The Dutchess and her world of Immortals

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    Its the year 3030 and Romaina has been over run, the world has been set back into the Victorian/steam punk age, Guns are no longer made by companies, same with anyother weapons, The world has been over run by Vapires,Werewolves and Any other fairy tale eveil creature you can think of, Maridia, is their leader, a pure-blood and the reason humans have submit to the ways of Immortals, When the world began to fall, she was the one to come out from the darkness and take a stand, Humans were killing anything unroyal or poor. Maridia, keeps her people alive, and makes sure that Her people stay alive, Humans are now the slaves and Evil still rules, Maridia, is not a good Dutchess, no she is evil, to the core. She does anything to win survive, to get what she wants. She has loyal servants and not so lyal ones...which are you?

    Maridai awoke tht evening, stretching and looking around, She smelled smoke, but it was not inside, she jumped out of bed, landing by her drapped window. Throwing the drapes open she looked outside, Maridia was a pure blood yes, but her blood was both Vampire and werewolf, her father was vampire and her mother werewolf. She would change only when she needed, vampire was an all day gig however. She saw a smoke pillar outside and assumed that a villager was burning something, then realized it smelled of human flesh. "Oh well..." walking down into her dinning room she sat at her place at an empty table, looking around and realizing how silent it was, she sighed. "HELLO??" she said, it sounded more like agrowl then a hello but hey people would get the picture, clacking ehr nails on the table as she waited for her serant to bring her food.

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  2. Scarlett rushed in with a tray, almost tripping rather clumsily over her own two feet. Laying the tray before Maridia , she kneeled quickly. The try wasnt much, it contained only a ornate goblet, with the blood of a once noble human in it. Scarlett quivered at Maridia's feet. Scarlett feared the Maridia, because she was not sure of her past, all she knows is she is not human nor a vampire or warewolf.
  3. Maridia looked down at scarlett. "what took you so long?" Maridia said as she sipped her blood, Spitting it out at scarlett and throwing her goblet at the wall. "ITS COLD YOU IDIOT, i LIKE WARM BLOOD!!" Marida calmed her self and stood, breathing slowly. "Never mind, I have lost my appitite from the stench of your blood." Mariada snarled at Scarlett and began to walk away, not hearing anyone else's footsteps, Maridai turned and saw Scarlett still standing there. "Are you going to follow me or not? Since you are th only one I have seen this morning, yu are going to help me until I no longer need you." Maraida continued to walk away hearing Scarlett begin to follow. "We have a dinner to plan, who should I invite?" Maridai asked as she raised her eybrow at Scarlett.
  4. Scarlett submissively followed behind her, "There is always Lord Therin, milady. He does dote on you." She bowed her head looking down at her feet, "He is beneath you of course, but could prove to be a fun plaything." Scarlett hoped her answer would be enough for the Duchess No matter how fearful she was , Scarlet knew one thing. Scarlett knew that she wanted more, and she needed to rise in the Duchess' favor.
  5. A scuffling of feet was heard against the cold stone floors of the scullery, followed moments later by the quick opening and shutting of a wooden door. A dirty boy was hunched over in half at the abdomen as he hurried towards the mistress of the household, immediately falling to his hands an knees a yard away from her. His forehead touched the ground and his elbows were spread wide on either side of him. "M-my greatest apologies, High Lady Maridia, for my tardiness," he said, trying to keep his voice level. His wolfen ears twitched nervously at each sound he heard, knowing better than to rise before she gave him permission to do so.

  6. Scarlett looked down at the young man, and back to Maridia. She shivered when she thought about all the horrible punishments that could happen to you if you were late. In the midst of all this Scarlett felt something, a beat of some sort. She tried to ignore it, but it was new and strange. She focused harder, then turned her head quickly. She could feel his life force .
  7. Maridia, looked to Scarelett. "Yes I suposse he will do." Even though Maridia struck fear in her loyals, she loved them all to a certain extent, without them she was nothing, well she would still be the strongest thing in her country but still. "Scarlett sent out invites to all my loyals, it will just make it simpler, and tel the quards to be on guard today, you know how dinner paries go, someones always got to crash them." Maridia halted as she saw someone running down the hall, when he bowed to her feet, she smirked. Not remebering his name she looked curisoly to Scareltt and then back at the boy. "Your name loyal?" Maridia awaited an ansrew then told him to rise, she wasnt in too bad of a punishing mood, so she just simply stuck him hard across the face, grabbing his face by the chin, her nails digging slightly into his skin. "Don't be late again or it will be worse, now I need you to assit me I have errands to run and I have already given scarlett her duties, which I will have scarlett repay you for, because normally they would be his duties to attend too. Maridia did this ofetn made her loyals punish other loyals for things they have doen wrong, in this case the man wronged Scarlett, so she would have Scareltt punish him, in her own ways, but to make sure she did the Dutchess would of course observe. "Now, young man, go ready my horse, I must wash up and I will met you at the stables." Turning and seeing that Scareltt was still there Maridia glared. "well are you going or do you need an escourt? Oh and Scareltt in your room is a gown that no longer fits me, seeing as we are the same size you can have it, but please take care of darling." Maridia often would show slight singns that she cared for her loyals, human or not, by giving gifts or only inflicting slight punishment in the time being, she hated punsihing in front of her other loyals so the man was lucky for the time being.
  8. The boy stayed bowed until he was asked his name and told to rise. "I go by Faye, M'lady." He barely dared to breath as he came to his feet, eyes kept down to avoid meeting her Maridia's harsh gaze that always seemed to scald through his heart like a fearfully hot piece of iron. His body remained in a hunched position in fear of standing straight, knowing that should he do so he would stand at least half a foot taller than the Mistress and have to look down at her; an unforgivable act of disrespect. As the slap was dealt across his face, he felt tears threaten to come to the surface but immediately pushed them back down again as she grabbed at his face again, feeling the painful tips of her nails indent his skin until the flesh nearly broke. His pitiful gaze was forced to meet hers as the orders were given, silently giving his small thanks that her moods were not worse, considering the stress of tonight's dinner in the air. She released him in time, just before the blood could surface, while also sending him back several paces. "Thank you, M'lady. Yes, M'lady." He gave Scarlett a small, quick bow as was the custom apology and Maridia a full deep one before rushing off down the hall in the direction of the stables, his feet nearly tripping him up several times in their newly numbed state.
  9. Light sniffeled and giggled as Maridia walked past him being head of securety and a full blood himself he enjoyed watching Maridia play house with the slaves as if she was missing something in her life. Never the less he respected her for who she was and what she has and is still doing for the pure bloods reserving the rights for us he thought he noded to her as he handed her the morning reports. Explaining how the night had gone and the food supply shortages through out her land. He then paused and looked down "Oh Maridia you brought a snack" As he looked down at Scarlett and smiled showing his fangs.
  10. Maridia continued walking and soon found herself encountered with Light, he was very so treasured, he was aother of the few purebloods that she knew and were loyal, she repescted him above any of her loyals and most of the time he was her right hand. She took the morning reports with a smile and listened as he spoke, looking over them and the handing them to scarlett as she was till following her. Maridia laughed as Light looked to scarlett as a snack, and bared his fangs. "hahaha, oh No Light she is my litte helper today, but i will be sure to remeber that if she ever gets out of line I know who to send her too, now I have afavor to ask of seeing as you are head of security, tonight there will be a dinner party as you have probably heard but I need you and all the others to be on High guard, we know the rebels like to crash all of my fin filled events." Maridia smilled and began to walk away from him but stopping. "Oh and prepare our "guests" for dinner." There were humans that had attempted to rebel against her at one point in the catsle, they remained in the so called dungeoun for the time being, but on ocassions she would have a group come for dinner, they were the main course after all. Maridaia snickered at the thought, she loved to play games and such and she was good at, and she loved more then anything to tease humans. "Scarelett speaking of rebels, I never did have my breakfast so run to the kitchen will you and get me some blood, met me by the stables and be quick about it, I will be leaving soon." With that Maridia continued on her way and down to the stables, her horse, white as snow,mane black as night, was standing beautifully waiting for her. "Good job Faye, your life may just be spared." Maridai chuckled and waited a moment longer for Scarlett to return with her drink.
  11. Faye gave an obediant nod, remembering to keep the distance between himself and the Lady's horse respectable. Being her special horse with its abnormal coat and mane colourings, he often took care to not be close while the ownder was present, worried that he might spread some kind of hypothetical virus to the animal. For this reason he would only care for the horses, regardless of how aluring they seemed at times, if either permission or direct orders were given for him to do so. "Thank you, M'lady," he quietly replied. He sensed the horse's muscles tense as if she were about to bolt from the stables and let out an extremely soft growl escape his throat, pleased with himself as the beauty settled down again.
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    "You remain as unpleasant as ever."

    A voice watched from beside her as she looked upon her horse. He seemed to mysteriously appear as he watched her intently. He knew of her powers and he wouldn't overstay his welcome if she wouldn't have it. Of course they were still related, not by blood, but he was adopted at one point. While his sister excelled he was supposed to be something of an heir to compete for power but he never cared for such things and abandoned it once the world began to fall into darkness. Who cares about reigning a broken kingdom? He always questioned that himself but his supposed sister seemed to enjoy it.

    "I was thinking of feeding on your horse to see your reaction but you would probably try to gut me if I did such a horrid thing." The young man walked over to the horse and stroked it carefully with his fingers as he watched Maridia. "You wouldn't kill me though... Would you? Especially since I helped those humans who tried to revolt against you..." He watched as his eyes turned red and he hid behind the horse.

    "Or have you forgotten Deus? Your brother?" He smiled. "Because I certainly haven't forgotten about my beloved sister." He hid behind the horse as his dark hair shone red as his coat was covered with steel buttons of the family and a metallic tree was emblazoned on the back. "I remember when some of your immortals tried to banish me to an island. I think they made good signs of deterrence when I impaled their bodies on stakes all along the west side of the city." He prepared to vanish if she was in no mood to talk. She could easily kill him. Although, he was a part of the family he wasn't as pure of blood as she was and obviously didn't have the power but he was still raised within the family.
  13. Light took his morning orders, he was tickled by maridia words but respected what she said about scarlett. Even tho he deared for her blood the sweet smell that scarlettt gave off was like fresh roses bloming in the gardens around the castle. Before he knew it a flash had come from no where it was deus. How I would love to take his life force light thought while he heard the man talking. Talking he thought again something the guy should do less of and earn his right beside or next in line behind maridia. He shakes his head once more enough about friz fraz he said as he called out to faye. Faye walks over and light begain to talk I need thirty rebles from down below. If you would feed them well till there bellys are full take these notes as well it is there invites to the ball tonight, Be sure and insure the that this is just an apology for keeping them as long as we have, and after that they will be dinner. No..... wait scratch that tell them they are not the main course. Then you and scarlett run down and find some extra help and I want you to cook a big human meal and don't go cheap. Here is sixty gold coin off to the market with you!

    After giving out his morning orders he goes to the stables and saddles his black haired mare, He climbs upon her back nods to Maridia and Deus and rides toward the forest to find some werewolfs for extra protection during the ball.
  14. Upon hearing beckon his name, and seeing it was Light, Captain of the Guards, he quickly gave a bow to the Mistress and young Master. Although Deus was not the one he served, so long as he was of relation to Maridia he still needed to address him as so solely out of respect for the higher ranking. He hurried over to the Guard now, standing slightly taller than he normally would of but still hunched over a considerable ammount. While being given his orders, his head remained bowed while his eyes looked up as a sign that he was paying attention until the end, when Light thrust a pack of beautifully ornate, miniature invitation scrolls as well as a small sachel with the sixty Coin inside. "We'll get started immediately, Sire," he replied at the end. He stayed a few moments longer as he went off on the black stallion, knowing that he was going to recruit more werewolves. That's all they were viewed as nowadays; hired muscle. Most of the time though they were not even the 'hired' part, but more often something along the lines of 'forced'. He sighed and hurried off to the dungeons at a spurred rate, letting his back stretch into his full seven and three quarters worth of height. It was rare for him to be able to do such a thing, seeing as how even his bed forced him to curl up in his sleep, and the feeling always sent a rush of confidence through him. Until he remembered his place though, of course, and automatically hunched back over again. Now, however, he was supposed to appear as intimidating as possible, lest the rebels gain too much confidence in themselves and try to steal from him while he was down there. Taking long strides with alarming speed, he quickly passed a few other servents on his way, the only signs that he was currently one of them being his clothes and the way his head continued to stay ever so slightly bowed at all times.
  15. "Don't worry about formalities I care little for such things." Deus replied to the werewolf as he glimpsed at Maridia. He yawned as he revealed his fangs and grazed his teeth on the horses neck. "Your so proud of petty things sis... Things I could easily take advantage of or destroy." He replied with a lust in his eyes. He pulled away from the horse as he walked around it. "Still strange you would hire werewolves. Even if you brought the species together I thought you had another plan for paradise within your mind."
  16. Light rode a halfs day ride to the forest and persented an invatation to the werewolf leaders. They explained to him that there services would not be free that they had to be treated equaly. Light ensured them that they would as long as they brought much of there royal guards to the ball for added protection. Light also explained he wanted four of the biggest brut of werewolfs to help guard Maridia not that she needed it Light had thought to himself but better being safe than sorry. He then concluded his quest to the werewolf lords and desided that he had earned himself some hunt time it had been awhile sence he had hunted for his food most all the time he was served and he had the biggest erge to hunt. Light tied his horse and put a feed bag on her. What happend next was amazing a true hunting machine was in the forest, Light jumped from tree to tree so fast he seemed to have never been there at all. Light pauses "It's a deer" Not more than a few years old and quiet a nice meal. It wasn't human but it was a nice snack for Light. He then scaned the land for any thing out of place when he determined it clear he went in for the kill.

    The animal struggled but it really didn't have a chance. Light sunk his fangs just below its neck near the top of the backstraps, Light bled the young deer dry and then thanked the animal for such a fun hunt. He swiftly moved back to his horse and set a good pace to be back to the castle before dark.
  17. "Of course you hunt something inferior to you." A voice glistened from around Light. It seemed to emanate from the forest as his horse trotted along. The horse seemed to not hear the noise as the voice began to whisper again. "Why do you remain inferior to Maridia? Why protect such a being?" It quieted as if drawing breath to make its next remark. "What if humans are not inferior to you?" The voice seemed content in each word it chanted. "Do you know of the hunters?"

    The voice had vanished with the last statement. Not much of a question but more of a reaffirmation that it was still watching him from the forest.
  18. Light paused for just a few moments after hearing the chatter he knew was Dues. "It's funny how you judge me Dues when you lost your right to the throne" Light giggled after, he stood his solid black mare up on her back legs. "It's real nice to see you again Dues even tho you should be dead" Light said so boldly. "Mabey you should get back in Maridia good graces before you try and pretend like you belong in this family after what you did" Light on his horse stood in the sunset ever so boldly after light was finished talking to see if Dues had anything more to say.

    Light thought to himself he needed to get back to the castle and finish preparing for Maridia's ball but he was ever so interested in Dues and what he had to say......
  19. Maridia stood at her horse, awaiting her drink,when it never came she turned to get on her horse, but too soon she caught her brothers deathly scent. "Duces" Marida growled under her breath, she listened as he spoke words of insolence. "You should be greatful that i even let you live Duces you know just as well as I do that the fight we had was supossed to be to the death, but I let you live." As her so called brother approached her horse she felt her anger arise inside her. Her mother and fatehr had found Duces almost dead the night he was turned. "you arent even pure enough to reisde in the home, but yet I allow it." as Maridia saw his fangs graze her stallions neck she jumped at Duces and pinned him to the floor, her eyes turning bright yellow and her fangs baring there point. "If you wish to continue living you will lave my stallion alone, you will learn your place brother, I prefer you learn it the hard way, but lets hope you dont." Jumping off of him she landed on her horse. "Now I have duties to attend too, we are having a dinner party tonight and I would appreciate it if you would join me." Marida glanced behind her too see Light talking to Faye, he was giving him duties. "Light I apreciate your help but you have just sent me escort into town away." Marida jumped off her horse and began to unbridle and saddle him. "Now I must worries they weren't that import, just some late tax collecting is all." Marida tied up her horse and gave it an apple. "Duces please go do something useful." Marida said as he ran her hand through her hair. Running her hand along her Stallion and returning to the inside with a sigh. Inside she could smell something in the kitchen, it smelled of fresh blood and it made her mouth water. "mmm" Maridia said as she moved quickly to the kitchen, as she entered the cook stood proud, Marida only entered the kitchen when she was hungry and could smell his cooking. a piece of steak sat on the plat, it was fresh and the blood lay benath it. "wait.." she spoke to the cook as she picked up the plate and poured the blood into a nearby glass. Picking it up and smelling it. drinking it down as it slightly drizzled down her lips. slamming the glass on the counter and licking her lips, she smiled to the chef and went on her way.

    she was approached as she walked down the hall with a few letter, Flipping through them she found no intrest in any of them and decied to leave them for someone else to bother with, setting them on the table she noticed an odd claw mark on the table, it was not there went she went outside. looking around she felt worry boil up inside her, sure she had werewolf in her and she had many werewolves working for her, but they all knew how to control themselves, this werewolf was surpirsed by its transformation. Marida looked around, smelling the air,a human once stood here, a human was the one that had changed. Marida began to walk rather fast around the castle looking for anymore signs. "Light I need you." she whispered under her breath. Her and light had been close since she was a child, he was a simple castle runner, many children ran about the castle when she was a child, they all had jobs of course, but that was her fathers doing, him being old was easily defeatable, so he thought younger ones would be easier to handle, he died suddenly though and no one knew why. Marida cleared her mind and and continued walking around noticing the wolf scent fading. "I will fiqure it out later I suposse." Marida went into the library, she always loved to read but didnt seem to have time for it anymore.
  20. The vampire guard who blocked the only entrance, which also doubled as an exit, to the dungeons straightened up in attention as a familiar scent made its way through his senses. "Wha' busy-ness do ya 'ave 'ere, Faye?" he called out to the darkness. His voice was wet and sloppy, evidence that he had been recently snacking on some of the local inmates. The mentioned werewolf turned around the corner, taking in a deep breath of air so he wouldn't breath in the stench of blood that was sure to be on the man's lips. It was, of course. The bright red shone like a beakon against the pale skin and sunken eyes, yet blending in suspiciously well with the dark blackness of his hair. "Lady Maridia is having a ball this evening, in case you have forgotten," he answered smoothly, pulling out the invitations. "So Captain Light has ordered me to make sure tonight's main 'guests' will be attending." He placed two Coin on the man's chair before drawing himself back up to his full height. "For any inconveniences my presense may bring you." His head nodded towards the small bribe before the Guard, while seemed to contemplate the offer then step to the side with a snap salute and mischievious grin, unlocking the door as he did so. "Careful now. Som' a 'em been a tryin' ta start a resistance, 'dey 'ave." Faye gave the man his own smile of understanding along with a slight bow and slipped through the chilling doorway, listening as the Guard scooped up the Coin and immediately pocketed it with a light chuckle.



    Lady Hetah of the Dark Eastern Plains sat silently on her throne, staring down bleakly at the messanger who had only just been presented before her. "Speak," she breathed, her voice echoing throughout the room. He was already on his knees as it was, scroll of invitation in his hands which were in front of him as if he were offering it to her. Before he could stand, however, the piece of parchment flew from his hands and landed gently in her lap, unrolling itself as it did so for her reading. The messanger stood warily, shaking hands folded neatly behind his back. "Her High Queenship, Rightful Heir to the Throne, Lady Maridia of ------- Hereby cordially invites Lady Hetah, Ruler of the Dark Eastern Plains, to her banquet this evening on the --th of -------, in the year thirty thousand and thirty." He bowed his head, desperately trying to hide the beads of sweat which were evident along his neckline and surely soaking through the back of his shirt. Hetah arched a brow in surprise, not having expected the messanger to sound so confident. 'Must be a hybrid,' she thought with interest, noting how parts of the boy seemed fairly human and the others extremely wolfen. 'Most definitely a hybrid.' Her mental voice held satisfaction at the thought. "I accept." Her penetrating gaze bore into the boy until he began to involuntarilly flinch every few moments, seemingly losing control of his nerve system. Only once he had fallen to the floor quivering, did the servants masked in silver come and retrieve him in order to add him to their collection. The small, white furred, horned rodent on Hetah's shoulder began to twitter in delight.

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