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Junior Magistrate of the Grey Serpents

Yvara would love to have had a childhood of great upheaval to explain her tempestuous adolescence. However, if pressed, she'll offer a wry grin and explain that she was a dramatic arse and that she simply needed to stretch her wings a bit.

Raised among the secluded Grey Clan, Yvara was loved and educated, and yet, felt constrained and imprisoned. Her blessed Exaltation, making her one of the clan's precious Serpents, only made matters worse, as the savage essence roiling in her veins drove her to steal boats and incite brawls. In desperation, Yvara was hauled to the Crane dojo of the Grey clan.

Five years later, junior magistrate Yvara left the isle on a freshly painted boat, wearing a gift, granted by her sifu. To all those whom she had wronged, she had made amends and asked their forgiveness. The people of the Grey clan granted forgiveness, and with it, a wonderful gift, one lighter than air and stronger than earth: humility.

Now, Yvara wanders the isles in her jolly little boat, offering the best wisdom she can provide, finding a little love for almost every inhabitant, seeking adventure over the crest of every wave.

Yvara herself is athletic and physical, with long brown hair and a face which is never far from a smile.

Defining: The People Of The Isles (Cheerful Spirit of Love and Protection)

Major: "It is quite possible to take things exactly as seriously as they need to be taken and still have fun doing so."

Major: "Justice soaked in blood is not the best justice."

Major: Bell Beneath The Waves (A Priceless Gift, Given In Trust)

Major: The Crane Dojo of the Grey Serpents (Deep Gratitude)

Minor: Navies of the Scarlet Empire (Suspicion)

Minor: My Little Boat! (Joy)

Minor: Abyss' Black Reach (Disapproving Concern)

Minor: Caerdath Maya Jensa (Such An Enchanting Dancer!)

Minor: Banoron Lesanda (Good Leader, Needs To Trust People More)

Major: Peleps Daejon (Must Face Justice, For His Crimes Against An t-Oileánach Agus Seréa))

Major: Seréa (I Want To Save Her From All The Harm Carved Into Her)

Major: Wei Lwyn (What A Magnificent, Beautiful Idiot)
Creation's dojos and halls of the arts martial have many tales of legendary staves, razor claws snarling with the spirit of rabid tigers, and, of course, the nearly holy silken armours of the masters. Why, tales would have one believe that these tunics and robes are woven from the silken gifts of the Pattern Spiders!

Bell Beneath The Waves is not quite such an example. It's a slightly more earthy protection, or perhaps one should say, more marine protection. Five hundred years ago, a master of the Grey Serpents descended under the waves and damned near got herself murdered strangling a gigantic half spirit diving bell spider. She was far too honourable to take trophies of its body, but she was quite content to help herself to its home and murder-bower, dragging a huge skein of twisted spirit-silk back onto the beach. Uncertain what to do with it, the crafter folk of the Grey wrought a tunic of that silk, barely adorned but decisively clasped with black jade tabs and toggles. This armour has since been granted to the cheerful upstart Yvara on her acceptance of the role of wandering magistrate. She is far too polite to comment on the unspoken message there. "You're gonna need it."

Bell Beneath The Waves is a long sleeveless tunic, so long that Yvara usually keeps its lower length firmly tucked into her trews. The silk is several different shades of black, roiling together and barely dashed with white and grey coils suggesting, in an abstract fashion, the surf above Bell's natural habitat. The tunic is held closed with a sequence of tabs of black jade, with delicate chevrons of that same material at the shoulders. The elders of the Crane dojo muttered about 'that poisonous shirt, let's see if the girl can handle it.'

Magistrate Yvara.pdf
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Abyss’ Black Reach - Banoron Cylin
Water Aspect Pirate
Anima: Upwards rushing currents, the scent of anaerobic rot
Iconic: A black maw opens beneath her as dark cracks/tentacles snap out before surging up and covering her in blackness

Banoron Cylin was born into the main Banoron line, a skip and a hop out of the succession (a couple of accidents, as she is fond of putting it among friends). Always wild, she spent much of her childhood running with the street rats of [Banoron Capitol]. The Clan despaired, not considering it proper behavior for a young Lady, though Cylin was adept at slipping her nurses’ and tutors’ watch. She exalted relatively early, at 11, during one of their frequent brawls, killing several urchins. To the surprise of many, she exalted as a Water aspect, unveiling depths of patience previously hidden behind impetuous mule-headedness.

After her Second Breath Cylin was watched much more closely, by far more competent agents. Fortunately, the lessons she was learning were, at last, engaging. The Clan focused first on her natural talents: getting out of troublesome situations and hand to hand fighting, though the Clan did not neglect her other lessons, lessons a scion of the Clan needed to learn.

Cylin grew into a ruthless trader and was granted a Letter of Marque by the Clan at the age of 25. She quickly became feared across the archipelago and disreputable folk flocked to her banner. Her flexible interpretation of the Letter has earned her enemies, while her reputation for vengeance has dissuaded most retribution. Now that she is pushing 50 some among the Clan grumble that it is time for Abyss’ Black Reach to give up the Letter and take a proper post. These are a minority at present, as Abyss represents a strong source of income, though that minority is sure to grow as Abyss refuses to settle

Abyss' Black Reach appears to be an imposing woman in their early twenties. She stand just shy of 6' tall, and the width of their shoulders would put many men to shame. She usually wears her roughly cut hair short, tending to shear it with a knife once it reaches shoulder length. She favours practical clothing, a loose shirt, tight calf length trousers, and bare feet (though she have a few pairs of boots if the need arises).

Character Sheet

Depths Chill (Artifact [3] Black Jade Razor Claws)

Depths Chill are a pair of fingerless gauntlets. The base is sharkskin, though it is overlapped by a lattice of Black Jade rings, which support the heavily keeled, uneven scale mail. A thick band of leviathin bone, etched with love poetry in Moonsilver run up the front and back. Though usually flexible these bands can become solid when the wielder requires support. The pure Soulsteel blades reside in the Underworld while retracted, meaning that Depths Chill may not be recognised as a weapon at first glance. The four blades of the right gauntlet undulate gently, reminicent of a tempetuous sea, though the sharp wave points face the wielder. The three blades that emerge from the left gauntlet, however, are wickedly barbed, bringing the crashing of icebergs in the northwestern sea to mind.
Depths' Chill has two hearthstone sockets, one in the palm of each gauntlet.
Depth's Chill matches the Anima Banner of its wielder. At Dim the slightest hint of frost is seen deep between the scales of the gauntlets, and mist may form in more humid climes. As the wielder's banner besins to flare Depths' Chill becomes encased in ice, before the ice begins to climb its wielder's arms.

Evocations of Depths Chill

Depths Chill's evocations, born from rejection, centre themselves around cold, as the heart of thier inspiration must have been, and intimacies. The higher level evocations can cut the feelings from someone's heart, robbing them of thier intimacies and feeding the darkness residing in the artifact.
Upon atuning to Depth's Chill an Exalt gets a +1 to all rolls to resist cold-based environmental hazards. If they are wearing the gauntlets this bonus increases by one for each anima level above Dim, to a maximum of +4 at Bonfire.

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They're good direwolves, Drozzt
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Caerdath Maya Jensa

Fire Aspect Performer/Operative
Iconic Anima: A colossal bird of fire unfurling its wings
Concept: Dancer, socialite, spy and assassin

Jensa's Exaltation was a pleasant surprise to all, as there had been no record of the Dragons' blood in the Maya offshoot of clan Caerdath. She had a promising career as a dancer ahead of her, and as far as most of the clan know, she has continued in that vein. The elders know different.

Jensa was seen by Caerdath as an opportunity to train a singular operative to maintain their interests in the Lastland archipelago. While they provided her with excellent instructors in the arts of dance, poetry and oration, under considerable secrecy they also trained her in clandestine skills such as infiltration, spying, and assassination. As a highly talented entertainer known across an t-Oileánra she and her musical troupe have access to the courts and bedrooms of some of the most powerful and influential people in the islands. The crowds she draws provide all manner of benefit from careless gossip between captains to a cover for unsavoury tasks like theft or assassination.

Jensa greatly appreciates the training and relative independence her clan has given her, finding occasional skullduggery an acceptable price for essentially being able to travel the islands and perform to adoring crowds. With the disappearance of the Red Serpent of the Blessed Isle and the reappearance of the Caul, Jensa's superiors have been demanding more of her, which is beginning to conflict with her own fiercely independent nature.

Str ** Cha **** Per ***

Dex *** Man *** Int **

Sta *** App **** Wit ****

Abilities (favoured/Aspect in red)

Athletics ***

Awareness ****




Dodge (multiple opponents) ***



Larceny ***



Martial Arts

Medicine (poisons) ***

Melee (Erubescent Blossom Lash) *****


Performance (Dance) *****

Presence ****



Sail *

Socialize (Seduction) ****

Stealth ***




"Independence is our peoples' greatest treasure, we must defend it" (Defining principle)

Peleps Daejon (Minor tie, disgust and hate)

"The only good Lintha is a dead one" (Minor principle)

Clan Caerdath (Major tie, loyalty and gratitude)

Mortals (minor tie, appreciation)

Dynasts (Major tie, open distrust)

"Beauty and talent are there to be flaunted" (Minor principle)

Yvara: "Such darling idealism! As long as it's not focused on me, at least" (minor tie)
Abyss' Black Reach: Admiration for their stubborn independence (minor tie)

Ambidextrous *
Artifact *** (direlash, "Erubescent Blossom Lash")
Boundless Endurance **
Contacts *
Followers (Petals of the Fallen Rose Troupe)*
Fleet of Foot ****
Influence (Renowned entertainer) **
Retainer (Sato, mortal assassin) **
Retainer (Kato, mortal brawler/bodyguard) **

Essence: 2

Willpower: 5

Personal: 13/13
Peripheral: 31/26
(5 Peripheral committed to Erubescent Blossom Lash)

Soak: 6 (3 natural, 3 buff jacket)

Damage +10
Overwhelming 3

Parry: (Dex 3 + Melee 5)/2 = 4 (5 with Erubescent Blossom Lash)

Evasion: (Dex 3 + Dodge 3)/2 = 3 (4 when outnumbered)

Join Battle: Roll 7 dice, add 3

Resolve: 2

Guile: 4

Health Levels:

-0 O
-1 OO
-2 OO
-4 O
-X O
Effortlessly Rising Flame

Precision Observation Method

Threshold-Warding Stance
Flickering Candle Meditation

Underground River's Flow

Master Healer Meditation

Stoking Bonfire Style
Burning Fury Wreath
Flame-Borne Interception
Blinding Spark Distraction

Audience-Enthusing Display
Swaying Boughs Arabesque
Falling Leaves Sway

Glowing Coal Radiance

Loquacious Courtier Technique
Friend-To-All-Nations Attitude

Distracting Breeze Meditation

When clan Caerdath undertook to train Jensa as a dancer and spy, they commissioned a weapon to match her dual role. Equal parts dance accessory and weapon, Erubescent Blossom Lash is a direlash composed of a combination of rare leathers inlaid with fine threads of red and green jade alloy, with a small, exquisitely detailed lotus bulb forming the tip, petals delicately carved from red and green jade.

A newly created weapon, Erubescent Blossom Lash has yet to forge a legacy. Nevertheless, it has absorbed the intent and vision of the master smiths who forged it, and Jensa's artful blending of passionate dance and bloody combat has stirred something in the weapon.

While performing, Jensa can channel a portion of her elemental essence into Erubescent Blossom Lash, causing it to take on a small anima of its own, matching Jensa's; The lotus bulb at the tip blossoms as flames dance along the whip, leaving trails of ghostly petals as she twirls and swings the weapon. This has no mechanical effect besides looking pretty for the purposes of a performance.

Few watching such a performance would notice that the petals on the now blossoming lotus tip of the direlash are razor sharp.

Awarded/spent xp
Experience: 8/7
Terrestrial XP: 2/2

2xp, 2 Terrestrial xp on Medicine 1 -> 3
5xp on Presence 3 ->4
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Maatre (Mah-aht-ray)

Zenith Caste Solar Exalted

Strength: ooo
Dexterity: ooo
Stamina: oooo

Charisma: ooo
Manipulation: ooo
Appearance: ooooo

Perception: oo
Intelligence: oooo
Wits: ooo

(Caste/Favored Abilities in red/blue respectively)

Athletics: ooooo
Awareness: ooo
Brawl: oooo
Integrity: oooo
Linguistics (High Realm): oo
  • Figuring Out Local Dialect
Lore (History): ooo
Occult: ooo
Presence: o
Resistance: ooo
Sail: o
Socialize: o

Survival: oo

Boundless Endurance o
Eidetic Memory oo
Fast Reflexes ooo
Language (Seatongue) o
Language (Riverspeak) o
Language (Dragontongue) o
Language (Low Realm) o

Eá (Platonic Love) - Defining
House Peleps (Abiding Hatred) - Major
Indentured Servants/Apparat (Deep Sympathy) - Major
Lastland - (Fierce Curiosity) - Minor
Captain V'Neef Aesha (Gratitude) - Minor

"The deadwood of Creation, such as the Realm, will be burned away for new growth." - Defining
"Whatever the cost of peace in times of war or terror must be exacted." - Major
"Those who enjoy violent delights deserve violent ends." - Major
"History is as malleable as clay. I shall shape it in the Sun's own furnace." - Major
"Someone must save this world from itself." - Minor
"The Sun shines not on those who would give voice to their desires only in shadow." - Minor

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery, Occult, pg. 360 Exalted corebook
Ancient Tongue Understanding, Occult, pg 356 " "
Graceful Crane Stance, Athletics, pg. 261, " "
Lightning Speed, Athletics, pg. 262, " "
Feather Foot Style, Athletics, pg 263, " "
Monkey Leap Technique, Athletics, pg. 261 " "
Increasing Strength Exercise, Athletics, pg. 262 " "
Thunderbolt Attack Prana, Athletics, pg. 262 " "
Ox-Body Technique, Resistance, pg. 375 " " (x 2)
Durability of Oak Meditation, pg. 374, " "
Harmonious Presence Meditation, pg. 369, " "
Fists of Iron Technique, Brawl, pg. 273, " "
Ferocious Jab, Brawl, pg. 274, " "
Heaven Thunder Hammer, Brawl, pg. 274, " "


Invulnerable Skin of Bronze (Control)

Essence: 1
  • Personal: 13
  • Peripheral: 33
Willpower: 6
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Join Battle: 6 + 3s
To Hit (Punch/Kick): 11/10B/1 Overwhelming
Rush: 8
Evasion: 2
Parry: 4

Experience: 8/8
Solar Experience: 2/2

Experience Expenditures:

Bonus Points Expenditures:
- 9 pts on Tertiary Attributes (Str, Dex)
- 2 pts on 2 dots Athletics
- 1 pt on 1 dot Brawl
- 1 pt on 1 dot Integrity
- 2 pts on 1 dot Willpower
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Quarter goat on my mother's side.
Wei Lwyn

Many Princes of the Earth are born into greatness, Scions of a noble dynasty stretching back centuries. Wei Lwyn, meanwhile, was born in a shack to a pair of woodcutters/hunters on the Southwest coast. Slightly reduced circumstances. As is most often the case for young lads born into such circumstances Lwyn was expected to follow in his parents’ footsteps, but the boy always dreamt of leaving it all behind and becoming one of the great heroes from the stories, travelling the world and doing good deeds. Maybe it was luck, maybe something about the boy’s lust for adventure resonated with a dormant connection in his bloodline, but shortly after his 17th birthday, chasing a deer through the depths of the forest, Lwyn Exalted as one of the children of Sextes Jylis. WHen he got home Wei Lwyn kissed his mother goodbye, promised to return home soon and bring them to a palace of their own, and set out to become a hero.

Turns out being a hero isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Not two weeks after leaving home Lwyn encountered a caravan of slaves being led North, the sigil of House Cynis branded on them (not that he’d recognize it.) Being a Dragon-blooded hero Lwyn attempted to hold up the caravan and free the slaves, not counting on the Scion of House Cynis leading the caravan. Cynis Calpurnia was an academy brat on her first assignment, entrusted with an heirloom powerbow and eager to prove herself. The two young Dragons fought, Calpurnia easily overcoming her untrained opponent. In her cockiness, however, she didn’t count on the peasant having a knife in his boot, and definitely didn’t expect to find it in her throat while she gloated over him. Lwyn grabbed the powerbow and fled, realizing that he was in deep shit for attacking a Dynast and that if he was going to be hunted down and killed anyway he may as well have a good weapon to go down fighting. He made it to the nearest port and hopped on the first boat leaving dock, which happened to be going to An t-Oileánra.

It’s been just over two years since Wei Lwyn arrived on the islands. He’s spent the time island-hopping mostly, doing his best to be a folk hero and occasionally succeeding. Mostly he’s done a very good job of sampling local wines and breaking up bar fights he accidentally caused. A brief stint in one of the dojos anchored for a while, but he wasn’t ready for the sheer mystical weirdness of Wood Dragon Style just yet and returned to wandering the islands. He still keeps one eye on the horizon, afraid to return to the mainland and still afraid that House Cynis will come find him.

Wei Lwyn.pdf