The Dystopian War

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  1. Congratulations, Survivors. You have made it to month four. You must know how to survive. How much longer do you think you can stand being alone? Trusting no one. Not long, I presume.


    Welcome to the Dystopian War. Five months ago, the human race was alerted of an unidentified object heading for Earth, slowing as it neared. Ten days after it was first spotted, it broke through the atmosphere. They called it a UFO, though that reminded too many of small circular flying discs. This was no such thing. This was twice the size of New York's Central Park. It was a huge, hulking mass of metal that waved - even without wind. For three weeks, there was no movement as it hovered above Washington, DC. No contact. Even when a fighter jet had fired, there was no provocation. Not then, at least.

    Four months ago, they began. Hidden sleepers within the military were awaken, taking down a good portion of the military across the world. Sleepers. Aliens who looked like us. The rumors are said that they were people others grew up around. They knew them for decades even.

    People horded together for protection. This must have been a strategic movement by Them, because their next attack was unseen. What can go from continent to continent without raising suspicion? What can be everywhere without being a threat? Birds. Their next weapon was birds. It had to have been them. A virus so deadly it wiped out three quarters of the human population. No cure. No treatment. It slowly liquified your insides until you bled them out every orifice you could imagine. It started like the flu for the first week, then it progressed quickly after that. Most people died after six days. Some who were the unlucky would survive ten.

    The rest of us. The rest left after the virus took our friends and families. We are called the Survivors. We had an immunity to the virus. Now we survive. Alone. It is the only way to know we are safe from deception. The enemy could be anyone.

    The military still existed, but if you were smart, you stayed away. Large populations were a death sentence. And now, as the months pass and food and clean water become harder and harder to come by, a few Survivors must choose to band together in hopes of further survivor, or let valid paranoia slowly kill them.


    The Green Flash is like a pulse bomb from flying metal discs they send to where people gathered. Killing most instantly - incinerating them.

    Also, you may be an alien - out to kill, or secretly helping the humans. You can reveal it in your bio, or throughout the RP.

    Preferred weapon:
    Family - Dead or Alive:

    Name: Sophia Lockwood
    Age: 17
    Preferred weapon: Three daggers she stole from an abandoned pawn shop in downtown Indianapolis. She also carries a shotgun she has yet to use.
    Family - Dead or Alive: Before They came, she had an older brother and father whom she was separated from, a younger sister and mother who both came down with The Death.
    Goal: To find her brother if he was alive. She suspects her father died when he was at the navy base the day the Green Flash occurred in Indianapolis.

    1. Add to this! This is your story too. I make the basic plot, but the rest is up to you. Lead. Follow. Add twists. Someone who you saw die is alive, awesome. Someone you loved or knew is an Alien. Go for it. You have some major traumatic events happen in succession? WOO!
    2. No controlling other characters.
    3. Add multiple characters!
    4. Descriptions, please.
    5. Make your posts lengthy. If there isn't much to do, add some backstory. Add scenery. I understand sometimes you can really only make a small one-liner post on occasion. That's fine as long as the whole RP is not covered in it.
    6. Sexual encounters are fine, but they must be relevant to the storyline. No in-depth descriptions of these, though.
  2. Name: Requiem
    Age: 19
    Preferred weapon: An old hunting rifle, although his cane carries a blade inside of it should it come down to it.
    Personality: His parents died long before everything happened. A simple car accident that left him orphaned and busted his left leg up. He bounced around from home to home until he ended up with a Paramilitary group. They trained him to ignore his pain and his fears and to take charge, and so he learned and while he usually plays off as easy going, he's constantly keeping prepared.
    Family: None
    Goal: When his headquarters was destroyed by The Green Flash, Requiem was away on Mission. He heard that there were some others of his group still alive, and so he wants to get a few together to organise and strike back properly.
  3. Floating.jpg
    Preferred weapon:
    A rusty pipe she found in the junk yard she hid in for a long while and a kitchen knife she got from breaking into a house that had already been mostly searched and salvaged.
    Willow is a very distrusting girl in the wake of the new world, and will threaten anyone that gets near with her pipe and their head. She stays her distance, and at the first sign of trouble, she takes off. Some would call her cautious, others simply distrusting, but she's simply trying to survive.
    Family - Dead or Alive:
    Willow had a father in the military, though he mother died at her birth and there were no siblings. She was raised by a nanny, though she has no idea whether that nanny or her father are still alive.
    Willow wants only to survive until the aliens leave and the earth can go back to as much normality as possible, though she, just as everyone else, has no idea when or how it could happen.​
  4. Great! I will wait another day to see if we can get another person to join. I would prefer one more guy character, but it's not necessary.
  5. Ugh, never mind about me joining. Getting pretty busy again lately, sorry! ;-;
  6. Much sadness, I liked your character!
  7. Name:
    Kadance (Kade) Jennings​
    (Refer to attached photo please~)​
    Preferred weapon:
    Kade doesnt have a single weapon which she prefers to use mainly because the girl cannot see. IF she has to fight, she will feel for the most sturdy thing she can find.​
    Kadance is a very quiet girl. Always has been, and always will be. She is very dependent on others because of her inability to see. Her lack of sight has made her very timid, and skittish. She is entirely too trusting having been dependent on others, replying on them to be her eyes. Since the beginning of the 'invasion' Kade has become mute, and refuses to talk to anyone.​
    Family - Dead or Alive:
    Kadance's family was killed during The Green Flash that undertook most of L.A. All of her family, but her protective older brother, died.​
    She was then seperated from her brother, and fears that he may also be dead.​
    She simply wants to survive. She wishes that she could regain her vision, and the courage to speak once more. She hopes that her brother still lives, and wishes to one day reunite with him.​
    Character notes:​
    She carries around with her a pad of paper, and two pencils (Which she keeps tucked in her hair)​
    She wasnt blind when the invasion began. She lost her site while looking directly into the blast of a Green Flash. Thankfully she was far enough away that she wasnt further effected by it.​

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  8. Seraphinia, so sad! Maybe we can catch each other in another roleplay.

    Waiting for one more person. Would prefer guy character, but anyone can join! This will remain open.
    I have surgery tomorrow, but will start tomorrow or two days from now.
  9. Elijah Ingram

    Age: 26

    Preferred Weapon: He was never much of a fighter, but since everything went to hell, Elijah has taken to carrying a handgun. He hasn't shot the thing yet and doesn't plan to, but he figures it's the kind of thing he should have just in case. If he absolutely has to fight - and he only has once - he uses a sturdy baseball bat. The blood stains are still visible, despite how hard he tried to clean them off. He also carries a camera with him and snaps pictures every so often. He hopes that somewhere along his travels he'll find a way to develop the film and save the photos on the off chance that humanity survives.

    Personality: Elijah was an introvert even before They arrived. In a way, this benefits him. He still gets lonely, but he's much better equipped to handle that. If anyone can get past his quietness and earn his trust - which is no small task, considering the way things have gone lately - he's friendly enough. He's a creative type, always dreaming some new dream, so his train of thought can be difficult to follow sometimes and his attention may be difficult to keep, but he always comes through for those he cares about.

    Family: Growing up in a fairly conservative household was difficult for Elijah. He and his father, a Lutheran pastor, were always butting heads over one issue or another and when he moved out to attend college on the opposite side of the country, he lost touch with most of his family. His mother did her best to stay in touch, but she stopped calling when he let drop that he had a boyfriend. His brother and the elder of his sisters followed suit, treating him almost like a stranger, but his youngest sister kept up contact with him, writing letters back and forth until just before They arrived. Exactly what happened to any of his family since is a mystery.

    Elijah's real family was his small ring of college friends. Being quiet by nature, he only had a few, but they meant more to him than his family ever did. He watched one slowly succumb to the Death in the earlier days of the invasion, and another never returned from a simple food run. The worst loss though was when his fiance, Jon Kimball, revealed himself to be a Sleeper. Using the very handgun that Elijah still carries with him, Jon killed the final member of their close-knit party of Survivors. That was as far as he could go though. He held the gun to Elijah's head but couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger. Instead, he knocked him unconscious. When Elijah came to, Jon had disappeared, leaving only the gun and some rations.

    Goal: Beyond surviving to see another day, Elijah's primary goal is to find Jon again. His fiance may be one of Them, but he showed his true colors when he couldn't pull the trigger. As far as Elijah knows, Jon is the only Sleeper who became attached and he just might be the key to defeating Them. He doesn't know what this entails just yet, but he's always been blindly optimistic and not even the end of the world can change that.
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  10. Uh, hey there guys. Seems we got a little lost in the RP within the first posts.

    I'm confused. Sophia was at the grocery store and is now gone. And apparently Elijah had been there too hours before her, then a gang showed up. Now everyone else is showing up? Again, Elijah mentions this was a few hours ago, clearly before Sophia arrived considering my character did not encounter the gang.

    So now I'm left in an odd spot. You guys seem to be in the past. Hours before Sophia showed up.
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  11. Elijah had been there before and left for a while. He's headed back around the same time that Sophia would be there, looking to score that can of beans. I had assumed the gang was past the grocery store by this point. Apologies if I messed the timing up.
  12. So sorry. I can edit my post, if need be. It wouldn't be much trouble, just changing around the last paragraph.
  13. Kadance should be fine where she is for now.
  14. I don't wanna put words in the GM's mouth here, but I believe the issue isn't Kadance's safety, it's the fact that she is in the grocery store while the looters are still there, whereas Sophia (and soon Elijah) are there some time after. We're in different times and we need to reconcile that.
  15. I edited my post to be more general of the time, so that's out of the way of the time disruption.
  16. I think if I remember correctly that the issue was, while I was talking to her, that the gang you were referring to was in the store, rather than how you're describing it as just passing by, and that it didn't make sense as she had been in the store, and there hadn't been any evidence of a gang indoors. Of course, I'm quite tired, so I could be completely wrong. It's been a long day.
  17. Who is the "you" in question here? There are a couple of us.
  18. I believe it started with you actually, and then progressed further into confusion, but I don't know anymore. I'm tired, and I'm sick, and I had to make a two mile hike in the rain after work earlier. I'm honestly barely conscious
  19. I'm probably going to wait for the GM then. As far as I'm concerned, the presence of the gang shouldn't do anything to derail the plot, considering I had expected them to move on before the current time. I was doing my best to link our characters with that can of beans, but if my character had been there earlier and not run off for some reason, he would have taken the beans. Which he is now going back to do, since I had planned on the gang being long gone, without having found much of anything. The whole city is in ruins, after all. It's hard to find anything or see where people have been or not been. If my post is the problem though, I'll edit. Or more likely, just rewrite. It's not as though I have a canon to fit into just yet.
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  20. Sorry for any confusion guys! Basically, the time thing is what was the issue considering it felt like some of us were there in the past and others were in the future at the same place!

    Nobody needs to be sorry, just need to figure out what is happening so we all can get back on track and in the same presence! :P
    Kadence is fine as long as you understand the gang was there two hours before Sophia arrives - and it seems Elijah is coming back when Sophia is headed back.

    Hope that makes sense. Having trouble explaining things well on pain meds :lol:
    But, I think we are okay. Elijah had posted about the gang raiding the grocery store a few hours ago. Sophia had actually arrived AFTER Elijah. Elijah is heading BACK to the grocery store. Kadence is hiding out in the grocery store (or near).

    Hope that makes sense. Do speak up if you are still concerned/confused. I just wanted to be sure we are all on the same page!

    Thanks guys ^^
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