WRITING The Dragons' Rise

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  1. Prelude

    ‘There is nothing more to talk about, a single one of these beasts killed my court wizard and over half a company of the Royal Guard! I will not risk my empire over some people's measly love of animals.‘ Martin II raged, his green eyes piercing through him who he faced.

    ‘But your majesty, our mages believe there is still hope - !‘

    ‘I have no time for your vague guesses and facile optimism, they are ravaging my lands and I have to tend to my empire if I do not want it torn asunder, for the love of the divine, care for them to be slain!‘ the emperor once more stormed, interrupting his secretary.

    Unless he wanted his head on a stake, it was obviously to no avail to argue with the emperor, thus why he meekly complied, ‘Yes, your majesty. I shall see to it.‘
    The throne room resounded with the remains of the emperor's shouts as he bowed and went on his way to do as he was told.

    On the streets of Aldaron, capital of the Aldaron Kingdom - yes, humans were very creative with their names, the citizens were not aware of the cause for the king's anger. For now, the gossip still revolved around the newly found empire - about the fact that the Aldaron armies were able to conquer both the Elsyian and Skårvian kingdoms. Conspiracy theories were afoot, yet others were celebrating or mourning for their loved ones. Soon, however, the rumours would turn out to be true. Facing burnt villages and the vanishing evermore people, it would be clear that a new threat loomed on the horizon. Dragons.

    -- Work In Progress, To Be Continued --
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