The Dying and the Damned {Open - 3 Charries}

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    [BCOLOR=#000000]Our Story;[/BCOLOR]
    Only a few short years ago, the world was brought into a massive treaty between humans; who once thought themselves in charge, and the supernatural. Yes, the higher-ups of this planet had known of their secret existence for decades, covering it up to avoid mass panic. But the supernaturals of shadows were tired of living as myth. As they began to strike out, the humans raced for a means of peace. Thus, the treaty was brought in to be signed by designated members of each race. Now, only months after the agreement, the world is trying to recover from the chaos, together. Humans, shapeshifters, vampires, werewolves, and any other creature (you're welcome to create anything) now "co-exist". Or at least, that was the plan.

    Like any world, this one has its fair share of issues. Between supernatural hunters, and flat out centuries old feuds on top of the pure hatred that fills the hearts of humans and supernaturals alike and the struggle for power, we have a long way to go. Needless to say, the humans aren't fairing all that well against those who seek out to dominate those without supernatural gifts.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Current Characters;[/BCOLOR]
    > Marin Katsaros < A mysterious girl who attracts danger like a magnet. Destined to bring order to the worlds. She is not what she seems.

    > Saren < The banshee with the distant eyes.

    > Desh L'Tare < Desh, post-human. Sound maipulator.
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  2. > Marin Katsaros <

    Delicate slip-on shoes clapped quietly over the wet sidewalk. Dressed in a knee-high summer dress and clutching a clear umbrella, Marin stood out in the clouded and gloomy city. She was like a ray of sunshine in a dark and dreary hole. She was certainly different from the rest. Her hair and skin a shade too light, her eyes a hue too vibrant, and her demeanor to boot, were just not like other humans. Because of that, Marin had been treated differently than most in their lives.

    She kept lapis lazuli colored eyes on the sidewalk as much as she could. It was uncomfortable for Marin to look at people in passing. She already knew they'd be staring, whispering. Some had no intention at all, but merely gossiped in her passing. Others seemed to fear the strangeness about her. Some were almost, too, intrigued. It was always best for Marin to be on her way silently and keep to herself. But it just wasn't like her.

    Marin was headed home at this late hour. As she rounded a corner to follow a long alley way to the other side of the street, lightning cracked and lit the alley enough to make Marin stop halfway through. She'd traveled this alley almost daily. It wasn't a popular one for the gangbangers or the druggies, rarely occupied and perfect for Marin's shortcut. But on this dreary evening, Marin felt uneasy. Had she seen someone standing there?
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  3. Saren

    Saren floated at the end of the alley, her white over kimono following her gentle movements with ease. She waited for death to make his appearance so that she can begin her part of the job and find those who must now take the final step for the endless sleep to claim them. Looking up at the sky, she caught a glimpse of the lightning streaking past the sky, lighting the alley for only a moment before darkness took over once more. Out of the corner of her eye, Saren saw a girl in the alley, having stopped from what she could only guess as shock. Turning to look at her fully, she noted the girl's odd colorings and figured she must also be a supernatural being such as herself.

    "Could not be anything less. Why must I question it when the facts are laid out before me?" She questioned herself lowly, her voice as blank as her expression.
  4. Desh wasn't exhausted, he was instead inflicted with a permanent weariness, a worn bloodless lethargy that spread and grew deep like some malignant carcinoma. It was eating slowly away, blotting out the quick, untrustworthy feelings that used to warm him when the cold nights were full of black shapes howling in the distant valleys. If there was no hope left there was at least a need or craving to see the conclusion. It wasn't as if there were any way back, for he was far past the point of no return.

    His face was ablaze with hate and sorrow as he remembered words from a throat long since expired, words, now just cinders on a cosmic wind. The only thing left was honor and what consolation was honor? The ghosts of his ancestors have no place left to haunt, save for the dark hours of the night, as if his mind was a dead planet, a spinning rock that once was, but now isn't.

    He snapped back to the blackness of the alleyway as it became static with the first crack of lightening, rendering whole the brief outline of a woman, a thing. By her scent she was post-human, anyone with eyes could jump to that conclusion, but Desh could smell it in her veins and hear it in the beating of her heart, different. Desh could feel, almost taste the electricity. She'd noticed his presence, maybe. Could she smell the pain exploding through his body? Maybe, maybe not. This could be a wrong place, wrong time deal. So he just waited, trembling hands coiled with terrible power, everything else aching with an unquenchable hunger.
  5. Saren looked between the two beings in the alley with her, debating whether she should let that man devour the poor girl or if she should intervene and direct him to another, whose time is coming quickly. Weighing her options, she decided to finally use what little humanity she does seem to possess and made her way to the man. Stepping onto the ground, she walked over and placed her hand upon his shoulder, her touch and presence feeling like a cold air has settled around the trio. Looking into his face, she waited patiently for him to notice her presence, for she does not wish to hide from him or the girl. Taking a breath she doesn't truly need, Saren leaned in close to the man's ear and whispered softly that it felt as though only a breeze passed by his ear.

    "Leave the girl alone, life energy devourer, I know of where you can get your meal without leaving a body to be discovered by police in the morning." She says, pulling back from his ear to stand in front of him. Her black eyes bore into him to see if he would take her up on her offer or if his mind was too far gone with hunger to have heard her. Saren was thankful that, as an apparition, she doesn't truly have a life energy in the same sense as humans.
  6. It's strange how life develops to human eyes, but after centuries of observation and introspection one begins to notice a pattern within the sphere of seemingly endless chaos. Shit happens, people meddle just as much as non-people. All humans and most other sentient beings seem to blunder their way from assumption to misjudgment all the way to disaster forever. Like this instance, when an assumption leads to the misplacement of a limb, an arm, in some queer display of self righteous arrogance. Arrogance begins with this assumption; Desh didn't know she was there.

    He could sense her and through his own arrogance waited for those fingers to grasp his shoulder. His last breath escaped slowly through his nostrils, orange eyes finally locking with those of black, interest quivering and dancing with emotions like contempt, rage and anxiety but bound together in a shawl of practiced composure.

    "Leave the girl alone, life energy devourer, I know of where you can get your meal without leaving a body to be discovered by police in the morning."

    Desh's eyes smiled but his mouth hung like a corpse' as he let out a slow dead chuckle and shook his head.
    "Where do I start with you? Do I react too hastily and take that arm as a trophy? " He sighed theatrically, head slack like some sinister, mockingly confused dog.

    "Or do I take offense to the insinuation that I, me, myself was about to assault that "girl"?... that girl who is quite obviously not just a girl... Or should I be offended by your distrust in my abilities to dispose of a body?"

    Desh leaned in close, nose almost touching, eyes bright with orange fire and bleak amusement "These assumptions were a rather big gamble weren't they?"

    He left that cold hand there, a foreign exclamation mark upon his shoulder.

    "I'd like to see where your wisdom takes this chance meeting"
  7. Saren's eyes widened a miniscule but quickly went back to normal and she stared back at the man. He truly was an enigma, but most humans were to her, so it was natural for her to assume that his hunger would have consumed him but to see that was untrue made her feel like a fool. She kept her hand on his shoulder for a few minutes longer before taking it away, her hand falling to her side. After staring into his orange eyes for what seemed like forever, she let a ghost of a smile grace her lips. She may just like him if he were a bit kinder, but for now she found him amusing and she hasn't seen that in a human for a long time.
    "Sorry for my assumptions, sir, but with those such as you it is a hassle to try and cover it up before the humans know it was a non-human." She states, twirling a bit of her hair around her index finger of her left hand. "I would also kindly ask you not to rip off my arm. I may not need it like a normal being but it is a hassle to try and find a replacement."
  8. With Marin's powers still dormant, she could see no better than any regular human in the alley. Up ahead, the pair conversed, and Marin didn't have a clue. She was quite certain that her mind had been playing tricks on her and that, like every night, this alley was perfectly safe for her shortcut home. She shook her head lightly and continued forward. It was the conversation that she may have picked up on over the steady drumming of the rain on her umbrella, that caused her to squint into the darkness. Just a few feet away now, she could see the pair. A man, holding onto a woman's arm. Marin's eyebrows drew together and she moved forward the last few steps.

    "Is everything okay here?" To Marin, it simply seemed of a domestic disturbance sort of situation. This man was laying hands on a woman, though he shouldn't have been. Typically in these instance, the mere presence of another person would cause the incident to cease. Of course, Marin couldn't know the situation was something entirely different. The pair of them looked awfully wet by now, too. "You're going to catch colds out here like this in the night," she added, concern lacing her quietly chiming voice. If the man would release her, Marin would happily walk the woman under her umbrella to the woman's shelter just a couple of blocks away.
  9. A corner of his mouth twitched as he noticed a brief, almost imperceptible widening of the eyes. Mixed feelings shimmered faintly below the noise and flames of his conscious mind, almost unimportant, as if smaller conflicts were settled beneath a larger, older war. Every thought was like that now, secondary to that snarling endless hunger.

    His gaze hadn't left hers. She was odd, this one, perceptive, felt dangerous... Nothing like the intoxicating miasma of brilliant light that seeped out of that other girl, taunting that beast inside him, ratcheting up that longing pain, whiting out the false, gray world and wiping shadow from every dark corner. Everything was slipping away, slowly dissolving and becoming a desire, a want, a need.

    Desh shook himself, he couldn't afford to loose touch so far from a safehouse, surrounded by strangers and faced with a living mass of narcotic energy, gold, warm, and alive. His attention snapped back to the cold one.

    "Sorry for my assumptions, sir, but with those such as you it is a hassle to try and cover it up before the humans know it was a non-human."

    Desh made a curt choking sound that may have at one time been an ironic chuckle.

    "I used to think in terms of human and non-humans, way back when I was the former hunting the latter..."Desh shrugged, his indifferent expression almost ruined by the sudden needles of emotion coaxed up by an old memory, they never reached his face but were instead drowned with a skill hardened by overuse.

    "Now in this glorious modern age I see supernatural beings of all form, race and creed thrown against their will and knowledge , alongside their human counterparts, into two little boxes: the Blind, and the Seeing" He flashed his teeth, not in a gesture of goodwill.

    "So, instead of a line having been drawn between us, we now have a new line that runs through us, a line that segregates indiscriminately all beings capable of expressing intelligent thought" His tone had devolved a mocking edge, laced with something harder

    "Both Humans and non-humans can be blind. Power, whether inherited or bestowed, can not guarantee a creature his eyes. This same yardstick will, is, should be used to measure all creatures, especially now the veil has been lifted and we freaks can be accepted by the great societies periodically vomited forth by mankind" Desh growled, almost spat that the last word out, such was the venom that its personal meaning inspired. A measurable feeling had broken through; Hate, cold, distilled for centuries, its ravenous hunger for rending almost surpassing that of his curse. It passed, his contorted face becoming slack once more.

    "The category with the least members is that of The Seeing, those who are aware, who posses an ability equally obtainable but rarely ever sought for... and so this new paradigm is overlooked and we still rip each others throats out"He snorted and spat on the ground, braking eye contact for the first time.

    Desh was loosing touch, this was the most he'd spoken in months. He was spinning. If this woman hadn't interrupted his thoughts he may have succumb to his curse and broken a sacred personal law. She probably thought he was crazy, a nut job spouting strange nonsense, brutal, dangerous, a lunatic. He'd needed the distraction from that constant furnace, the fierce wind of fire and glass, burning and cutting, stripping away the man and making the beast anew with the scraps of bone and tissue.

    His face softened slightly when his eyes returned to hers "Look, I'm sorry I threatened you, I'm forbidden to assault 'non-humans' without a contract" Desh shrugged awkwardly, rarely a man who apologized. This talking was wrong, he was on the verge of breaking up. That other girl, that vibrant powerful thing. She needed to go. He needed to go. Beads of sweat had begun to roll down his face, he swayed slightly, vision blurring. Pain. Knives in his head, shrieking faces, past, present, future. Need to... I can't hold this in much longer.

    Desh had almost gained the composure to leave, but fate had different plans.

    "Is everything ok here?

    The light one's voice echoed about Desh' skull like Armageddon, fracturing but not quite breaking his control. The taste, the smell of that energy was all-consuming, hypnotic, calling, shouting, screaming out for his hunger to be sated, to spill her blood, take her heart, stop the pain.

    "You're going to catch colds out here like this in the night,"

    "Please... Just go, girl, please" His strangled voice just audible above the hiss of the rain. He stumbled and used the wet brick of the alley wall to steady himself. She didn't know, she didn't know the pain she was causing.
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  10. Saren stared at the man as he gave his little speech, not caring that venom was dripping from his words as he continued to speak. Soon he stopped and she quirked an eyebrow when she saw how his face softened.

    "Look, I'm sorry I threatened you, I'm forbidden to assault 'non-humans' without a contract."

    His awkward apology reminded her of a life far out of her reach and her cold stare faded and a soft smile spread across her face. She was about to reply to his apology when another voice broke through the alley.

    "Is everything ok here?"

    The voice was soft and sweet, definitely a stark contrast to the man's voice and her own cold voice. Whipping her head around, Saren lost her smile when she spotted the girl there. Soon the man's demeanor began to change a bit and he was acting like he was in a terrible pain.

    "You're going to catch colds out here like this in the night."

    Obviously the girl could not see that both of them were technically non-humans. Turning back to the man, she saw him falter and use the brick wall to steady himself. Saren was instantly at his side and grabbed his arm gently. Looking back at the girl, Saren's eyes hardened a bit, though she knew the girl couldn't see well in the dark.

    "We are fine, child. Just please be on your way." She states curtly as she tries to get the male out of the alley before something bad happens.
  11. Marin inhaled sharply as she was told to leave and the man reached for the wall. The woman seemed to be just fine. Perhaps she had misjudged the situation. For a long moment, she stood there, wondering if leaving was the right thing to do. Was the man okay? He was probably drunk. It wasn't uncommon in these parts. Either way, they seemed better than most would be out here in an alley, so she nodded. "If... you're sure...," she said quietly, still unsure.

    Finally, she continued. As she neared the end of the alley she glanced over her shoulder again. She could barely see the pair now. Rain drummed heavily on her umbrella with no sign of slowing any time soon. She frowned. Maybe she would stay nearby to check on the woman again in a little while. She looked up the street. Perhaps she was worrying over nothing. Yes, it was best that she minded her own business, so she'd learned over the years.

    Marin continued then, down the deserted sidewalk towards her home. By now, her delicate shoes were soaked. Rain splashed up to cause her to drip with water from the knees down. She looked up through the clear umbrella. This city was always so dreary and dead. At least in this area. Marin sighed. She didn't feel like she belonged here, probably because she didn't, and contemplated hopping a bus right then and there. It was very unlike Marin though, and she found herself continuing towards her apartment slowly.
  12. As Marin made her way to her apartment, a shadowed figure followed her. They kept their distance and their feet as silent as possible. Her blood smelled rich and it was getting harder to not just attack, but they had to be careful. Powerful supernaturals were still lurking about and maybe one of them had already claimed her as their prey. They had to move quick before the prey is lost for the night. Quickening their steps, they came up on Marin with fangs and teeth bared for all to see, the only noise coming from them was a hiss that was swallowed by the sound of the rain.
  13. She left and like a hurricane dissipating over dry land, the beast receded with each yard that stretched the gulf between them. The recent past was a haze. Desh awoke from a dream only to find himself not just already awake but propped up like a drunkard by that woman. He shrugged off her arm halfheartedly and glanced down an alley that now contained only them. It was a close call, if things had gone as badly as they could have, the agency would have been... Displeased.

    "Well handled. You may have saved a life or two there, congratulations" Desh growled, directing his attention back towards her. If she'd known him, heard the rumors circulating the city, maybe she'd have had a try at ending him.
  14. Marin's eyebrows drew together. She had that eerie feeling that she was being watched, or... followed. She spun around just in time to see fangs bared. At her? She blinked nearly owlishly, almost frightfully. Wasn't that... against the rules of the treaty? When it seemed that the stalker was serious, Marin pulled the umbrella down and shoved it forward, having no clue at what it actually took to push a vampire away. It didn't work, but she didn't stick around to notice that. She'd released the umbrella, and spun around in a dead run. She wasn't far from her apartment now, and was sort of confident that since she'd fought back, the creature would leave. Seriously. That was against the treaty. Probably it wasn't even following her.

    She didn't dare to look over her shoulder to find out as she ran down the sidewalk and rounded the corner. Her apartment was just beyond the next half broken street light. By now, her hair and dress were nearly soaked, no longer protected by the clear plastic shelter. Marin really needed to find a better area of the city to live.
  15. The creature pursued, not caring at all that he just had an umbrella shoved at him. The girl was quick but he was quicker and he couldn't wait to sink his fangs into her neck, and suck in her blood. He was sure her blood tasted as sweet as it smelled. His mouth watering at that thought, he picked up the pace and soon she was within his sights. Soon, he would feed on the girl and feel sated at last and the treaty be damned for humans should be food to the supernatural.


    Saren sighed, though she still wondered why she was drawing breath since she doesn't need to, to live. 'I need to stop breathing all together. Guess it is just a part of a life I used to have.' She thought to herself. She felt her hands being brushed away and looked up at the man questioningly, wondering if he was alright now.

    "Well handled. You may have saved a life or two there, congratulations"

    His gruff way of thanking her only made her chuckle at him and made her want to get to know him just a bit more. Opening her eyes, she stared into his own orange ones and tilted her head to the side. "You are lucky one of the banshee takes pity upon the living or I would have left you to your fate." She states dryly, a cryptic smile on her face. "I am called Saren. What name may I address you, devourer?"
  16. Reaching the courtyard of her apartment complex, Marin shoved inside the rusted old gate. The heavy thing creaked and groaned under its own weight, but wouldn't swing closed. It had long been broken and hung slightly ajar at all times. A path lined an empty swimming pool, cracked and faded over the years. It had minimal water accumulating in the bottom thanks to the heavy days long rain. The area was tinted a faded grey color due to the heavy downfall. The rain pounded heavily against the broken and ripped pool chairs and bent umbrellas. The tiles were too slippery, and Marin slipped, falling onto her left knee and hand as they scuffed roughly against the grout.

    She hissed in air and rolled onto her butt, clutching her one hand as strange jewel blue eyes darted around the area inside the short stone walls. Was she still being followed? Blood trickled down her arm and leg, only looking as bad as it did thanks to the rain causing the substance to run quickly. Her pale hair clung to her shoulders, chest and face, and her short summer dress clung to the rest of her. Her body trembled in the rush of adrenaline and the chill of the rain as her heart pumped blood through her veins dangerously. Even she could almost hear the quick and steady pumping of the organ as it threatened to explode from her chest.
  17. "You are lucky one of the banshee takes pity upon the living or I would have left you to your fate."

    A banshee, well that would explain why she could touch me.

    "I am called Saren. What name may I address you, devourer?"

    Desh shook his head, a slight grin replaced previous hostility as pretense had evaporated around the same time he'd almost gone postal.

    "Devourer? Shit, no offense Saren but you sound like you've been here awhile... and I don't mean here as in this alley way" His grin faltered as he remembered how long he'd been here. Desh stalled, it wasn't a very popular name to have in the non-human community and he rarely gave it.

    "You may address me..." He relented, if somewhat mockingly "... as Desh, and I'm an adult with lots of important adult things to do"

    Like tell the chairman why I'm late. Desh Grimaced internally at that last thought.
  18. Saren's dry chuckle resonated around the air and her smile spread some more before the smile slipped from her face and her eyes widened a minuscule. She went quiet as she seemed to be listening to something that only she could here before closing her eyes and regaining her composer. "Someone... is breaking the treaty." She states in a dead voice, opening her eyes again and she turns and begins to float away. "They must be stopped."

    Stopping, she turned back to look at Desh, her black eyes stared intently into his orange ones, as if silently asking if he was going to come with her. Holding her hand out to him, she waits to see if he will follow her to where the offender was so that they may dispose of him properly or if he will leave to do his 'adult things'.


    He was close now, he could smell her blood pumping, her heart beating erratically. The smell was so divine and he couldn't wait to taste it. He ran faster, making his way to the door, he knew she was finished. Soon, oh so soon, he would finally have his first human meal in a long time.
  19. Desh's eyes narrowed as her demeanor changed, becoming intent, sensing danger. Great, thought Desh, more fucking trouble.

    "Someone... is breaking the treaty."

    Desh almost spat. Flimsy and empty, the treaty did little to discourage the criminals and monsters of either side. The treaty was a fallacy.

    "They must be stopped."

    She began to leave, but stopped, her hand held out, seeking his participation in an act of pointless heroism, two strangers united in defending the values of a useless piece of paper. Desh's laugh died stillborn in his throat and instead became a grim smile. his eyes drew level with hers as he gently shook his head.

    "No, that fight is mine no longer, I'm now just a common dog. Eventually that fight will send you down some dark paths, each leading to the same conclusion. You will go full circle, around and around, a circle of blood... Anyway, I'll See you around, Saren" He hitched up his coat, turned his back and was swallowed up by the rain.

    Desh broke into a sprint, dashing through icy blades of water as he fought towards his old black mustang, wet, numb fingers already fumbling for the key, hands shaking faintly as he opened the door and escaped from the rain. He'd left his mobile phone on the dash, ten missed calls. The engine roared to life and propelled him, tires screeching, towards the ire of a very dangerous creature. The events of the past few moments were still raw in his mind. The girl he'd almost tried to kill. It took him eight minutes to drive a distance that usually took him twenty; running red lights and swerving madly around cars until he came to a skidding halt outside of a gray, menacing skyscraper deep in the financial heart of the city.

    Once inside he walked casually to the elevator marked as 'OUT OF ORDER' and against a hidden sensor, scanning a microchip beneath the skin of his wrist. The elevator doors opened and he ascended to a floor unreachable by any other means; floor 23. A jittery, ill-looking secretary glanced glanced up briefly as he Desh passed, the man's tongue darting nervously over thin lips, eyes never still, a terrified corpse in a suit.

    Desh steadied himself mentally before opening the heavy, gilded doors of Chairman Natlock's office. Candles of all description were arranged in a vast constellation of yellow flames, there were no windows. On walls, roof and ceiling, written in blood were incantations and arcane symbols gleaming as if freshly inscribed. An enormous, ancient looking desk, and a throne made from the trunk of a black tree were the sole furnishings.

    "Mr L'Tarre. Late, poor management of time" Natlock's voice was a swarm of killer bees, his eyes stabbed out of the darkness like asteroids burning across the void. He was a creature wrought from nightmare, a remnant of a time before men. The Chairman's energy had always made Desh want to vomit or crawl into a dark hole. Often Desh would leave a meeting with the chairman, only to find that he'd been crying against his knowledge, some times his nose would bleed.

    "My displeasure shall on this day be overlooked" Natlock cut in before Desh could apologize, or beg for mercy.

    "I have for you a task, duty requires that you complete it. Honor, Mr L'Tarre" Moist, brown fingers slick with blood slid a large sealed envelope across the table, and upon it a box of vials containing a short lasting antidote to Desh's hunger.

    "Go, you know well the penalty of failure" Desh bowed, swallowing the urge to gag. With his left hand he made the Twenty-Third Sign, as was expected of him. Trance-like, with his new orders and medicine, he floated timelessly back to his car. He opened a small glass vial and drank, the effects were immediate, almost euphoric in nature. When this was done, he removed one slip of paper on which was printed the words "Bring, alive, two days" Next, he removed the photograph and sat frozen as he looked into the eyes of that girl. The bright girl from the alley. Small world. The Chairman wanted her. So, the old remnant has tasted her power too Desh thought as he calmly wiped his bleeding nose with an old napkin.
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  20. Saren turned and moved out of the ally when Desh said he wouldn't help her get rid of the offender, but it seemed only natural for someone like him. After all, if she wasn't so keen on making sure the non-humans have a place in this dreary world, she would have done what Desh did and leave whoever poor soul ended up on a non-human's menu. Crossing some streets, she came up on the vampire making his way into an apartment complex, and she felt it. The girl's energy from before, but stronger than she last remembered it being.

    'Must have scratched herself on something.' Saren thought as she opened her mouth and let a powerful wail, shattering glass and knocking the vampire's sensitive ears for a loop. Closing her mouth, she flew right past the offender and made it to the girl. Looking into her strange lapis lazuli eyes, she knew for sure that she was different than most humans, but how different, she wasn't sure. "Are you alright, girl?"


    He was so close, he was at the door when a high pitched wail hit him like a ton of bricks and sent him reeling, clutching his ears. It was painful and it felt like his brain was being pierced by several knives that have been left in a freezer over night. He felt a small presence slip past him, probably the holder of that wail. He wasn't going to let anyone take his meal away, not even if it was a more powerful non-human. Making his way to the door again, he looked in to see two blurred images, damn wail must have done more damage to his brain than he thought.


    Loki Eagleheart

    Loki watched from the rooftops as one of his kin was stalking the girl with the unusual features. He was wondering if the man was insane, attacking a human was against the treaty and vampires were already looked on with suspicion than most other non-humans. What happened next was nothing short of idiocy on the vampire's part, he gave chase to the girl. Loki was lucky that his mask prevented the smell of blood from entering his senses, otherwise he would be facing the same fate as the shmuck who was on the hunt. He followed the chase from the rooftops, wondering if he should be the hero of the cute girl, or wait till someone else decides to help.

    He didn't have to wait long, since when the idiot was at the door, a wail hit them both and sent them on their rear ends. Loki got up just in time to see a flash of white enter the apartment complex.

    "Well that was a surprise." He states to himself as he starts to stand, his head still spinning. "Seems a banshee has decided to join the fray. Can't wait to see how the idiot will handle this."
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