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    The town of Aikari is located in a hilly, forested region of Japan, surrounded on all sides by tall mountains and located by a river which leads to a nearby lake. Although Aikari is just a half an hour drive from the nearest city, its mountainous borders doesn't exactly make it a common road trip destination. It is a quaint little town with a small population, but it nevertheless boasts an impressive commercial district for a town of its size. It contains a large mall, several arcades and karaoke bars, and a few small cafes that line one particular plaza. There are three residential districts that surround the commercial blocks, which feed into five grade schools and two high schools. All in all, not quite a bustling metropolis, but it has its charm.

    Of course, a small town like this still has its fair share of rumors, and perhaps because of the town's small size, those rumors can spread fast. It's in the larger of the town's high schools, Shirafuyu, that the latest rumor takes hold.

    The old school building has been abandoned for close to ten years, and is officially off-limits to students. This of course is enough to send murmurs through the student body by itself, but recent developments have made things a bit more interesting.

    "They say if you go into one of the rooms and enter a code into your cellphone, you'll be sent a message predicting your future."

    It's unknown where this rumor started, or how it spread so quickly throughout the student body. But it's come to pass that everyone knows about it, in some form.

    But of course, it's just a rumor. There's no basis for it. After all, there's no way to predict the future, or talk to the dead, or anything like that. All of that is just wish fulfillment, after all.

    The truth of the old school building is something different entirely.

    1. Standard Iwaku rules apply.

    2. No godmodding, powerplaying, or metagaming.

    3. I understand that romances will happen. In fact, I encourage it! However, if things start to get more intimate, either fade to black or bring it to a private place.

    4. One-liners have their place; it's rare, but there are situations where they do fit. However, if that's all I'm seeing you posting, especially if what you're writing doesn't advance the plot, I'll ask you to step it up.

    4. If you're going to be away for an extended period of time for any reason, please let us know. Also, please leave an estimate of how long you're going to be gone for. Otherwise, your character may be subject to an inactivity death without prior notice.

    5. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. However, be aware that I reserve the right to refuse to answer questions that could be considered spoilers for the plot.

    6. Most of all, have fun! Make friends and socialize. The friendlier you are with your fellow RPers, the better the experience will be.

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Surname, then given name.
    Gender: What is your character's gender?
    Age: How old is your character?
    Class: x-y (Where x is the year, 1-3, and y is the class number 1-5)
    Appearance: A picture is preferred, but if you can't find one a description will suffice.
    Personality: How does your character act and react?
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  2. Name: Horiuchi, Kyou
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Class: 2-2
    Kyou (open)

    Personality: Kyou is a quiet young man, who often lurks around in the background of scenes. That's not to say he's shy, or distant, or anything like that. In fact, he can talk at length about subjects that interest him, but he only speaks when spoken to. Those that get close to him will find that he actually has a dry sense of humor. He has good attention to detail, but in examining said details he tends to miss the bigger picture. He enjoys listening to electronic music and playing rhythm games, and there are one or two teachers in the school that think him a delinquent because they catch him in the arcades.
  3. Name: Fujimoto, Ruriko
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Class: 2-4
    Ruriko (open)

    Personality: Don't let her appearance confuse you, Ruriko is quirky, strange girl; commonly classified as a "delinquent". She often skips class to hang out at the library or the nearby fast food place. She hates school and feels that it is useless; She developed this mindset when she was a child and her teachers called her a "prodigy". She had superior intellect to the other children her age and it got to her head. Usually quiet when she does come to class, but when someone talks to her, she explodes. Saying strange things and intimidating the students around her, causing everyone to start to completely avoid her and start rumors about her. Ruriko can hold herself in a fight, and actually enjoys them.
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