The Dying Land

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  1. A blue holographic display floats infront of you, projected from a small cube-shaped device on the table. In the top right corner, the date is shown. It is currently recorded as 3:0013:0115. This roughly translates to being early in the 300,000 century AD. The display flickers for a second, and an email opens. Of course, the days of email are long gone, but email was thought to be the appropriate format for a nostalgic mission. You begin to read. You start by reading it out loud, but several sentences in, the rest of them had gathered behind you and were reading it for themselves.

    "I suppose I should explain the situation to you. It's the least I can do for sending you on this... adventure.

    It all started in the 24th century, AD. An elite team of physicists had created a new machine. A machine that would revolutionise the way that humans viewed life. This machine, the "Hyperdrive" was named after an ancient film that was popular 300 years before hand, and had been the inspiration for the invention. The machine was able to make our spacecraft travel at many times the speed of light, allowing us to journey into the heavens for the first time in recorded history. It did this by slowing down the entire universe around it, which was considered easier than speeding up a singular vessel. It also allowed an entire fleet to cross vast distances with only one Hyperdrive.

    What they didn't know at the time, was that Time was a semiconscious entity, and would do anything it could to correct something that defied it. This meant that every time someone warped, the universe was forced to skip ahead to keep itself paradox-free. In doing so, the star that the planet Earth is native to entered the supergiant phase much earlier than it should have done. Mercury has already been obliterated. Venus has started to resemble a very big, permanently molten asteroid.

    As you should probably already know, the human race was moved en mass to an exoplanet of a blue star almost a million light years away from Earth around 3000 years ago. Since then, we have been regularly recording data about the Earth, though most of what we know we learn only from travellers who have passed close by and have scanned the planet, so we can't tell you much.

    What we know, is that much of the outer core of the planet has solidified, and as a result the magnetic field on the planet is practically non-existant. The ozone layer that protects it is also barely present. Expect conditions similar to those of Mars II (named because of its identical nature to Mars I, in the Earth's solar system). The seas have nigh completely evaporated, leaving water only in the very deepest parts of the Marianas and other oceanic trenches, as well as erratic oasis' on the basaltic desert's surface. The parts of the planet that were at or above the original sea level are now barren plateaus and mountains, covered in abandoned cities. The oceanic plains are where 90% of the nature thrives. You will find rainforests and huge armoured monstrosities there, with only lichen and moss on the high plateaus. Both polar regions are huge ice sheets, where the worlds water has been locked up.

    Your mission is to retrieve as much important data as you can that was left behind during our emergency evacuation, before the planet is lost forever. You will be landing on a desert plain 2000 kilometres off the coast of a highly volcanic region known as Japan.

    Good luck, soldiers."


    It has now been 2 weeks that you have been on this small vessel. It has 6 sleeping compartments, each with 2 beds, though most of those are empty as not enough people were willing to volunteer for the mission. There is a single kitchen and a single living/dining area. There is a control area too, although most of that is taken up with the manual control and the machines you check when you need to make sure the autopilot, gravity generator and fridge are all working properly. By this time tomorrow, you and your team mates will be locking up the ship and walking out onto the black sand of your world of origin.

    If you wish to join in this RP, simply fill in this character sheet, making sure your characters all fit to the short rules section to follow.

    1. No ridiculously OP characters. Being particularly strong or having a great deal of stamina is fine, but we're gonna start having problems when you try to dual wield miniguns.
    2. It would be appreciated if your characters could have a valid reason to go on this highly dangerous mission, though it's not necessary.
    3. This RP is inspired by the game Destiny, so weapons, armour etc should look something like what you might find on that.
    4. As you begin to RP, remember that you've been locked in a 500 meter long space ship with a number of other people for 2 weeks and a day, and have just landed on a planet with a slightly toxic atmosphere, sweltering heat levels and a very ominous feel.
    5. Character appearance should be in anime/manga form, or as a description. Realistic-style artwork will be accepted, but no photos.
    6. The characters have had 2 weeks to get to know each other, which is why the CS is a little more detailed than I would have made it if they had just met.

    Character Sheet:

    Personality summary:
    Reason for coming:
    Brief backstory:

    Combat style, if any:
    (Basically: Main weapon, any secondary weapons, combat tactics IE do they tend to hide at the back trying not to die?)
  2. A few questions. Since this is so far in the future with highly advanced tech, would a (roughly) full armor mech suit be able to be used? What type of weapons are there (lasers, handheld rockets, ballistic ammo, plasma, etc.)? Are there limits to what equipment can be carried (aside from obviously OP stuff like the aforementioned dual miniguns)?
  3. Well, that's a problem with my thinking that I had already realised. I wanted it to be sufficiently in the future that the expanded sun thing could have happened. Yes, the tech will be very advanced, so it's really a matter of personal preference. I'm going to say no to the mech suits, because I despise mechs and I don't even think it'd be possible to fit a mech on a small research vessel. There might be the occasional electric eye or something though. Weaponry-wise, you could wield pretty much whatever you want as long as it wouldn't require magic to run it. Lasers would definitely exist in some form, though the form I favour is a concept I stole from Halo 4, with hardlight weapons. Essentially they fire bolts of light that solidify in flight into razor sharp blades. I think ballistic ammo means exploding bullets doesn't it? In which case yes they'd exist because there isn't a single situation in which exploding bullets isn't awesome. Plasma would exist, but it'd be rather energy inneficient so it'd be reserved for heavy cannons and grenades. Things that dont need to make a bunch of shots. I don't really know what you mean by handheld rockets, though I fear they may burn the user if they are what I think they are so they probably would be used.
  4. By "mech" I meant more "mechanically enhanced battle gear" a la Iron man, or a more powerful, more covert version of something like this (with certain hydrolic installations to make jumping high easier, or taking the weight of heavier weapons, like rocket launchers, and/or a HUD), not a giant robosuit. Ballistic bullets are just regular bullets, ballistic is just the proper name for them. The ones that cause small explosions are called incendiary rounds, though I don't doubt by that time bullet-sized explosives would exist. My idea of a handheld rocket is something along the lines of a small rocket that can be activated, thrown like a (USA) football, and then the propulsion system kicks in mid-flight. As for the lasers, I can agree with that.

    EDIT: Another example for my idea of "mech"
  5. Ah. I know mechs as huge 3 story tall colossus (colossi?), and I refer to what you mean as exoskeletons. Yeah that's fine then. I don't really know much about them though. I expect larger weapons will still utilise some form of enhanced ballistic bullet then, such as sniper rifles and miniguns. The only reason I can really come up with for the invention of laser weaponry would be to make smaller personal weapons faster lighter and easier to use, so would probably be utilised in pulse and auto rifles, pistols and submachine guns. And then of course there's energy swords. because everyone knows you can't have the future without someone trying to invent energy swords :P.
  6. Exoskeletons! Thaaaats the word I was looking for.

    Anyway, I should have a CS up within a short while. You have yourself a recruit.
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