The Dragon's Arc

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Moonlit Blade

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In a world of Magick, a war was fought. A war unknown to many of the races of Earth, but a war that was fought between races thought of as Demi-Gods. This war was fought between the Dragons, both the Mortal Dragons, the Aidel'Layl, the Dragons who looked like the Elves of the Earth, but for their slitted eyes and Dragon wings that vanished and reappeared at the will of the Dragon, alongside the Immortal Dragons, the Aidel'Mihr, the reptilian Dragons who were born with an armor of scales, and the Forbidden, creatures who were created eons ago by a God of Darkness, and their new ruler, the King of the Void.

The Dragons fought valiantly, but lost, in the end. Some Dragons, however, fled to Earth, living in secret, away from the races of Earth. Some bide their time for when they can strike back and take their world back, and others simply wish to give up, live on in secrecy on Earth, or find a new home. But, the Threads of Time weave on, regardless of the wishes of the Mortals.

And so, Time as begun the weaving of a new tale, a tale of what could be greatness or sorrow, of what could lead to prosperity and peace or poverty and war.

These threads begin weaving, and Time has willed it to start. Three hundred years, on Earth, since the apparent end of that war...

Long ago, in ages long past, existed a world in which the races of Earth lived in harmony. The Elves of the forests trusted the Humans of the planes, and the Dwarves who lived in the mountains spoke with the Aurans of the oceans. Millions of races lived happily, with little conflict in their lands. It was told, however, disaster struck merely overnight. The sun did not rise. The skies were blackened by demonic creatures who flew with ease, carrying land-dwelling demons on their backs. These creatures were not of their world, in fact, or of their realm. A call to arms was issued, and all the races readied for battle. The unknown enemy was mighty, and, under the pressures of war, it was said the races turned against each other, when their ideals clashed. Years into the battle, a new force emerged. FLying high in the skies, the mighty Aidel'Mihr, the Dragons of the Fang, searched for companions. Choosing the Elves, for their great skill in combat, they decended into their forests and offered a pact.

Join us in combating the enemy from its source. We shall grant you the wings of a Dragon, the eyes of a Dragon, and the will of a Dragon. In return, you shall become our lifelong partners, and battle with us whenever needed, was what they said.

Believing this to be a trick of the enemy, the Elves declined, even mobilizing to attack them. However, a band of Elves stepped forward and accepted the agreement, believing the Aidel'Mihr to be true in their words. The band was then ostracized and were known as corrupted Elves, those who betrayed their people. When the Elves turned to attack their brethren and the Dragons, the band took flight with the Aidel'Mihr. The band was never seen from again, and neither would the Aidel'Mihr, for many ages to come.

Eventually, the war stopped, when the enemy suddenly vanished one day. In utter defeat, the races pondered at the sudden departure, except for the Elves. Knowing why it happened, but refusing to believe it, the Elves declared that they did not know either. In the end, the Dragons became a legend to be hated, and Elves were trained to specifically combat them should they ever return.

Ages passed, and the Dragons returned once more. The Elves had become Aidel'Layl, Dragons of the Blade. With a different magic and appearance, they flew with their wings or with their partners. The Elves, despite bitter relations with the other races, claimed the Dragons were evil, and the Humans formed a Dragonslayer's Guild. The Dwarves, on the other hand, hateful of the Elves anyway, welcomed the Dragons, though only secretly. For a long time, the Dragons lived on Earth, until they decided it was not worth it. They returned to the realm from which they came, leaving only a few on Earth, to watch over it in secret.

And still more Ages passed, and the Realm of the Dragons had flourished greatly. Divided into four main regions, the North, East, South, and West, the Dragons had a Lord or Lady watch over each realm, with lesser Lords and Ladies ruling smaller regions within the large ones.

The North held such beauty in its many forests. There were few hills, in the North, but the woods and forests were plenty. Many animals lived upon this land, hunting and sleeping. The Dragons here were lean and quick, capable of sneaking up on anyone.

The East was mountaneous, holding little in the ways of heat and wood. Minerals were abundant, as well as a mineral mightier than steel or diamond, known as DragonTear. With it's powerful, yet beautiful physical and magical properties, it was crafted into weapons and jewelry alike. The Dragons of the East were strong and muscular, through ages of hiking through the mountains and pounding away in forges.

The South was nothing more than a vast ocean, stretching into the horizon. With many islands, fishing and sailing was a must. Weather was random at best, in this region. The Dragons in this region were slightly shorter than other Dragons. Great at running, many Dragons excelled in hand to hand combat, as well as using their strong sea legs in fighting.

The West was harsh desert, covering the land to farthest reaches of their realm. The sand from this desert was used to make the finest of pottery and glass, and the greatest of Libraries is found in the capital city. The Dragons here are dark of skin, and their warriors are all women who wear veils over their faces. The tradition was started because of a joke, that men should be given a fair chance in combat, and not be distracted by their beautiful faces. Many a time has this joke proven to be true.

These four realms produced many goods and established communication with other realms. Learning how to create Great gateways from the Aidel'Mihr, they sent goods and services to many other realms. And then, the Darkness began. The elder brother of the Lord of the North became corrupted by the mighty power of the Void. Giving himself over to it, he began to crush the Four Regions. Summoning creatures from the void, he slew each and every Dragon in his path, accepting no plea or surrender. Starting with the East, he then destroyed the South, and then the West. In a final effort, the Lord of the North prayed for the help of the Gods, but to no avail. In the end, he sent two children, his daughter and nephew, to Earth. He hoped that they would be raised well in the hands of their enemies, though unawares to them, and prayed that his daughter would someday rally the rogue Dragons who fled to Earth for safety.

In one final battle, he, along with his army, rushed forward to fight his enemy. And thus the Realm of the Dragons fell to the mighty Lord of the Void. With not a Dragon left in the realm, he began plans to take over the other realms, and turn them to the Void.

Now, you can play as any of the races, the Elves, Aidel'Layl, the Dwarves, the Humans, or any other race you can think of, though check with me on the last option. Each race has its own unique skills and magick, as well as traditions and history. The list for such things is as follows:

Aidel'Layl~ To be a Dragon of the Sword, you must know which region you hail from, or, if born from the parents of the renegades, if you are a mix of two of the regions. If you are a renegade, you must be at least three hundred years of age. Dragons live for up to one thousand years, though many die in battle before then. Dragons have wings that can be used to fly for a decent distance, though it physically tires them out. They also have the Dragon's Eye, which helps them see through illusions and gives them excellent vision. Also, if you are a renegade, you can have a Aidel'Mihr, a Dragon of the Fang, as a partner. These Dragons have their own unique magick, and come in four varieties.

Sky Dragon: The fastest of the Dragons, they are lean and move swiftly in the skies. Colors are usually from white to a dark blue.

Earth Dragon: Large, muscular Dragons. Instead of traveling in the air, they travel through the earth at amazing speeds. They are very good in defensive positions, as they can withstand many attacks. Colors consist of many earth colors.

War Dragon: Specialize in attacking. They are Dragons bred to fight. Quite muscular, they fly in the skies, though not as quick as their Sky Dragon cousins. They can be of any color.

Mystical Dragon: These are Dragons that are too unique to be put in a class. They might have four wings, two tails, be hydras, or have strange abilities. These Dragons are incredibly rare, and they almost never join a Aidel'Layl.

A Dragon's magickal essence is called just that, Essence. It runs through a Dragon in a system similar to blood, having their own system of veins throughout the body. However, these veins touch the inner layer of flesh, so that Essence can then be instantly converted in the body and expelled through the endings of the veins. Most of these veins stop at around the palms, fingertips, bottom of the feet, ect, but a strong Dragon can create new veins, so that they can expell the Essence from a different part of the body. Expelling pure Essence from the body is highly dangerous and more often than not lethal.

Elemental Essence Magick~~ Drawing the Essence from the Source of Life, they shape the magick into an Elemental type of their choice in their body, and, upon expelling it, the Essence takes that form. Elemental Essence is slightly weaker than the Elves' Natural Elemental Magick. Most Dragons have an Elemental Type affinity, meaning the conversion of Essence and usage of this type comes far more naturally to them. Using this magick drains fatigue.

Celestial Magick~~ The hardest Magick of all, Celestial Magick is also very risky to use. Through harsh training, one can gather the Moonlight, a magickal source all its own, and use it to their will. Celestial Magick may also muddle or damage the Essence system in the body, as the two magicks are not compatible and use the same system to move through the body. Celestial Magick was first used as healing, but was later discovered to also be very useful in combat. Moonlight also cannot be converted into an Elemental magick, and will always appear as a silvery light upon use. Moonlight is difficult to gather in the daytime, but possible, and Celestial Magick can also be very difficult to use in the daytime, but storing Moonlight is also possible, though it must be stored in a magickal item. Many Celestial Mages carry a Celestial Staff, created from a semi-natural mixing of DragonTear and Meteorite. Celestial Magick drains fatigue.

Forbidden Magick~~ The most lethal magick of all. This magick is the same magick the Creatures of the Void use, and is invoked through the power of language. By speaking ancient words from the Void, one can invoke this purely destructive magick. It's power is so great, it can easily nullify any other magick. Ancient tomes that contain words of magick exist, but are incredibly hard to come by. And even then, only those with a tainted soul can read the words. Forbidden Magick does not drain fatigue, but instead, depending upon the frequency, power, and spell type, drains a set amount of the caster's lifespan. Also, constant use of this magick leads to one becoming mute. Dragons who use this magick will end up coughing up blood after each incantation, as well. When first used, many did not know this, and when they solely used this, would suddenly collapse, their souls shattered and their hearts cold and still. This magick drains lifespan.

Natural Elemental Magick~~ Elemental magick drawn from nature itself. Stronger than the Dragon's Elemental, it also drains less fatigue. However, usage is limited. An example is that if one needs Water, they must find a water source to take it from. Elves may also have an Elemental Affinity. Elves are also not very good at working with Elemental Fire and Elemental Earth, but excell in Elemental Wind and Water. This magick drains fatigue.

Beast-Talk~~ Many an Elf learns much from books, but some learn even more from speaking to nature. Elves that can Beast-Talk can speak to nearly any creature, for knowledge, assitance, or directions. Exceptionally powerful Beast-Talkers can speak with beings such as trees, by tapping into their life force and speaking to them that way. elves that can Beast-Talk, however, tend not to eat any meat, even shying away from it. This is a very rare ability. It is a passive magick, and needs not be invoked.

Summoning~~ Elves are capable of summoning creatures of nature to help fight for them. Whether it be a crow to pluck out an enemies eyes or a pack of wolves, the fatigue drained depends on the might of the creature and extra power given to it. Incredibly powerful Elves can even summon spirits of animals to help them fight for a while, but the spirit is free to leave at its own leisure. This magick drains fatigue.

Natural Elemental~~(See above) Weaker than Elves'

Inanimaticy~~ Humans can bring life to inanimate objects, like golems or skeletons. Almost similar to Necromancy, they can crate such objects to move, yet there is no true life in the objects. If the caster dies, the objects stop moving with them. Such objects, however, must be inscribed with runes of magick, which are then activated by by speaking the words of magick. This magick drains fatigue.

Necromany~~ Theworks. Raising of the dead, trapping souls in an inamiate object to bring it to life, ect. However, using nectromancy can drain some lifespan and fatigue. If the caster dies, the undead do not. The fresher the corpse, the stronger the undead. A necromancer can also absorb the souls of the dead, making him stronger. But there is a threat of being overpowered, and being turned into a creature known as a Shayhd. Necromancy is a forbidden magick. It drains some lifespan and fatigue.

DragonSlayer~~ A unique class. Dragonslayers are humans who do nothing but seach for Dragons in an effort to destroy them. They wear armor specially designed to deflect most Dragon's magick and weapons, and a re trained to specifically combat Dragons, though they are a little below average on fighting other creatures.

Elemental Magick~~(See above) Proficient in Earth and Fire.

Inanimaticy~~(see above) better than Humans.

Weapon Mastery~~ Not really a magick, but Dwarves are skilled in using many weapons, needing to understand them when forging them. As such, many Dwarves will be able to fight with a weapon better than most other races.

Character Sheet~~


~~If an Aidel'layl~~
(If applicable)
Dragon's name:
Elemental breath preference (eg: Ice, Water, ect...):
How you met:
Name: Ryzin Mist'Zra
Age: Three Hundred years old.
Race: Aidel'Layl
Magick: Celestial and Forbidden (Unable to use Essence at all)
Appearance: Jet black hair. He has pale skin, though not an unhealthy one, as well as eyes that look like a midnight sky. He wears a cloak that seems to have been from the night sky itself, and is alays changing. It bears many stars and galaxies, always moving, slowly yet surely. Ryzin is known as the Midnight Dragon. Everything he owns looks like the midnight sky, as does his Dragon.
Personality: Ryzin is rather unfeeling, when it comes to others. He is always distant, only caring about meeting his father someday and saving his home world. His soul has been tainted with the lust for revenge, and, as such, he wa easily able to read the Forbidden Texts he found.
History: The son of one of the mightiest Aidel'Layl, he was sent to Earth to be raised in secrecy. When he came of age, his abilities were revealed and the Elves tried killing him. In turn, he killed off the party that was chasing him with his newfound magick. He has protected Aydille, a close friend whom he loved like a sister. When his abilities awoke at the same time hers did, they realized they were cousins.
Weapons: The legendary Kirs'Da'Arke, also known as the Sword of Celestial Light. With a beautiful guard of what appear to be laurels, wrapped around the base of the blade, it also has a guard beneath it that seems to be plated, the inside hollow so that the guard can be gripped inside, completely protecting that hand. The blade is made purely out of DragonTear and another unknown substance. With Ryzin's feelings, the whole sword changes from either a blinding white to an unseeing black. It's true appearance, said to occur only when the wielder is in pure balance with himself, is also said to resemble the night sky.

Dragon's name: Kyrx'Ar
Class: Mysical (has four wings and a tail that splits into two in the middle)
Color: Scales shine like the mdnight sky.
Size: Fairly large. Able to carry three people
Breath: Breathes a fire that resembles the color of his scales.
How you met: Once Ryzin's blood awoke, he met Kyrx in a forest clearing. Kyrx and Aydille's Dragons had been waiting for them. Kyrx was Ryzin's father's Dragon.

Name: Aydille La'Frose
Age: Three Hundred years old.
Race: Aydel'Layl
Magick: Elemental and Celestial
Appearance: She has beautiful golden eyes and hair of spun silver. She wears a cloak of burnished gold over her shoulders with an elegant Compass Rose at the hem, though the Northern point is jet black; far more prominent than the other points, which are in silver. She wears a ring on a chain around her neck, the symbol of the Lord or lady of the North.
Personality: Kind and gentle, Aydille detests fighting. When she must, however, she is very skilled at it, capable of protecting her loved ones easily. She prefers, instead, to negotiate, and she doesn't have much of a temper. She takes it upon herself to be the bridge between Ryzin and others.
History: Growing up with Ryzin, they both lived good lives. However, she and Ryzin both unlocked their bloodlines at the same time, when they came of age. In shock, she ran with Ryzin, and the Elves they lived with sent a team to hunt them down. Ryzin protected her and killed them off, but it was a while before she came to accept who she really was.
Weapons: Two spears, one made of what looks like fire, though contained, and another out of a beautiful, crystalline ice. Both were gifts from her mother.

Dragon's name: Shiy'Lyn
Class: Sky Dragon
Color: Sunrise Golden, though the scales are trimmed with a dawn-ish blue
Size: Fairly large. Can carry two people.
Breath: Ice and Fire
How you met: Met them in a clearing when her bloodline awoke. Their link allowed them to instantly get along. Lyn was her mother's Dragon.
I am very interested in this. You have a huge world here I think looks like you put a lot of effort into. I'm brainstorming a character, any requests, plot ideas you need a specific kind of character for?
Not at all, feel free to create any type of character you choose, hehe. While the main plot will be to form an army to fight the King of the Void, there'll be smaller sub-plots. This is an RP that'll last for quite some time before it's finished.

Name: Moira, the widow of Ghaviiral

Age: 23

Race: Human

Magik: Elemental, augmented by Mordecai's Essence as a Dragon, which she can use because of the presence of Ghaviiral's child within her. Once she gives birth she will no longer be as powerful.

Appearance: Long, curly black hair and deep cherry brown eyes that light red when she's emotional. She's more handsome than classically beautiful, with copper colored skin and strong features, a full mouth and long, almond shaped eyes.

Personality: Strong, determined and proud, but with a mischevious sense of humor. Quick to anger but just as quick to forgive, if it isn't something terrible.

History: A gypsy, her caravan took the Aydel'Layl and his Dragon in return for their protection through their desert route. He was a renegade, both he and Mordecai well into their seven hundredth year when he took Moira as his lover. When she proposed to leave with him when he moved on, someone in her caravan betrayed them to local Dragon Slayers. Knowing before she even did that she was pregnant, Ghaviiral ordered Mordecai to take her and run.

Weapons: Two long, curved steel daggers that were her husband's, with ornate bronze grips, and a halberd of the same design, each inscribed to conjure fire with every connecting strike.

Dragon's Name: Mordecai

Class: War Dragon

Color: Black, though the roots of his scales are red, giving him the appearance of being on fire, internally.

Size: Behemoth. Near forty paces from nose to tail, with a wingspan of near one hundred; can carry five. (Roughly 120 feet long and wingspan of 300 feet. Let me know if that's too big, but I figure most of the length is neck and tail...)

Breath: Not fire itself but a red, highly poisonous, highly flammable gass.

How You Met: The Dragon of Moira's husband, even while he lived Mordecai was fonder of his partner's young wife. When Ghaviiral was killed by Dragon Slayers Mordecai took his wife and their unborn child and fled further into the wild.
Okay, that looks good! The Dragon's size is just fine, by the way, since Dragons tend not to really stop growing.
I would like to use a dragon character that Ive just kept hidden away, is it to late to post of this?
That's what I always heard... I'm leaving it 'WIP' for now though, because I'm not sure I like her name.
Sure, not a problem, heh. Also, feel free to join, Inky. We've yet to start, since we need a few more members.
I will have her up very soon. Im a bit out of it at the moment but very soon. I really want to do this.
No problem, haha. Don't rush yourself, though, heh.
No Im not going to rush. I just want to make sure I get the details right. I just want to be clear. My character can be a dragon only right? Or will she have to have someone with her like a rider?
Well, to make it clear, there are two types of Dragons. The mortal ones, who are Elves in appearance (aside from the slitted eyes, the summonable wings and occasional horns (for females only, though), and the immortal, reptilian ones we all know and love.
Woah, I missed that bit! Mordecai would most likely be well over seven hundred then, unless he was still a little guy when he partnered up with Ghaviiral...
Ghaviiral would have had to been an Aidel'Layl, then, if he had a Dragon partner. I think I may be confusing you, haha. This whole thing has been developed over seven years and I don't want to explain so much that it confuses people, heh.
Ghaviiral was Aidel'Layl, he just married a human woman his Dragon remains with to look after. It's not confusing! Seven years for an RP? You should write a book, this is a great premise/world.
Haha, I'm flattered! But I was worried I may have confused you; good thing I didn't. I know i tend to rant when explaining things, which is one flaw in many of my writing skills.
I don't think so. I love detailed explinations, backstory and culture, biology, how everything works. I say write what you like to read, because if you like to read it, then there will be at least one person out there who will love it too. And that's what matteres!
This sounds complicated and Im worried Ill mess things up. Ill hold back on putting up a char. Great story though, incredible. I agree you should put this into a book.
Heh, sorry about that, Joey. If you'd like, you can PM me your SU and I'll look it over and let you know if anything needs to be fixed.