The Dragon Lord's Hero's

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All of the hero's had heard a song playing in the forest each of their homes and where they stood a forest was always around the world they lived in. So they heard it and they followed, the Forest was massive and took much of the land up as small villages here and there as well as small companies coming into play. Then they would come into a massive clearing that was been the center of the massive forest. this was where it was said the Very last dragon was slain. But standing there in the middle was a dragon a bright colored dragon that towered over them looking down at them it spoke.

"greetings young little mortal yelp of Earth. I am the Dragon Lord Ishel-Yenkia. I come to you with a small plead that you bring yourself forth to the dragon's world, to our thrones and be our hero's. As much as we are the great serpants of Near and Far our powers are drained from creating all the things you have to live with in everyday life. When you come to the thrones of the dragons you will feel a certain pull to one of the many thrones you will see there. You will become that Dragon's Hero as well as legeacy. But be warned once you have touched that throne you are stuck there and you can't leave that dragon legacy till you have died or become immortal through the acts of your soul and love. I shall open the doors for you but be warned once you accept you can never leave."
The Old Wise serpent lowered its large head and looked before the humans that stood before it. It breathed on each of them giving them the sight to find the thrones when they should enter the throne room. It lowered a large wing and as the humans climbed up he soared high into the air away from the life of man away from all before the greed of mankind. Before them now stood a mountain a massive mountain with a open place and seven thrones stood there all there, unrooted and untouched. The wise dragon landed and allowed the humans off.

Choose on what your heart says not your feelings. Once you have chosen I shall explain your gods to you. The serpent spoke and watched the humans find their calling their dragon throne that stood before them. The wise serpent smiled and watched and then spoke to each of the humans as they choose the thrones they had touched.

The Ice throne belongs to Contestine the Dragon of the never melting Ice, in charge of all cold climates and animals that thrive in them on land and in the sea. The person being his Hero shall go out and find the kingdom of the ice dragon. Be warned his eyes have no warmth in them and his tounge is sharper then any words you may known before.

The Fire throne belongs to a dragon named Ying he is the nasty flame lizard you shall be the hero of . His temper is rather up in flames and be warned unless you like the cold you will have a hard time in the scouching heat of his home.

The Gold thone, The throne of greed and sins, The dragon you shall be the hero of is Grunik, the dragon of greed and sins of man kind. But be warned as his hero you shall try and undo all he has done to man kind. But be careful touching his gold will get you a painful lesson in touching his stuff.

The Earth throne, My throne the throne of life, as My hero you will go out and you will try and undrstand why there is life and why there is death. You will do the impossible for me you shall save the lives of those who have suffered greatly at the hands of anking.

The throne of Love the dragon you shall be the hero of is Tekus, the dragon of love and making the perfect couples. Be careful you can help others fall in love but be sure that its true between the two people or you will suffer greatly from his wrath.

The throne of Death, Now this is a dragon you will fear and cower before, his home is in the neither worlds below us. He has the name of Cerpetin, The dragon of death and of rotting flesh as well as old age. His wrath is great and his anger is something you will never want to face. You will be his hero by going out and bring back the dead from the world and make sure all spirits that roam the world are brought back to his realm. he isn't an evil dragon.

The Night throne, the Dragon that controls night is Nefita, the dragoness of the night, she is cunning and sly and hard to find ever when the darkness takes earth. As her dragon hero, you shall wash away the fear of children and the protector of the creatures of the night time and only night .

I say this to you now go and meet your dragons, be their heros and oh not piss off your dragons and because they will kill you and we have no problem finding new hero's

The wise serpent said wisely as portals open to each home of the dragons, now it was the humans turn to understand why the world worked in such a way and why it did.

Sliver smiled as she heard the sound of music reached her ears, What lovely music. she said to herself as she walked towards the sound. Be there a festival going on? I hope so.... maybe there be something nic-. her through where halted as soon as she saw The wise serpent -who called himself Ishel-Yenkia?-. she looked it up and down not noticing the others around her just yet. wow he so big are dragons normal this big.... is he even a dragon is there different types of dragons I wonder?- she looked up at the wise serpent "....The throne of Death, Now this is a dragon you will fear and cower before, his home is in the neither worlds below us. He has the name of Cerpetin, The dragon of death and of rotting flesh as well as old age. His wrath is great and his anger is something you will never want to face. You will be his hero by going out and bring back the dead from the world and make sure all spirits that roam the world are brought back to his realm. he isn't an evil dragon...." for some reason that name and dragon was the only thing she heard even through she was told he was evil she though there was more to that then meet the ear (Because she never meet him)..... must be a lonely life as a king of death. Sliver though to her self. she ignored the threat of death just though about the king and the realm of death for some reason she wanted to go there. not knowing she was following a destiny that may change not only her, but maybe the world itself

Once the dragon was done speaking was when she noticed the others "Umm I'm just going to go, see yeah maybe!" she said with a smile then walked to the throne of death. "so I just sit down or what?" she said then a portal just took her..... and everything turns into dark.
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Viktor sunk through the swampy marshland, to the cacophonous noise of an organ, a monster of shadow told Viktor how he would be of use to an evil force, and Viktor, afraid for his life, went along with it, "O-ok... I will go alon-" he said, before being zapped by a bolt of pure darkness, and jolted into a clearing with several people, "H-hello..."
A blonde young man sat down on his usual chair in his home, the winds blowing towards him in such a harmonious way. My name is Sylvain Pastour, I'm confident to call myself as successful, I've bought myself a mansion at only the age of 18, you know why I can be successful, the only reason I can give to you is that because I've solved the puzzle of trading. I've start from a single penny and turned into a bar of golds after several trade. He currently read a book about flora and fauna, simply called encyclopedia. Suddenly a song which he never heard intrigues him, the song were different from anything that he had ever heard before and yet it ease him. He decided to went out from his huge mansion to follow the sound of where the song led him to. After passing through the woods, he finally managed to get himself into the source of the song. He saw a brown-ish dragon up in the air who introduced himself as Ishel-Yenkia, dragon of life. He was in awed as he looked Ishel-Yenkia around, he was sucked once more in his own imaginary world. What's this? I've never encountered such monstrosity but somehow I feel connected to him... Sylvain talked to him, "I'll pick your throne, Ishel-Yenkia! I've always wanted to know why there's death as well! It's probably one of the world's enigma but I feel I can solve it under your guidance!" He smirked as he went to the earth's throne.

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A white haired girl, looking to be on the edge of adulthood silently stood there, listening to the Serpents words; this was it... The life she had yearned for, there was no turning back now... She had to choose. It took her some time as she stared at each throne quietly, before her gaze fell upon the Throne of Life. The unique appearance it had wasn't the only reason she had stopped there, but... There was that faint yearning in her heart, as if the throne was destined for her, the same yearning that had brought her here in the first place. After a mere moment to make doubly sure this was her decision, she closed her eyes, sighing softly before she headed to the throne, taking her seat there, opening her eyes after a moment, it was clear that she had made her choice, but, of course, she was curious which ones the others would pick. Two seats were already taken; the throne of Death, and the throne of Earth... It looked like she would have some some opposition that came along with her role after all, but, it wasn't something she minded too much... With luck, they could still be friends despite this.
Viktor Stared for a little while, his disdain simmering, he didnt like any of them, in fact, he hated them all! "ARGHH!" he screamed, and ran away to a wooded area, bumping into a giant being that emanated power.
Zach moved silently to the throne he knew was his. It only took one look, to know which was meant for him. He felt quivering excitement grip his heart, he glanced around at the other Hero's. There were some who had already picked, some seemed to not have made a choice yet. The excitement was tainted with fear, was he ready? Was he really ready to serve? Yes. Somewhere inside, he knew that this was right. That this was the correct Throne. Zach tried to keep his composure and silently, he touched it. Although he was sure of himself, he was somewhat nervous to hear what the serpent had to say next to them.
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