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  1. Actual Thread:

    You sighed, settling down onto your bed. For some reason today just didn't seem like a good day. Glancing up, you took notice of the small, porcelain doll that sat upon your dresser. You didn't know why you bought it. Something about the little girl was just.... different. You looked closer at the doll, studying it almost. It had long, brownish red hair and wore a black gown. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about it, but for some reason you found it odd.

    Suddenly as you looked on, her porcelain lips curved upwards in a smile. Now you knew you were imagining things. Dolls didn't smile. You knew that much. Climbing out of your bed, you wandered closer to the dresser. It was almost as if the small doll was beckoning you forward. You came to a halt in front of the wooden structure, staring skeptically at the non-living girl. The world around you began to fade to black as you continued to look on. The doll raised her hand in greeting and smiled at you again. That was the last thing you remembered.


    Cracking your eyes open, you glanced around only to note that you weren't in your room anymore. There were other people scattered about you on the ground. They looked like they were just waking up as well. You climbed to your feet. You noticed that you were in what appeared to be a forest. Around you the other people began to rise, asking questions about where they were or how they came to be there. You were about ready to begin inquiring as well when a clear yet quiet voice washed over you. "You are in the Dreamland.." It stated calmly. Whipping your head around to the source of the sound, you seen the porcelain doll, only she was now your size. She looked at you sadly, almost as if she were regretting what was soon to happen.

    "But why are we here..?" One of the other people asked. "..and more importantly how did we get here..?"

    The doll sadly shook her head. "He has brought you here.." She said softly, looking at the person. Another question was asked about who he was. "He is the Puppet Master Ace..." She intoned, looking between all of the people that were gathered around. "He brought you here to..." She trailed off, looking at her own hand. " make you into his puppets. He believes you to possess qualities that he wishes to acquire."

    Another person stepped forward. "Then why didn't he just make us into puppets? Why dump us in the woods where we have a chance to escape?" They inquired, a fierce look on their face. They looked as if they were ready to attack the poor doll. You didn't know why, but you believed that she didn't like this 'Puppet Master' very much.

    "He enjoys his games..." She said, giving us a sad smile. "He is giving you the chance to escape, but it is useless..." She said, trailing off again. "He always wins..." With that she disappears in a swirl of leaves, almost as if she were summoned away.

    As everyone began to mill about wondering what to do, a voice ran out from the clouds. "Let the game begin, pets..."

    Character Sheet
    Ability- (This ability is currently unknown by by its wielder. This is why they were chosen)


    Name- Ace Dupre
    Gender- Male
    Age- Unknown
    Side- Evil
    Ability- Creates puppets out of humans. Can almost completely control them.
    Personality- Ace is a very controlling person, yet he is also very playful. He likes to give his prey a fighting chance even though he knows that they are doomed the second they set foot into his dreamland. He is sadistic and will find almost anyway he can to torture his prey into submission. He emmensely enjoys breaking the spirits of those who he goes up against. He is a strategist, but he is prone to losing his temper when he has been pushed to far. Barely anyone knows how to properly push his buttons though. He prides himself on his class and composure.
    Appearance- 1513177_568307713306319_5544990137277562313_n.jpg

    Name- Alaina Dolle
    Gender- Female
    Age- 16
    Side- Evil (Wishes to be good)
    Ability- None (Was a prototype puppet made from a normal human)
    Personality- Alaina has always been very quiet. She longs to help people, and yet she is forced into the servitude of the Puppet Master. She tries to see the good in everyone, and this was her downfall. She stumbled across Ace when she was younger and thought of him as a lost soul. She tried to befriend him and in return he pulled her into his dream world. Alaina was his first puppet, yet she is also his favorite. He often uses her for missions and such even though she isn't that strong. She wants nothing more than to be free of his control. However, no one that has been pulled into his dreamland has been able to save her or the other puppets yet.

    Name- Dakota Rayne Delarose
    Gender- Female
    Age- 18
    Side- Puppet. Assumed Evil.
    Ability- Master swordsmanship. When she was human she trained to be the best she could and became a master. She has three blades on her at all times, one of which is a flaming blade she acquired upon entering the Dreamland.
    Personality- Dakota is very rash and easy to anger. She may be a puppet, but she's not yet entirely under Ace's control and occasionally acts out of her own free will. She is very opinionated and won't hesitate to yell at you if she thinks you're screwing something up.

    Name- Etonius Jett Halasel
    Gender- Male
    Age- Unknown
    Side- Evil (No will)
    Ability- Sharp senses and excellent craftsmanship. Affinity for electricity.
    Personality- Truly unknown. His will was lost long ago to Ace. Occasionally he flickers through, but not enough to know what he's truly like.

    Name- Nakia Adylenna Amarise
    Gender- Female
    Age- 13
    Side- Puppet, generally good when uncontrolled.
    Ability- Healing
    Personality- Sweet, innocent, and trust worthy, Nakia is generally a very hyper and happy person. She enjoys making others happy and helping the sick or wounded.
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  2. I've come here to notify you that you spelled ''Welcome'' wrong in your banner, Also you have spelled ''Perfect'' wrong in the 2nd image.
    ~Your welcome!
  3. I have a few questions.

    1) Can our character(s) be a supernatural being

    2) What kind of abilities do you have in mind? Like, super human or supernatural?
  4. Yea, can I join? Sounds intersting!
  5. Name-
    Courtney Reginald



    Depends on her current mood and temper

    Ability- (This ability is currently unknown by by its wielder. This is why they were chosen)
    Courtney, more commonly know as Gina, has the ability to wield raw energy of any type, though she is unacquainted with it...

    She is the type to shy away from others, and try to be independent, to survive on her own.
    Adventurous on her own, and tends to succeed in providing well for herself.
    But when she is irritated beyond what she can take, she goes awol and tries to have a murder spree.


    ( as normal)
    Riley #1.png

    ( When she is pushed over the edge of her patience)​
  6. If this is still happenin' I'd like to join!
  7. I'd like to join! c: Question, though.
    What exactly do you mean by side? Like, if you choose Good are you one of the people with special powers? And if you choose evil are you one of Ace's minions or something like that?
  8. I signed up, so I would really like to join in this rp, I think EVERYONE would who signed up!
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  9. Name: Riley Finnegan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Side: evil
    Ability- (This ability is currently unknown by by its wielder. This is why they were chosen) Riley, AKA Rile, can sustain negative energy from others emotions and use it for any purpose she wants. She can also communicate with animals such as: Wolves, foxes, Lions, tigers, and other aimals that can be used for evil purposes.
    Personality- Calm, laid back, VERY SEXUAL, dangerously secretive.
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  10. Name-Alan Cortin
    Ability-He has the ability to summon any weapon, but he has no control over what is summoned.
    Personality-Kind,Panicky,A tad nerdy, tends to be either really social or very shy.
    Do we just post in the IC thread now?
  11. I wanna join :D I shall make twins ^^
  12. ummm ok???????????)
  13. Okay... where to start...
    I kind of posted this then forgot it was here.
    To clarify: If your good or evil, you still have abilities. If your evil, you might have been there longer seeing as you'd be working for Ace..
    Characters can be supernatural beings.
    Some of them can even be dolls or puppets as well if you wish.
    Any ability within a range of not OP is fine.
    And Everyone is welcome, this is still going to go underway. I had no idea I'd get such a turn out.
  14. Also, everyone who posted character sheets = accepted.
    Please proceed to the RP thread where we can begin ^.^
  15. ((OOC~ I will have more characters than just Ace and Alaina. Ace has a repertoire of puppets that he uses. Some will be more important than others and will get character sheets. Some will be nameless enemies or allies. Forgot to mention that))
  16. ❤️Name❤️
    Candy Holmes




    (This ability is currently unknown by by its wielder. This is why they were chosen)
    Candy can can sense, recognize, perceive, and directly feel the emotions and moods of other people as though it were her own feelings. Under great stress, she can also project her inner world (traumatic experiences like burning and drowning,) into the real world, affecting the people around her and having the potential to be life-threatening

    She's known to be a childish person, though she has a very mature side. A bit of a prankster, she loves to play pranks on her friends. She also loves sweets and doesn't get easily bored when munching candies. However, it is said that her true feelings are usually hidden behind a smile.

  17. Accepted ^.^
  18. Aurora Mae Fugi.
    Doll-Form One & Doll-Form Two.



    Evil, but usually handles the less important things.

    Needs plenty of practice to reach her full potential, but she was created in order to manipulate elements of the dark. Ironically, Aurora is terrified of being left in the dark. She can form decently sized shadows that can interact with things with very slight and quick movements, but the most harm they can do is give you an over-whelming sense of uneasiness. The extent of her powers are lifting and moving objects around with ease by shadows, and if Aurora becomes powerful enough the uncomfortable feeling she can give off now can progress to projecting a person's worst fears into their minds, eventually making them go insane. The doll's abilities basically run on her own hear; The more scared she feels, the more powerful she is.

    It's difficult to pinpoint a certain type of personality for the doll. At first glance, it wouldn't be hard to tell that she isn't the most independent or head-strong girl you could meet. In fact, Aurora is faint-hearted and rather keen.
    After all these years of depending on Ace to tell her what to do, or having to see so many others like her die off, Aurora has become emotionally dependent on others. She refuses to acknowledge it as a problem, but if she becomes too attached she'll almost become obsessive and would die if she was rejected. The human-turned-doll could barely pass as a "yandere" type of girl. It's not that she is a sobbing violent mess of deadly love, but if the one she admired told her to commit a crime she most likely would do it in a heart beat. Aurora craves love and/or attention desperately, which springs from her past.
    Squeamish yet intelligent, Aurora tries her hardest at anything she does. She's still a talented young girl, but she takes it out on all the wrong things. Digressing from her issues, Aurora can actually be extremely sarcastic when she befriends someone. Her old self was a witty and bold contortionist who was partying if she wasn't at school, and pieces of her old self still float around her like the dark shadows she is constantly surrounded by.
  19. Accepted ^.^
  20. Name- Kai Morket

    Gender- Male

    Age- 16

    Side- Good, although sometimes he pretends to be Evil.

    Ability- Shape-shifting. He can only shape-shift into animals he's seen before, which means no dragons or anything. It also takes a lot of energy, and if used too often without rest, it will drain his life energy.

    Personality- Kai actually has a soft heart, no matter how much he tries to hide it. While being gruff and blunt on the outside, he's actually incredibly sensitive to others and will try to help people with their problems. He's very stubborn sometimes and doesn't know his limits.