The "Dream eating" Dragon.

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Is this a nice idea?

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  1. No this is a very sill idea.

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  2. Yes it's a nice idea.

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  1. Once upon a time there was a fluffy white sheep, The sheep fed on nightmares.
    So it lived off of the nightmares of the humans around it. But one day the
    sheep grew tired of the taste of nightmares just then it saw
    a boy having a wonderful, happy dream. The sheep
    The sheep secretly ate his happy dream. It
    delighted by by the taste, But the boy
    Who dream was stolen became
    little more than a empty shell.
    The End.

    "What was i born for?"
    "Why can i eat people dreams?"
    "Is this ok? Is it ok to just eat them?"

    It was a unexpected discovery, You were headingn to town to get some money from this mystery that had been causing some problems in the little town. But the money was all that you cared about really, You would usually change personas as you went to different towns. You barely shared information about yourself and barely cared about people. The only ones who knew your backstory were the to policemens who were dragons.

    One day while heading to another town to splve a mystery to why the town's people were disappearing every night. You had stumbled across an egg, It wasn't a ordinary egg it was a dragon egg which was very rare. You were going to trade it in for money until the egg had suddenly hatched. You decided there was now use to the dragon since it had hatched and you continued your journey to the town, You then had noticed the dragon was following you.
    What will this adventure lead to...
  2. This sounds cool. I'm interested.
  3. Yes. Message me if you like?
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