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The Drunk Fey Pub and inn.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Zelkova, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. This is the ooc discussion for the Drunk Fey.

    Okay so I mixed up the posts at first. XD
  2. the title grabbed my attention, but what exactly is this to be about?
  3. Well, it's a post-apocalyptic type LA setting and has a very Shadow run feel to it. Both dragons and robots exist in the same time-frame and you'll see any manner of creature from aliens to vampires to zombies to cyborgs. It's a mix of future meets past, where knights are a bit more techy if they want to be.

    It's pretty much just a simple pub and inn where you walk in as any kind of desired character. I myself control two characters. One being Zelkova my tv headed robot. The other being my Seraphim Sergal.

    Here's my sergal.
  4. sounds interesting. how many people did you want to get before beginning?
  5. It's a jump-in so you can come in anytime and leave anytime.
  6. have you created an IC?
  7. IC? *Head tilt.* I know it stands for in character, but is there a particular forum I may have to put such a thing under?

    I have a feeling I messed up.
    #7 Zelkova, Apr 12, 2014
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  8. You already have, it's where the roleplay takes place. This is interesting, I'll jump in sometime.
  9. @Lorchenne oh my god your signature >.< that made my day
  10. Haha, thanks. Redditors amirite? XD
  11. definitely XD