The Dwindling Flowers

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Provere City – The city that is steeped in culture and history, filled with buildings and monuments from the bygone days of French rule. It is an old town, said to have grown from a village of mystics, seers, and gypsies escaping oppressive rule.

Abel Dunport was the most recent victim found related to an increase in murders - his corpse hanging from SaintHarper's bridge and being ravaged by the Gondola River's currents. A rope made of what was confirmed to bea weave of human hair was tied around his neck.


Weighing at a hefty 250 lbs, reports suggest that his neck had snapped with great force. This revealed that he had been tossed head first towards the raging river below. Just how strong was the murderer? This still baffled the police.

The city government took DNA tests of hair gathered from the rope - but unofficial reports state that each strand taken from the macabre rope belongs to a different person.

Abel was reported missing after a taxi with his number plate was found empty in a highway tunnel at the city limits at 4:15 AM on November 21st.

The population of Provere links this death to the Morpheus Murders.

The Morpheus Murders are the general term for a baffling string of murders happening recently with no real unifying feature - other than that they are done in the middle of the night in this city and that all the victims have pills somewhere on their person. A curfew has been set up to counter this, as well as increased police patrols - but they still continue, claiming victims who have been reported missing for a few days.

This is the point in which I enter the scene.

There exists "The Organization" which has the power to grant us, anyof our desires. However, we must become their soldiers called the Flowers to fight evil born from curses of mankind. These "Shadows" are responsible for murders and suicides in this city.

We thus no longer exist to the world. Our memories are wiped clean and our family never knew we ever existed. We live solely to protect the balance of the worlds. Why we have chosen to become their Flowers is entirely up tous. I don't know why the other girls have decided to give up their lives, but they did.

All I care about is about finding the demons responsible for these murders. Then I will be one day closer to my redemption.


Who am I, you ask? Well, you can just call me Katyusha. How about that?

Katyusha:She carries a katana that was issued to her by the Organization. Katyusha is aggressive and expresses little in feelings, coming off robotic like in personality.

Emma: A British girl, whom studied ancient magics in order to understand how to seal demons away. Emma is very shy and very book smart.

Chiaki:The only Japanese girl on the current team. She's campy and friendly. She is armed with along pole arm (spear) that she uses in combat. She likes to consider herself Kat's best friend.

Judith:The oldest member of the team. She is viewed as the motherly figure of the crew. She uses explosive cards, similar to Gambit from the X-Men. She's from France.

Constantia: A Greek girl that has dark hair and likes to take photographs. Like Katyusha she is armed with several katana swords in battle. Unlike Katyusha, she is more relaxed and informal.

House Rules:Please pay attention to any requests or specifics given

Game Masters: Rory and Fel aka Chet

Characters: Four to five players will be accepted. Only one character per player. It is preferred that you use the characters in the cast list. A limited amount of "Custom" characters are allowed.

Posting Expectations: At least once a week.

Rating: Mature, some adult content is too be expected.

Genre: Sci Fi Fantasy, Surrealism, Adventure, Drama, Horror.

Atmosphere/Mood: Serious, dramatic, horror, dream-like.

Timeline: Supernatural Modern, somewhere in the Mediterranean region of Europe.

Basic Plot: You choose the role of one of the four or five possible character profiles. You'll determine the character's destinies as the plot advances. The key is to solve the mystery of the murders mentioned in the plot introduction and stop the demons involved. For those of you that are familiar with the Great Demon Daiki story line, this is set in the same world.

Questions: Please PM me or Ask them in this thread.


Character Name: (If characters have name, please keep it)




General Appearance: (Please use the photos provided, but feel free to add more details about their looks)

General Personality:

General History:

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Each character has a power that makes them stand out from the general population. Please be original. No two characters may share the same powers or skills.
Rory, you don't have to ask me this time. Though something tells me I should have finished watching Red Garden before playing this. :P

I often loose direction when I don't immediately go with that creative impulse.

I actually like all of the characters and their descriptions--a rarity for premades. But Chiaki is my first choice. I think I could play expys of any of the others in other games.

Archetype: Pole-Arm User


Character Name: Chiaki
Gender: Female

Job/Role: Backup Enforcer/Scout/Bait


General Appearance: (Please use the photos provided, but feel free to add more details about their looks)

General Personality: An aggressive individualist and obstinate optimist--joie de vivre on her sleeve. Her energy is boundless and her interests aren't likely far behind. She seems to rather enjoy exaggerating her personality into a bit of a hyper-active, absent-minded, "weird Japanese girl" stereotype. Hates seeing people depressed. Tries to pull Katsuysha out of her shell. Is actually more aware than she lets on which is probably why they get along despite the apparent contrast. Still, Chiaki dislikes details and drudgery. She's not much of a planner unless there's absolutely no other way or someone else can't be talked into doing it for her. And she sort of fudges details when she actually does plan, half making things up as she goes. Known to run off and do her own thing without warning to mixed results.

General History:
I'll PM you it Rory. I'm a storyteller first and a roleplayer, um, someplace after that that. It simply won't be as interesting for anyone reading if I give her backstory before I reveal it.

Chiaki likes to get a rise out of her teammates and superiors by faking epiphanies, claiming to have suddenly regained her memories and making up backstories for herself that are then quickly dismissed as false. This could get her into trouble.

Powers/Skills: Originality is all in the execution. Few praise a poorly-executed novelty. :P[/Author's soapbox] Telekinesis. Chiaki can levitate objects, people, even herself to some degree. It's mostly a matter of her state of mind. Because of this, she exhibits a lot more fine control when using her power for investigation, sabotage, or recreation. In open battle she's usually reduced to shoving, tugging, and tossing things about.

Chaiki is also trained in the use of several polearms, but she seems to most favor the naginata--a weapon she actually knew how to use(albeit less effectively) before the memory wipe.
Archetype: Explosives


Character Name: Judith Gaudet

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Commissar: Judith is the supervisory officer responsible for the education, organization, and loyalty of the Flowers to the Organization. She is the highest ranking member of the current band and everyone is required to listen to her. Her other job is to keep the contracts between the team and their servant (demon or kami) allies.

Age: 24

General Appearance:

Judith, like most of the team wears black as the main color as her uniform. Unlike the others, she wears a black coat trimmed with red on the collar and cuffs. Since the Organization is set up like a military force, this is what suggests her rank. Judith also wears black paratrooper boots and when in combat she also dons a leather coat and peaked "army-style" hat. She has a habit of not sticking to regulation uniforms because she likes custom made versions to show that she has a special ranking within the elite regiment.

General Personality: Judith is a mentor. After serving as a member of Organization for years, she knows her way around the system and is willing to teach newer or younger members the ropes.

Her stance is simple. "Once engaged in battle, fight to win. That is the first and cardinal rule of battle. Suppress all human emotions and compassion. Kill whosoever stands in thy way. Once it is mastered, thou shall fear no one, though even devils block thy way.'"

Judith embraces a life of enlightened ideals. She owns a large collection of books and loves sharing her knowledge. Because of her knowledge, it is rare for demons to question her abilities.

Judith believes a 'new kind of person' can be created with proper education. She believes education can change the hearts and minds of the Flowers, and turn them away from turning into Shadows themselves. This means that she develops individuals both intellectually and morally, providing them knowledge and skills, and fostering a sense of civic responsibility.

The first thing a new Flower learns is that Judith is in charge and not to question her authority for their well being. In order to be a good commissar, she has to love the Flowers as if they are her own sisters but at the same times she cannot allow them to be undisciplined. Most of the girls have learned this though Constantia and Katyusha can be problematic at times. She is harsh with verbal discipline and is very stern. It is seldom that she actually strikes any of her "students."

General History: Unlike other members of the Flowers, Judith's memory has not been wiped. The reason for this is because she is a political member of the Organization and her family has a history in the European branch for generations. She is of French origins and lived in Marseille before enlisting in the Flower Program. Because of her education, she was elected to the position of Commissar.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Judith possesses the ability to manipulate kinetic energy via psychic magic. She has the power to take the potential energy stored in an object and convert it to kinetic energy thus "charging" that item with explosive results. She prefers to charge smaller objects, such as her ever-present playing cards, as the time required to charge them is greatly reduced and they are much easier to throw. The power of her explosions is dependent on the mass of the object she is charging, for example, a charged playing card explodes with the force of a grenade.

As the Commissar, she is allowed to carry a pistol into battle instead of the standard short sword (katana) or pole staff. Judith has a weapon known as a Universal Enforcer, which is a M1 Carbine that was converted to become a pistol. It is a .30 Caliber weapon that can fire a 30 round magazine and weighs less than 4 pounds. In order to deal with supernatural beings, the rounds are laced with silver which acts as a poison to most evil beings.
Okay, I'm still "fishing" around for the final players for the plotline. Coffee, if you want any help with Chiaki just let me know. If anything goes wrong, I'll probably NPC her.

If anyone wishes to make a custom character feel free to ask in this thread or via PM. My goal is work with some of the newer members but anyone is welcomed to join. I am open to male characters, though greater emphasis is going to be placed on the gals. I know some people like romance in their RPs, so a few males here and there won't do me any harm. This is also not intended to be a yuri, but I guess if you really want to have it in the plot that's OK.

Again, always feel free to post your ideas in this thread. I like hearing people's suggestions. Trust me, it helps me as a GM make the plot stronger and allows for you to get involved.
Hmm in that case is it okay if I create my own character as a flower, i find it easier to work around that way and cancel out Constantia or do i have to keep her too ?
Sure that's fine, the expys as Coffee called them are intended to give people an idea of what sort of characters will be involved in the story line withouthaving to "panic" over what sort of characters to expect. It's also no problem to not play as Constantia.

Now, what sort of gal did you have in mind for your character?

Archetype: Heavy Gunner


Character Name: Ae (meaning love)

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Among those any flowers working under Judith.

Age: 18

General Appearance: Sucker-Punch-Posters-1509x2200.jpg her hair is although a deep burgundy and are very short more like a very short layered bob cut with the same coloured eyes.

General Personality: Aggressive, seems to be in an angry mood all the time. but that's jut how she is normal and angry. Has a photographic memory. Is very informal, quite and snaps at people quickly.

General History: Ae is a Korean girl and for her life before had been calm and peaceful and like any other girls butsomething went wrong, killings inside the family, her parents thought it was dark magic cursed upon their family. Ae witnessed everyday before her eyes someone so dear to her die miserably, until she was the only one left. She sought help from The Organization who washed her memories giving her a new life but she still has a purpose like every other flower, revenge.

Ae is a gunslinger and is armed with various guns her most favorite ones would be Ebony and Ivory She is also armed with a shot gun and a Holy Callibur to top it off she has grapple gun too.

She has a super natural ability to set things on fire, she can do that when she concentrates on something strongly with the will to set it on fire. Her eyes glow for seconds merely before she sets up a fire. She has full control over it and is only allowed to use it under Judith's orders.

If its good to go I'll replace it with the other one then =)
Okay, there two things that I would like to see changed. The first would you mind giving your character a Korean name? Without giving the plot away, the Organaziton uses names that would be common to the nation of a Flower's birth. I recommend using this link for finding a name that you think would suite her. I'll also recommend not arming her with a katana. While they are fancy swordsboth the players of Kat and Constantia will also be carrying them.

I'd keep this detail from Constantia's bio: Powers/Skills: Other than wielding katanas, which she's quite an expert at, she also has the ability to set things on fire, she can do that when she concentrates on something strongly with the will to set it on fire. Her eyes glow for seconds merely before she sets up a fire. She has full control over it and is only allowed to use it under Judith's orders.

If we go with this route, I can see her being the "newest" Flower on the team. This'll also make interactions between her and Judith all the more interesting and adds more to the plot.

Thanks for asking your questions. :)
Yep, she'll do just fine. Welcome aboard.

Now to go hunting for more players. lol
Since it seems that we're not having much luck with attracting people right now, I'll probably also play as Kats since she is an important to the plot. :-/
okey dokey but does it mean ur starting the ic yet or not ?! jst asking
Sooner or later...

Again was hoping for two more players but it doesn't look like we'll be getting anyone else. :P
Archetype: Spellcaster


Character Name: Emma Sellers

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Sealer

Age: 19

General Appearance: That pic up there titled Emma.

General Personality: Shy and booksmart

General History: The mother of little Emma was a very sickly woman, so while her father was at work, the nurses and tutors who cared for her would not generally let her visit her mother. Everyone was afraid that the child would further endanger the health of the lady so no matter how the woman missed her cild or how Emma longer to see her mother, it was forbidden. Sometimes, Emma would see her mother at dinner, but those times were a rare few when the lady was feeling well.

Emma was told to keep quiet and to do everything that she could in order to ensure her mother's health so Emma grew up very quiet and reliant on her soles friends, books. She also grew to worry excessively for the well-being of others and channeled her talents into sealing away demons that might harm people.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Magic with which to seal away evil, skilled with offensive spells.
Archetype: Time Manipulation


Character Name: Constantia

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Photographer/support fighter

Age: 19

General Appearance:

General Personality: An energetic young woman who has a photophelia of sorts, Constantia isn't too fond of fighting, but she will do it.

General History: One might ask a nineteen year old Greek girl how is it she came by two twin katana, and why she's taking their picture. Is she some kind of weird tourist? Who let those swords through customs? The world may never know.

You see, it all started five years ago. When she WAS a tourist. Her and her family were on vacation in Provere to see the sights, take in the awesome French scultures, when it happened. A cyclist - probably American - was riding his motorcycle on the wrong side of the road. Consti had, prior to this tripped and fell, when he rode his 650 cc motorcycle over her spine, crushing it in his wake.

As it happens, she had wandered away from her family to get alone for a while, and to snap a few pictures of places they didn't want to go. She now lay in the road with no feeling in her legs, alone, and with passerbys just staring at her. She felt the world fading away, not knowing whether it was life or just conciousness.

Fast forward twenty hours, as she wakes up in an 'undisclosed' location, where she is laying on a sterile bed. The lights are bright, and she instinctually tries to curl up in a ball. To her surprise, she can move her legs once more, but still not yet to the extent she could before the accident.

The bright lights culminated in a migraine, and she forced herself back into a coma to heal both her head and her back. And then there was the mind wipe.

she awoke next with the same bright lights, and though she did not remember any injuries, the broken spine had been healed, and so there was nothing to either remember or forget. It was that day she met Judith, who told her that her name was Constantia, and she was a 'Flower.' The rest, you see, comes with the changing of the tides, of the destruction of demons and kami, the discovery of abilites, all of it.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Freeze-frame. When Constantia has time to click her camera in battle the flash temporarily freezes the opponent where they stand, if only long enough for someone to strike it. Average time is 3-10 seconds. She cannot take multiple pictures in a row to keep the opponent frozen, as it has a charge time of 45 seconds.
Archetype: Super Soldier


Character Name: Katyusha

Gender: Female


Age: 18

General Appearance:

Kat has shoulder lenght red hair, with purple eyes, and always wears glasses.

General Personality: True Neutral. Kat just wants to be left alone, to enjoy life herself and let other people do whatever. If someone defies that, though, usually the demons, she'll fight back. She is only committed to this cause, killing whatever demon is reponsible for the cracking between the human world and the Otherworld. Kat has gone through so much strife, so many times that she simply don't care anymore, and will only focus on her owngoals and help or hurt other people if she feelsl like it. Thus her duties make her indifferent towards human life.

Kat's main rival is Constantina. Kat treats her with contempt and disdain. She generally treats most other characters with ignorance and indifference, with the exception of Chiaki, who she looks to as a source in answering certain difficulties when Judith is unable to do so. While she might appear to be a hard ass on the outside, she is aware of the dangerous aspects and possibility of losing her life as a Flower and feels isolated and alone with no one to turn to that will understand her problems.

General History: Katyusha is from Moscow, Russia. She came from a poor Eastern Orthodox church family. Her father was a low ranking priest within the system, so they did not have a stable income. The details of what occurred on the night of November 21st were important to her conversion as a Flower. Her father went mad and killed his entire family. While the Organization is not connected to the church, she was able to find the nearest head quarters and demanded to join it at the age of 15. The normal conditions is that a new recruit would be pair up with a demon called a Servant that would be used to fight against other demons that were causing the imbalances between the worlds. It is believed that Katyusha was openly hostile to the servant. Therefore, it was believed that it was for her own good to have her memory wiped and she was sent to join the Flowers. Some of the magi the Organization believe that the memory wipes may have triggered more of her dark inner personality to appear.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Kat is clearly a powerful and talented Enforcer, and is said to be the most powerful Flower, known and feared by most demons by title alone. She is armed with a katana, which is one of several blades that the Organization uses. In Kat's case, the blade was chosen for her because of its quality more than its ability to be used in the field. It is more of a symbol of honor since it was awarded to her by Judith for doing many missions. However that being said, she can use all the weapons that her fellow Flowers use.Kat is very skilled individual who relies in speed and agility. Her body has an extremely high physical and magical potential. She can jump to the top of lamp posts with ease, leap from rooftop to rooftop and match the speed of most demons.
Thanks to everyone that joined! We have one more custom made character coming in but we have enough people to hopefully get this RP up off the ground.