The Dying art (Partner request thread)

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    The plot is in the post, for the most part it is straight forward. In short Shurliah a lone Justicar who left the viper organization and is looking for an apprentice. Someone she can pass the art of sword magic to. Her travels have brought her to the frigid tundra far from the warm bosom of the civilized world. The area is plagued by an Elder Frost Dragon; one that has been terrorizing the region for nearly twenty years now. The plot is deigned to find a long term partner, one whom I can rp with multiple times. Even if it be outside of the normal story arc of our characters. In short a traveling companion. I am not looking for a romance persay; however if the rp warrants it I am not opposed to letting it develop.

    In this RP as long as you can post a two or three paragraphs we are good. If you don't know how to fight that's fine. I can even morph this to a T1 lesson to help pass on the basics.

    In short let us have some fun and see where our creativity takes us.
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  2. I think it sounds interesting.
  3. If you're interested just send me a brief bio of your character; preferably over the pm system.. I will do the same for Shurliah for you as well.
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