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The Dragon's Eye (OOC and Characters)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by FayeStar, Jun 15, 2014.

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  1. @flairik

    On the planet of Quaren (Qu-ar-in), there is a single luscious forest, the kingdom of Lorien, amongst a blazing wasteland. The wasteland is filled with dragons, dark elves, evil creatures, and poisonous plants. The only known way of surviving this harsh planet was to become a citizen of Lorien. The kingdom’s population consists of the Eldar, a race of elves that had one peculiar quality.

    Everyone of royal descent has a special power and can transform into a dragon. Non-royal blood could train to be a DragonEye, a royal bodyguard, and protect one of the royals.

    The Royals all have a duty to the kingdom. But who wouldn’t like to have someone to love. The princes are in the King’s WPC (war and protection counsel). They discuss the safety of the kingdom and are the heads of the LDE (Lorien DragonEye) Training School. The princesses and Queen head up the HFO (healing and feeding organization) in Lorien. All the royals specialize in certain areas, no two are the same.

    The DragonEye’s are assigned a certain dragon to train with. There is not more than one type of dragon in the LDE School at a time. When graduated, a DragonEye has the ability to combine with their dragon partner, becoming a dragar, half dragon and half Eldar. The ratio of elfin appearance to dragon appearance is dependent on the person. They will have the agility, speed, strength, sight, and knowledge of their dragon counterpart.

    By decree of the king, once assigned to their Royal, the DragonEye’s are the secret guardians. Will the Royals find out who their secret protectors are? Will the DragonEye’s get along? Will love erupt out of the middle of it all? Only you can decide.

    Dragons (For the royals)-

    All are major dragons. All have powers determined by one who makes the character.
    Light Dragon
    Shadow Dragon
    Sun Dragon
    Gold Dragon
    Moon Dragon
    Silver Dragon

    Dragons- (for the DragonEye)

    All are minor dragons. All dragons can fly, all can communicate telepathically. All have pre-specified limits in special abilities, and light guidelines for personality. In other words, No Blue dragons that can heal. No red dragons that can use camouflage.

    Green – Healing, gardeners, druids, patient, ect.

    Red – Fire, heat, bad temper, ect.

    Blue – Water, ability to breathe underwater, calm (unless severely provoked), ect.

    White – Ice, cold, snow, no humor, ect.

    Black – Disappearing in darkness or twilight, pranksters, ect.

    Brown – Guardian, earth, strongest type, ect.

    Fae or Fairy – Laughter, ability to change size, shape, and appearance, ect.

    Gem Stone – Ability to mine, and craft jewelry and weapons, great memories, ect.

    --Sign Up form (Royal):




    Elf pic or description-

    Dragon pic or description-

    --Sign Up Form (DragonEye):




    Weapon of preference-

    How long have they been training?-

    Who are you training to protect?-


    Elf pic or description-

    Dragon’s breed-

    Dragon pic or description-

    Dramen pic or description-
  2. I am Interested but are you supposed to do both Royals and Dragon Eye? or Just one?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.