems then please talk to me about them, but sometimes a firmer response is needed. I don't want to have to put my foot down on anything, and I hope that we can all be civil if any problems arise, but if it's needed then I will.

    3. I expect a minimum of two/three paragraphs per post and preferably at least one a week. I understand that's not always possible, if you're busy or if the roleplay has slowed down, but if there's ever a reason why you can't meet the deadlines then let me know. I'd appreciate the heads up and it means I don't accidentally jump to any conclusions.

    4. Character death is a possibility, but I won't throw your characters into unwinnable situations or force unavoidable harm upon them unless they throw themselves into trouble. The land around Isanbjorg is a dangerous place and the Earthshaker's find themselves in the wilderness on a daily basis. Expect monsters, prepare accordingly, and you should be fine.

    5. Have fun. This is something I'm going to be enforcing with drastic consequences if it is broken.

    Character Sheet

    -Giants have a lifespan twice as long as humans, but their brutal lifestyle and lack of medical knowledge means they rarely live that long.

    Appearance: -A brief description of the character’s appearance. Pictures are optional, but I’d like at least some writing to fill in the gaps.

    Skills and Abilities: -Any training in weaponry, survival, hunting, or any other notable skills the character has should be talked about here. Any magical abilities the character possesses should also be mentioned.

    Weaponry and Equipment: -Any equipment or weaponry that your character owns should be mentioned here.

    Biography: -A little information about your character’s history up until now, where they started and how they got involved with the Earthshakers both being important.
    Accepted Characters

    Arnaute Ec-Savin - Herzinth
    Blomma Grobiansdotter - Gorgoniy
    Caylor Heggradun - Goldmarble
    Jotunn Gygax - Eon
    Ruda Irsdunsdottir - Muirgen
    Slavuk Kazyar - CAS
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  2. Name: Blomma Grobiansdotter
    Sex: Female
    Age: 49

    Picture (open)

    Blomma is quite twee. Well, as far as giants go, that is. She’s slender and that feeling of delicateness is emphasized by her length. Blom is tall, even for a giant. Her deep black locks reach up to 12’9”. Her limbs look impossibly stretched, making her seem clumsy and her movements long and slow. As with many things in life looks can be deceiving. Blomma’s long bones are tied together by rope-like muscles, which – when flexed – obtain the strength and tautness of steel cables.
    The tall, twee frame is usually covered in greens. With Blomma being blessed by the dryads’ attention and a strong affinity with everything growing and blooming her wardrobe speaks of this part of her core. Being a huntress Blom’s preference for the colour green serves her well in the woods surrounding Isanbjorg.

    Skills and Abilities:
    • Trapping;
    • Hunting;
    • Archery
    • Growing & blooming power (magical abilty);
    • Survival;
    • Climbing;
    • Woodcarving/woodshaping.
    Weaponry and Equipment:
    • Simple survival gear;
    • Travel food – enough for a week, containing dried fruits, nuts, cured meat and smoked fish;
    • A longbow, with 27 flint tipped arrows;
    • A steel hunting knife;
    • A pouch with fluorescent moss, hallucinative mushrooms and other shamanistic tools.
    Grobian didn’t understand it. The little baby was tiny. No baby fat anywhere. The tiny filly couldn’t have been the cause of his wife’s demise. Gertrud died in childbirth, but it sure couldn’t have been because of Blomma’s arrival in the world. Smother, that’s what her father did to her. From early childhood on, she was smothered by his love. Now his wife had fallen away, he focused all his attention on Blom.
    As young as 7 years old Blomma did everything in her might to escape Grobian’s constant meddling and mothering. Whenever she could, she sneaked off. In the forests around their little home town she found company and protection with the inhabitants of the green havens. With them Blomma discovered her independence, earned their respect and learned everything about the ways of the woods.

    Grobian didn’t understand Blom’s longing for individuality, space and independence. After all, he needed her so much. Even when Blomma became of age, and managed to join the ranks of hunters, he tried to contain her, to keep her under his wings. Of course Blomma would have none of it. The forest creatures had cultivated a wild spirit within her – a spirit which reminded Grobian so much of Gertrud’s. The more Blom showed her wild spirit and tried to break free, the more her father pulled her back in his rugged bear arms.

    Finally, having had enough, Blomma screamed like a hellish fiend, scraped together her meagre belongings and left. Slamming the heavy, oak door of their home shut behind her, she knew she’d just closed a chapter. As she left her father, she also left her clan. The one was so closely tied in with the other, that she couldn’t have the latter, without the former. Which meant Blom had to move along and start over somewhere else.

    With her family ties effectively cut, she started to search out a place which would accept her. The myth of Isanbjorg and the welcome it provides for giants soon reached her ears. Short after she heard of it, Blom travelled towards the city. True to the stories Blomma was welcomed and could start a new career as local huntress. She became one of the Earthshakers.
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  3. This looks pretty darned amazing, I'll pull together a CS tonight when I get back home. Also a quick question: if some of the Earthshakers are refugees, would you be averse to a giant child as an NPC of sorts, even if that giant child is not a part of this particular hunting party?

    eta: And since it seems there is already a female giant among what should probably be a male heavy group, should I rethink a concept for a male giant instead? I had originally thought a large female giant whose small clan had been decimated but for herself and her child. She would come to join with the Earthshakers reluctantly, for the protection that this would offer behind the walls for her child. She is a powerful giantess, a great fighter and warrior who uses an enormous stone-bladed spear, and has two antler and stone daggers the size of men's swords - and she would be a flint knapper, with a magical affinity for stone and stone-shaping, the ancient traditional forms of giant weapon crafting.

    All of this though I could just as easily switch over in gender if needed.
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  4. Curious to see what you come up with Muirgen. ;) Looking forward to an inspiring character.
  5. You're very kind Gorgoniy - and just let me add, Blomma is wonderful! I'm fair to caught up with my work now, so I'll finish up the CS I started and [try to] wait patiently to see who else comes to join this band of giants.
  6. Gorgoniy; Your character's looking good, although I only gave it a quick read. I'll take a better look when I'm not completely exhausted. I don't trust myself to give it a proper examination at one in the morning. :D

    Muirgen; I'm glad you like it! Giant children certainly exist in Isanbjorg. Most came to the city with their families, although in the eleven years since the first giants were allowed in I imagine a few have been born there. So yes, a child NPC for your character would be perfectly fine.

    The character concept sounds great though. There's no need to change your character to male if you don't want to. It's entirely up to you.
  7. Thank you Grif, and I'm glad the concept sounds good thus far. I'll be honest and say that CS's aren't my strong suit, so I'll be glad to rework or hash out anything that doesn't quite answer your questions about who she is and what she does. Without a doubt, I'll be editing things like skills and equipment over time anyway.

    Name: Ruda Irsdunsdottir

    Sex: Female

    Age: 62

    Appearance: Ruda stands an average 12 feet tall, is heavily-muscled and presents near as formidable an appearance as a male of her kind. Her black hair is just starting to turn silver, the first streaks shooting through long, thick dreadlocks she usually wears tied back from her proud, grey-eyed face with a thick leather strip. The right half of Ruda’s face is covered with a fading woad-colored tattoo in the shape of a bear claw, its talons ending at the edges of her forehead, the bridge of her nose, her cheek and her chin.

    Her clothing is fur-lined caribou leather: a long-sleeved tunic, a pair of well-mended pants and soft, waterproof tall boots. Wrapped about Ruda’s wide, thick shoulders is a magnificent silver-colored dire bear fur cloak, matching the color of her eyes. The dire bear’s teeth have been strung together on hardened leather about her neck (both the cloak and necklace were wedding gifts from her husband Haldulf).

    Skills and Abilities:

    - Flint knapping
    - Stone shaping (magical ability that has not, as yet, been fully developed)
    - Herbalism (collecting both edible and nominally medicinal plant leaves, stems and roots)
    - Expert with her spear, either of her “daggers” or her bare hands – Ruda is a brutal and ruthless warrior.
    - Painting with ground pigments in animal fats on either leather or stone (no, not a terribly useful skill, but there it is!)
    - Scrimshaw working in bone/tusk (again, not useful, but kills time between excursions and might earn some of the human coin.)

    Weaponry and Equipment:

    - Hardened leather armor for her chest and gloves, worn only when she goes on hunts/excursions
    - An enormous stone-tipped spear attached with sinew and pitch to a twelve foot ironwood shaft
    - Two caribou bone-handled stone “knives,” one sheathed at her waist, and the other sheathed in her boot
    - Flint knapping tools (certain round stones and pieces of antler) in a leather sack

    Biography: Ruda’s clan comprised a small hunting band of giants connected to several other allied bands by blood and marriage. Living as nomadic hunters and gatherers, these separate clans normally only gathered twice a year, once in the summer months, and once in the deep winter. Ruda married her Haldulf some two decades prior, after some years of very painful (yet equally determined) courtship on his part to gain her consent. Twelve years ago, Ruda gave birth to a child they named Audun Haldulfsson, a strong, sturdy boy with his father’s dark brown hair and wide, easy smile, and his mother’s grey eyes. And two years ago, [an attack by other giants I am deliberately keeping vague so plot fun might be had in the future] killed most of her clan and her husband Haldulf, forcing Ruda to see refuge with Audun behind the walls of Isanbjorg.

    Ruda never wished to seek out the walled safety of Isanbjorg and, were she alone in surviving the attack, would have continued her solitary roaming in the northern wilds. The giantess distrusts a great deal, particularly among her own kind, and the innate distrust of humans had always been a part of her thinking and her world. Ruda considers the metal work of the humans to be suspect at best, far preferring the feel of solid steadiness in the earth in her hand. She also despises the feeling of being closed off from the hunting paths and corralled inside walls, but there is no amount of pride a mother will not choke down if it means she can keep her child safe.

    Even so, she truly is grateful for the safety she has found these past two years to raise Audun, and gladly offers her arm and her spear to the Earthshakers in service to the human Queen Elisavet who has, thus far, proven herself trustworthy.

    For a human.
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  8. Ruda looks great too, Muirgen.

    I spot an obvious lack of males though... :) I expected there to be a flocking of those to this story, that's why I went for a female. Perhaps I should come up with another character. Are we allowed, Grif?
  9. You're free to make multiple characters. All I ask is that you don't overwhelm yourself with them!

    And I do have a friend who's planning on joining and his character will be male, so there's no need to try and balance out the group with new characters.
  10. Great! That your friend plans to join. One is plenty for me then. :) ciao!
  11. I'll be getting a character up today or tomorrow. Most likely tomorrow.
  12. Thank you again Gorgoniy, and looking forward to seeing your character as well Herzinth!
  13. I'd take part in this. What's the writing level that you'd prefer?
  14. I'm still not 100% on Iwaku's writing levels, but I'd say that as long as you can get a few paragraphs up per post minimum then we'll have no problem. Thanks for showing interest regardless.
  15. I usually try to make smaller, more efficient posts. I'll try my best to stretch them out. Anyway, my bio cometh.
  16. Name: Jotunn (yo-tun) Gygax
    Sex: Male.
    Age: 45

    Appearance: Clocking in at around 12'6", Jotunn has a strange appearance. His skin is a pale, cold blue near the extremities. While everything beyond the knees and elbows is a more standard color, there are other anomalies. His hair, though it very well may be dyed, is sky blue. He's also a walking battery for mystic energy, and there are occasional effects because of this. Only once has there been anything more than a chill or static shock, and even that was only the spontaneous creation of a peanut.By all appearances, Jotunn is a Sky Giant. Sky Giants are usually thought to be nothing more than an old wive's tale, but Jotunn claims to be one.

    With the aforementioned additions.

    Skills and Abilities: Jotunn is a skilled sorcerer. He's spent 25 years studying magic at the greatest places he could reach. From the Far Towers to the Deep Libraries of Tenrir. His extensive mystical powers include:
    -Short range weather control, which he claims to be an innate power of Sky Giants.
    -Pyrokinesis: Control and creation of fire.
    -Cryokinesis: Control and creation of cold and ice.
    -Healing, though it doesn't work himself.
    -Shape-shifting: By far his most impressive power, Jotunn can change into creatures up to twice his mass, and down to around 5'6". He cannot reduce his weight below that of his default, giant form. Additionally, shapeshifting is also quite painful, due to bones and skin stretching and growing.

    Beyond his mystic prowess, Jotunn's only other skill is an impressive knack for storytelling. He also eats. A lot. Jotunn also claims an impressive skill at lovemaking, though who knows.

    Weaponry and Equipment:
    Being useless with all forms of armed weaponry, Jotunn carries five things with him:

    -One set of clothes.
    -One large, sweeping cobalt cloak.
    -One large staff, made of Oak wrapped with willow and tipped with a shard of ebony.
    -One set of dining tools.
    -One pillow.
    Biography: Jotunn came to the Earthshakers only about a month ago, bringing with him knowledge of the mystic arts second to only the most elite of magi.

    ~~~Two Months prior to Jotunn's arrival~~~

    I ran, and I ran hard and fast. My legs pumped, each one pressing a footprint the size of an ox into the soft dirt beneath me. I'd been running for hours, and I'd been running dry on my own magical energies. I'd had to pull the energy out from my environment twice since my escape. My former dwelling, the Eastern Magelands, had been attacked by some sort of beast. It had towered over even the tallest of the Eastern Giants, and even the Chieftan, one of the greatest sorcerers I had had the privilege to meet, had no visible effect upon it.

    By the Fade, the creature was a monster, greater than any abomination of spellcraft I'd come across. In truth, I doubted that the beast was still following me, but it had some sort of effect on the environment, like a blight, which was what I was desperate to escape. It twisted the land and blackened the trees, and even the most serene animals twisted into bloodthirsty terrors.

    ~~~One month before Jotunn's arrival~~~

    I'd since escaped, and had been able to "recharge" so to speak. Even having put the creature behind me, I still feared for my safety. I'd heard of a group called "Earthshakers" further north.

    Supposedly, they were a considerable force with experience in hunting monsters. Throwing my lot in with them seemed like my best option. These were experienced monster hunters, if what I had heard was true, and the humans they supposedly work with were vastly
    superior craftsmen to my kind, which most likely lead to better equipment. I think throwing my lot in with them is my best bet.

    Jotunn arrived a month thereafter, claiming to be a Sky Giant, a most likely bogus claim. There is little evidence that he's done more than re color his skin and hair with magic. The Sky Giants themselves were an old story about Giants who lived in enormous castles amongst the clouds, and would pluck children away with the winds to eat. There is no evidence that they exist, beyond Jotunn's claims.
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  17. Name: Arnaute Ec-Savin
    Sex: Female
    Age: 54
    Appearance: Ref Pic - Arnaute comes in at 10'9", definitely on the shorter end for giants. Her dark hair is partly done up in braids, and covers a nasty scar on the back of her neck. She usually wears a woolen tunic over a long-sleeved undershirt, alongside some pieces of leather armour.
    Skills and Abilities:
    • Fighting
    • Weaving
    • Tracking
    • Carpentry
    Weaponry and Equipment:
    • Two metal axes
    • Clothes
    • Leather tent
    • Bone skinning knife
    • Five days worth of dried, salted food
    • A spearhead necklace
    Biography: The tribe had gone mad. A few days after a red beast had snuck into the village, all who were injured by it turned on their friends and family. There were only seven of them, but it was seven madmen against those who could hardly bear to raise arms against them. Instead they pleaded for reason, tried to cajole their old loved ones. Only a few survived that night, including Arnaute and her father Gastof. And Arnaute only barely, having taken a spear into the back of her neck. She was unconscious for days, but when she came to, she was granted the title Ec-Savin; Two-Hearted. A name given to those who danced on the border of life and returned, and were said to be closer bound to the spirits of ancestors than by the blood of family.

    When she had recovered enough to travel, the last survivor - a hunter named Niels - urged her and her father to strike out with him for other lands. The three of them, he explained, should not rot away in this village of the dead, waiting for the next beast to come looking for food. Arnaute agreed with him, but her father would not. Eventually, Gastof conceded and urged the two younger survivors to leave, but he himself would spend the remainder of his days in his home. Niels and Arnaute left him, and struck out east. As they traveled, word reached them of Isanbjorg and the shelter it provided. Though wary of it being a trap, the two decided the potential safety was too much to pass up.
  18. @Grif ♥ : Can't wait to start. I'm kinda in love with my character. ;) What's the plan?
  19. @Grif ♥ , finished.

    Name: Sotiris Serafeim, son of Argyris

    Sex: Male

    Age: Eighty-nine

    Appearance: Sotiris is taller than the average giant, standing at nearly fourteen feet. He has broad shoulders and a thickly muscled body from decades of stringent manual labor, and a wide, rough hewn face bearing a single keen eye in the middle. His hair is black and kept in a single thick braid running down to his mid back, and his skin is a dusky hue.

    Skills and Abilities:
    • Smithing
    • Two-Handed Fighting
    • Wrestling
    • Heavy Armor Use
    • Lifting
    • Earth Magic: Used for finding ores, and for increasing the durability (and only the durability) of the weapons and armor he forges.
    • One Fire Spell: Used for maintaining the temperature of his forge. It can also be repurposed to keep a campfire/torch burning when fuel runs out.

    Weaponry and Equipment:
    • Simple Two-Handed Sword
    • Great Hammer
    • Suit of Heavy Plates (Pictured Above)
    • Large Smithing Tools
    • Leather Clothing, Heavy Apron and a Heavy Fur Cloak
    • A massive (to a human) hand-pulled cart, which he used for transporting his equipment up north. It is weathered and beaten, but holds together well.
    *He only carries one of his weapons on him at any given time.


    Sotiris was born in the warm southern lands to a nomadic clan of smiths and builders, they travelled to the cities of men to aid in the construction of great works with their muscle and skills and so they were wealthy and content. Sotiris was the son of a silver worker named Argyaris, but he was not fond of the delicate works of fine metals. He preferred to craft simple and sturdy tools, but when it was discovered that his tools were strangely durable he was convinced to learn how to craft weapons and armors for warriors as well. The strength of his works was only half skill, however, he discovered the other half was an innate magical talent for keeping things...constant, whether it was holding the material together or keeping the flames steady. He began to consciously gain control of this ability, learning to use it at his own discretion and enhance its strength.

    After crafting weapons and armor for years Sotiris became curious, he offered a warrior free equipment in exchange for teaching him its use. He discovered that while he lacked the finesse of more deft fighters, the immense strength awarded him as a black smith was well-suited to wielding mighty weapons and he took to them naturally. He began to fight more often, accepting mercenary work on occasion as his giant kin often did. The perspective of a warrior actually improved his work as a smith, allowing him to see areas he had not given due attention to in his crafting, and he managed to gain a name for himself as a smith and warrior.

    When rumors of strange giants and creatures in the north began to ride the wind to the south most of the clan paid it little mind, it had nothing to do with them and their life, and Sotiris was the same. The northern realm began to fall city by city and there was little that could be done, or would be done from the south. Then Sotiris heard word of the Earthshakers, an idea by the northern queen which involved allowing giants to live in their city, he became intrigued. He had visited many cities, briefly, but had never thought that giants would live in one. The giants of the north were fighting for the city, and helping to rebuild its walls. Those were both things that Sotiris was skilled in and he believed that he could make a name for himself among the north, so he travelled there to aid the city in exchange for a home, wealth and glory.
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  20. Looks great, although I might question how an individual can be both tall and petite at the same time. Could you also be more specific with Blomma's "growing & blooming power"? I can make obvious assumptions but it's still too vague for me. Regardless, she is accepted. It'll be interesting to see how a relatively sheltered individual will function among the Earthshakers!

    Nothing really for me to say here. Accepted!

    Obvious name origin is obvious. Still, it should be interesting to see him bluff being a mythical sky-giant! Accepted.

    Nothing to report. All looks good. Accepted!
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