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  2. (Well I'm cool with whatever. I'm um hosting an MG so my post may become slow. But I will post as often as I can until I feel I must kill my characters off. Which I hope not to have to do for a while. But um goblins may be a wise start, later on maybe giants and cyclopes...)
  3. (That's a good idea. Hopefully you get to posting again soon! Does anyone think we should focus on alliances as well? This is a good intermission to plan all that stuff. Then if we har a posting buddy it's more directed.)
  4. (Well um...Nightshade is meant to be picky on who she is willing to speak to reason today's post was so small. Now Vamir he isn't being well iron would hurt him he's a bit more on the so how can we get out of here. Kind of deal so he's willing to talk more.)
  5. (Zack will go with whatever happens. I've had several ideas on what I want to do with him, and I want to see how the story goes before I use any of them. I tend to over think things, so I have several plans for different scenarios. For now, I'll go with the flow.)
  6. ((I can handle battle tactics and troop movements, because I do a lot of air soft and paintball, so I know how to assess a situation and move men accordingly. As for what comes out, I think the goblins are a good idea. I also agree with Ben on doing alliances. That would be a major help with both tactics and maneuvering.))
  7. (Should we decide alliances now or let the story take us wherever seems natural? I don't want it to seem forced.
    BTW welcome to the thread, Arsonwolf. Your character seems cool, can't wait to see what's in store.)
  8. (I'd wait and watch them form. Cause well Nightshade more than likly will become a lone wolf it may seem. While Vamir I rather just wait and see. Now um from watching t.v. and playing video games I'm also rather good at tactics of attacks and formation. I also played soccer and will be coaching the little mighty mights or peewes this year. Which I think also gives and idea for formations. And yeah welcome Arsonwolf your character looks good. Oh and guys we may also want to think about an OOC thread in the Jumpin discussions)
  9. (Alright so goblins it is. I can direct the NPCs for now if you guys want me to, just to keep things rolling. As for alliances I think you guys should wait until after the first fight before you make OOC alliances. And @LeviAckerman97 and @Raven just remember that this is not an organized fighting force, from the looks of it most of these people were never even soldiers so orders might be followed but there will be disorganization and chaos. Also remember that we are not well equipped, it is going to be odds and ends that have been carefully hoarded.)
  10. (Yeah I figured. Most of my detailed fighting would just be what my characters do rather than orders. And being one character I'm playing will not really care to partake in well really an alliance unless only means to escape is to be in one. Being her past issues with people. Vamir not sure yet the options I may go with on him.)
  11. (whats going on, peeps?)
  12. (Arsonwolf you should probaby take a few minutes to catch up on the previous pages. At the moment, we are a handful of characters about to fight *something,* probably goblins, that is about to emerge from the depths of the dungeon. If t hasn't already been done I'll make an OOC thread, by the same title. And when I said alliances I didn't really mean OOC, I meant that within the story maybe a couple characters might pair up so not everyone is running pell mell and getting caught up in the confusion of the battle. However yes we should wait and let the story goes as it will.)
  13. Hey peeps, we can continue chatting here.
  14. Haha you beat me to the punchline, I was planning on making an OOC this evening so as not to clutter the IC. Now unless you guys have any objections I will start making a NPC post with a bunch of baddies making an appearance.
  15. I have no objections. Make it a good one that sets up the plot.
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