The Dwindling Flowers


She's baaaaaack~
Character Name: Calanthe
Gender: Female

Job/Role: Enforcer

Age: 17

General Appearance:

General Personality: She's kind, but mischevious. She enjoys taunting her enemies during fights and conversations alike.

General History: Calanthe was an active high school student, at a typical high school. While her grades weren't overly impressive, she was the highest-ranked gymnast in the state competitions. It had always been her goal to be a gymnast, something her mom had always wanted for her while she was alive. She proceeded to go to nationals, located in France.
Before the competition started, she wanted to practice some warm-ups to get herself in the spirit. However, the hotel room was too cramped, so she took it into the streets. Out the corner of her eye, she noticed some kind of shadow, but ignored it. Upon returning to her room, she did some minor stretching, and once more noticed a shadow fleeing. She gave chase, but seemed to lose it. Looking around the halls, she rounded the corner....nothing. She sighed, and looked out the window from her position, anxiety setting in.

Suddenly, she heard a scream, but by the time she turned around, it was too late. The shadow ripped its claws across her stomach and she recoiled, backing up, one hand trying to stop the blood from the wound. It approached her as a predator approaches prey. With nowhere else to run, she made a weak attempt to attack, but was forced back by some invisible force, smashing through the window. She plummeted from the second story to what was a certain death.
She woke up after what seemed like a lifetime with nothing but a scar on her stomach. She had been rescued somehow...She'd be sure to pay back that shadow for killing her...Besides, she had nothing else to lose, anyway...

She was trained with a special pair of bladed tonfa imbued with some form of mystic energy tailored to her. Anyone else who used the tonfa would find nothing but an ordinary weapon, but only she could invoke its powers.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Calanthe uses a pair of bladed tonfa imbued with magic. She is able to bring forth a large amount of cherry blossoms with a single slash, though this uses up a bit of energy from her. This power suits her perfectly, allowing her to distract an opponent to get in close.