The Dragons of Confucius

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    Dawn crept quietly through the vast land of China that morning as it's people slowly awakened and got ready for their day. Smell of breakfast and the soft sound of idle chatter filled the air in every household and was soon joined by the soft buzzing of nearby government-issued entertainment centres broadcasting the day's news showing the ravages of the Fifth World War. This was routine, or at least it was until the broadcast stopped, the woman on the digital screen letting place to a sharply dressed uniformed man who said, his voice sharp and demeanour stiff:

    This is August 11th 2072, of the Year of the Dragon.

    Today, the Great Republic of China has decreed that all young men from the age of sixteen to twenty-five wishing to better our great country's standing in the war and to bring honour and social standing to his family are to present themselves to the Imperial Citizenry Centre on on the evening of the 15th of August 2072 to undertake their initial interview.

    Success in entering the soon to be Dragons of Confucius will bring a better social standing for the young candidate, a chance for a better marriage partner as well as a superior martial training in both the Ancient Arts, more modern self-defence as well as armed combat.

    A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.
    General Liang Zhiyuan, Commander of the Dragons of Confucius.

    The general saluted to his unseen audience then, and the broadcast slowly changed back to it's usual spiel of propaganda mixed with cold facts. The decree was not forgotten, however, as many a young man's life was changed that morning as they found a new purpose in their lives.
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