The Drow Party

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  1. The plot is simple, I will be playing as two Drows a Male and a Female who have been sent from the Underdark (Their underground world) to the surface world. A month prior a fiery object collided outside the city of Loroth (City of Scholars and mages) it emitted powerful magical properties. Out of curiosity the elves and men of the city brought it into their walls to study at the college, unaware of the unbridled power beyond their control, and the will behind it.

    Under the charge of their Spider Goddess the two were sent out to infiltrate the city, recover the sphere and erase any who may have any valuable knowledge regarding it. But in the shadows a far greater evil than a small Drow party brews, seeking to claim and unleash this power for it's own twisted devices.

    Simple ground rules...

    1) Fantasy characters only. However I do like creativity so as long as it can fit in such a setting it's allowed.

    2) Length unimportant to me, as long as you put some effort into your post.

    3) Romance optional, and is pending on the plot and character interaction.

    4) This is a quest/action rp. That being said knowing how to T1 is not required, but I can teach the style if anyone wishes to learn it. Action can be played out in anyway you see fit, just no OP characters or god modding if a fight should occur.

    5) Have fun.
  2. Hi i like the sound of your story i love doing a dark elf
  3. I should specify the difference between a Drow and a Dark elf. While it is true the two can be used together to explain the same thing; a Drows perception and culture is unlike any other dark elf. An example, if you play a male character and you back talk or disrespect the authority of Drucilla in anyway you will be beaten with a snake headed whip. It's fangs filled with a venom that attacks the Central nervous system causing the victim great pain. Assuming she doesn't just kill you...

    In Drow society women run the world; and they are stronger and more magically gifted than their inferior male counterparts. That being said she won't whip other species males as hastily due to the cultural differences and in this case the recourse her actions may have on slowing down her progress.

    I however am not saying we cannot rp; just that I needed to get this out of the way as oppose to blinding you with this revelation. If you still are interested drop me a pm or post here. We can converse regarding the plot and out character before starting things.
  4. Sounds like you are a LOD fan. I'm up for it, PM me that details.
  5. Legend of Drizzt?
  6. Ahh Ok. Not a fan. But we can keep the conversation going on over the PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.