The Dresden Files

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So Book 12 of The Dresden Files came out recently. I just got it in the mail for $9.99 (FUCK YEAH AMAZON) and I'm on page 100. It's awesome.

Does anyone else read about the exploits of the wizard Harry Dresden? It's pretty fun reading. Really nothing but "Fast Food Reading," as one guy once put to me, but it's DELICIOUS FATTY FAST FOOD.

And Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Phillip Marlowe is an awesome premise!
Intresting...i may have to check it out.
Read one once.

He was at a Zoo.

It was pretty cool how he got out of the fix he was in!

*Doesn't like causing too many SPOILERS*
It's fantastic reading, Kars. Fun reading, y'know?

The entire narrative is first person, so not only do we get to see what's going on in his mind, but he also explains to the reader, well... pretty much everything we need to learn more about this world. The author uses a gigantic mish-mash of spiritual and magical beliefs to establish his supernatural world, and the protagonist's use of magic. For example: true names, circles, pure faith, cold iron, bargains.

Without giving too much away, basically we see these murder-kidnapping-mystery plots unfold through the eyes of our hero, Harry Dresden, who's not only a wizard-for-hire, but a private detective. It's filled with pop-culture humour, surprisingly well-written action sequences, and some thrilling drama. And the mysteries themselves unfold quite nicely, I think.

Again, fun reading. Nothing about The Dresden Files will enlighten you or drop some literary bomb on you, but it's a great way to burn a few evenings away.
I've read several, actually. Really like how they're written.

Got halfway through one and then forgot about it until now, however. I'll probably look them out soon, I reckons. DELICIOUS FATTY FAST FOOD indeed.