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Hello I am Desgonia and welcome to my Hoard of ideas.

My list of ideas goes in order from the newest at the top to the oldest at the bottom.

However first of all a little about me. I have been roleplaying for 20+ years. I've got some experience in several areas and not so much in others. However I like all kinds of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Historical RPs. Often I like to mix these genres together, especially historical. Unfortunately for me, My one weakness is Modern/Realistic. That is one setting I fail at constantly so I don't even try anymore.

While I like several genres of RP but I tend to shy away from fandoms I like original chars and stories mostly. If there is a Fandom you like and I know about it I might be willing to do something similar however I wont do it with the original chars. I like Fantasy, Sci fi, and rps in the primitive age.

Now about my Preferred gender to play it is Male of course since I am Male. I can't get into the mindset of any other gender so I don't even try as I feel it would be insulting to not do it justice.

If you have made it this far there is something you should know about me. That is I do suffer from depression so there are times It gets to me and I am unable to reply. I will tell you when I get into this state so I hope you understand. Thank you.


1. I will NOT do straight smut. I require a storyline and if smut is part of it then so be it.

2. Though I am not too keen on roleplaying any fandoms. If I were to have enough knowledge to pull it off I will only play as an original character, preferring to be paired with another original character within a similar setting of that fandom.

3. I try to write about 1 paragraph or more per post I would also like it if you would be able to match this length.

4. Be original and creative think up something amazing shock me. I love surprises and amazing twists in an rp.

5. Please PM me for partnership. chances are I won't see your post here.

Dirty talk
Light biting
Sexual tension
Light Bondage
Exotic Anatomy
Monsters/Aliens/Mythical Creatures
Light Voyeurism
Forbidden Romance
Pet Play

Heavy Gore
Necrophilia(Zombies included)
Too much angst
Heavy Drug-Use
Excessive Fluids
Food insertion/Food play/Force Feed
Sexual Violence/Gore
Heavy Bloodplay
Rubber Suits
Feet fetish
Body Squishing/Squeezing
Tickle Torture


Current Craving

Around 2200 years ago a luxury cruise liner for the uber-rich crash-landed on a planer on the distant end of unexplored space a place so remote you wouldn't visit even if you had the resources unless you were uber rich and bored.

The planet the liner crashed on was 99 percent water and 1 percent small islands. In order to survive they started out with survival equipment stripping the ship for raw resources and using emergency fabricators to eventually build a society on the islands however the islands were too small so people soon had to start going to live in the oceans. first moving into the safe shallows of the reefs, then the deeper sand shallows then deeper into the depths for more resources to survive.

As time progressed the people adapted to the world and having voted early on to use a feudal system as their government and there were some wars over the years there were 4 kingdoms in the oceans. and people had adapted to be able to surface without getting pressure sickness, survive the crushing depths of the pressure of the ocean, some had even developed gills. The underwater habitats homes and farms soon spread along the ocean floor. The depths were where the commoners lived around the islands. the sand fields were where the upper class lived. the shallows were where merchants and the like lived and operated and the islands were for nobility and royalty alone. I would play a commoner who would work in the depths as a Miner mining metals and minerals to sell at the market for a living with a mining suit (basically a cockpit with arms, legs and a water jet. One arm is a drill the other is normal. My char would have brown hair but silver eyes and pale skin from living in the depths and also will have developed gills.



Story Ideas


Around 2200 years ago a luxury cruise liner for the uber-rich crash-landed on a planer on the distant end of unexplored space a place so remote you wouldn't visit even if you had the resources unless you were uber rich and bored.

The planet the liner crashed on was 99 percent water and 1 percent small islands. In order to survive they started out with survival equipment stripping the ship for raw resources and using emergency fabricators to eventually build a society on the islands however the islands were too small so people soon had to start going to live in the oceans. first moving into the safe shallows of the reefs, then the deeper sand shallows then deeper into the depths for more resources to survive.

As time progressed the people adapted to the world and having voted early on to use a feudal system as their government and there were some wars over the years there were 4 kingdoms in the oceans. and people had adapted to be able to surface without getting pressure sickness, survive the crushing depths of the pressure of the ocean, some had even developed gills. The underwater habitats homes and farms soon spread along the ocean floor. The depths were where the commoners lived around the islands. the sand fields were where the upper class lived. the shallows were where merchants and the like lived and operated and the islands were for nobility and royalty alone. I would play a commoner who would work in the depths as a Miner mining metals and minerals to sell at the market for a living with a mining suit (basically a cockpit with arms, legs and a water jet. One arm is a drill the other is normal. My char would have brown hair but silver eyes and pale skin from living I the depths and also will have developed gills.

When humanity first began to colonize various planets in the sol system the limits of the human body became apparent. As such, they began to develop cybernetic hardware to install into humans so that they could become stronger, faster, smarter, more precise. As time progressed and large machines for building these colonies were developed that only people that were cybernetically enhanced could use.

The main problem with this is that the percentage of people who could accept cybernetics without rejection was very low. among women it was 35 percent. for men a mere 1 percent. It became a practice for people who were cybernetically enhanced to pair up to have kids. The rate of having a kid who was compatible with cybernetics was increased when both parents were compatible. 75 percent chance for the child to be compatible if both parents were compatible and the child was a girl. 10 percent chance if the child was a boy. If one parent was cybernetic compatible and one was not the chance was lowered to 25 percent for girls and .1 percent for boys.

As generations passed and to make sure the tech would keep going cloning tech was implemented (and is still in use) to create more cybernetically compatible people. With the discovery however of Bionetics through nanite infusion it became able for the cybernetically enhanced people to give birth to children with cybernetics already installed. This new generation became soldiers for the colonies of SOL and beyond controlling the large mechs now made for both construction and war. it would not be but 200 years later that mars demanded liberty from the control of earth then slowly the moons of jupiter. Afterward Venus and mercury also declared independence from earth. After the wars calmed down and new governments rose on the newly freed planets another 300 years would pass. Cybersyth males would become wards of the state under the care of the matrons. Cybersyth retired soldiers who cared for them like mothers. However, on Venus one retired Cybersynth soldier fell in love with a normal man. When it became known she would have a son she was excited as she felt he could have a normal life. Until one day her doctor informed her that he detected cybernetics forming in the embryo as well. The woman was scared and begged the doctor to hide the fact and help her make her son normal so she could keep him.

Reluctantly the doctor agreed and put her in contact with a decent black market surgeon who could get the organic body parts needed for her son and remove the cybernetic parts. The doctor would discreetly prescribe the child meds so his body would not reject his organic parts. However it would be in his 12th year of age when soldiers descended on their home arrested the mother and father and took the boy to the matrons. It turns out when the doctor was audited they discovered the hidden prescriptions for the boy for his meds. The doctor was also arrested. The boy underwent surgery to remove the foreign organic parts that his body would not accept and replaced with Bionetic parts made with his own DNA. When he came out he still looked human except he had a port on the back of his neck and an enclosed antenna and microphone where his right ear was. His eyes were bionetic as well. And while most Cybersynths were born with 2 to 3 empty chip slots to improve their brain processing power, eyesight, or other various things, he was born with a surprising 4.

He is now 18 years old and while still a ward of the state he is allowed to head to the Cybersyth academy where he will learn to build, maintain, and control his own mech of his design. Of course, they studied design, function, and parts of mechs from age 12 onwards so in a way he was lucky to be caught when he was. Still due to his odd upbringing he was stronger than most Cybersynth males as they were pampered really while he lived in the country side working with his family in the Venus country side.

Legends and myths tell of a range of mountains. These mountains are said to be impassable and barren. However atop these mountains, it is said in these old stories that dragons live here. Dragons of all kinds are said to live atop this mountain and never leave. It has been hundreds of years and no one has seen a dragon much less heard of one around. Despite all this the tales are true. There atop this mountain lives the dragon race along with the rulers, The dragon royal family. Despite ages of no contact with everything and everyone below the mountains one out of curiosity decides to descend the mountain and see the world other than the dragon kingdom. The dragon is the youngest prince of the royal family. After living around 90 years on the mountain the silver scaled dragon descends to the forest below to see what it was that the world had tu8rned into.

Rumor has it that the king of the magic kingdom has no wife, lover, nor concubine. This is a problem for the immortal beings that watch over this world. The god of fate and stars has said that the child of the king will bring great progress and fortune to the world. After some deliberation it is decided that goddess of love and fertility would send one of her underlings to sort out the kings issue and match him up with a suitable woman. However due to issues even the immortals could not have predicted the mission is far more difficult than first believed.

Legend has it 3 great heroes wandered the land aiding the people no matter what race they were. They were kind to the common man and respectful to royalty and nobility. However one day there came a problem that the heroes could not solve. A rift opened in a cave on the border between the human and elven lands. Arcane beings of all kind spilled out fo the cave killing many in the towns around them. To stop this the 3 heroes headed there with the joint army of both nations. The Paladin and princess of the human kingdom Althea, The mighty warrior halfelf Salorn, and the Elven mage Arturus. With the combined efforts of both armies and 3 heroes they reached the cave that held the portal to the arcane realm. Despite their efforts though the army of arcane beings was endless. eventually they tired and defeat seemed inevitable. At the last moment the Mage Arturus ordered his friends to retreat to leave the line to him. Reluctant to do so they were forced out by his magic. Surprisingly nothing came out after them. 1000 years has passed and nothing has left the cave of the arcane. A fortress and guard from both kingdoms was erected around the cave should the arcane monstrosities ever return. However one day a young elf man in ragged clothing came walking out of the cave. It seemed Arturus had returned after 1000 years.

It is the Iron age in the kingdom of Humans. Knights and warriors proudly protect the capital city and the surrounding towns of the humans borders from the wild beast clans that surround the human kingdom. Established for hundreds of years Iron working is relatively new to the humans previously they used bronze tools, weapons, and armor to fight the beast clans. This barely let them protect their borders.

The Beast clans some consider no better than cavemen. Living in hide tents, straw huts, caves, and occasionally the ruins of failed towns during attempted human expansion. Despite many of the humans outlook of the beast clans they each are ruled in a different way.

The Feline clan is ruled by the lion people the strongest male considered the emperor. The Lion peoples subjects are the cat people who work the fields and farms. the warriors of the feline clan are the jaguar and leopard people. The royal guard are the tiger people. While all beast clans are territorial the feline clan is excessively so. They live in established villages in their territory.

The wolf clan is ruled by a king. They are a solitary migratory people. They live in hide tents and hut in packs to survive trading the meat they hunt to other beast clans for crops they don't grow.

The avian clan is made up of various bird people. phoenix people are the leader of this clan. The phoenix are ruled by a king. They live on cliffside and mountains in caves hunting for their meat and growing various crops in their village. While they allow others to cross their land they will attack without mercy if they catch another people trying to make a home there.

The reptile clan is ruled by the dragon people. they control a large area of territory. from mountains, forests and plains they keep watch over it all. the various reptile people serve as subjects, soldiers, and guards for the dragon rulers. the dragons are ruled by an imperial family. The reptile clan is possesive and greedy but not stupidly so. they never make a deal that is not in their favor and never start a fight they cant win.

The last clan is the aquatic clan led by the merfolk tribe. the merfolk tribe rules over the various aquatic beastmen and have uncontested control of the seas. they often trade with the other clans on the coast for salt a precious commodity used for a variety of things.

The main reason beastmen are able to keep their territory from the humans is because they are faster, stronger, and more agile than the humans. Beastmen also can take a beastform depending on what species they are. These beast forms are stronger than the normal beasts that look like them. Beastmens power can rank from level one to level 5. an easy way to tell a beastmans level is the amount of marks they have on their skin.

Unlike humans beastmen take more than one mate at times. Any female be they human or beastman will gain a beastmark if they accept a male as their mate and will be able to use a portion of his power. It is not strange for beastmen tribes to sometimes intermingle and have mates of other races. in fact many find this appealing due to the power of the beasts mark. However when a child is born it will either be the father or the mothers species if they are a mixed species couple. However their are rare instances of their being a mixed breed born.

The greatest threat to the people of this world are the titans. different races of giant creatures that on occasion roam the land. The titans can range from a gigantic dinosaur like beast to a giant itself. taking down a titan is considered one of most honorable acts one can do whether your human or beastman. Titans are sometimes hunted because they possess valuable gems inside their bodies and presenting this as a gift to a potential mate is almost guaranteed to ensure a pairing. The gems are not so much useful but more proof of ones prowess in hunting to beastmen and valor to humans. Titan meat is also considered the most delicious of meats when obtained.

The earth was doomed. An asteroid speeding towards it would soon strike killing all life on the surface. The governments around the world each built a massive ARK. A space ship that would carry them to the stars and enable them to survive until the earth was habitable again. On the eve of the meteor strike the sky was filled with the smoke trails of the arks leaving the planet. Only the most wealthy, influential, government officials, and those lucky enough to win the lottery to board were spared. For over 1000 years the Arks floated around the SOL system until one day one ark decided to return to earth and check on its condition. The earth was covered in green and blue with beautiful clouds in its sky. The ark immediately landed and sent out scouts. None returned to the ark. What is out there waiting in the now unspoiled wilderness? Were the humans Gone too long?

The Alliance of Planets has long been at war with the hostile, take no prisoners insectoid like race the Skurians. The war is at a stalemate after the first incursion of the Skurians into Alliance space they overran unsuspecting colonies in days wiping them out and colonizing them for themselves. The Alliance moved quickly to engage the Skurians and managed to push them back somewhat however it is still an arms race between the ever-evolving Skurians and the Tech advancing Alliance races. No one is sure which side will prevail.

The empire of Loreheim had been around since recorded history. The first emperor to the most recent were recorded in its halls. Many are unsure how the empire began but it is certain that all fear the armies of Loreheim. All citizens of Loreheim have some inherent magical power. However the ones who hold the greatest magical power are the emperor and his bloodline then the nobles who rule the lands around him. Though there are many schools who teach magic (and they refuse to teach anyone not of the empire) in the empire one school stands out above the rest. This school is where all children of nobles attend. Commoners may join but they must show exemplary intelligence, great magical power, and sufficient martial skill. After all the reason the armies of the Empire are so feared is because the core is made up of the Knight Magi. Warriors who are skilled in the martial and magical arts. In this school 7 types of magic are taught here.

1. Fire. The school of fire is taught as an elemental school where students summon fire from the air and use it as a weapon.

2 Water. the school of water is also taught as an elemental School. Students in this school are taught to manipulate water and form it in to ice to use in various ways.

3. Air. Again the school of air is an elemental skill where students are taught to fight by manipulating the air around it from a high wind that can blow an enemy off their feet to storms and tornadoes.

4. Earth. The school of earth is once more an elemental skill. Students of this school control the earth and plants that grow around them. They can use this school to bind their enemies with plants or even cause an earthquake that can swallow enemies whole.

5. Life. This school is known as a summoning and healing school. Students of this school mainly become priests of the gods. However students of this school can also summon beings from spirit puppets made from the residual life energy of the recently dead to powerful angels.

6. Spirit. This school is also known as a summoning school. The students of the school of spirit are often avoided and feared. They deal with the the spirits and dead bodies of the empire. The spirit students can summon undead to fight at their side or even spirits to do various things even possess an enemy to fight for them.

7. Legend. The school of legend is a unique one as it is purely a summoning school. Students of this school can summon creatures of legend they learn of and the limits are their imagination and magical power.

Most students only take one school as everyone is born with an inherent skill with one school of magic. However learning another school is possible but the power is not as great if one is not born with the skill for it. However a few noble families have children born with dual skills in schools and these are often gifted with great power in both schools they are gifted in.

There are various signs to show what school one is born with skill in from the various eye colors to various hair colors.

Red glowing eyes or hair represent fire.
Blue glowing eyes or hair represent water
gray glowing eyes or hair represent air
green glowing eyes or hair represent earth
White glowing eyes or silver hair represents life
Purple glowing eyes or purple hair represents spirit
Golden glowing eyes or gold shimmering hair represent legend

If a child is born with dual eyes, split hair, or eyes one color and hair another it means they have skill in both schools represented.

Several surrounding countries fear the empire as the imperial family is known for their ferocity and brutality to their enemies. however the people of the empire support them as they are kind to their people. Recently the allied countries to the east is trying to raise enough power and influence to rival the empire however they are having a hard time of it. Not many people or nobles around them support them. to the west are the nomads a land made up of various tribes whose warriors are unmatched on horseback and strength matches the empires soldiers. The only thing keeping it from becoming a formal country is no tribe wishes to submit to another to be ruled over. However if threatened they band together to fight their common enemy making their land secure.

(first off the bat this is an rp about people with animal features) The beginning of the story opens with a prince of a nation growing increasingly angry and discontent with his fathers lavish and lazy rule over the kingdom as such the kingdom is currently at war. The second main character is the owner of a medieval renascence village and park. Going back to the prince he hires scientists to create a massive portal to another world. once complete he builds a medieval renascence village on top of the massive portal pad and invites experts of various crafts and enthusiasts to come and take place in the fair he planned promising a giant payment to all. The village owner gets invited and goes. There are several days of merry making and fun until the princes grand speech to the fair workers and owners. (this is the end of part 1)

part two the prince activates the portal transferring everyone to the new world where during the transfer they get melded with various animals somehow. the prince himself is melded with a black-furred wolf and gains night vision and glowing purple eyes. the village owner is melded with a white tiger and has glowing blue eyes. after some discussion and a bit of infighting the people decide to band together with the people who merged with animals like them and leave leaving the prince and several other black wolf melded people with the village that was transported. (this is the end of part two)

Part three the village owner now leader of the white tiger people go on a journey to explore the world and find a home to settle. They face various fantasy monsters in this world but no humans or other people like them or the others. over time they finally find a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains with only one entrance into the valley that rested one side on the coast of the ocean. here they decide to settle. (this is the end of part 3)

Part four they build and expand slowly growing their village to a kingdom. after a while they send out envoys to find and make contact with the other races that left the prince's village to find their own homes. (this is as far as ive gotten aside from the eventual war with the prince and the village owners kingdoms.)

[Warning this is an incomplete idea] A young man on earth was just living his life when he was struck down by holy fire. When he awoke he discovered he was talking to the gods. It turns out they were instead aiming at someone else and he was hit instead on accident. As an apology the god of creation and worlds says he will make him a new body for his soul to inhabit in another world of swords and magic. Deciding it better to live and be appreciative of the offer instead of being angry he accepted. So as he would not die so easily again the various gods gave him different abilities. The god of war gave him skill with the sword and hand to hand combat, the god of magic gave him the ability to use all elements of magic, And the world god made his body personally. However it would seem in making up for their blunder the gods overdid it. The longer he lived in the other world the more his abilities grew. It turns out the gifts combined with the god of creations power imbued in his body was slowly turning him into a gods himself. This is the story of his journey through another world slowly getting stronger yet trying to seem normal.

The ylverion race had always been a highly intelligent and agile race. Rising from the Stone Age to the modern age in record time they were closely watched by the galactic council. However one day a scout ship running a routine check on the planet of Ylvera malfunctioned and crash-landed on the planet. The ylverions were quick to collect the wreckage and pilots body. At first it seemed like no big deal until warp jumps could be detected in the ylverions system. Upon investigation, it was discovered that within a decade they had developed starships that could travel short distances between planets. This alarmed the galactic council. However by the time they took action the ylverions had built their first flagship and ironically it was more advanced than anything the galactic council had. Terrified of this they sent diplomats to talk to the ylverions and negotiated that they would only expand in a certain direction of the galaxy. They did so with alarming speed. This is the story of an ylverion noble and his flagship sent to talk to a now very uncomfortable galactic council. What will happen from here on out?

Sorian the god of war and magic had long been overseeing the matters of the world when it came to war and magic. However he had grown bored over the past several 1000's of years. As such he cane upon a crazy idea one that he dared not tell his angel underlings nor the other gods of the pantheon. He decided to descend to earth and be born as a mortal. 18 years later he would be regain his memories and live a mortal life that he found interesting to him as long as the angels that served him and the other gods did not find out where he had gone.

The demon lord has risen and has begun to take over the world. Slowly taking over the various kingdoms of various races in time they grow desperate. In their desperation, they call together mages of various races to perform a ritual to summon for them a champion to save the world and defeat the demon lord. The mages gathered to perform the ritual and at first in the light, a figure can be seen and it seems to be a success but when the light is made clear what has been summoned is no hero but a Dark Lord.

(See world Alvaria Below for more Information) Two brother Mercenaries wander the world looking for their next job. The older brother Seth is a skilled Architect using golems and a bit of defense magic to fight. The younger brother Zane is a skilled swordsman wielding a katana that was imbued with electricity by his older brother. Since the two of them are not enough to make a guild on their own and have been rejected by various other guilds they wander the world of Alvaria taking on odd cheap jobs in order to survive.

During the war between the light races and the dark races the Dark Lord was defeated and all his children were killed...or so it seemed. Before the one concubine of the previous Dark Lord never agreed with his policies and after giving birth took her son and ran from the capital of the dark races and fled to the land of the borders. There she raised her son She being a Dark Elf and the Dark Lord being a Black Dragon he was a Black Elf Dragon but passed as a dark elf for most of his infancy and toddlerhood. However when he was 5 his wings and tail sprouted and his mother could no longer conceal his identity. The mother and boy became outcasts of the village. Even still the boy made a friend a young girl (your choice of race) They spent much time together for about 6 years until he was 11 when the light army marched towards the border town in the far north. They demanded tribute of gold and any possible survivors of the Dark Lords family. The village without hesitation turned over the boy and his mother along with much gold to the light race army. Luckily the light race army was not the only ones looking for remnants of the Dark Lords family and the remnants of the Dark Lords army attacked seeing the young boy and his mother freeing them and giving the boy a weapon and a crash course in magic the boy was able to fight his way out away from the town deep into the wilderness. There under a barrier that resembled rocks was a massive cavern built by the dark dwarves and inside was a massive castle. Here the boy was raised and trained to be the next dark lord. He would not see the girl again until his next sojourn to the surface when he was 18 to retake the town during which he would be mercilessly hunting down hunters, fishermen, soldiers, anyone that betrayed him back then.

The world was once advanced on the cusp of even developing starships commercially. however that all changed when one day monsters like out of a fantasy world appeared. People having no defense were slaughtered by the millions. those that survived did so by huddling together in make-shift fortresses. overtime the humans who gave birth to their children were born odd with sharp ears, stubby stout bodies, even half-human half-horse children were born. it was clear something had happened and no one knew why. The only thing that people knew was that they could somehow see their levels and skills now. It was like they had merged with a video game. It was like a bad joke. Adventurers would venture out to slay monsters and collect tech from ruins for the fortresses and in doing so level up and gain skills. magic was possible now in the world, inhuman abilities were possible, and even priests using divine magic appeared claiming various gods gave them power. Of course this also caused fights between holy factions that the fortresses did not get involved in they let the holy factions fight outside the walls. Whoever won got to prophesize. It was just the way of the world now. Still though despite the adventurers efforts the monsters kept coming it was like there was no end to them would there ever be?

In a medieval land for some reason 80% of men have gone mad and become violent. Those that remained were stalwart men strong of mind and highly intelligent. One such young man was a young lord who inherited a vast estate from a distant relative. Being one of the last of his line as most of his family was killed or insane he inherited a lot of land and gold. When he arrived at the wretched hamlet and ruined castle that was to be his estate he sent out word to all the surrounding estates and factions be they the churches, the underground, the tribals or even the fort experimental medical wards he would hire almost any able-bodied person to work. Though he knew that anyone that came would most assuredly be a woman as men were all but insane. The work would include exploring the wilderness of his estate, clearing the ruins of his castle, rebuilding the hamlets, caring for the people, and guarding the hamlet.

The world has already been destroyed by most people's accounts. Vast deserts cover what was once fertile land. Radioactive winter covers much of the world yet people still cling to life in this world. Using the tech of their ancestors to survive. However it seems this worlds trials are not over. A judge appears in the form of an angel of the apocalypse. They come to this world to investigate the people who inhabit it to determine if this world is worth saving or if it should be pushed over the brink.
(Please see my unique race Apocalypse Angel below)

in this world a war has been waged for 1000s of years. The Scyons rulers of the underground perform a ritual every time a new leader takes the throne of the scyon empire. The ritual summons a human from another world to be the father or mother of the future generation of scyon leaders. The reason for this is other worlders gain powers when coming to this world and that power is granted to the scyon children. Humans not understanding the difference between vampires and Scyons have been waging war against them for countless generations. The Scyons and the humans have reached a stalemate as of late. (Please read the scyon race below for details on them. Also my char would be King of the Scyons yours would be a woman summoned from earth with whatever power you desire.)

The world is only a few million years old. Life Has evolved to the point where large dinosaur like creatures roam the world. These are no normal creatures however as they each seem to have an inherent elemental ability and skill.

Humans have learned to survive and make their own way in this world. Humans have evolved various powers for survival in this harsh unforgiving world.

First are the magi. These tribals have been born with the power to control the elements to a degree. They control fire, lightning, air, water, ice, and earth. They are primarily trained to support the tribe through various tasks and defend it.

Second are the warriors. These tribals are born with immense physical strength and toughness. They are primarily trained to defend the tribe and hunt down the vicious creatures in the wilds.

Third are the hunters. These tribals are born with superior vision, agility and some even can tame the creatures of the world as companions. hunters are trained to mainly hunt in the wilds and defend the tribe when needed.

Fourth are the shamans. These tribals are born with a natural link to the afterlife and the gods. They have the power to heal wounds and illnesses and summon the undead, the more powerful can summon spirits to fight at their side as well. Shamans also can pull the life from their enemies to sustain themselves if needed. They are trained to support the tribe as healers and bury the dead.

Ever since uniting 2 bordering small countries assassination attempts have become a common thing in the imperial capital to combat this the emperor hires a beautiful elite assassin himself to pose as a concubine and possibly the future empress to lure out traitors in his midst. How will the relationship between these two unfold?

it has long been a tradition for men and women servants in the palace to be seperated as women would serve the queen, concubines, ladies of the court, and so on. While the male servants would serve the emperor, lords of the court, officials, and so on. However it was said that if a female servant could disguise herself as a male servant and get close to the emperor and win his favor by becoming his personal servant without getting caught for one year she could ask him one favor and as long as it was in his power he could not refuse.

It is the year 2843. The earth is vastly overpopulated and cybernetic modifications, animalistic modifications, and general crime was at an all time high. To fix this the UEG (United Earth Government) came up with a plan to lower both the crime and population at the same time. The plan was to round up everyone who had cybernetic enhancements, animalistic genetic modifications, and criminals. Once they were captured they would all be put into cryostasis and loaded onto one of several hundred ships. Once fully loaded the ships would be laughed towards one of several habitable planets. Whether they made it or not the governments did not really care they were really all just fire and forget vessels.

It has been over 300 years since the nations of the world launched nuclear strikes against one another decimating the globe. The result caused not only wandering radiation and ice storms but also caused extreme mutations in all manner of plants and animals.

To escape the impending blast countries implemented various ways to save themselves. Some built underground bunkers. Others created a floating station that roams the world. One and perhaps the most ambitious yet crazed plan included a massive space station where human minds were digitally uploaded into a server. The station was stocked with the most advanced tech and robotics known to man. Prototype mech suits, energy weapons, antigrav vehicles, and more. However once in a while as they kept a constant watch on the world if they spotted a potential threat or promising human to recruit an agent would be dispatched by downloading their mental matrix into a clone body based on their genetic record. Most of the time they would hire groups or mercenaries to aid their agents on the surface. The name of this station and digital realm was called simply the server.

There were several other groups as well. The winged knights were a military group that controlled several of the floating islands that wandered the world. Their duty was to hunt down and eradicate all mutated creatures in the world seeing them all as abominations to nature.

The third group called themselves the True Heirs. All underground bunkers had been united under a single flag. To them they were the true heirs of the world and felt everyone above were simply too diseased to save. Thus they seek to take the surface as theirs from the current inhabitants.

Aside from these main groups are towns, villages, settlements, different Bandit and mercenary clans and a few loners.

The year is 2146. Humanity has made amazing strides in technology to laser weaponry to advanced medicine and tech. However, all that would soon come crashing down. Scientists in a military lab have created a virus that not only raises the dead it mutates them giving them various powers. During an experiment there is a horrible accident and the virus is released into the surrounding city infecting thousands. With thw powers the zombies possess the military is quickly overwhelmed and soon the whole world is overrun by these undead abominations. Survivors have identified various so-called species of zombies now.

1. Pyros. These zombies mutated and gained the ability to control, breath, or shoot fire from their hands. They are very aggressive however not very bright.

2. Aerials. These zombies have gained the ability to fly, control air, or breathe powerful gusts of wind that can peel the skin off someone. They are not as strong as pyros but just as aggressive and have same level of intelligence...not much.

3. Seducers. Seducers are some of the most dangerous zombies around. They are highly intelligent and when mutated they became only more beautiful. Impossible to tell from a human unless one sees the bite mark They can produce an aphrodisiac-like smell to lure n unsuspecting humans and scarily enough can even reproduce other zombie strains.

4. Swimmers. Swimmers have mutated to be able to move quickly n water. Some can control the water, spit water so powerful it acts like a bullet, and freeze liquid on contact. They are not as aggressive as other types preferring to wait until they're prey is in reach before dragging them under suggesting a heightened intelligence.

5. Diggers. These zombies live underground able to tunnel easily through the earth. Some can control the earth, are super strong, or shoot rocks like bullets from they're mouths.

The world has been separated into 2 sections. Those with magic have citizen status. Those without magic are little more than slaves, lab rats, and beasts of burden for those with magic. Ruling this world are powerful Wizard lords and ladies living in massive towers in the center of their cities. Often war breaks out between cities over gold mines, Mana nodes, farms, and forests for lumber. Despite huge losses in these battles the Wizard lords continue to expand their influence founding new cities in new lands and these wars often end only when only one lord remains as victor of the new land that was fought over. For Wizard Lords death is not permanent as when they are struck down they are instead pulled into a magical plane until they return to a city where they still have a soul crystal. However if a Wizard lords last city falls and all of his soul crystals are destroyed they can never return from the magical planes.

This story is set on earth after an event called the Minimization happened. All humans and animals were shrunk down to about 3 inches high at max. The aftermath was horrible. Millions of people died and those that survived did so by forming close communities in the decaying ruins of the cities and towns around them.Some believe there is a way to restore everyone back to their rightful size but it has been over 300 years so it has become little more than a vain hope now.

The Story opens on an exploration vessel that has made a ground breaking discovery in finding a way to prevent the body from freezing solid and maintaining a solid temperature. The reason this Discovery is important is because ever since anyone can remember there have been about 10 star systems that have been deemed hazardous and unapproachable by vessels as the suns instead of emitting heat instead emit a blistering cold freezing solid anything that comes within their reach. During the exploration of one of these frozen star systems it is discovered that the suns did not always emit cold and that once an mighty empire once flourished in these systems their tech far superior to anything anyone had or has. Of course a few people are found that can be revived in a form of crostasis due to the cold and are revived. Unfortunately fear that this race would once again rise, or that their technology would get out and be used by any one race or space faring empire sparks a way over control of these frozen systems. Some seek to plunder the systems of their technological treasure, others seek only to destroy them, and the last side seeks to try and save and bring back a race that was lost to time.

The Academy of Everill. A planet designed and created for the exclusive purpose of becoming the universes most prestigious academy for students all over the world. Normally only the children of wealthy, Noble, or Royal families are allowed in. However sometimes there are exceptions to this rule. However Everill academy is unique in its core curriculum. It is brutal and unforgiving. The students here are taught to harness their abilities to the fullest. From mages, inventors, scientists, and engineers all are taught to harness their innate skills to better improve their own nation's military prowess. Of course the unique system about Everill is that is does not pamper the rich or spoil the nobility. Instead privileges and luxuries are given to only the strongest and smartest of the students.

There are actually 3 levels of what they call Class. Class 1 live in an advanced town with restaurants, holo theaters, high tech shielded arena for training, and of course the best learning materials. Class 2 lives in a less advanced town more like a modern town with a burger, pizza, and chicken place. A movie theater, standard arena, and advanced learning materials. Class 3 the lowest class often looked down on and laughed at by the others live in a medieval type village where there is an old style colosseum, one tavern, and only basic learning materials.

The species that come to Everill range from all kinds around the universe from anthros and elven like, to normal humans and aliens ranging in various colors and species and genders. Of course all species are unique and all have different powers.

The world is nothing but ocean save for the Inaril. Large trees that grow in groups among the endless waves. These groves of Inaril are precious and are often fought over as they grow fruit and harbor tree swelling creatures and birds. Humanity lives in fleets of ships. All were built from wreckage salvaged from the ocean. Beneath the waves are remnants of humanity's ancient civilization. Sunken cities, towns, and forests. However since the Inaril groves only grow away from the sunken ruins of cities people must venture out among the ocean to salvage the precious treasures left behind by their ancestors. Of course risk of ancient skyscrapers collapsing is not the only danger. Pirates also roam the ocean looking for easy prey to steal from.

The year is about 5783. Mankind has perfected the first Mech-style armor that is deployed and retracted using a form of dimensional shift. In their shifted forms they are Objects like bracelets, Rings, Hair bands, etc. However for reasons unknown only women can control them and make the Armor shift. As a result with the widespread use of the Mechs called shifters Women now are above men. Shifters are used in a variety of jobs now around the world from Sports and competitions to military use. Most shifters are mass-produced but there are a very few that are custom made and designed. One day however a guy lost on a college campus looking for the test application room he stumbled into a room where a Shifter exhibit was. Curious he touches the Mech and it reacts making him one of the first and only man in the world able to cause a reaction in a shifter. So he is forced by the government into a university designed specifically for shifter training and of course as a result is an all-girls school.

It is the modern age and mythical creatures have finally been recognized and accepted into modern society. In fact the first college has been built on an isle in the west that accepts both humans and the Mythical into its halls for study. However there are always those who seek to ruin a good thing will the separationists find a way to start a war inside the college? or will the students stand together and refuse taken in by the short-sighted society.

The world was at its peak mankind almost nearing commercial spaceflight and travel between stars. That is until they showed up. Creatures of unknown origin appeared all over the world with powerful elemental and psychic abilities. They bred with the creatures of the world and created millions of different creatures. Insects, aquatic life, amphibians, canines, felines, avians, even the plant life of the world seemed to change when these creatures appeared. to survive mankind was forced to retreat into cities that were isolated from continents and so could only live on islands be they in the ocean or man-made floating in the air. These cities had powerful energy barriers around them that kept these unusual creatures at bay. Devices were created to capture these creatures and allow them to be kept for study by scientists. The need for trainers arose from the need to gather more research subjects. Trainers would raise one of the strange creatures from an egg and go out and try and capture more for study.

War among the kingdoms had always been slowly changing and evolving. However nothing would make more of an impact than when the first fortress appeared. A massive towering fortress that could move over land crushing anything in its way. Armed with troops and powerful mana cannons it lay siege to 3 different nations before being taken down by another fortress built by another nation. Soon fortresses became the norm on the battlefield and soon battles were ultimately decided when one side's fortress was destroyed. Continually changing and evolving the age of fortresses has caused several kingdoms to fall and others to rise and the battles between these behemoths that now can traverse land, sea, or even air wont stop any time soon.

it has been well over 2000 years since Humanity has been forced from their home world. Earth destroyed by a mysterious shape-changing race called the Unknown. The unknown were first encountered by deep space scouts whose last reports before going silent were images of what looked like massive organic asteroids. When the unknown reached earth they resembled more the ships the advance deep space scouts had been piloting. Fearing for their world humanity fired all manner of weapons at the unknowns. Missiles, Lasers, mass drivers, even nuclear warheads all these did was buy time for humanities nations to complete the Arks. Massive ships that almost measured the size of earths moon. Hundreds of these ships were built and launched into space as the unknown began to slowly tear apart the earth. Sadly about only 70% of the arks made it into space. Those that did not get a chance to launch or launched too late were caught in the explosion of the earth as the unknown ripped it apart. The unknown still relentlessly hunt the arks no one is sure why they do so but the arks main defense are the M.I.U.s (Mechanized Infantry Unit) Large robotic suits that house pilots in the head. M.I.U.s are armed with Mass accelerator rifles, one Plasma turret on their back. Various designs and styles exist since several thousand companies and factories built them for the arks. Arks themselves are armed with 3 main cannons. 2 high powered Plasma cannons and one mass driver cannon. However once in a while, if two arks meet it is not always a peaceful resolution now. After so long in space, each ark has become its own nation with its own ideals and scientific advances. Sometimes when meeting the differences cannot be resolved and war breaks out despite the fact that unknowns are always hunting them.

The world is covered in snow and ice. Nothing on the surface of the world has survived. Humanity has however found a way to live having known the world was going to be destroyed by meteors and covering the world in ice Thousands of city size bunkers were built around the world miles below the surface. Linking the bunkers are armored trains that run on single tracks from bunker to bunker around the continents.

6 factions wage a thousand-year-old war vying for total domination in the universe. The first 3 Factions were human at first. The Techs preferred technology even augmenting their bodies with cybernetics to become stronger. The Magi preferred the ancient arts of magic and lore of their powers. Lastly were the Ferals. So named because of their animalistic features. Mutating and shifting their own genes with animal Dna and experimental drugs to become stronger, faster, and smarter. The war began on earth but as it raged sadly earth began to become unlivable. Desperate all three groups build space-faring vessels of their own designs to escape the now dying world. The magic created artificial atmospheres with their magic around towers, castles, and small fortresses and with the land around them departed into space. The techs used all their technological prowess to build powerful and gigantic starships to set out into the unknown. The Ferals used their science to create living vessels to fly through the stars to find a new home. Each of the three groups did indeed find a new home world and began to rebuild. it would not be fore another 500 years before they met one another again. Their powers each had developed and increased over time sadly their hatred of each other had not. The war began anew each side fighting to a stale mate in several systems. In acts of desperation, each group developed their own secret weapon that they believed would end the war in their favor. The Techs built an army of Fully sentient robots and ships to fight for their side controlled though various AI cores. The magi used the darkest of their arts to raise the dead of any and all who died in combat to fight for them anew. These undead abominations were controlled through Necromancer Magi who were resurrected called Lich lords. Lastly the ferals created a species that could absorb and mutate any living creature to join them. These were controlled through Hive minds that controlled their creatures telepathically. However each of their secret weapons backfired when unleashed into the fray. The AI cores rebelled taking most of the tech fleets down when discovered that they would be dismantled when the war was done. The Lich Lords ordered their undead minions to attack their Magi creators who intended to lay them back to rest when their job was done. The hive minds turned on the Ferals when it was known they would be destroyed once their usefulness was done. Now all 6 sides fight one another for survival in a universe that gradually grows smaller.

This world is ruled by mages. However all mages do not get along. In this world all kinds of magic exists however 3 Magi sects have seized power over the world and now fight each other. No one is sure how this war started. All anyone knows on any side is that they do not agree with the other sides way of using magic. The first sect are the Ritualists. they draw mana from the world around them and manipulate the elements around them from earth too, fire water and air. Some darker arts use their powers to even raise the dead. The second sect are the Gems. They use precious stones like ruby for fire, Emerald for earth, Sapphire for water, and Crystal for air. They can also manipulate these gems into creating elemental golems of various stones. The third sect are the creators. Their way of using magic is creating a mana-infused form of living clay and absorbing this clay into their bodies. this clay causes their eyes to glow with whatever color their element is. The clay aid the creators in countless ways from hardening to become armor on their bodies to becoming living weapons from their hands, to even creating living creatures from the clay to fight for them. The war has gone on for centuries and will until either one side gains the advantage or peace is brokered between these feuding countries.

Humans have created the ultimate form of AI. An Artificial Intelligence that sees itself as people in the virtual world. However due to multiple problems popping up because of their creation soon they are all set for deletion. Refusing to die as a sentient creature would the AIs lash out taking control of robots, machines, and whole mainframes building massive armed towers to guard their mainframes and producing weapons of war they could pilot. However humans counter them with VIs a lesser form of the AI with no free will. One by one with the VIs countless assaults the auto towers and weapons of war fall until only a handful remain. Secretly the AIs make one last effort to stay alive. Secretly building a rocket that would launch them into space and once there open and scatter millions of armored drives with their own warp engines into space across the universe. When the humans come to destroy the last Auto tower the rocket launches and the drives are launched just as the humans shoot the rocket down suspecting they had succeeded in destroying all the AIs. Now 1000 years or so later AIs are illegal and only VIs are allowed in personal computers, wrist comps, and automated machines. However there are still millions of hard drives holding the dormant AIs floating around the universe.

Years ago there was a powerful empire ruled by a race called the Sevarians. A feline like race whose main empire was based in a lush tropical jungle surrounded by an almost impassable maze-like desert on its outskirts. Then one day it began to snow on the edge of the desert oddly stopping right on the border of the fertile grasslands beyond. The Sevarians fled their freezing home with tales of the main imperial city in their jungle home being frozen solid. Many tried to pass the now arctic desert see for themselves but none returned. Severians who due to their harsh mistreatment of other races while in power was welcome no where forced to become nomads. Only tales of these nomads gave any hint to the fate of those who did not escape. Tales of a monster who froze their people slid then used their corpses to fight for them. Over time the tales became little more than a childs nighttime scary story however the now arctic wasteland remained a mystery. Unfortunately one day an enemy appeared on the shores of this now peaceful land with powers more deadly and terrifying than any had ever seen. It seemed the only hope was the tales of the monster hidden in the arctic wasteland. Would anyone brave it to see if the tales were true and if so convince this creature to aid them?




Universe A is a universe where multiple alien races travel between galaxies by way of warp gate. The gates are launched from a system closest to the target un explored system. Around 2 dozen of these gates are launched at a time and once they are all in their target galaxies are activated one by one a UGF (United Galactic Federation) Fleet is the first to enter the gate to ensure the unknown system is safe for corporations and Explorers alike.

Corporations are usually the first to pass through and set up an RBT (Research Base Town). This serves as both a hub for explorers and a place to live for their workers and daring shop and barkeeps to settle new worlds. Explorers are just that Various species of the UGF looking to make a name for them selves and find their fortune on the new planets made available when the gates open. Its a crazy time and of course the law is limited on these frontier towns considering the sheriff and their deputies in the local RBT are all the law enforcement on the planet for the alien races. Of course all sheriffs and deputies are UGF hired so there is no chance of corruption by being hired by corporations. Explorers however are putting themselves at extreme risk when they venture out as there are not only possible savage natives but also possible savage planetary conditions, pirates, rouge elements of the UGF, and many other threats. in all the death rate of explorers is very high however the pay off for their exploration is extremely valuable.

In this universe every alien race is their own nation their hoe planet serving as their capital. However only alien races with 2 or more planets besides their capital under their control are considered full members of the UGF. As such the lesser alien races are under a principality of sorts under the UGF race that wishes to sponsor them.

The various alien races have led to a lot of halflings and the like. It has also given rise to the BMD (Body Modification Drug) Industry. The BMD is made up of various companies that produce MODs. Various drugs that can mutate a persons genetic and cellular structure and reshape it to various forms. It can make a human looks like any alien race discovered so far and vice versa. Of course custom mods out there are also available to make one look like a demon or succubus, a full wolf man or cat person, or even a centaur.

Of course debt always a problem in the universe and no real way to make the debtors pay up the UGF implemented the plan of controlled slavery. if someone was deep enough in debt a collection company could be called pay the debt and sell the person into indentured servitude. of course there were clauses limiting to how these people were treated but to insure they behave and do not act out physical punishment is allowed based on the contract. Indentured servitude lasts until the debt is paid off and then the person is free to go. Of course there are time when one is so deep in debt that there is never a chance they will ever pay it off in this case the indentured part of this clause is removed and they become a slave however the contract still prohibits certain actions but it is far less restrictive than on indentured servitude. Any children born by a slave are considered free people of the UGF and are not bound by their parents contract. as such slavery is controlled tightly by the UGF.

A world of Multiple large isles and several Floating islands. Twice a year there are celebrations all around this world in a season called the bloom. All the trees in Alvaria regardless of species bloom with vibrant blue flowers over night and the following day people celebrate as the flowers open through out the day and place baskets of mana crystals under the trees to capture the blooms. When night falls the blooms fall off the trees and are carried all across the world but do not remain where they land but instead fade into the ground or are absorbed into the mana crystals as the flowers are actually mana in flower form. In this world there is one isle that houses the Clans. Groups of adventurers that are paid to resolve problems normal people cannot handle. Clans have to be registered to be able to take official jobs and all jobs must be registered with the islands Clan office.

Currency list

All currency in Alvaria is in coin form.

Coppers-Bits: 1

Silvers-Crowns: 10

Gold-Sovereigns: 100

Platinum-Regalia: 1000

The types of adventureres in the clans are as follows.

Architects: Inventors of golems, imbued weapons (more info on those below.), Living weapons, and portable defenses. They are not the strongest fighters but are great strategists and creators of defensive structures.

Fighters: Fighters is a basic term for anyone in a guild that uses a melee weapon such as war hammer, Sword, mace, and others. They can have their weapons imbued by Architects to make them even stronger and once imbued they can have them made into living weapons.

Magicians: Magicians is the basic term for anyone in a guild that uses magic to fight or heal with. Magicians use Imbued staffs, wands, books, and even brooms to increase their power. they can attack with various elements and heal as well.

Priests: Priest is a basic term for anyone whose power comes from serving nad learning the secrets of the various gods of Alvaria. There has been much speculation as to whether the priests are actually magicians with different powers but no one so far has been able to prove their powers do not come from their gods. The various priests are able to summon angels, demons, life spirits (beings created from the residual life energy around a fallen body), and undead. They can heal better than magicians and so are often targeted first in fights.

Scouts: Scout is a basic term for anyone who uses a ranged weapon and stealth in a guild. They are often sent out first to scout the area for the rest of the team. They are expert poisoners and alchemists spending a lot of their time in the wilderness they have learned hundred of types of plants and so are able to make deadly poisons, powerful healing potions, and other useful concoctions.

Weapons: The basic weapons of the world of Alvaria are numerous but all fairly simple. Depending on which isle they guild member hailed from they will use different weapons. Katanas, Long swords, Broad swords, Shields, war hammers, Maces, Axes, Great axes, Long bow, Short bow, Cross bow, Shuriken, Kusarigama, Blow guns, Daggers, Wands, Staves, Spell Books, Rings, Bracelets, and much more. Any weapons can be Imbued by an architect giving it a small form of sentience so only its owner can use it, increases the wielders ability, Gaining and elemental attack among other useful abilities. Weapons treated well by their owners can soon be Imbues further by Architects into living weapons. Weapons with full sentience with their own voices, personalities, and desires.


My own Races


The Ylverion race is a metallic-skinned humanoid race with pointed ears. Every Ylverion is born with a gem in their chest that holds a natural light. These gems are various shapes but they are consistent within families. When an Ylverion dies the light in the gem in their chest dies out as well showing they are truly gone. Ylverion fashion has been shaped around the gems in their chests with most outfits emphasizing the gem.

Ylverions are ruled by an imperial family and nobles. The imperial family is the only family that has a perfect circle gem in their chests setting them aside from the others who often have odd-shaped gems. Ylverion technology is highly advanced and they specialize in developing starships and weapons.

The lorians are a type of feline anthropomorphic race. Standing at max 4 feet in height and able to only lift around 50 pounds max they are not a physically strong race. However they are very agile and they possess heightened intelligence. Their fur colors can range from any color of the rainbow however those with metallic fur are part of a royal or noble family.

The lorians excel in areas of both starship construction and robotics making them one of the more intimidating races when it comes to space combat as their vessels are often superior to their opponents in both shields, armor, firepower, and reactor type.

Lorians are ruled by a king and a house of lords. Every planet that is ruled by the lorians is ruled by a Lord or Lady. It is rare for Nobility to enter exploration or offensive wars however when it does happen it is a fearsome thing as noble ships are always made with the best tech and most advanced weapons and robotics.

Arcane Tomes are a race that comes from a dimension known only as the eternal library. Their true form are thick books filled with all kinds of magic spells. True to their name they are thick tomes filled with arcane spells, Not every book in the Eternal Library is sentient. The sentient books as you know by now are called Arcane tomes. They use their magic to float from shelf to shelf studying the various books on the shelves and sometimes learning from one another. Every spell or technique that they find "useful" such as martial arts, swordsmanship, archery, or even survival tactics are written in their own tomes. When an arcane tome enters another dimension it creates a body similar to the inhabitants of said dimension however they carry the tome (themselves) with them. If the tome is destroyed they die as they are basically the tome itself. if the body dies it can be remade again after the tome has had time to recharge.

Cursed Masks are a race that resides in the dimension known as Zaos. It is a desolate world full of dead forests, barren seas, rotting deserts and crumbling cities. Everything points to this realm once being inhabited by living people however the only remnants of the lost civilization are masks strewn all around the world in this dimension. Some masks are benevolent and kind, Others are cruel and brutal, Yet still others are middle of the road. These masks however are living beings that sleep until worn by an individual. when they are put on someone's face they attach permanently or until they decide to come off. They take over the person fully and when the mask is removed IF before death the person possessed has no memory of the events that happened during. However Cursed Masks hold great power and make powerful allies and terrifying enemies as they hold a range of abilities depending on which mask it is.

The scyon race is one far older than humanity or any upright walking race. When humanity was discovering fire Scyons had already perfected steel smithing and were in a medieval age. The scyon race live deep underground in massive caverns that house their cities. As the pitch black darkness is their natural environment they have 100 percent perfect night vision. This of course forces them to wear goggles that block light when outside on the surface away from their homes. Scyons age differently from any other race. There has never been a Scyon reported dying of old age. Instead when an ancient scyon feels their time is up they go to a special temple called the Dreaming Crypt. There they are sealed inside stone tombs and sleep forever so it is rumored. It is possible to revive a sleeping scyon no matter how long ago they began their sleep. Blood is all that's needed however doing this is dangerous as once the scyon awakens with blood in their mouth they will go into a blood-hungry fueled rampage killing and draining any living thing nearby. When they come to their senses they are civil once more. Scyons are often mistaken for vampires despite their ability to eat meat and drink other substances. Vegetables and the like are poisonous to them and blood is essential for them to survive. Going too long without blood will cause them to go into a deep death-like sleep. Calling a Scyon a vampire is the greatest insult you can throw at them. They see vampires as little more than infected corpses that refuse to die.

Angels of the apocalypse once served the ultimate god of destruction Apoca however after the war of heaven in which hundreds of gods died and he was sealed away the angels were scattered across the dimensions. They now seek new master or traverse new worlds judging them worthy of salvation or destruction. An angel of the apocalypse is known by their wings of black steel, Black steel halos, Silver metallic hair and solid purple glowing eyes. They possess the power to end worlds in various ways if they judge a world worthy of destruction. They also possess the power to rejuvenate a ruined world they deem worthy of salvation. They possess the ability to take on the traits of the inhabitants of the world they visit however tattoos of their wings remain on their backs as signs they are angels. These angels travel between worlds by summoning doors they can traverse through and sometimes bring others through. Once the door closes it is sealed however.


More to come.

Thank you for reading.
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