The Dragons of Confucius OOC

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  1. Welcome to the OOC of The Dragons of Confucius! Here you will learn more about the rp and what is expected of you as a player, so sit back and read the following carefully!

    This game is set in the moderately far future of the end of the summer of 2072, where the fictional Fifth World War is ravaging the world. Your character is a young man of sixteen to twenty-five years of age that wishes to do his ancestor proud by enrolling into a new specialized branch of the military known as The Dragons of Confucius, where he will put his very life, body, mind and spirit at risk for a better future for both him, his family and his country.

    Now, it will not be pretty as the regiment will mean a strict diet, a harsh training to become a human weapon as well as various genetic experiments that may or may not work in order to push his body and mind just a little bit more towards the embodiment of the perfect soldier. The competition will be there as well as, not only will a good training means everything in future military missions but a good result would also mean better amenities, the first pick on various things such as missions or even a future bride and would also mean that such a young man would progress faster and become one of the elite, a very much desired status!

    The rp as itself will consist or days separated in Early Morning where they would wake up and prepare for their day, Morning where they would either train, submit to an experiment, start a mission later on or do as they wish as a leisure time, Midday where they would eat and socialize, Afternoon which will have the same opportunity as Morning and finally Evening, where they will once more eat, prepare for the next day and sleep.

    Each player will have only one character, with the maximum of players possible being twelve. Each character will have statistics such as their well being, their attributes, their skills and any artificial perks they may have due to a successful experiment.

    Now I believe it is time to set up the Character Sheet!

    Appearance: (Please use a description!)

    Please either change two of these to 'Good' or make it three in exchange of making another 'Poor'.

    Learning Ability:

    Now, please tell me about your character's life and motivations prior from enrolling and we'll be good!

    And, that's it! If you have any question or just want to chat about this rp, don't hesitate to do so here!
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