The Drug in Me is You.

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  1. Andrea "Andy" Tristin was high.
    She was beyond high- she could see herself, down on the bed,
    and she was in the clouds.

    Her mind wandered to the first time she'd done any type of drug,
    the first being weed.

    It was a sunny day, two years ago.
    She'd been skipping class and hanging out at the park with some friends.
    They were passing around a joint, and offered her some.
    At first, she refused, but they kept asking, so she finally gave in.
    It hit her hard, and she coughed and coughed, but when she finally stopped,
    she felt amazing.
    She was hooked from that moment on- and since then, she'd gotten into worse things.

    At this current moment though, she was only high from some weed.
    It was all she could afford.
    She'd spent off all her college money now, and was living here and there when someone
    would let her.

    Now, she was at her boyfriends house, sitting in his bed.
    He was off somewhere- she couldn't remember where.
    She closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

    She dreamed of times when she was innocent, and
    didn't even want to try drugs- back when she was safe.

  2. Just like every teen that had gone through high school, he was told that drugs would be bad for him. He was told that they would steal his soul and basically sell it to the Devil himself. Well, they had been wrong. Horribly wrong. When he first did his first drug, it was like a crazy high that he knew he would never reach without the smoke flowing through his lungs. He had started off simple, easy with smoking marijuana first. It went like that for a while, before he got risky, before he got to the point where he thought he was invincible. From marijuana, he went to popping prescription pills, normally just the ones he could find in his home, then he went to purchasing them on the street. From there, he went to popping ecstasy and molly, and then to heroin. He hadn’t liked heroin though, so he kept his drugs to the minor leagues.

    The male would skip school to go get high, he would go out to parties or raves to dance and have fun. Nothing could hold him back and he was having the time of his life. It had started to affect his grades and schooling, so he had started to attend more. Once he got those up, he went back to his old self, skipping school just to go get his fix. When he got high, nothing mattered, not a single bad thing or mistake mattered in his mind. He was having fun and he didn’t care what came about it.

    Running a hand through dirty blonde hair, the male laughed as he looked over at his friend, the small group making their way down the street. His friends were basically just like him, they got high and didn’t care what mattered when they were high up in the clouds. He knew that his family was concerned about him, and he knew sooner or later they were going to take action into their own hands. But for now, he was going to enjoy every moment of his life.

    “We should go chill in the park.” One of his friends had mentioned the suggestion, so now they were heading to the nearby park, intending to probably smoke a couple bowls and let their minds soar into the sky. Stephen didn’t care if they were going to be doing this in the park, in public, this was usually always how it went. If they didn’t have a house to go to, they would go to a park or forest and get as high as they wanted.
  3. Andy woke up from her "nap" and yawned.
    Her boyfriend was still at work, so she deided to go to the park,
    see if anyone would give her something.

    She wasn't against anything, really.
    She loved acid, and shrooms.
    But today, she'd only had some weed, and she was a bit grumpy.

    She put on a pair of jean shorts, and a black tank, then slipped on some sneakers.
    It was hot outside, so she dressed coolly.
    Slipping on a pair of sunglasses, she walked outside.

    Andy made her way to the park, and sat on a swing. It
    was nice outside, but no one was here.
    She wanted to text someone, but her phone had been shut off earlier that week,
    since she couldn't pay the bill.
  4. Coming up to the park, they were glad to discover that it was basically empty. It would be easier for them to smoke if the park was cleared out, or at least mostly cleared out. Pulling the pipe from his pocket, Stephen handed it to one of his friends for them to load. This is how it usually went, a couple would load it this time, and then next time a few others would load it up. Moving so they were somewhat covered from the street, the small group started to smoke.

    Taking the pipe, the male held it against his lips as he lit the lighter, inhaling deeply as he smoked from the pipe. Handing it off to the next friend in turn, Stephen laughed as he blew out smoke, watching it rise into the sky and start to disappear. A lot of people told him that smoking was bad for him, that he was going to go nowhere if he continued to smoke and use other drugs. Stephen just told him to kindly mind their own business and leave him to his. He didn’t care what others thought, he was going to live his life the way he wanted to.
  5. Andy saw a few males hitting a pipe a little bit away from her.
    Smiling, she got up and walked over to them.

    "Hey boys. Can I have some?"
    She asked, smiling at them.
    Guys usually gave her some, for a price, of course.

    She had no problem sleeping with a few of them for a good high.