The Dystopian War

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    The backpack, swinging side-to-side, and the shotgun in her right hand, Sophia Lockwood turned the corner of a large building with no windows in downtown Indy. It was rare to see intact windows these days. Especially so close to a Green-Zone - also referred to as a D(Devastation)-Zone. It was Them. Their fault for how their beautiful Earth was now a barren wasteland. Clean water was harder than ever to come by. Shelter was pretty well extinct. Packaged food was scarce, as well as food from hunting.
    In the last two weeks, Sophia had only enough food to keep her moving. Her once fitted shirt hung loosely off her bony shoulders, and her stretch pants were now held up by a too-large belt. The backpack was beginning to feel heavy, but she continued. If she stopped here, surely she would be an open target. Nearly everyone escaped inner cities when the attacks began. However, she had hoped the stores may have more in them considering the mass evacuations. No such luck. The gun shops had been wiped of ammunition, though she did find a knife sharpener for her daggers. The grocery stores had been cleared of anything useful. Though she did manage to find an unopened can of green beans in the hand of a starved man in the alley out back. There were teeth indentures on the can where he had tried to pry it open. Thankfully, Sophia's knives would work, as well as the can opener she had stolen last month.
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  2. It had been two days since Elijah's last meal, a veritable feast of spam, Cheez Wiz and nondairy creamer, and an aching hunger was starting to gnaw at his gut. Only a few hours before, he had encountered a dead man clinging to a can of green beans, his obvious attempts to open it with his teeth having been a failure. The image had struck him as hauntingly beautiful and he had taken a picture of it. Before he could grab the can though, he heard the sounds of a group of looters, hooting and hollering as they picked their way through the grocery store, and he was forced to dash off, abandoning his best option in favor of safety. The beans would do him little good if he was too dead to enjoy them.

    Instead, Elijah made his way carefully back to his temporary home, a burnt out apartment a few blocks away. He had happened upon it by mistake two days earlier. The presence of food and relative shelter had seemed like a good omen to him and he had hunkered down, even going so far as to leave his sleeping bag and some of the items he didn't use on a daily basis. Thankfully, no harm had come of that. As he pushed open the door he had lightly barricaded with a broken chair, he pondered how long he might have to wait before the grocery store would safe to explore again. In the meantime, he had somewhere more comfortable than anywhere else he'd hidden in the past months. Placing his gun and his baseball bat on the table, he flopped down on his sleeping bag, picking up a small, framed picture of himself and his fiancé, Jon.

    It had been taken on the day they announced their engagement. The night Jon had actually proposed, they had been well-groomed and dressed to the nines, but this night, they were half drunk and twice as happy. Elijah's light brown hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail and Jon's had been styled with a small spike in the front. There was a glare on his glasses, but his blue eyes were still there, those bright eyes and his warm smile. That was how Elijah would remember his love, no matter who he had turned out to be.

    A shiver ran down his spine and Elijah set the picture back down. "Someday," he murmured to himself. A sharp pang of hunger reminded him he still hadn't eaten. He pulled himself to his feet using the table and made his way to the window, looking over the city block. It had been long enough that the looters may have moved past the grocery store and the alley, but they would still be around. As his stomach grumbled loudly, Elijah decided to chance it. He needed something to eat. He grabbed the handgun, shoving it unceremoniously into his waistband and brandishing his baseball bat. As he left, he pulled the broken chair back against the door behind him.
  3. Kadance sat behind the counter in the grocery store listening as looters scavenged through what was left over of the store's contents. They were loud, oddly loud. Not even cautious about the noises they were making. She wondered if they even cared that they could attract them right to their location. The again, Kade had also begun to wonder if the invaders had placed advanced cameras, trackers, or other sorts of technology all through the city to keep tabs on the survivors. Maybe this entire ordeal was like a reality T.V. show to them, and they wanted to make the experience entertaining. These thoughts drifted through her mind quite often these days, sick thoughts. Thoughts that shouldnt be going through the lone 16 year old's mind at all. She almost sighed...almost, but that would be too much noise for her to make. Too much of a risk to take as she hid behind that counter.

    See, humans didnt have a need for money anymore. Money was the least of their worries, and the handgun that had been behind the counter was already taken. She'd felt. She'd known. So Kadance was safe here where she was, safe until the looters moved on, and she felt her way to the back storage room to see what was left back there. She had a habit of collecting misc things that others wouldnt normally think to. She was rather good at coming up with useful uses for these things. She used them for things others wouldnt even think to. It made her feel smart. Made her feel like she had a chance in this world she was now stuck in.

    For now though, she'd sit. She'd wait, her milky eyes, clouded, and sightless gazing blankly at the wall before her. A blind girl in a world where vision was probably the most useful thing. How had she survived so long? How had she survived on her own?
  4. A young woman sat crouched within an already-rusting abandoned car, the seat pushed back as she played around with the wires under the dashboard. She thanked fate that the government had failed and had no rule over the new apocalyptic world, that she had no trouble driving without a driver's license, though fate had made it so in the worst of ways. The girl, Willow, broke from her short thoughts when she heard sounds from the car and she raised her head over the dashboard, blinking a bit when she saw the lights. She then grinned and pulled herself up into the seat, closing the car door and shifting the car's gear into drive. She quickly took off down the roads

    Willow knew she might be seen by the aliens, but there was a town just in sight of the highway she was going down and she needed to get there fast. She only had a few bottles of fresh water left and maybe ten packages of dried fruits and beef jerky, plus a jar of honey that helped her swallow down the bitter things she didn't like the taste of, but knew she couldn't just throw out. She had to keep surviving, at least until the world was at an uneasy peace from the aliens.

    She soon reached the city, quickly clipping all of the wires under the dashboard with garden clippers she'd salvaged, knowing that anyone would try to use the care and possibly draw more attention. She slipped from the car and over to the sidewalk, running in a low crouch with her hand on her messenger bag. She stopped when she saw a few people darting about and she slipped into an alleyway, crouching against the ground. "Damn... there goes all the loot I needed..." She sighed quietly to herself and sat against the wall, putting her head in her hands. "I'm running out of food and water, and everything is already gone in this town..." She always assumed that if there were people, there were no supplies she could snag safely and without being seen. She couldn't trust anyone, so that knocked out the option of sharing or trading supplies. She had hoped a town like this would already be abandoned and ready for looting whatever was left, and her hopes had just been shot down by a few shadows.
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  5. Around the same time as Sophia was leaving Requiem turned down an alleyway, bracing himself against a wall with his cane as he attempted to catch his breath. He'd need to find shelter soon. With ruffians running loose and little ammo to waste, he couldn't afford a run-in with them. And he certainly didn't want to make too much noise either. Things were getting too dangerous in this town. He'd have to push on soon. There'd been no signs of his Organisation there, so he didn't really have a reason for sticking around anyway. He saw there was an abandoned building nearby, a grocery store. He doubted there'd be anything of value there, but at the very least it would be a roof.

    As he limped along he caught movement from the corner of his eye and pulled his rifle out in a clearly practiced motion, pointing it in the direction he'd seen it. "Whoever you are, I recommend you show yourself." He commanded, although his voice clearly had tinge of exhaustion in it. It had been too long since he'd slept and he was barely holding up.
  6. Sophia halted, waiting to hear a gunshot or see a knife-wielding person appear around the corner. As she looked around, she realized the person didn't have a full view on her. Maybe she could still make it out without them seeing her. Unfortunately, the person behind the voice was blocking the only way she saw out of the alley and the dumpster wasn't near tall enough for her to reach the roof. Damn her shortness!

    Cursing herself for not staking the area out better, she began by setting the green beans on the ground and shoving them slightly behind her, then armed both hands with her daggers and stepped from around the corner. "I have nothing to offer you," she said, holding her hands up and open while keeping the daggers in her hands. If she needed them, they were there. Though they were also in a position of peace for now. Her voice had come off much more calmly than she felt. It had been well over a month since she had seen another human - or possible human - and just as long since she had spoken. It was hard to determine if her voice had actually changed or if it had always been that cracked and rough. Probably not.

    "I can tell you I'm not Them, but you have no reason to believe me. And you can tell me the same, but I will not believe you. So, if you are not Them, please just let me walk out of here. I can offer you a bottle of water. That is all I have." Her voice cracked in the midst and she mustered back a cough without faltering too much. This altercation had better not last long. The other guy looked to be in about the same shape she was. Ready to fall over. Though, maybe that means he isn't Them. No. No, she couldn't trust anyone. They were smart. They plotted and tricked and were ready for anything. So she would try to bargain. If she had to, she would fight. She had to. She had to find him.
  7. Requiem relaxed. 'They' didn't tend to hide like most people did. Without letting go of his cane, he slid the rifle back into it's space on his back and leaned back against the wall, using the cane as a support as he slowly lowered himself to the ground. "I don't want your water, just wanted to make sure you weren't going to try to kill me or anything." He remarked, reaching into his jacket for his flask and taking a quick drink. "Don't mind me, I just need to rest my leg for a bit." He told her. Suddenly, he had a thought, and before she could move to get away, he reached into another pocket of his jacket and pulled out a paper with a symbol on it. "Before you go, I don't suppose you've seen this symbol around, have you?" He asked, slightly hesitantly, watching her face. Depending on her reaction, he might have to kill her anyway. If she knew what it was then she was probably one of them. If she didn't, then she was fine. Hopefully though, she'd seen the symbol before, and might be able to tell him where she'd seen it. He doubted it.
  8. Taken aback, Sophia retorted, "No, I don't tend to study random symbols while aliens are massacring humans and trying to take over Earth. Sorry." A symbol? Maybe she was wrong. Perhaps she was better off than this guy if he was curious about a stupid symbol. Clearly his priorities weren't straight. Poor guy. It was a wonder he had survived this long.

    "Well, great talk. Let's do it again." She reached behind her and swiftly placed the can of green beans in her backpack, then started by the crazed man, keeping the pack on her right side and the man on her left. Unfortunately, her exit wasn't nearly as theatrical as she had hoped. The world decided to begin spinning. Pressing herself against the wall opposite the guy, she took a few deep breaths. "Sophia, just get away from the guy before you pass out from hunger. Come on. Do it. Do it. Hello? Sophia? Crap."

    Wondering if this would be how she would die after making it so far and for so long, she collapsed to the ground. The last thing she saw, as if fate were taunting her, was the can of green beans rolling out of her pack and in front of her. "Great. Thanks for that, world. The last thing I see is not only what I need to survive, but also the thing that got me killed." Her vision blurred. "I'm sorry, Trent. I'm so sorry I couldn't- couldn't. Find. You." Then she closed her eyes.
  9. Requiem sighed, seeing her drop. He was getting to old for this in his young age. He propped himself up on his cane and slowly made his way over to her. After checking for a pulse he let out a relieved sigh. "Alright girly, c'mon" He said, mostly to himself, as he picked her up off the ground, carefully supporting her weight with his cane as well as his own. It was a difficult thing to do, and he knew he couldn't support her for long. He looked around for a moment and then made his way across the street. There was an apartment building that looked like it would work well enough. "Ugh... You're kind of heavy" He remarked to her unconscious form as he pushed open a door and laid her out on the bed.

    He knew it was risky taking care of an unknown, but he didn't have much of a choice in the matter. She needed help and he couldn't just leave her to die. There weren't many people left anyway. The more living, the better odds of countering the alien insurgency, and despite her denial of seeing the symbol, he felt like she could still help him potentially, and if not, well, he accomplished his good deed of the month.
  10. Aaron Lyte found himself taking a sneaky stroll through some back alleyways. He nearly felt like whistling. He'd hit the jackpot this time. Hours ago, he'd been hanging out in one of the old residential divisions, the ones out in the suburbs, when a memory had struck him. His mom used to can. Then his thoughts continued, she couldn't have been the only one, right? So, the young wannabe doctor had taken to ducking in and out of the, hopefully, abandoned homes. He went through five, his hopes dwindling with each of them, before he finally happened upon a treasure trove. Given, he hadn't a clue what was in half of the jars. But still. Food was food.

    An hour later found him in the backyard, beneath an oak tree digging what appeared tot he normal eye, to be a grave, complete with handmade cross headstone. However, if one were close enough to see what the man was doing, they'd notice not a coffin at the bottom of the hole, but wooden crates. This kind of thing was normal for Aaron. He was storing things for future use. Afterall, who would think to dig up a grave now days? Noone in their right mind would burry anything useful along with a dead body, they'd take everything, sometimes that even included the clothes, of the dead person before burying the body. So grave robbers really didn't have anything to rob. Unless they were after the bodies. But Aaron didn't dare think about why someone would want a dead body. The idea usually made him sick to the stomach. Finally, the last shovel full of dirt was added to the mound then patted down. Aaron stopped for a moment then bowed his head, pretending to pray, just in case there were any onlookers in the distance.

    Aaron went to the wooden cross and took out a pocket knife he'd found in the house and carved the initials L.L. The initials belonged to his kid sister, he'd kept in contact with her throughout the years, until all of this crap went down and he couldn't any longer. He marked all of his graves with the initials of family members, depending on how good he thought the stash was. His best ones he marked with his sisters initials (L.L.), the worst, with his fathers (G.L.) and the ones between those two standers, with his mothers (M.L.). Beneath the initials he always put the same symbol, a heart with sunrays.

    After his business with the grave was done, Aaron packed up everything he wanted to take with him and began on his way into the city's depths. In his backpack, he'd wrapped a few jars of what he hoped, was fruit, in rags so they wouldn't clink around and give him away. He had a sharpening steel and the newly acquired pocket knife, a spoon, a fork, an extra shirt and pants, and of course his pieced together medkit. He kept his scalpels in a tool belt at his waist, along with a few other survival things. Which included, a sewing needle and thread, a small bottle of the strongest alcohol he could find, a lighter, and another, smaller pocket knife, and a couple other odds and ends. Then he had two special pouches at each one of his hips full fo something special.

    Anyways, back to present time:

    So, needless to say, Aaron was in a good mood as he went about his sneaky stroll. He managed to avoid large, violent groups of people as he walked along. Normally, he didn't mind running into people, sure, there were killer aliens among them, but the way he saw it, he was a dead man walking anyways, they all were. However, that didn't stop him from offering to fix up someone if it looked like they needed it bad enough. Sometimes he'd offer a trade for his services, it depended on how bad the possible patient was. Usually, he traded for medicine, or food and water, other times yet, he'd ask to hang out for the night. So, when he saw one of the yummiest blokes he'd seen in awhile, carrying an unconscious girl into a building, he just had to offer up his services. Aaron licked his lips before he straightened his lab coat and crossed the road to enter the door he'd watched them disappear into. In his experience, it was never a good idea to just follow someone into a building, it usually got you shot at. He had the scar to prove it. However, Aaron did so anyways, before he crossed tot he door that he witnessed closing. He paused for a moment before going to knock on the door. The long haired man twiddled his thumbs as he waited for the man to come inspect the door.
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  11. As if on cue, Sophia opened her eyes upon the knock of the door. Her vision was still a bit blurry, but she could see the guy she had been talking to was passed out in the chair across from the bed where she lay. It seemed to be a studio apartment, considering the door where the knocking was coming from was directly in front of the bed. Hesitantly, she stood up and went for the door. Realizing she didn't have her weapon on her, she grabbed a cane sitting by the door and opened it, cane in the air at the ready. She was ready. Maybe.
  12. Alek:
    I sit on top of a rather large apartment complex, watching a grocery store. He had seen a group of looters go in a good while ago, but he didn't seem them going out. His old PTD [Personal Tactical Device] still beeped, at low volume, and steadily getting faster. The looters weren't a problem; the signal that is originating from the sky is. He slips the M14's barrel over the edge of the small wall-like lip that is on the roof, and I take note of another group going into a building. One man carrying what looks to be a girl, and another one shadowing them. I turn my scope towards them, waiting to see what happens, when a slow whistling noise popped up from nowhere...

    The drop-pod shook again, bumping into something. A pocket of air, a breeze, another invader's ship? It didn't matter. He looked out of the small, narrow window, taking in the view of a city, beaten by months of disuse and care.The ground rushes up to meet me, but I don't hit the ground. I hit a building, a tall one, it seems, as the drop-pod, a big flat-bottomed triangular cone-like thing, slams through floor after floor after floor, finally stopping after probably 7 or 8 floors. As the drop-pod settles, I can hear the cracking and strain of supports long-uncared for finally giving way. I push my back against the seat, and jump a little, bringing my legs up against the doorway/window, and then straining with all my might. As the door slowly comes open, I can hear bits of concrete and debris falling down the hole I came from, and the door is thrown open, finally released from its hold, and flies a dozen feet, out a broken window, and into what I presume to be a street. I quickly follow the door's path, jumping out of the building as the hole I made widens, and debris falls on my drop-pod, burying it.

    I find myself falling about 30 feet, 3 floors, and I ready myself for landing. Several seconds later, I hit the ground, absorbing most of the impact with my large, powerful horse-like scaly legs, and rolling to disperse the rest of the impact, coming up with my suit's laser systems online and ready to fire.

    Alek: I jump when something appears from the sky, and slams into a building, next to the one that the shadower had gone into after the guy-girl couple, and then proceeding to watch in amazement as the entire building begins to collapse in on itself, a large lizard-man form jumping out of the side of the building, following a flying metal door, seconds before the inside of the building collapses.
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