The Dragon's Slave

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  1. The great dragon swept down into the cave, depositing the girl onto the floor unceremoniously.

    DragonKin! The girl the council has chosen is here, come and inspect her!

    The girl shivered in her nakedness, the bonds tying her hands together making it hard for her to focus. She struggled against them before fear stopped her from moving. Rina tried to spit out the ball gag in her mouth, failing to succeed.

    The dragon dropped a parcel on the ground beside her and she tried to scoot away from it.
  2. Drakir was in slumber when the girl was dropped, his red scales glistened and he glanced over at her. " As you command" he shifts and h is enormous compared to her, his eyes look her over... dark and angry. He was not known for his patience. She was bound and this turned him on, he wasn't upset at being given a girl to bed. He orange eyes glowed looking at her. Not yet approaching. Interested to see her reaction to his true form
  3. Rina began to breathe heavily, panic filling her as she took in his true form. He was large.....much too large....

    The parcel contains hand cuffs, lubricants, plugs and other devices for your amusement.

    The dragon began.

    We care not how you see about it, as long as you impregnate her and ensure the survival of our line.

    He finished, turning around and leaving the cave.
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    He blinks and shifts, his body shifts and he is nearly nude, wearing loose fabric around his hips, skin glistening. " Thankyou" he nods to them and goes over tipping her face up, eyes examining her... he was not displeased with her. She was attractive, he grabs her hair forcing her face up and running his claw down her. His eyes look at the gag and the tears in her eyes. " Mmmm not a willing little specimen are you? You should be blessed to bare my seed woman" He slaps her ass
  5. Rina tried to pull away, anger filling her. She whimpers as he slapped her ass, his fingers still laced in her flowing blonde hair. She lifts her hands in front of her face, trying to protect it at the expense of showing her breasts. She knew the man would take his time examining her. The dragon's had not yet done that to her yet, instead choosing her because she had no family. Once asked, her own village gave her up as the virgin sacrifice in hopes that the dragons' wrath would not fall upon them.
  6. His eyes look her over and chuckles and chucks her into the back, she lands on the pillows and he will look her over in a moment but he goes to the parcel opening it up, he smiles enjoying all the little toys they had given him. He flung her aside like a doll, not caring the least about her. He puts the toys away and then goes over removing the gag, " hrm, well I suppose you will do. You at least have curves, unlike that useless woman my brother was given" he chuckles sharp teeth showing
  7. She cried as she was flung onto the bed, watching as he opened the parcel the dragon had given him. He removed the gag and she spat at him, showing her dislike of the situation.
  8. He growls at her and smacks her face, any hard would dislocate her jaw. He grabs a fistful of her hair with a glare, " I will beat you if you disrespect me. I will make sure you die a slow death when I am done with you. You will respect me slave"
  9. Rina glared at him but then quickly looked down, not wishing to be slapped again. She nodded meekly, tears in her eyes.
  10. He nods approving of this gesture and he lets go of her hair. He then pads her thigh. " Good girl. Now, you are going to go bathe and then I will find something.... alluring for you to wear for me. At night and in the morning you will lay in this bed and I will mount you, every day and night until you carry my child. When you have fulfilled your duty... if it is adequate.... I will allow you your life"
  11. Rina gulped and looked up at him. "Where is the bath?" She asked. She trembled at the thought of being mounted every night and every morning. It scared her. She silently wondered how large he even was.
  12. He points to the back corner of the cave, " follow down that corrider and then take a left. Hurry up slave" He pushes her up dismissively and then he goes to get his food prepared. He expected the woman to hurry it up
  13. Rina almost ran down to the bath, jumping in she scrubbed herself quickly before hoping back out and jogging to the cave. She had bathed everything and she stood waiting for his next command.
  14. He looked her over and gestures for her to come, he hands her a golden bra and a loin cloth very similar to Leia's slave bikini, he clams a collar around her neck enjoying how the chain nestles between her breasts, "you want your wrists chained or released. I think the collar is more then adequate"
  15. She walks over to him, quickly doning the outfit he gave her. "Released..." She frowned at the weight of the collar and the skimpy outfit she wore.
  16. He undoes her bindings and points to the food in the corner, " that is yours. You look a little under fed. My woman will be in peak physical condition." He runs a claw over the bulge her breasts made with the bra she was wearing, " mmmmmmm you look good enough to eat"
  17. Rina jerks away with disgust, going to the food in the corner and eating it quickly, almost afraid of what was waiting for her next.
  18. He laughs watching her move, her breasts bouncing and he grins. He hadn't seen a woman in a long time. " When you are done you will tell me what your pro's are woman" he looks at her hungrily
  19. She finished eating and looked at him. "Pros?" She was surprised he wasn't inspecting her himself. Relief showed on her face for a moment before realizing he could be cruel enough to try to take that away.
  20. "What are your advantages woman, if you would like I will discover them myself or you can tell me what your skills are and anything... attractive about you or I will find it out by myself" his teeth are revealed and they are sharp and scary