The Duel of The Heartless

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  1. They both warped onto the top of a large building in a bustling city. "Perfect place for a duel!" Cruxia remarked cheerfully. The woman at the other side of the building started out as only someone she could antagonize a bit to pass the time, but she turned out to be a spunky little twerp with not a single sympathetic bone in her body. Reminded her of when she was young. So Cruxia choose to give the girl a chance to prove her worth. A duel. To the death.
  2. Leona stood staring at the girl who was before in a room but now had a background of towering buildings and blue skies. " thats a cool little ability got there, cruxia." Yet as she said this, leona was It's for me to know and for you to find out puzzling on how she didn't notice the transportation until she looked around. Taking note of this she continued on with her statement and decided to add a little venom to the argument
    "Well then i guess its time to shut that little mouth of yours" once the last syllable hissed off her tongue her shoulders broadened into a square and her left leg slid back ward. As her arms dangled at her sides, tattoos began to swirl through the skin of her arm looking simply like a the tip to a sword. As this tattoo appeared a swirling black mass appeared around her right hand . In moments the shifting black elongated and solidified into a long black Japanese sword which tip was the only non black thing about it.
    Leona raised the blade so that its tip was into the ground and its sharp end facing crux. Then , her leg showed a slight bit of tension and next thing she was airborne her body flying towards crux at great speed. The next second she was directly in front of crux at most half a meter ahead of her.Then raising her blade she faked a sword slash to the right and instead attempted to head but crux using the closeness to her advantage. If this hit landed it wouldn't do very much damage but most likely would leave the opponent dazed leaving them open for a attack.
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  3. The head but landed but on the wrong place, Cruxia's large, finely polished, solid obsidian horns. She had put them in the way of the head but dodging the fake strike, but played it off like she had planned it. Dark fire formed in her hand and she threw her fist up at Leona's chin for a uppercut.
  4. Noticing that the opponent had shifted her head at a angle that would bring the horns to her face, she reacted quickly. Her hair extended and the short locks turned flowy and long and they then pushing her head the right dodging the horns and uppercut and all. This left crux open under her right arm for it was still striking upward and her head was tilted to the side. Her leg bent upward and then kicked out, attempting to knee crux directly in the ribs. As she was performing this attack her right arm bearing the blade thrusted as she attempted to stab crux through her arm. With these two combined in rapid succession the likelihood to block theses attacks was greatly reduced, and if one missed the other would strike.
  5. Crux choose the ribs. A load crack sounded as Leona's knee collided with her chest. She used the force of the strike to push her out of the stab's way. She stumbled back, winded. "Nice one, hold on." She snapped her back and her neck, then loosened her shoulders. She held out her hand and a inky black ooze flouted up from the ground. It formed into a black cane that she then leaned on. Cruxia gestured at Leona with a smile. "Continue." image.jpg
  6. Leona was suprised by the fact that this girl was able to use her power to the aid, yet her face did not give away a single detail.
    She lifted her sword and placed it at at her back lazily hanging in the strap. The swirling shadows then reappeared but this time they grew very little and when it dissapeared it showed to daggers the length of the average persons wrists.
    Bearing the two daggers she crossed her arms to form an across her chest. Although this was a defensive stance she had no intention to play on defense.
    The locks of her hair curled around the hilt of her sheathed sword and withdrew it. Then all at once it raised the blade along with locks that were forming together to form spikes that were almost like drills.
    "I cant always make the first move ya know"
  7. "Wasn't planning on it." Cruxia's smile turned wicked as she pointed down at Leona's feet. A black pentagram had formed below her opponent and skeletal hands were rising up from it. They only were meant to grab her legs so Cruxia could perform a rather powerful attack or at least stall her enough to charge it.
  8. Looking down at her feet leona sprung up in the air, taken by suprise. "What the hell was that?!"
    Leona flicked the daggers to the side of her shrit and her open hands formed an x, next moment the same processs happened and their was a large metallic shield over the pentagram.
    The daggers then returned to her palms but they were no longer to her chest but at her palms. She flicked her wrist and hurled the dagger directly towards the midsection of her chest. Holding the remaining dagger to her chest she kicked her legs and charged at crux, her feet touching the ground only in intervals her body now directly behind the hilt of her blade. Finding the perfect moment to shift her body she kicked to her right turning her into nothing but an afterimage that fully reformed yards behind crux.
    Her hair once more formed into the raised sunlike formation, then each of the 8 braids shot at crux one positioned towards each vital point of the body, the extra one with the blade knotted within it swung towards her cane. Forming a low right to left slash that should cut the cane in half.
    As all these attacks shot at her at once, leona began to grow multiple tattoos on all her showing skin(besides her face) then at once the black mass began to swarm the roof, blocking the sun so that there was a purple haze in the area. This mads wasn't slow about coming in, and it would also hide the attacks that she had had launched moments before. "Now ill send you back to your pitiful father!"
  9. All the attacks landed perfectly, the cane snapped in two, and blood was everywhere. Then the mangled corpse turned black and sunk into the ground.


    Hah, no.

    "That was a lovely show of physical prowess and mental stupidity. But maybe look before you leap dearie?" Cruxia said from the other side of the building, providing Leona a little golf clap. The powerful attack was of course, Shadow Clone. She then unsheathed a silver blade from her cane and lunged at Leona's chest, wings of black flame forming on her back and folding in on her opponent.
  10. "Your forgetting a few things" with a flick of her wrist the haze shot at crux setting up a collision path. As this raced the hase in the air grew silver particles that rained downward. These particles then turned into small lives that fell atop the roof avoiding only leona.
  11. The daggers sunk into Cruxia's flesh and her attack failed, her falling to the floor in a bloody heap. She was in terrible pain but she smiled. "Y-you little bitch. You think your so superior do you? With your neat little tricks and *hack* silver daggers. Well I have something that you would have never thought to use..."
  12. "Then go ahead and use it" the daggers transferred back to the haze, the only sigh that showed they were ever there was the cuts in crux and the multiple cuts in the ground. "Oh is that blood?" At ghe site of the red liquid seeping from crux leonas k9 teeth grew to the point where they were stabbing into her bottom lip, and at this thought the blood rose from the ground floated to leona. "Let me show you a bit more of my power"
    The blood formed a solid string that shot at crux, when it was about a yard near her its color turned white. The purple haze began to surround it , then by copying the dna strands within the blood a perfect copy of crux was between the two brawlers. "This is no mere replica, she also is able to duplicate your power thanks to the dna. So id be careful with what you do" with a smile that the replica mimicked keona let loose the thing before them and let it attack crux.
    With a leap and the drawing of a rapier from the haze the replica attacked, charging directly at crux the blade held in both hands above her head in the fashion of a deadly chop, if this attack landed it would only be able graze into the flesh do to the fact that rapiers arent that sharp, but the force behind it would be able to knock a shoulder out of its socket.
  13. When seeing a clone of her self, Cruxia's face became twisted in rage. She jumped up and grabbed the clone's face, then brought it back down in a trail of black fire. The clone's scull was crushed into the concrete, leaving only a red stain. "I AM THE ONLY ME! NO ONE ELSE!" She screamed in a demonic voice. Cruxia then got up and wiped her hands. It was now visible that a deep, murky black was beginning to cover her body, suit and all. She reached into her pocket and whipped out a small remote with one red button in the center. "A cheat." She finished, then pushed the button.

    A massive explosion engulfed the lower half of the building. The concrete structure began to collapse and fall to one side. Cruxia laughed insanely before the roof collapsed, sending them both plummeting into the smoldering, falling ruin.
  14. As crux desperately tried to destroy the clone and succeeeded, the face came back up greatly distorted, yet seconds after its release the surface of its skin bubbled and all was set to normal " simple brute force wont work my dear" yet just as the last syllable had left her mouth the ground rumbled and began to capsize in affect to the cheat.
    Leaping high into the air she keft the surface just as it toppled over in a heap of rubble, leaving her to fall. As plummeted through the air she frlt relaxed and comfortable for she had her own abilities that were suited for such a descent.
    Putting these to the side tilted her head downward facing ghe ground and aimed at crux. Her descending speed grew rapidly and as she descended a large spear formed in her hand. Twisting and lifting in a arc like fashion , she aimed it directly at cruxs back which was faced toward her. If this landed as it was aimed and perfected it would be a killing blow, but from the battle that had transpired she guessed crux had a way to block or even dodge this , and leona was already prepared for such an event.
    Now having her own attack fixed and ready, she prepared her own defenses and saving grace. Leonas scarlet red hair turned to a solid black and its extensions curled over her arms. Her hair continued the odd entanglement and then reached outward and fused to gether in to different sections. Next the dark mass appeared and intertwined with the black strands. In moments the long hair turned into large oilblack wings with millions of feathers each. With this transformation leonas teeth grew larger and her lust for blood grew stronger. A new wild look formed within her eyes and she grew determined to finish this on going battle.
  15. Cruxia's back was consumed in the black and a hole appeared in her chest. The weapon passed though the hole which simply moved to avoid and movement of the spear. Cruxia looked back at Leona in her fancy new form. She sighed. "You know you can't win." There was no pride in her voice, only sadness. "Even if you kill me, I've won. Your power will consume you, if it hasn't already. You will become the next me won't you? Fueled by nothing but greed for power and bloodlust. You will sell your everything for promises of your hunger being satisfied. But you will find that nothing will satisfy the hunger I see, growing within you, burning you away. I almost want to kill you, to end the pain that will come, but you won't let me. Goodbye Leona, the next of I." With that, Cruxia's body slammed onto the ground, all that remained of her was a vile black liquid.
  16. Suprised by the sidden opening of her chest, leona le the spear drop from her hands falling through the sudden gap.
    Listening to the words that left crux mouth she was surprised, for through her words she shuwed the human emotion of sadness. "Sorry to dissapoint you, but i already have my own ideals to fight for. Power and greed are mere tools for me, my one and only quest ln this forsaken earth is learn my own being. Power and greed are meaningless, but emotions are limitless. Now that before you speak of me, Cruxia." At the end of words crux had started her deathlike descent.
    Leonas wings flattened out in the air, catching the air that pushed against them. This brought to a speedy glide that shot her through the air passing along the street. She continued this flight till she was a half mile from the scene, then she simply stopped hovering just above the street. What was this feeling, somehow cruxs prescrnence was still pressing on leona. It was a dark energy full of every emotion involving self satisfaction, and an even greater degree of hate. Was crux still alive? Or was this simply a lingering presence?
    Pondering these things within her head leona folded her wings against her back. Once her feet touched the ground the wings seperated in a explosion of black, leaving behind long black locks that flew behind her in the breeze. The black tattoos disolved into her skin, leaving thepale whiteness of her skin and a single tatoo that resembled to gears with a chain linking the two. And thus two shuriken with a chain cane into view. They were solid black with a silver outline, as was the chain. "Time to see if she could possibly, still be alive" Leona spoke these words softly to her self, she then began to walk slowly to the puddle of oil that was once crux.
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    A large crowd had gathered around the remains of the fight, frightened whispers flowing though them. They parted for Leona, staring at her intensely. Suddenly they all fell limp and a wave of energy flowed though the city. The souls of all those that had just died became visible and were sucked into a swirling mass above the blackness. A perfect ruby container formed over the mass and simply floated there. Mutable voices sounded in Leona's head, five to be exact. "You killed Cruxia!" "That just won't do, will it?" "We will make you pay." "Don't worry, we will put your soul to good use." "Yes yes yes!" The voices said as the black ooze began to take shape. It was a massive creature of pure darkness. On the bottom was the ruby capsule, tormented souls flowing within it. At its torso was two long slender arms ending in sicklelike talons and a glowing blood red eye in the center. Finally was the head, the only part that resembled Cruxia, mouthless, eyeless, expressionless with her shock white hair. Two orbs of swirling black and red floated on ether side of her. "RISE, DEADBEAT!" All the voices screamed at once.
  18. "So this us what crux warned me about. The things that will overtake me as they did her. But just as leona had said before, she would not let such petty rmotions take over her will, for she herself had the perfect combantant for them. This battle was no more one of simple strength mand skills, but it was now a battle of mental and physical states.
    "You say that will have my soul, but it is not for the taking. You have come to late demon, for my ideals and future are already set. And it sure as hell isnt to be with you abominations!!!" At first her words were almost inaudible, but at the end they became a scream that spoke of courage and confidence. She would not give up on what she truly desired.
    As leona stood there, the dark aura flowed around her encircling her body, leaking through her poors and into her blood stream fusing with the amount that was already within her. Her wings once more broke through the cloth of her shirt and sprouted as if they were never gone, the veins and the muscles in her body flexed tightly and she had now advanced her body.
    "This is the second stage of my abilities crux. And i speak to you directly. I shall sever this monstrosity from your soul we can then finish what we started."
    Knowing that these things had tried to access her mind already, she formed mental barricades of raw energy to prevent any disturbance, but while she did this she was also preparing to attack the very souls that were stranded in the cube as well as the things that spoke for them.
  19. The Deadbeat's eye focused in on Leona and its left claw darted out at her. The two orbs began spinning around Leona wildly. Its right hand lifted up to crush her. No air of pride, confidence, or any emotion at all really was present.