The Dream Walker

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  1. This idea was not originally mine, though I have edited and added to where I read it from.
    The Dream Walker
    • This roleplay can be malexmale, malexfemale, or femalexfemale. Be mindful of this as you read through it, for the description is written as a mxm.
    • I prefer to play the male, unless it is fxf, obviously. I can be easily persuaded otherwise.
    • This is just a general idea of what I have, this is open for more editing if you have ideas that you think would work.​
    • I only roleplay through PM/Conversations. I respond even faster off-site (i.e. skype, AIM, etc.)
    A young man has been having reoccurring dreams where he is visited by a handsome stranger nearly every night. At first, he is rather confused by the visitation of this random person in his unconsciousness; but he is quite to warm up to the company - despite only recognizing it as a subconscious character. The young man, still in high school, believes these to be just dreams, fueled by his lonely lifestyle. A few months ago, the house across the road has been put up for sale. Just a few short weeks ago, a family came to scope it out. It wasn't until the handsome stranger becomes his new neighbor that he starts to doubt whats real and whats not.
    The familiar-looking new neighbor, is not normal. Him and his siblings are genetic layouts of mutants, where they each have a significant power that is different from anything seen before. In his case, his power was developed to view the dreams of others for further scientific reasons. The powers seemed to develop on their own as he grew, thus allowing him not only to view the dreams of others, but manipulate them as well.
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  2. I really like this idea :D I wouldn't mind doing a mXm. I haven't really done one, but I'm pretty sure I can pull it off, as I really want to get a really good mXm going ^-^
  3. Awesome! PM me and we can discuss further details? c:
  4. Sure thing :D
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