The Dreamland

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    You sighed, settling down onto your bed. For some reason today just didn't seem like a good day. Glancing up, you took notice of the small, porcelain doll that sat upon your dresser. You didn't know why you bought it. Something about the little girl was just.... different. You looked closer at the doll, studying it almost. It had long, brownish red hair and wore a black gown. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about it, but for some reason you found it odd.

    Suddenly as you looked on, her porcelain lips curved upwards in a smile. Now you knew you were imagining things. Dolls didn't smile. You knew that much. Climbing out of your bed, you wandered closer to the dresser. It was almost as if the small doll was beckoning you forward. You came to a halt in front of the wooden structure, staring skeptically at the non-living girl. The world around you began to fade to black as you continued to look on. The doll raised her hand in greeting and smiled at you again. That was the last thing you remembered.


    Cracking your eyes open, you glanced around only to note that you weren't in your room anymore. There were other people scattered about you on the ground. They looked like they were just waking up as well. You climbed to your feet. You noticed that you were in what appeared to be a forest. Around you the other people began to rise, asking questions abotu where they were or how they came to be there. You were about ready to begin inquiring as well when a clear yet quiet voice washed over you. "You are in the Dreamland.." It stated calmly. Whipping your head around to the source of the sound, you seen the porcelain doll, only she was now your size. She looked at you sadly, almost as if she were regretting what was soon to happen.

    "But why are we here..?" One of the other people asked. "..and more importantly how did we get here..?"

    The doll sadly shook her head. "He has brought you here.." She said softly, looking at the person. Another question was asked about who he was. "He is the Puppet Master Ace..." She intoned, looking between all of the people that were gathered around. "He brought you here to..." She trailed off, looking at her own hand. " make you into his puppets. He believes you to possess qualities that he wishes to acquire."

    Another person stepped forward. "Then why didn't he just make us into puppets? Why dump us in the woods where we have a chance to escape?" They inquired, a fierce look on their face. They looked as if they were ready to attack the poor doll. You didn't know why, but you believed that she didn't like this 'Puppet Master' very much.

    "He enjoys his games..." She said, giving us a sad smile. "He is giving you the chance to escape, but it is useless..." She said, trailing off again. "He always wins..." With that she disappears in a swirl of leaves, almost as if she were summoned away.

    As everyone began to mill about wondering what to do, a voice ran out from the clouds. "Let the game begin, pets..."
  2. Courtney immediately took off running through the trees, picking up a decent length stick, sturdy and balanced in her grip, along with a small rounded stone, large at the base and thinner at the top, easily concealed in her other hand. She soon came to halt, breathing heavily, looking back over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't being followed. She was alone, slipping a small knife from her pocket, she always had it with her, she began to carve the stone into a finely edged arrow-head, finding a piece of twine and wrapping it around her wrist so that the arrow-head rested on the palm of her hand, easily concealed and easily used as a defense or an offense. Sort of like a secret weapon in case someone attacked her. But she soon came to find that the silence was disturbing her, and she found a decent sized tree, clambering up it until she was hidden inside the canopy, shivering as a breeze passed her by. She huddled up against the trunk, the leaves brushed against her arms and legs as she sat, knees to her chest, shivering in the cold.

    " What do you want form me? Let me go home..."
  3. ~Etonius~​

    A form flickered to life before her. It was a boy with light blonde hair with black tips and life less eyes. A grin rested on his lips, mimicking the grin that his master wore at the very moment. "I'm sorry.. I can't quite do that." He said, stepping closer. Ace wasn't stupid enough to show up himself, seeing her little defense mechanism. In this world he saw all. "I want you to become one of my loyal servants..." The puppet before her appeared other worldly... an elf? He wore green and black under clothes with gold armor. A gold hilted sword was on his back.
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  4. Not sure what he was to do next Alan just began wandering. He had no idea if there were structures or if there was anything in this place. "Why exactly am I here...and what do I do now?!" He looked around and seeing that everything looked the same, broke into a run in a single direction. He rolled down a hill into some bushes and laid there thinking. He tried to recall the events lewding up to his being in the forest. but nothing. "What is this place anyways?!"
  5. ~ACE~
    Sitting in his sanctuary, he watched the different orbs floating around him, each displaying a different occupant of his world. A wicked grin was present on his lips as he sat back and pulled the strings, letting his puppets do the work for him. He stared at the newer addition for a moment before twitching his fingers, almost as if tugging on invisible strings. He would send out another of his puppets. So far, he hadn't sent out any of his fighters, only his more frail and fragile puppets. The harmless ones. However, the most frail stayed firmly by his side, sitting delicately on the arm of his throne. His beautiful Alaina. She would go nowhere... Red eyes watching the newcomer, he decided to send out one of his other favorites. She was a bit more sturdy than some of the others. He didn't know why he picked her. It just seemed... right.
    The blackette appeared standing not to far from the bushes. Unlike the brunette puppet he had previously sent out, this one had a spark of life in her eyes. She was one of his newer additions. She wore denim shorts and a white tank top. A sword was draped across her back while two more dangled at her hip. All of them were sheathed. Her blue eyes locked onto the male in the bushes. "You're in the Dreamland. Unfortunately for you." She said, replying to his question, even if she had not been present to hear it.​
  6. Hearing another voice, Alan shot up and saw the girl staring at him with her blue eyes which caught his attention. "The Dreamland? It doesn't feel like a dream...I feel pain.." He looked at the girl once more and this time noticed the swords she carried. "Um...Might I ask who you are...? And what exactly do you plan on doing with those swords?" He took a step back in fear, not knowing what would come next.
  7. ~Dakota~

    "You're not dreaming. It's just called the Dreamland. Don't ask me why." She merely chuckled, an amused smile on her lips. "I'm Dakota. Dakota Delarose." She rested her hand on one of the sword's hilts, looking at him from beneath her lashes. She could only hold the look for a few seconds before she burst out laughing. "Nothing, yet. my 'master' hasn't given an order." It was clear she used the words with complete and utter disdain and didn't care for the man in the slightest. "I just don't go anywhere without my babies."
  8. " I don't understand. Just- just leave me alone!"

    She shuddered at the last sentence, something red flickering in her eyes, though disappearing as quickly as it had come, returning to the normal bright blue. She buried her face in her arms, which where wrapped tightly round her knees, pressing her back against the trunk of the tree in which she hid herself. Looking at the doll-like figure before her, she turned away, her hair being tossed by the breeze. She didn't know what to do, or how to escape, but she desperately wanted to be back in her room, surrounded by her ungodly number of pillows back home. She longed for the warmth of her fireplace, and the soft furry feel of her dog, Chloe.

    " I- I don't understand."
  9. "Well...Nice to meet you, I think. I'm Alan Cortin. Do you know how to get out of this place?" He relaxed now, as he didn't feel like she would be hostile until this 'master' told her to be. Even when she did move her hand to the hilt he didn't feel in danger. Not that he was exactly safe at that moment. "It'd be a great help if you could show me. Or even just tell me, I don't mind."
  10. After seeing a girl took off running through the trees and a boy rolling down a hill, she can't help but let out a fit of giggles.

    Dreamland,huh? She thought to herself, her long brown hair bouncing up and down as she skips around the place. This must be a wonderful place if it's called Dreamland.

    She then started to take in her surroundings-- dolls loitering around here and there, confused looks adorning people's faces, huge trees with thick branches swaying as a gush of wind passed their delicate leaves. Candy smiled, remembering that this place is similar to a book that she read: Alice in Wonderland.

    Remembering what she read, she thought about sweets making her stomach grumble.

    "Uhm, excuse me” she said to no one in particular, holding her grumbling stomach “Does anyone of you have any sweets?”
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  11. ~Etonius~​

    The blonde continued to grin. "I'm sorry... I can't leave you alone." His empty green eyes continued to watch her intently. "No one understands. This world was created by my master. This entire plain of existence is at his every whim." He extended his unarmored hand toward her. "If you come with me, I can make things more pleasant for you..."


    She sighed, hand sliding from the hilt of her sword to rest at her side. She looked almost desolate. In that one moment she looked like the puppet she was before the light returned with a flare to her eyes. "There's no way out." She said simply, sounding sad. "Believe me. I was in your shoes once... there is no way out.."


    A rather petite blonde appeared. She wore a knee-length pink dress and a smile on her face. Her eyes shone like the glass of a porcelain dolls, although Ace rarely bothered to toy with her. She was weak, her only ability being healing. Hell, she had small white feathered wings yet she could barely lift herself off the ground. All in all she seemed rather harmless. "Sweets?" She asked, perking up a bit. "If you're nice I'll let you into my stash." She chirped happily.

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  12. " How do I know you aren't just trying to make me a puppet too? How can I trust you?"

    The red glint returned, and lingered there, filling the pupils of her eyes until the black began to spread into her irises.
    She was moved her arms away from her knees, very slowly standing on the thick branch she had been sitting on.
    She now had a angered scowl on her face. Her patience was wearing thin, and she had an urge to let loose upon
    thew strangely menacing doll before her.
  13. ~Etonius~

    His grin merely widened. "You can't trust me. I am but a vessel for my master and his wishes, but he promises to make things easier on you if you come quietly." He said, giving a mock bow, hand still extended towards her. He may have looked defenseless in that position, but he was tensing and ready to go for his gold sword in a moments notice. Fighting became a lot more simple when you relied on the one who could see all in this world to make the moves for you.
  14. "What...? There must be a way right? I can't stay here forever!" He started panicking again and looked around frantically. "So I'm just stuck here?!" After a while he looked back at Dakota and asked "But...Why bring me here? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions but this is all... its so surreal."
  15. ~Dakota~

    She gave him a sad smile. "I wish there was a way otherwise I would be out of here by now... but there's not." She seemed to truly regret having to inform of of this. "You're here because my master found an ability in you... one that he desires."
  16. "Really?" Candy asked enthusiastically "Can I have some? Oh please, please, please, please!" giving the doll her pout and pleading puppy eyes.

    She didn't know why, but she felt that this doll is trustworthy. She also felt that she shouldn't be afraid of this place and what's happening around her. Awaiting for her reply, she carefully analyzed the doll's features. She's really pretty she thought to herself but also frail looking. Is that a pair of wings behind her back? It's pretty rare to see a doll like that.
  17. ~Nakia~

    Her smile brightened as she bounced about happily, wings fluttering slightly behind her. "That's wonderful!! I wish I could teleport us there, but only my master can put me places so we'll have to walk..." She chimed, grabbing her hand and pulling her off into the woods.
  18. "An ability? What does that even mean...?" He looked at his hand and continued "You're saying I can do something?" He frowned and shook his head and turned away. "But if you're one of his dolls...Can I really trust you? How do I know everything you just told me was the truth?"
  19. She looked skeptically at the doll, something in the atmosphere changing as she stood there, her hair now billowing in the wind.
    On a whim, she jumped form the tree, sprinting through the trees, bushes and twigs whipping at her legs as she ran, breathing in heavy
    bursts of air. She was trying to get as far away form the doll as she could, a panic replacing her anger, pushing her onwards trough the
    seemingly never-ending forest that she had woken up in only minutes earlier.

    " No! no no no no NO! Leave me Alone!"
  20. ~Dakota~​

    "I'm not his average puppet. He has to focus a lot to control me. Right now I'm pretty sure he's spread too thin to even get me to twitch my pinkie." Almost as if to spite her, her pinkie twitched. "Jackass..." She mumbled, before clutching her head as if she were in pain. "Alright, alright, I get it!" She hissed. After a moment or so, she sighed and straightened up again, looking as if she wanted to say more, yet holding her tongue. "Yes, you can do something. Wanna see what I can do...?"